Hullo. This is my last week before the big day. I...

Hullo. This is my last week before the big day. I get BOOBIES!!! I'm nervous, happy, unsure...... Basically driving everyone crazy. I live in a household full of men. My 3 boys (10,10, 6) and my hubby. My surgery is next week Tuesday the 1st of July. It's in the early morn. I haven't told any of my family. I'm Indian and they just wouldn't accept nor try to understand. Only my household and 3 friends know because they will be my support. My stats are: 5'4 -height, 34A cup (hoping to be a D)
110-115- weight , 18" ribcage
I'm getting Mentor 375-400HP. The final decision is left to my doc.
I'm doing this for myself. My hubby is not a boob/ass man. He just likes a tight hole!! (TMI) Most guys do! As for me I've always loved and admired a full figured woman. I'm a breast chick. I've got the back and want the front!!! I also want to full out a sari and just be gorgeous. What have you ladies who have gotten the surgery done already done to prepare? Where do u get Arnica Montana and a multivitamin with no/little vitamin E? How do u know the right size sports bra to buy for later?
Thanx. I'll post before pics later!!
Lmmfao, sorry the first part of ur post cracks me up!! I didn't use arnica Montana , but I'm sure u can get it at a vitamin store. I got fresh pineapples and chewed and spit the core. It's chock full of vitamins that heal bruising very quickly. I didn't get my sports bras til like three days after surgery and had trouble. I bought three sizes bf finding the right one which is a 38. The cotton hook front ones are amazing . I have a dancskin zip front one and the material is really supportive and comfortable. I got vitamins from walmart. I took vitamin a , c , zinc. And I took a b12 sublingual microlozenge for metabolism. I still take them , they are a good combo. Start taking ur stool softner two or three days bf surgery. A recliner is amazing. Get u at least two feather pillows to prop up on. A heating pad for ur lower back bc you get uncomfortable sleeping on ur back for a couple weeks. If ur dr permits( mine did) have ibuprofen , after 24 hours if you take it with ur pain meds it helps really well.have some movies or series to catch up on. If I think of anything else, I'll hit u up. Hope this helps and I will def be praying for you and reading ur updates;•}
Thanx Grrlie. It helps a lot. The pineapple advice is great. Prolly less expensive, safer, and healthier than the Arnica. :) I feel less stressed!!! Yay !!!
I'm glad I can help you babe, if you need anything , I'm here for you;•}

Before shots..... *Be Warned: It's not pretty!*

Hmmm. Did something wrong.

Hi. I've labeled the shots but they did not load with my captions. Sooo the first is my bed. I'll be dressing her up with alotta pillows (thanx Bubbles!) and surrounding myself with happy colours and some sunshine. Then comes the dreaded before shots. My front and side views show how small I am. Nothing but NIPPLES!!! And lastly is me in one of my favorite t-
shirts. It's my BEATLES shirt. Can't mess with the classics!! I mite as well wear one of my son's shirts. Which btw. does fit me!!! ;)

A little more about me !

I'm treating this as a journal. Soo this is me. I'm Indian American. My family is VERY traditional. I'm the black sheep of the family because I'm the one usually pushing boundaries. From dating, getting tattooed, to finally marrying someone who is not Indian. The good thing about being like this is that I've had many experiences, met a lot of different people, and opened doors so my younger siblings can be themselves.
Hi Peera, omg! Your family is so beautiful! Here is to happy healing:)
Really!?! Thanx. ;) Take a good look at my hubby He knows that he could NEVER have beautiful children if it weren't fer me!!! I remind him of that everyday !!! ;) Lol. They r my china dolls. I love them soooo much.
Hey, just stopped by to say good luck tomorrow!!! I'll b thinking about ya!!

The deed is DONE!!!

Well I got up at 4:30am. Took my shower but did not shampoo my hair. I cheated. I just braided it and tied it to the top of my head. Then got dressed and made breakfast for my sweeties. Miso soup and sausages. ;) we LOOOVE soup in the morning.
We got to the surgery center at 6am. Signed in. And hung out till it was time fer me to go in the back.
When in the back. They reviewed all my info with me and made me take a urine test. Told me what to expect afterwards and basically soothed me. I was nervous. And TOTALLY appreciate the gentleness and understanding that the male/female nurses, anitheiologist showed. I got to keep my earrings on!!! Whoo-hoo!!
They even went to the waiting room to get my family so we could say our goodbyes!! But daddy was gone. Tank Wars was too strong a call.... :(
Then they joked and gave me my cocktail. I think I told the anitheiologist he was HOT. He is but how embarrassing. Ladies when u get drugged my advice to u is MIND YOUR MANNERS!!!
And I woke up.

My return home. First couple of hours.

Pic captions did not show.

The first two are my babies waiting in the waiting room.
They r playing Tank Wars on my IPhone. When will it Ennnd!!!
good luck with recovery.

Picture Captions Mommy u look like a Mummy!!

The other three r me when I got home. I'm on my happy couched it's been one hour since I took 2 pain pills. I feel minimum pain. Just a WIERD tightness on my chest with heaviness. There is a strained feeling along both of my arms. Kinda similar to when u work out your arms WAY TOO MUCH. But otherwise manageable. I've also got a patch for nausea begins my ear. I'm to keep it on for 3 days. So far so good. I've slept because I've not had much rest these past few days but have only drunk H2O.
Congrats!!! I had that same patch behind my ear, it works wonders! Happy healing, hope it's a smooth ride! :)
LMA- a tight hole OMG...that's awesome girl! ( so true!!) I Cannot wait to see them out!! I can just tell youll look awesome no matter what, you were blessed with perky nipples so adding som cleavage to your figure will be amazing lol! how old were you?
I'm 37. ;) Yaaay ! Thank fer the compliment. I've not done any shopping yet. Can't wait to do that. Hubby was flipping out when I told him I may be a D cup. Then I pointed out the nurses we know who have had BA. They r all D cups and it doesn't show. He's worried that both our 'rents r gonna be pissed! He is Korean.

Second Day Post-op

Hi ladies ,
I'll try to make this brief. I took my first shower today !!! Magnificent !!
Better than sex!! Lots of the aches and pains were washed away. I do not have full ROM in my arms yet but I'm getting there. My breasts still hurt, but not like before. Overall a big improvement. I can go to the bathroom by myself. Cook food fer my guys. ;)
Oh and walking helps otherwise you become stiff/painful. I've got my first post op. visit this evening. Wish me luck!!
How are you getting on ?!?
Hullo ladies!! Sorry been outta it fer awhile. Busy on my side. 3 boys, well 4 if u include hubby. ;). I'm achy but doing well. Nothing is dropping yet. Have any of u ladies noticed any of yours dropped yet ?? Should I be worried. I've been wearing a strap (hubby jealous cause I'd never let him strap me!) and I've still got square boobs!! Is it too soon?
Really good to hear from you! Oh, you lucky girl.... you got the strap too! Ugh, sorry, lol. Can't really answer on the drop thing, my implants are supposed to stay where they are. I called and asked if I could wash my strap and they want me to come get another one so I don't have to be without it! Damn, was hoping for a few hours of freedom! (Can you tell, I hate it!) Lol. Welcome back, we missed you!

The Wonderful mess that is Moi'

Well it's been over a week. I think 11 days. My BURNING question is:
It's driving me crazeeeeeee!! I keep looking at myself in the mirror and I swear this is a hew type of torture. Some days they look as if they've dropped and others I swear they have just crawled rite back up there !! My kids are telling me that I look like a football player!! Help! What do u ladies think ? Do u notice a change? I know that it is too soon to tell. But I'm also thinking I'd hate to go back to school in August with such a noticeable change. Moms can and r mean. I want them more natural. Thanx fer letting me vent.
Ur doing fine hon x I'm 27 days n still not looking like snoopys head x at least they look amazing I ca sports bra and tight tops n singlets look great x I'm sick of the gap but have to remember time patience x it's a waiting game x Ming have dropped 4/5 cm x they were sitting under my collar bone now they r way under there xx I know it's going to be a while but it's ok xxxx I'm her if u need to talk x as far as size I just went to best n less told them I had a ba and not my propper size yet and have to wear a sports bra so I ended up with larges and size 18 to 20 x they look huge lol xxxx hope u feel ok xx just takes time hon x
Thanx Tinka!! I feel a lot better. I'm in my zen place now. I was just being IMPATIENT as all hell and not giving myself any time. Also nervous about taking these girls out on soccer mom rounds. Not looking forward to that. But we will see what happens. People surprise u, in a good way sometimes! Have a MAGICAL day!! Seriously your family looks like it was pulled from a magazine. Sooo lovely ;)
They are lookin good! I can imagine the impatience waiting for them to look amazing! Because they will!! Hang in there!!

Olde Clothes New Look

U was just trying on some dresses that I've not worn, ever! I saw them,bought them and admired the clothing fer awhile. Now it actually fits!!! I can fill out a sexy, curvaceous dress!!! Can't wait fer my birthday in August. Honey is gonna be SURPRISED!!! ;)

Captions did not load

Well as tge captions fer the pics did not load properly.

Blue floral dress hubby saw and loves. It was in closet fer 3 years!

Black VaVoom dress

Blue Music festival dress

Kids call this my Dragon Scale dress. I just LOOOVE to look at it. Now I can wear it!!

Origami Petal dress. Thought it was funky/interesting.
Tinka it 's crazee good to put on clothes and feel like u r feminine/sexy... Dare I say it?? A HOTTIE!!!?!! Went out to dinner with the family and my honey told me later he was nervous. He thought I'd be showy and change. ;) I think I like him on his toes!! ;)
U have the same style as me yaaay x ur dresses r all to die for love them all xx doesn't it feel mad to finally put those dresses on and feel awesome about them xx u r defs rockin those girls hon xxxx
Thanx!! Hehehe... It's funny to think that I've got style. My friends always told me I've got DRAG QUEEN taste!! ;) Which btw I'm proud of!!! ;)

Dinner Out With My Loves

Went out to dinner. Wore a long sundress I ALWAYS put on. But didn't really think about how different it mite look. Was really thinking about getting tge kids out fer a nice evening. My honey was nervous. Afterward he told me that he was afraid I'd be showy. I convinced him that all the show was fer hiz eyes only. Am I WIERD to find his nervousness flattering? I mean we were goofballs the entire nite! Nothing sexy there!
Congrats on your new boobies! I know you can't wait until they drop!
Thanx IttyBitty!!! OMFG!! Waiting for them to drop/fluff is MISERABLE!! But worth it. Good things come to those who wait! ;) How r u doing ? I read that u made a trip to the emergency room. :( Don't forget to put up some pics after u get 'em done and let us know how u are.
I'm much better thanks for asking ! I know how dreadful the wait can be because I'm also impatient lol. Unfortunately because they prescribed me NSAID's and antibiotics I have to push the surgery date back again. This will be my second time . Your absolutely right about the whole patience thing but I'm just so anxious and excited! My bday is in August as well so that's my little treat to myself.

Scar Pics!!

Hiya!! It's been almost a month now. My boobs are FUN!! No need to buy any newfangled toys!! Upgrade yer boobs and grab a friend...... You'll have hours of FUN!! ;)
Ok. Got my silly out. I was wondering how everyone was healing. The first pic is my left boob the second is my right. (Was feeling kinda silly and was gonna write that it was my 1st, 2nd, 3rd boobs!!) it's has been a few days shy of a month. So was wondering if the scar looks like it's healing ok.
My doc says it's fine keep putting the meds on it. But what do u ladies think ?
Lookin good!!!
Very strait near scar x yep the colour looks great x very sensitive area so it'll take time xxx looking good hon xxx sparkles for ur day xx
Goddess, Thankyou !! Between u and M50 I feel relieved/soo much better. It sucks that my wonderful doctor does not make me feel better. I trust him but feel better talking with u girls !! ;)

One Month!!! Woo-Hoo ;)

Soo it's been one looooooooong month. My ladies feel softer. And I think they look slightly more like regular boobs. Hubby is not helping because from the beginning he was the PERFECT cheersquad telling me they look great/wonderful/NORMAL??? And as ALL us Boobie friends know NORMAL is the last thing they look like in the beginning. Gotta love them hubbies. So I was happy during week one. I mean, let's face it, my PS gave me something god didn't !! But somewhere during week 2 I fell into a depression and was convinced that my boobs were atrocious and not as BIG as they should be. You ladies pulled me outta that!! And when the boob greed/ depression left my boobies finally looked great to me! I've been putting on the silicone tapes and taking Vitamin E. They have been helping. My scars are getting smoother and less noticeable. :) Laying down on my stomach (I dislike doing this!) has made my girls drop. At least I think so! Not a HUGE difference but I'm riding this happy mood as far as it can go ! ;) I've 3 boys plus a hubby and that is what is KILLING me. Lotsa work that leaves PAIN but gotta do it!! I'm loading some pics of where I am now and 2 of my birthday celebrations. Nothing big. The first is ice cream cake with my minions. And the second is a dinner with some friends. The third is next weekend. Don't know what is planned fer me but we will see!!:)
Thanx Emerald18!! It's a journey!!

More Pics!!

Goddess I'm sorry. I'm horrible with updating. Can someone tell me how to do the comparison, side by side photos. Thanx!!!
How is everyone ?
Hey lady! Have your boys started school yet? My son started last week, I was so not ready for it!
Hey!! My guys started the first week of August!! I was ready buuuuut the school sent out all the info. regarding teachers/supplies late! I'm nervous.... pretty ANAL as all hell about getting things organized. So the beginning of this month was CRAZEE. How was your son? What grade did he start? I was worried about the other moms reactions to my BA but so far everyone has been polite. ;)

Stripper Nite Out

Went out but need to get pics of me!!! Anywho..... This is my crazy friend..... Anabelle. She dressed me up and I dressed her up! What ya think of the accessories???? ;)
how are you doing? would love for an update!! :)
Lmfao lovin ur pix, they are great and lovin the one of ur friend, hilarious!! Your boobs look amazing . They are going to drop more but don't worry , trust , it will be ok. It scared me at first cuz I didn't want them " saggy again, but once they dropped, they're softer , they move more like real boobs and I actually love them more honestly;•}
Hahaha you girls for photo bomb by that guy! He had that "WTH" type of look! So funny. You look so happy with your new girls! They look so pretty! Congrats girl and keep the fun going
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