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I'm 28 years old and have 3 kids. I have a 9 year...

I'm 28 years old and have 3 kids. I have a 9 year old, 4 year old, and a 16 month old. I'm 5 feet and weigh about 97 pounds, but I have that pooch that has never gone away after my pregnancies. When I wear tight jeans my fat is hanging down, which is very nasty. Everyone said I was crazy for wanting a tummy tuck, but they aren't the ones that look at it everyday. Anyways I originally went in for two consultations last year. It was 3 months after having my baby. Well that was a waste of time because both doctors said they couldn't tell me anything since it was too soon after having my baby.
So once my baby was 15 months I went again. I saw Dr. Nelson and Dr. Taki in Tucson, AZ. I decided to do my tummy tuck with Dr. Taki. Both doctors seemed really great and their staff was so friendly, but Dr. Taki won me over. So I am having a modified tummy tuck with plication of muscles and a new belly button. One of the main reasons I decided to go with Dr. Taki is because he offered me a new belly button with the modified TT and the other doc didn't. My belly button is messed up because I didn't take out my belly ring when I was pregnant the firs time. So I wanted a new belly button. So I called today and scheduled my procedure for June. I have my pre-op appt the first week of June. I will keep you all posted and put some before pics up later.


Welcome to the community.  I can't wait to see and hear how everything turns out for you.  Keep us up to date.
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Thanks Kimmers25. I sure will keep you all updated.

A quick update to add pics

Here are a few pics of me before surgery.


Good for you! Ultimately you are the one who needs to be happy with you. Best of luck with your modified tummy tuck, I'm sure you'll look amazing!
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I get the same comments "you don't need a tummy tuck! just work out!" Working out doesn't get rid of extra skin; and the only reason people tell me I don't need a TT is because they haven't seen me naked, and the Spanx I got are doing a darn good job of hiding the damage that two pregnancies and c-sections have done to my stomach. Good luck with your procedure!
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Quick Update

Well my pre-op appt is in 10 days!! I have been watching some videos on youtube and reading everything I can on the MTT! I am very nervous and excited at the same time. Omg! The other night I had a dream that I had my MTT, but it was a disaster; my stomach was still horrible..... I guess I'm just so nervous about the procedure. My biggest fear of course is the whole going under. My other fear is the pain. I've never had surgery before. Last month I went under general anesthesia to have all four of my wisdom teeth out. That's the biggest thing I've had done and I was a huge baby the first couple of days!

Anyways, I already have a list of questions to go over once again with my PS! Just want to make sure I understand exactly what is going to be done, how my belly button will look, how many drains I'll have, and where exactly my scar will be??? I will def update after my appt! For now have a wonderful night! ????


We have the same belly :) I haven't posted pics yet I need too. I am having my surgery Jun 2 I am also very nervous about going under and final outcome. I honestly need to stop reading seems that so many people talk about pain . UGH I thought and read that with no muscle repair its not as painful. I am getting a mini with minimal lipo around belly button upper abs and flanks. My pS said about a half pound to a pound. I was told maybe /maybe not drains he said it depends how weepy I am. I have had a full physical with ekg and blood work and my doctor says I am healthy I have had 3 Breast augmentations first was very painful other 2 not at all. I was supposed to have this surgery 3 years ago along with my BA but chickened out . Look forward to seeing your updates . Good Luck
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Pre-op today

Well, one more step closer to getting my MTT!! I had my pre-op appt today. Honestly, it wasn't what I expected. I actually thought I would get to meet up with my PS to talk about everything. But, I didn't get to see him. It was basically an appt to pay, go over surgery day instructions and sign a couple of papers. I did get all of my questions answered though, which was a good thing. I do get to talk to him the morning of surgery. It'll be too late then to back out! Hehehe.....

So, got my prescriptions already. I was told to stop taking all vitamins, herbs, and Ibuprofen starting today. They did no blood work, so I'm going to get it done with my primary doc just in case. The morning of surgery I shouldn't put on any lotion, makeup or nail Polish is what the paper states. But the nurse said I can wear a light polish. It doesn't say anything about washing with antibacterial soap in the morning, so gonna call just to double check.
That pretty much sums up my appt today ladies. It was a 15 min appt. My procedure is paid for!! Now, just gotta write a list of things to buy for after surgery. I didn't get a list of items I would need either, weird......... I am very nervous and excited at the same time!

And the countdown begins!! ????


Hi, just wondering your reason for choosing to go with a mini modified as apprised to a full tummy tuck? I had a mini with umbilical float and full muscle repair on April 16th of this year. My scar is nice and short, muscles tight & flat, skin no where, and I mean no where as tight as I was hoping for:( Im having a revision sometime early next year hopefully converting to a full, it's not so easily done after having a float! I am 5'4" 130 pounds and in good physical shape, work out atleast 5 days a week. Iv had 2 kids, now 5 & 8. You might want to reconsider going with a mini. Trust me, it's not worth going through it to be stressed out & not completely happy with your results and have to do it all over again.
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Hi twoboys76, I'm thinking the MTT with lipo, muscle repair, and a new belly will do the trick. I really do not want the longer scar and the longer down time. Plus, most of my problem is below the navel and of course my navel. Hopefully I will be satisfied with the results! Why are you converting to a full??
It's almost your time. I wanted to wish you luck and a fast recovery :) can't wait to see how it comes out
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Counting down the days.......????

I have pretty much everything ready for my surgery! I called the surgeon's office last week to see if they can squeeze me in before surgery. I wanted to meet up with my PS since I didn't get to meet with a nurse nor him. I only met with the finance lady. I still have some stuff I wanted to go over with my PS.

I've only had the consultation with him, so I don't want to show up the day of and have him do whatever he wants on me!! So, Monday is my appt.

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Had surgery today!!!

Hi ladies, I had my modified TT today. Woohoo! I didn't realize I had the wrong date on my review. Anyways, got to the facility at 5:30 this morning.

Signed a couple of forms. The nurse had me undress and put this cloth thingy on and they gave me some surgical undies. She said to leave my socks and slippers on.
After that we took pictures and did vitals and pregnancy test.

Everything came out fine. Note that my PS did not do/request blood work, but I got it done at my primary doc and everything came out great! I was seated in a recliner with covers to wait for the doc and anesthesiologist. She came in and introduce herself and we talked for a while.

My PS came in and we talked about the scar, belly button and then he marked me. They sent me back and put something in my Iv to relax and that's all I remember! Hahaha...... So crazy!

I woke up and the nurse said everything came out wonderful, how do you feel? I said, very hungry! Haha. I was very soar and I felt something in my vagina. She said they put a catheter, so I wouldn't have to be getting up to the rr. Doc came to talk really quick to let me know that he was able to remove all of my tattoo.
(I have a tat on my hip) I'm thinking my scar is a bit longer than what we had discussed. Thank god I didnt wake up nauseas, just really hungry. I had surgery at 6:30 and we were driving out by 10:00. There were no complications at all, which is good and I thank god I'm awake!

So, he did muscle repair all the way to the top, lipo in the center of my tummy, and a new belly button! Of course everything is covered up now. Everything above my belly is extremely soar and my whole tummy is extremely tight as well. When I got home my hubby fixed my in the recliner, but wasn't a good idea because I have the catheter wire, machine connected, and I was afraid my 18 month old would tug on them. So my hubby pulled out the sofa bed and propped me up with shit load of pillows. The sofa bed is in my sons room. It's very comfortable. They gave my a machine and wrapped this things on my legs. It's supposed to help with the blood circulation, so every few minutes it turns on and tightens my legs. Feels nice! Sorry if this is long, but wanted to fill you in. And excuse any typos, I'm out of it now. I took my Percocet, Valium, and half a phenegren, just incase.

I will update tomorrow! I see my ps tomorrow morning! Btw, Dr. Taki and his staff were incredible!! They were friendly, supportive, and very attentive toy needs! Have a wonderful day. Gonna get some rest now.


So modified in his terms is probably a shorter horizontal scar. I'm sure ps's are a bit different in terminology and how they perform procedures. I didn't think recovery was to bad, wasn't fun but it was certainly bearable. Actually the hardest part for me was the emotional part if it, the healing is quite a process as far as the drain tube (if you have one) then the swelling last for quite a while and I had to wear compression all the time for 6 wks, and it took me a good 3 to 4 wks to fit in my pants again. You just have to be patient. But it heals! And gets better! It's sounds like your ps did a great job, I wouldn't worry bout the scar too much, I'm sure if you expressed to him you wanted it hide able he would do so, it may be a little longer than you expected, but that just a little bit longer pry made a big diff in your results because the longer scar the more skin they can remove and get you tightened up. And scars fade a lot within that first year. Can't wait to see pics of your results!
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By the discription of your surgery it sounds like you had a full tummy tuck not a mini. In a mini your original bb remains and comes down slightly lower than where it was. Even with an umbilical float. I guess I'm just confused on how they do a mini and create a new bb, where did your oldd bb go? because I'm visioning in order to do that the old bb would have to come down when skin is pulled down either to the incision site or sewn up verticle just above incision. It sounds like he was able to remove a quite a bit of skin, that's good! Glad it all went well. And I'm converting to a full because I still have too much excess skin, especially above bb, its loose and has like puckered indentations still from internal sutures i guess. it's depressing buying a one piece swimsuit to hide my belly after spending 7 grand to look and feel better. I should have went with a full in the first place but I took my ps suggestion instead.
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Yes, it's a modified TT. And he did have to make a small vertical incision for the new belly button. So far it's going k, the pain is manageable with the meds. I've been taking them right in time. I'm just nervous to see my scar and results.

Day 2 post-op

Well ladies this is day 2 post-op! I was able to sleep last night pretty good. My mom is taking care of my three kids and my husband is taking care of me! He slept on the floor in the same room. He woke me up every hour to take my Percocet and 30 min after for my Valium. That's what kept me relaxed. At times I did take two percocets because of the pain. The most annoying thing or me was my catheter. My vagina is extremely blue and purple.... Went to see my PS today, they took out the catheter and changed my bandages.

Got to take a peak at it and I love it..... The scar is of course covered up, but I know it is longer than I anticipated, but it's k. My belly button I scary, it's so bloody. Anyways, doc said to leave everything wrapped up and I can't take a shower until I go we him next Thursday! BUMMER!!! I guess sponge baths it will be. My flushable wipes are definitely gonna come in handy!
I haven't had any nausea, which is freaking awesome! I've been sleeping most of the day today. I've been eating regular, just small portions because my tummy just feels full.
Today has been I bit uncomfortable today because of the drain. I have one drain, but since they took off the CG and put it back on, it felt weird! But other than that everything is going k.
I took a pic yesterday before going in and I had my hubby take one today at the PS!

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Sorry about the typos......

I meant to say my husband woke me up every 3-4 hours for my Percocet! Hahaha! Sorry!! Oh and my PS also did lipo on my flanks!


Wow amazing job he did. i know i may need exactly what you had done. I dont want the lipo though. I enjoyed reading your review i know how that is not being able to pick up your baby it sucks. I lifted my baby at 3 days post op after my BA and i regretted it because of the pain but it was worth it at the same time. Happy healing hunny.
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So it's been four days since my surgery. I had my surgery on Thursday and went in for my post-op the next day. Friday was the the only day I got to take a peak at my tummy! Since then I was instructed not to take off my CG. The most annoying thing is the damn drain! Right at the drain sight it burns and hurts when moving, not to mention it freaking leaks! Yuck! Anyways my pain has been manageable. I only took two percocets today, which is good and taking my antibiotic 4 times a day. The hardest things so far has been my drain and not being able to see my tummy again until Thursday!
Sleeping at night is fine as long as I take my pain meds. But getting into a comfortable position is hard. I do the sofa bed at night because my recliner wasn't comfortable for me. Then I do the regular sofa to be with my family during the day. Tonight I'm finally sleeping in my bed, it's very high so I needed a stool! I've been so lucky and blessed that I have not had any nausea. I finally had a BM this morning! I'm. Im not gonna lie though, I feel so uncomfortable at times during the day!!! Well that's my update for today! Have a great night.


You look great! I had the lipo w/my mini TT (just yesterday)...I'm SO glad I did! It contoured so nice! I take my binder off every time I go to the bathroom, I have a very tight tank top under to make it more comfy. I also had fat grating to my buttocks-verdicts still out on that one since I didn't have a whole lot to put back in! It's nice that you can get comfy a little-I'm doomed since it's my back, front, and sides lol. (That's why I've been awake all night) I'm in misery but making myself only take Tylenol and Valium-they help a bit. Keep posting those photos-I can't wait to see when your Dr takes off binder!!
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How are you feeling so far? I was on top of my pain meds the first three days. It made me feel very comfortable. At night I take two percocets so I can sleep through the night. I don't like to suffer if I don't have to with pain.
Yeah that's probably why I hurt so bad! But if I take the meds then I won't know my pain and I think i'll sit on my fat grafting & lay on my tummy! I finally slept a few hours today-I've found a more comfy position. How many days out are u? I laid in my side for like 15 min and got up-went to bathroom, looked at my lipo on waist and that side looked funny. It scared me! Are you going to post any pics? Did you bruise? I hardly have any bruising I was shocked.

8 Days Since Surgery!!

K, ladies it's been 8 days post op! I had a follow yo appointment yesterday. Nurse took off my CG. It was the first time I had seen my tummy in six days! ???? So I was excited, nervous, and anxious to see it. I loved what I saw! Dr. Taki did an amazing job. Anyways, the nurse removed the nasty dressings with dry blood that bruised my leg from the drain. She cleaned my belly button and removed my drain. I felt a little tug as she removed it, but no pain. My hubby said it was like something you see out of a movie!! Hahaha! He's like that shit was long and huge! I couldn't look! I'm good with pain but I don't like to see what's getting done to me!

Feels nice without the damn drain! It's a relieve to be without the drain. I'm still taking it easy because I get tired fast and short of breath. Got to take my first shower as well! I was so excited! When I got in all I wanted to do was hurry up and get out because it was hard and very tiring! Please, please, buy a chair for the shower if you are doing this because it's hard to stand. And I was 7 days post op and I still felt weak and tired in the shower! ???? My back was killing me the whole time. So, I'm here trying to take a shower and my husband is observing every inch of my tummy! He's like I don't even think your tummy looked this good when we met!! Wow, thanks a lot! Hahaha!

And again Dr. Taki and his staff are A-mazing!! I know you don't get to see much of him, but be assured they are there for their patients! And they do care! I don't know if I mentioned in my above update, but Dr. Taki did call the day of surgery when I got home to check up on me and make sure I was doing everything correctly!


Hi brown_eyes28 Any updated pics? Hope all is well and your healing nicely. Look forward to updates. Thanks Bella
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Looking good!!!
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