New boobs!! 300cc smooth round moderate plus profile gel

Ok this is my first time doing any sort of...

Ok this is my first time doing any sort of blogging! And about something so personal!! But I love reading everyone else's and I think I helps so much for someone who is thinking of getting breast implants. I'm at the beginning. I've had my consultation and already picked a date to get boobs! My consultation went really well. A lot less weird than I thought it would be. The doctor made me feel really at ease. My main problem was trying to decide a size. I'm very tall (almost 5'11") but I'm also very slender. Have no curves. I'm barely an A cup. On a good day:) so everything I tried on seemed big! I just kept picturing a stick figure with two huuggge melons!!! I had done my research and looked at a million pictures of boobs (weird to say - haha). So I went in thinking id be around 350 CCs. So when I liked the 250 CCs I was really confused! I don't want to get too big for sure. But I also don't want to wish I had gone bigger! So it took me a while to pick a surgery date because I wanted to feel more sure of a size before anything else happened! It's a huge decision and one you can't really go back on easily! So I called and asked if I could come back in just to try on sizes.

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Before pics

I didn't know it was possible to think my boobs were any smaller. But after taking these pics...:( as you can see I'm not working with much! I went back to try sizes and feel pretty good about the 300s. I'm so excited to go bra shopping! And actually have a boobs to put in it! I've also told myself I'm not going to buy any new tops until after the surgery! I have a feeling I'll have to get rid of most of my tops in my closet!

I have a question for those of you who've already had the BA. How long did you take off work? My surgery is on Thursday morning and I took off thurs-mon. Is that enough? I sit at a computer all day.


I also had smaller size boobies as you. I have always wished to get breast implants ever since I was younger. I am leaning towards silicone 375cc and inframmatory incision. I want a small incision obviously and I know that saline will provide that. I've just seen some rippled saline jobs that scare me. I'm honestly up in the air still tho. I have another consultation with my doc. to go to before I actually pay in full and order the silicone. Would appreciate anyone's feedback. I'm getting my breast implants done form Dr.Mcleans clinic since i'm from Toronto.
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Hi! Wish I had more info to give you. My doc said silicone would provide a more natural look and has less chance of rippling. But I think it depends in your body type. I also think it depends on the doctor - reading some q&a from them on here shows they have differing opinions on silicone vs saline and under muscle vs over. They say you're just supposed to trust that your doc knows what's best. Sorry that probably doesn't help much!
That should be enough time, plus your job doesn't sound physical. I went back to work after a week and my job was very physical, plus I got pregnant within a year, nursed my baby and wound up with capsular contracture that got worse and worse over the years (not sure it that was the cause?) Just be gentle with yourself. Just please be aware that at some point you will have to have surgery again to either remove implants or replace them for a variety of reasons, it's inevitable. I had small breasts like you 23 years ago and will explant mine March 12th. I am not saying you shouldn't get implants if you want them, but I just didn't realize that I would eventually be in this position. So be sure to have a savings set aside for that. I also am using Care Credit loan to help pay for it. And now I am looking forward to having small sweet beautiful little breasts like you have. You are perfectly proportioned. Variety is the spice of life and small breasts are as beautiful as big ones. Getting implants did help me have confidence I lacked back then, and I had fun with them for awhile until I got CC. But I wish i appreciated how perfect my natural body was as it was and not put it through all of this. But again, variety is the spice of life, and sometimes we don't appreciate what we have until we experience the other side, and we each have to decide what adventures are important to us and at what risk. Best wishes.
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New boobs are 2 weeks away!

I'm getting my BA two weeks from today! Everyday it freaks me out more and more. I really want boobs! But only if everything goes smoothly! Haha wish I could be sure of that going in. My pre-op appt is tomorrow and I'm pretty excited to get things finalized. Weird I'm excited about shelling out thousands of dollars?! :) one thing a friend just brought up (an overly-against-me-getting-a-BA-friend) is the anesthesia. When you're out do they stick a tube down your throat? I hadn't even thought about it and I don't see many postings about it! That freaks me out big time!

Also adding pics of my rice sizing fun:) I wanted to see how they looked compared to the sizers in the office. The office sizers seemed bigger but I can't reallllly tell! Considering the rice isn't quite the right shape:)
(I think I did 1.25 cups for around 300cc)


We were about the same size pre-op! I also joggeled with my size back and forth and I ended up telling my PS "you decided. No bigger than 350. No smaller than 275" and he went with 350cc, which I am soooo happy with. It makes me proportionate with my bubble butt and now I have a butt, little waste, and boobs! Haha Honestly, you might want to just describe to your surgeon what look you are going for and be specific. I wanted the most natural size and look so I went with sientra anatomical shaped textured submuscular. I didn't see in your review what type of implant you're going for...unless I missed it (reading on an iPhone is hard haha). Best of luck to you and definitely keep us updated!!!!
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Also, I saw you asked about the endotracheal tube (tube down the throat). I didn't have that, they actually used a mask but it had an extension that reached into the back of my mouth but stopped at my soft palate. I can't remember what they called it. I would definitely ask your surgeon and see, because yes, entubation can be pretty irritating on your throat but a lot of places are starting to move away from it, in case of emergencies. And as far as the anesthesia...if there is a board certified anesthesiologist (which I'm sure your surgeon has) you will be in good hands! Anesthesia these days is so safe, I work in veterinary medicine and even there it's extremely rare for anything bad to happen to a young healthy patient :) you'll do great!

Pre-op appointment

I had my pre-op appointment yesterday. I'm not really sure what I was expecting - but I thought there'd be more involved! It was mainly me signing my life away and giving them my life savings:) she gave a very quick run down of what I need to do (just don't eat/drink after midnight, no vitamins/pain killers, wear a zipup and I need someone to drive me). And that was it! I guess I wanted to be inundated with info or something!! I did ask about the tube down the throat and thank goodness they don't do that. She said it's not general anesthesia but more "twilight". So I just get a thing in my nostrils with air. She did say with the twilight, since I'm not out-out, I can hear everything - which freaks me out! But she assured me I won't remember anything. Crazy how that stuff works. I got all my prescriptions - and went and got them all filled right away. I was super curious about how much 4 prescriptions was gonna cost me - but much to my surprise it was only 30 bucks!!
Then I went to the store to grab some of the stuff id need after the surgery. In my goods there was a thermometer and some stool softeners. The guy at the register said "aweee is someone sick?" LOL that took me by surprise! So I just said "yep" and probably turned bright red. Haha probably my first of the embarrassing questions to come.


Oh wow we are having surgery on the same day & going back to work the same day as well! I'm probably more nervous about not feeling well enough to return to work than the surgery! LOL I am getting submuscular 350- 375cc saline and at two different consults both PS said my frame will look great with that size for a natural full C! I felt HUGE in the sizers too though! I hear that's better thinking you may be a lil big going in since the Biggest Complaint that's heard is "I wish I had gone bigger!" So hopefully I'm at a Happy medium! =) I'm am worried about the profile I'm getting though... Mod plus instead of moderate & worried the extra umph will look less natural... I don't wanna look fake! My PS assured me that under the muscle it will only be a slight step up in profile vs the moderate! Also the moderate is slightly wider than the Mod+! I'm not sure how many cc's I'm getting exactly since my PS is going to decide between the aforementioned size during my surgery to achieve the most natural look! He said he likes to leave 1-2 fingers of space of natural breast tissue & that combined with my handy dandy Breast Exercises he will have me doing "like a Boss" post-op, will make me soft & more bouncy! YAY!!! We have to keep in touch especially since we are gonna experience surgey the same day & go back to work the same day as well! Best wish's *Oh I'm with you on being New to the Blog thing & still haven't worked up the courage to put my bare breast pics up, but this site is sooo helpful like you I may add those to my pics after surgery! LOL
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Yay! I'm glad I found a surgery date date:) I'm nervous about going back to work too - I'm hoping I feel, at the least, well enough to go sit and stare at my computer and pretend to work. Hopefully you've got a similar job! Im curious about these breast excercises:) As far as the moderate + they say you just have to trust your surgeon knows what they're doing! Scary - I know, but they know best. Mine decided against the plus. And I don't really know why. Maybe because I'm so tall. Who knows. Anyways - I'm sure you'll look great! And you definitely gotta post a naked before - haha it's like a farewell :)
You are going to be just fine. Having a "twilight" instead of general anesthesia should be more comfortable. That is what I have read... I know, anxiety is rising so quickly... Just two more days. Still can't believe it. Still afraid of that shock before I go in, and after I wake up. Then recovery... Have no idea how good will I take pain meds. Just so freaking scared now... Sorry to write you all this. But you were smart to go back and check sizes. 300cc will give you nice and natural look. What kind of implants will you have?
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Tomorrow is the big day!

I get boobs tomorrow! And if I wasn't so freaked out already - I got a call at 7 tonight saying they needed to move my surgery time. It was at 6:15am which, even though that's crazy early, I was excited about! I was gonna have zero time to freak out. Now it's at 1:00pm. So not only can I not eat for over 13 hours... Now I have all morning to freak!! But whatever - I'm just gonna go with it! I thought about going in to work a half day ... Then I thought better:) So I have pretty much everything ready to go. I'll be staying at my moms for a few days so she can baby me:) I already took a load of stuff to her house - she probably thinks I'm moving in with all the crap I'm bringing! I'm trying not to think about the surgery because I'm already super nervous and if I dwell on it I may go crazy. So I'm going to clean my whole house so it's all ready for me to come back. And I'm going to try to stay up late and hopefully sleep in. Although the past couple nights I've slept really bad. I just want to get this over with! Ok I better get to doing something else so I don't start thinking too much and getting scared!


I am sending my best wishes your way for a super fast recovery. Please keep us posted with your result whenever you feel better. xoxox
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good luck!! I will be looking forward to your rsults!
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Can't wait to hear from you!!!

Annnnnd I have boobs!

This is my first update since the surgery. I'm feeling really good! My appointment was yesterday at 1:00. It took a while to go back so I was getting more and more nervous. They had me pee in a little cup for a pregnancy test. Then brought me back and had me take my top off and put on a little paper shirt thing. And they took my before pics. Then sat me in a recliner and got me all comfy with a blanket. Took my blood pressure and then got my IV started. I had never had an IV so I was a little scared so I turned my head. It was in in no time - not a big deal at all. The IV just had fluids in it at that point. Then the doc came in and marked me all up. And made sure I was still thinking the same size. I showed him a couple pics and said I was a little worried about being too big. Then the anesthesiologist came in and set my mind at ease and being put in twilight. And then it was time! The anesthesiologist came in and asked if I was ready. To which I replied "not really!" Lol. But they brought me in the operating room anyways. I got to keep on my yoga pants which was nice. They laid me on the table that's got the arms out to the sides. Reminded me of the crucifix pose - weird I know but that's all I could think. Then they put a oxygen tube in my nose and then put the anesthesia in my IV and I was OUT. Then next thing I know I woke up back in the recliner wrapped in an ace type bandage. My mom said the doc was going to get me a drink and asked if I wanted a gin and tonic. Of course I said yes. Haha. I got a sprite instead:) I was hurting pretty good so they gave me a shot in my arm of some pain reliever. I don't remember any of that now. We stopped on the way home and got frozen yogurt. It was just what I needed. In fact, I think I need some more now:) I slept a little. I only took the oxycodone and anti nausea meds. I was definitely nauseous. And the drugs made me feel drunkish. In a good way. Last night i felt a little pain so I put some frozen peas on my chest and what a difference! They helped so much! I have to say I've had barely any pain. I can feel a little pain when I move a certain way but overall I'm doing really good. But I'm keeping on my drug schedule to make sure! I woke up a couple times to pee since I'm trying to drink a lot. Each time I woke up I could feel the tightness. But it wasn't too bad. I slept with quite a few pillows all propped up. My mom has been such a help! I'm so thankful I've got her! This morning I had my post op appointment. The nurse took my wrap off so I got to see my boobs! And then she helped me put my sports bra on. At first they looked kinda small. After the nurse left I looked again and they looked bigger - thank goodness. I was scared if being too big but I also didn't want too small! And I'm not sure how they'll look. Doc said there's a little swelling at first but also they'll plump up or something. So they're bigger than they will be but also smaller?? I don't know if I forgot anything. I'll post some pics soon! Glad it's over!


Glad Everything Went Smooth For You. Woww... Your Story Has Got Me Anxious And Exited, I Can't WaiT FOr Mine. I Am Due May. I Have The Same Problem You Had. I Am Almost 5'11, Skinny, But Have Quite A Wide Back. Everybody TellS ME I Can't Go To small Or They Will Just Look Natural. My Surgeon Recommended 400Cc... I Am Not Sure If Enough. Will POst Pics Of My Before Soon. What Did You Finally Go For???
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Depends of the implant brand, you have very detailed specifications online. You should not put smaller implants compared to your natural breasts, as well you should not put too big because it either way it will be visible. Your PS have to measure you, and give you some implants to try. For example, my natural breasts in diameter were around 11 cm. So, my implant could be a few mm over or a few mm shorter than my natural breasts. I have decided to go with 250cc because of my small frame, and diameter was 11.4 cm which was perfect. I'm very happy with my decision. But, yes... I'm very tiny. 5ft4in and 96 lb.

Couple of post op pics


How do you feel? How is everything? Time flies.
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Mornin boob!

So I officially know what morning boob is now. Ouch! Thank goodness my mom is here to help! I can't imagine trying to sit up after sleeping. And I'm sleeping in a pretty upright position. But I need her to wrap her arms round my back and pull me up. I spent a lot of my workouts pre-op working out my legs and I know that has come in soooo handy with this! Since I can't use my arms much - I'm glad my legs are strong enough to help. I'd say day two is worse than day one - just like a normal sore muscle. So I'm hoping tomorrow will be on the upswing. The past 2 days has gone by so fast! I'm hoping it slows down because I want to be feeling much better by time I go to work. I drank some smooth move tea yesterday and today and finally was able to go #2 today - which is a good feeling:) I haven't showered yet. Today I'll get on that. I don't really want to but figure I should :D I'll take some pics when that happens because I won't be taking my bra off multiple times. Doc told me to push down on the top of my boobs and push in on the outside of them for 10 seconds 5 times a day. So I'm doing that which feels really weird to have something in there! The doctor said my bruising would start to move down to my upper stomach. It has and boy is that sore! That along with my abs getting a pretty good workout these days- im feeling the most pain in that area. I've been using some arnica cream on that area and it seems to be helping. I'm pretty impressed with my arm range of movement though so that's good. I still get nervous any time I lift my bra up to take a look. I guess I'm nervous I won't like them! I hate that feeling - especially since theyll keep changing I won't know what they REALLY look like for a while.


Totally tight!!!! Is that normal? I have no pain so far, and I'm on Tylenol for now. But tightness, damn! I have a little bit of bruising, but it i already yellow. I'm doing ok. I had a mild fever today, but I called nurse, and it should be all fine. I'm just very very tired.

Day 2 post op pics

Here are some pics I took today. I got some pretty good bruising. And I am so very bloated. Ugh. They're hard and definitely not moveable. Can't wait for them to start getting into position. I hope I'm happy with my size!


Wow you look amazing! I have a small bruise on the left side of my boob too. I feel tight all over but only sore around the crease and the bottom of the breast area on both sides. I think it is normal. Happy healing! xoxo
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Coming along well!

Today was the first day I was able to get out of bed on my own. That's a good feeling! There's stuff I still can't do - but there's nothing I HAVE to do that I can't now. I will have morning boob (and nap boob:)) today was the first day I got out for a while. We had some distant relatives in town so I went with ma to meet them. And one I them gave me a big ol bear hug. Oh man did that hurt! Didn't even think about the dangers of hugging relatives:) I'm only taking oxycodone for pain. And instead of doing it on a schedule I'm waiting until I start feeling pain to take them. Hoping to wean off slowly. I also went and bought a new bra. The one the dr suggested is just a normal sports bra. But those are hard to find in muted colors. And they're mostly racer back so they don't look right under everything. So i found a genie bra in a nude color that will work well with work clothes. Has anyone else tried the genie bra. It seems like it gives enough support but it's more comfortable so I hope it's ok. Every time I look at my boobs I get nervous. Like they aren't going to end up dropping right. One is dropping faster and almost doesn't look right - then again I don't know what I'm looking for. And they're pretty far apart still. And ive got a pretty noticeable blue vein showing on my right boob. I hope that goes away! I'm so nervous for how they'll turn out!!! And wow am I bloated! Instead of ppl asking if I got a boob job maybe I should be nervous about them asking how far along I am - ha! and I haven't done my hair or makeup or anything. Just feeling frumpy:(


Yay!!! I made it through my 1st day back at work IN ONE PIECE! LOL I OWE the gals at my office though for all of their help reaching high thing for me & transferring patients to wheelchairs etc they wouldn't have let me do it if I had tried! :D Hope you had a Great day today too sista! #1DayDown
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And your boobs looks fantastic!!! Did I mention that? You look like a doll!
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Back to work...kinda

So today was my first day back to work. I had the worst night of sleep last night. It was my first night back home so maybe that had something to do with it. And getting ready for work was probably the most I've been up doing something without taking a rest. So by time I got to work I wasn't feeling too well. And it didn't get better so I left at noon and came home and took a nice long nap! I'll try again tomorrow:) I also kept wanting to hold my boobs. I don't know why - more because they feel weird and are sore so when I'm home I hold em when I'm walking around sometimes. Can't do that at work haha. I'm posting some pics I took today too. They're evening out a little more. I'm waiting for them to have some movement and to get a little closer together.


Congrats! I didn't quite make it:) half day was all I could do. Hopefully with a good nights sleep I'll stick I'll be better tomorrow. Glad you're doing so well!!
HUGS, So sorry you had a rough go at it sweetie! So how was the rest of the week & how's everything going now?
Thank you:)

11 day post

I had my week post op on Friday. It was super quick. They just took out my stitches and told me I'm looking how I should. Which Is good I guess! I still have the tape on the bottom. They said it should come off from showering otherwise start peeling if it's not off in a week. And I gotta wear the sports bra for a month. I'm about sick of it! With my super-extra-double-padded-add-12-cup-size bra I used to wear - and this tight sportsbra that holds it all in - you can't even tell I got a BA! It's kind if discouraging! I'm thinking I probably should have gone bigger. But too late now! I really just want them to do the whole fluff/drop thing so I can see how they're actually going to look. I bought a normal bra just for fun (doc said I can wear for a special occasion only for now). When I went shopping I was a 36B or 34C depending on the bra. I wish I was a C all the time:(. Pain wise I think I'm over that hill. I just have some tightness when I overwork my chest. And my nipples are pretty sensitive/sore sometimes. But I'm happy about that - rather have that than to lose feeling! Doc said I can slowllllly start working out. And by slowly I mean walking for a week. Then slowly adding in lower body workout. I haven't started back yet though. I'm enjoying my do nothing time.


Any new updates and photos? :D
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I just looked your photos after surgery, and they already dropped. Lucky you! I think you look great! Keep it easy for sure! I just did something stupid yesterday, and will not do that again. I got my detergent that was high on shelf, and I think I got hurt. I'm much better today. But still we have to be careful.
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