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I just had my inner thighs done this morning....

I just had my inner thighs done this morning. Inner thighs are a little more work to get the right position because of the size of the tip and the awkward body position with it being between the legs. It was not painful at all. I don't know if I would even go so far as to call it uncomfortable. It was definitely cold and lots of suction but it was not bad at all. I read magazines and listened to my ipod. The worst part was my leg that wasn't being treated at the time falling asleep and the pain in the hips and knees from being on one position for so long. But even that was fine.

The techs were great as they always are at my Drs. office. They made sure I was comfortable, checked on me often and were very careful and detailed when making sure they got the device positioned correctly.

Immediately after the procedure, my thighs were very cold and the skin a little tender. It was sort of like how your checks might feel after being out on a freezing, blustery wind. One thigh is still a little raw but I put semi-tight jeans on right after the procedure and have been fine.

I also have a little bit of pinpoint bruising that I am expecting will go away soon. I bruise very easily so I will not be suprised if the bruising becomes a bit more pronounced before going away. I also feel like my thighs are a few inches bigger right now just because they still feel a little suctioned.

No numbness. No pain. I am so excited to see the results in a month or two.

Oh, my stats...I am at my happy weight and am pretty solid. Just about every bit of my body fat is on my inner thighs. I thought my outer thighs were a bit fatty too and was planning on doing that area also but the doctor said I did not have enough fat there for the machine to work. I will post measurements and try to post before and after pictures in a few weeks.


Sure. Basically the risks associated with any major surgery. I had an elective surgery about 10 years ago and had a great outcome, however, I have a child now and so I am a little more risk averse when it comes to unnecessary things. My doctor had an open house about this procedure and I asked a lot of questions and watched someone get it done. I also got to talk with patients that had already had the procedure and saw results.

No anesthesia, no cutting, no pain, no recovery and what looks and sounds like solid results with very few negatives. Figured it couldn't hurt to try it.
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Hi MamaBear -- Thanks for posting about your experience with CoolSculpting! I have the same issue -- all my weight seems to stay in my inner thighs -- so this is one of the procedures I've thought about doing in the future. Do you mind sharing what made you choose CoolSculpting over traditional lipo?

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It has been just over 2 weeks since my procedure....

It has been just over 2 weeks since my procedure. A few days after my procedure my inner thighs remained a bit numb. The surface skin was not numb, but the tissue underneath was. A few days after, my left thigh got a little itchy and I had little sharp twinges every once in a while. Nothing big or painful, just enough to make the area come to mind. This lasted about a week.

I now feel absolutely no effects from the procedure. I have already seen results. I measured my thighs just before my procedure. I have lost a full 1/2 inch in my left thigh but only a negligible amount in my right thigh. I measured many, many times because I could not believe I lost inches so quickly. I am pretty skeptical in general but have no doubt my thighs are already smaller. I have had 2 friends comment (without me telling them I was seeing results).

Full results are expected 6-8 weeks after the procedure so I am hoping to see more reduction, especially in the right side. I do feel a little lopsided right now because my right thigh has always been larger than my left and now it looks even larger because I have not experienced the reduction in it yet like I have I the left. I am really excited to see the final results.


@MamaBear05 How many inches did you lose?
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I initially lost close to 1/2" in my right thigh, but only a nominal amount in my left. I put every bit of it back on because I was not eating right or exercising much. Even though I have always been slender (5'8"; 138lbs), my thighs hold the fat and I felt there was nothing I could do to make them slim down. In August, I began watching what I ate (not strict, just cut out the soda and extra munchies), running and doing circuits. Nothing too outrageous. In about 6 weeks, I saw more of a change in my thighs from the healthier lifestyle than I did from the zeltiq. Not only did my thighs lost inches, they were firmer and stronger.

I would really suggest making sure you are eating healthy and being active (cardio and strength) before using zeltiq. Once you are committed to that, then maybe use zeltiq for that area that just will not slim down. I thought that's what I was doing. Turns out I just wasn't doing the right combination of eating and exercise.

While I think the product does what it claims, it is not sustainable unless you work at it. And working at it has the same results without having to spend the money. It just takes a little longer.
MamaBear05, did you have the Zeltiq or another "brand" of treatment?
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