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My teeth were in terrible condition. After seeing...

My teeth were in terrible condition. After seeing Dr. Steinberg, I opted for the all-on-4 dental implant procedure or "teeth in a day" because it allowed me to receive an implant supported denture the same day of implant surgery.

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Dr. Steinberg explained dentures to me and all the different options available for replacing my teeth. I heard about dental implants but didn’t realize all the advantages they have over removable dentures. I opted for the “teeth in a day” procedure. The few rotten teeth I still had were removed, and Dr. Steinberg expertly placed 4 dental implants on the top and another 4 on the bottom. He then attached temporary dentures to the implants, both upper and lower. He called this immediate loading of the implants. I went home that day a new man with a new set of teeth. The whole experience was life-changing. There was very little pain involved, and the bill was arranged to be paid in installments through care credit. A few months later, the final custom dentures were attached. They are beautiful. It’s like having my real teeth back again, only better. The permanent dentures actually look better than my real teeth ever did.

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Hi, I'm really upset after being seen by a dental expert. I live in UK. I have lots of dental work due to being born without most of my adult teeth. I had braces and bridges, caps and teeth have been built up with tooth coloured material. I've now been told my teeth are decaying, especially the ones with bridges on. I get aching my jaw and headaches. My teeth have always been weak and broken easily :-( I've always looked after my teeth, really good dental hygiene and eat a really good diet. I've been informed either a plate, or implants will be needed in the near future! I'm only 39 & a single mum. I cannot bare to have a plate. But I have no money to fund implants. Does anyone know of there's any way I could receive funding?? I read that if you're born with missing teeth this is a possibility. I've also got family history of very weak teeth (my mums are exactly the same)
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I have dentures and Im sick of them they fit loose and gag me... all the time i want these kind of teeth im 61 im seriously going to check this out.when i smile i look like Im snarling.. they made my dentures are so wrong... got them at affordable dentures about 20+ yrs never went back and they have broke 3 times and now the last time they fixed them they left gap and food get under the bottom denture and it so annoying when i eat or drink and Im sick of buying glue it dont hold them down... I want bionic teeth.
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how much was the whole thing jc u dont mind me asking not like I wouldnt pay a arm and leg to havethe job you had done but when yoj do.t have money like that wonder what other options I would have... beautiful smile congratulations
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Awesome! I like the concept of dental implants in a day. Many of us have had some hard times dealing with missing teeth. It is good to find expert willing to give us back our smile and no time. Thanks for sharing.

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I totally agree with this.. Smiles Tucson Family Dentistry is the best dental clinic for me..Thanku

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All on 4 is a great technique requiring the person placing the implants and the restorative Dentist to closely adhere to the basic principles . If done correctly it can provide a patient with teeth for a lifetime. At samedaysmilesct I am fortunate to be able to both place the implants and provide the restoration. Having complete control over the procedure is a definite plus

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Congrats Joe, You looks great. And you teeth looks totally different from before.
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hmmm I find that steak dinner the next day to be a bit supicious too but in any event if that is his actual before and after pic's..his new teeth look fabulous!
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Hey you know what, Smiles Tucson Family Dentistry is the best dental clinic for me, The before and after pictures of their previous patients are proof that their dental clinic is one of the leading dental clinics in Arizona.
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For those interested, here is a Q&A that discusses diet recommendations after a dental implant is placed:

How Long on Soft Diet After Implant?

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I Just Had Same Day Teeth Implant Surgery On Monday And I Am Calling Total Bs On The Review From Joe Stafford. In Any Implant Surgery But Most Certainly In The Immediate Load Teeth You Could Not Have Ate A Steak Dinner The Day After Surgery If Your Life Depended On It. In Fact You Are Not Even Allowed To Eat Bread For 2 To 6 Months Until Your Permanent Teeth Are Put In. I Am On A Liquid Diet For 2 Months And After That I Cannot Have Anything That Has A Harder Consistency Than Scrambled Eggs. I Laughed When I Read This Review. Not Only That I Only Had My Bottom Teeth Removed. This Person Claimed To Have The Top And Bottom Removed And Had A Steak Dinner The Night After Surgery. What A Total Crock

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I totally agree, I just had 6 post put in with a temporary denture and there is no way you can eat steak with holes drilled in your soft tissue. However I had no idea you could get a temporary denture attached to your implants the same day. My denture fits over my implants and comes in and out. Joe's teeth do look great and I cant wait to get to that stage.
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my dentist also told me implants are actually better than real ones. :D .. not sure.. i am 42 and have crooked teeth since.. i hate my teeth. just got two implants for molars last month and waiting for check up in a couple of months. anyway, yours really look so natural. congrats! :)
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Your teeth look great - congrats!!

Was it difficult to get used to eating with them?

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Thank you Megan. The day after surgery, my wife and went out to eat. I enjoyed a steak dinner that night. I hadn't been able to eat steak or anything that required serious chewing in years. So, that was a real treat. The initial, temporary dentures worked great. I had no problems getting used to eating with them. Now that I have the final dentures in place, I'm still enjoying foods that I didn't dare eat when my teeth were so messed up. Also, I don't have to remove the dentures to clean them. Getting the "teeth in a day" on implants was life-changing, and I'm glad I had Dr. Steinberg perform the procedure.
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