Hullo. This is my last week before the big day. I...

Hullo. This is my last week before the big day. I get BOOBIES!!! I'm nervous, happy, unsure...... Basically driving everyone crazy. I live in a household full of men. My 3 boys (10,10, 6) and my hubby. My surgery is next week Tuesday the 1st of July. It's in the early morn. I haven't told any of my family. I'm Indian and they just wouldn't accept nor try to understand. Only my household and 3 friends know because they will be my support. My stats are: 5'4 -height, 34A cup (hoping to be a D)
110-115- weight , 18" ribcage
I'm getting Mentor 375-400HP. The final decision is left to my doc.
I'm doing this for myself. My hubby is not a boob/ass man. He just likes a tight hole!! (TMI) Most guys do! As for me I've always loved and admired a full figured woman. I'm a breast chick. I've got the back and want the front!!! I also want to full out a sari and just be gorgeous. What have you ladies who have gotten the surgery done already done to prepare? Where do u get Arnica Montana and a multivitamin with no/little vitamin E? How do u know the right size sports bra to buy for later?
Thanx. I'll post before pics later!!

Before shots..... *Be Warned: It's not pretty!*

Hmmm. Did something wrong.

Hi. I've labeled the shots but they did not load with my captions. Sooo the first is my bed. I'll be dressing her up with alotta pillows (thanx Bubbles!) and surrounding myself with happy colours and some sunshine. Then comes the dreaded before shots. My front and side views show how small I am. Nothing but NIPPLES!!! And lastly is me in one of my favorite t-
shirts. It's my BEATLES shirt. Can't mess with the classics!! I mite as well wear one of my son's shirts. Which btw. does fit me!!! ;)

A little more about me !

I'm treating this as a journal. Soo this is me. I'm Indian American. My family is VERY traditional. I'm the black sheep of the family because I'm the one usually pushing boundaries. From dating, getting tattooed, to finally marrying someone who is not Indian. The good thing about being like this is that I've had many experiences, met a lot of different people, and opened doors so my younger siblings can be themselves.

The deed is DONE!!!

Well I got up at 4:30am. Took my shower but did not shampoo my hair. I cheated. I just braided it and tied it to the top of my head. Then got dressed and made breakfast for my sweeties. Miso soup and sausages. ;) we LOOOVE soup in the morning.
We got to the surgery center at 6am. Signed in. And hung out till it was time fer me to go in the back.
When in the back. They reviewed all my info with me and made me take a urine test. Told me what to expect afterwards and basically soothed me. I was nervous. And TOTALLY appreciate the gentleness and understanding that the male/female nurses, anitheiologist showed. I got to keep my earrings on!!! Whoo-hoo!!
They even went to the waiting room to get my family so we could say our goodbyes!! But daddy was gone. Tank Wars was too strong a call.... :(
Then they joked and gave me my cocktail. I think I told the anitheiologist he was HOT. He is but how embarrassing. Ladies when u get drugged my advice to u is MIND YOUR MANNERS!!!
And I woke up.

My return home. First couple of hours.

Pic captions did not show.

The first two are my babies waiting in the waiting room.
They r playing Tank Wars on my IPhone. When will it Ennnd!!!

Picture Captions Mommy u look like a Mummy!!

The other three r me when I got home. I'm on my happy couched it's been one hour since I took 2 pain pills. I feel minimum pain. Just a WIERD tightness on my chest with heaviness. There is a strained feeling along both of my arms. Kinda similar to when u work out your arms WAY TOO MUCH. But otherwise manageable. I've also got a patch for nausea begins my ear. I'm to keep it on for 3 days. So far so good. I've slept because I've not had much rest these past few days but have only drunk H2O.

Second Day Post-op

Hi ladies ,
I'll try to make this brief. I took my first shower today !!! Magnificent !!
Better than sex!! Lots of the aches and pains were washed away. I do not have full ROM in my arms yet but I'm getting there. My breasts still hurt, but not like before. Overall a big improvement. I can go to the bathroom by myself. Cook food fer my guys. ;)
Oh and walking helps otherwise you become stiff/painful. I've got my first post op. visit this evening. Wish me luck!!

The Wonderful mess that is Moi'

Well it's been over a week. I think 11 days. My BURNING question is:
It's driving me crazeeeeeee!! I keep looking at myself in the mirror and I swear this is a hew type of torture. Some days they look as if they've dropped and others I swear they have just crawled rite back up there !! My kids are telling me that I look like a football player!! Help! What do u ladies think ? Do u notice a change? I know that it is too soon to tell. But I'm also thinking I'd hate to go back to school in August with such a noticeable change. Moms can and r mean. I want them more natural. Thanx fer letting me vent.

Olde Clothes New Look

U was just trying on some dresses that I've not worn, ever! I saw them,bought them and admired the clothing fer awhile. Now it actually fits!!! I can fill out a sexy, curvaceous dress!!! Can't wait fer my birthday in August. Honey is gonna be SURPRISED!!! ;)

Captions did not load

Well as tge captions fer the pics did not load properly.

Blue floral dress hubby saw and loves. It was in closet fer 3 years!

Black VaVoom dress

Blue Music festival dress

Kids call this my Dragon Scale dress. I just LOOOVE to look at it. Now I can wear it!!

Origami Petal dress. Thought it was funky/interesting.

Dinner Out With My Loves

Went out to dinner. Wore a long sundress I ALWAYS put on. But didn't really think about how different it mite look. Was really thinking about getting tge kids out fer a nice evening. My honey was nervous. Afterward he told me that he was afraid I'd be showy. I convinced him that all the show was fer hiz eyes only. Am I WIERD to find his nervousness flattering? I mean we were goofballs the entire nite! Nothing sexy there!
Tucson Plastic Surgeon

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3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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Congrats on your new boobies! I know you can't wait until they drop!
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Thanx IttyBitty!!! OMFG!! Waiting for them to drop/fluff is MISERABLE!! But worth it. Good things come to those who wait! ;) How r u doing ? I read that u made a trip to the emergency room. :( Don't forget to put up some pics after u get 'em done and let us know how u are.
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I'm much better thanks for asking ! I know how dreadful the wait can be because I'm also impatient lol. Unfortunately because they prescribed me NSAID's and antibiotics I have to push the surgery date back again. This will be my second time . Your absolutely right about the whole patience thing but I'm just so anxious and excited! My bday is in August as well so that's my little treat to myself.
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Yes I will definitely be posting more pics and updates. I should be hearing from my PS by tomorrow or Thursday but I'm also going to call my patient coordinator to reschedule. I'm pretty sure I have to do the medical clearance all over again tho . Better safe then sorry right lol
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;) I'm not too concerned over the colour thing. I was more concerned over grandparents squabbling over grandkids. It was a relief have 2 so everyone got one. ;) I know. Grands r the best. They really spoil the kids! ;)
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Hey lady, I hope your doing well! I can not keep up anymore with everyone!
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Ditto on that !! I try to but there r soo many new names now that I'm starting to get stories mixed up! I just had my 2 week today. Doc said everything was fine. Gave me scar cream to put on. Stupid me went grocery shopping after. My WHOLEbidy hurts after carrying those bags !!!
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Diddo! It's hard to keep up! Lol looking good!!
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Aww thanx. Going to snap a few pics. And compare. I am nervous doing that... What if I'm just used to them now and won't see any difference?
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Oh, shhhhh.... take your pics! WE want to see them! Lolololol
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OK so hows your hubby loving them all in all??
  • Reply
Well..... ;) I've been getting morning and nite massages. My honey is a doc and is kinda amazed that this surgeon did such a great job. It's wierd in a nice way that he is soo into them. My hubby was set to join a monastery before he met me! Soo this is FUN!!
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Did I make any sense, Twirlygrrly?? ;)
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I can see why he didn't join, you're a nut!!!! Love it !!!!
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Takes one ta know one!! Hehehe.... ;)
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HAHA!!! That hilarious :) Im sure hes happy he found you now! no big boobies for him in a monestary :)
  • Reply
Welllll at least no FEMALE boobies for him!! :) That's all sorts of WRONG! Hehehe! How r u doing ? R u having fun with your new twins yet?
  • Reply
haha! I don't quite understand how you could go from a typical MANS thinking and loving tboobs to saying its wrong..ya know?? hehe. But no boobies for me yet! Im still waiting...just had a little girl born 3 weeks ago, so itll be a while before this momma gets a new body lol
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OMG!! Really!!! Congrats!! Children and babies r the BEST!! And your body must be GLOWING, every new mom I know has this aura about her that just increases with every milestone you reach together! I miss that!!! Was soo happy with every birth I had!!
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OH We have been very blessed and are so happy :) ! , but God my body is NOT glowing LOL! YOU were blessed with GOOD genes I think that's all!! My boobs are small but still big enough to ugh! you were lucky to have a flatter chest trust me!! This is #2...our first was a boy who is now 19 months, and we didn't find out for either so it was a total surprise to see a girl come out :)
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Congratulations! !!!!!!!!!!!
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:) I ment if he had joined the monastery.... Any boobies he saw would DEF. not be female!! ;) He always told me he was not into boobs. He likes THIN womyn. but it's funny how u can change if u love someone. ;)
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One of each! Perfect!! I'm checking out yer review now. So many lovely ladies here I get people mixed up! I bet u r BEAUTIFUL all the pretty girls r MODEST. ;) My twins were wedding nite babies. And hubby didnot believe me when I told him there were 2!! Twins do not run in either of our families. Best surprise. EVER!
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lol yea I gotcha! Things ALWAYS change when you love someone. you learn to like things you never thought you would! But he definitely found a thin woman! And now he has a thin woman WITH big boobies to play he prefers them bigger or not. I think youd be considered a "spinner" to guys yours so petite!! just google it if you don't know..I wont go into details.. ( I on the other hand, am NOT lmao) haha! ;)
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