400cc and 450cc UHP --Post Operation and LOVE THEM! - Tucson, AZ

I went to my doctor and we decided that I should...

I went to my doctor and we decided that I should go with silicone implants. Due to my small breast width, 11 cm wide, and my tubular breast deformity my doctor said it would be better to go with an ultra high profile using 450cc in the left and 420cc in the right. I chose my cc from the try on implants at my consultation. However, I'm worried that 450 and 420 in ultra high might be too much. I'm not sure if the amount of cc in the try on's are going to be an accurate representation of the ultra high profiles.

And just for information sake:
Weight:156 Lbs
Height: 5'9 1/2''
Bra size: 32 AA/A
Brest Width: 11 cm

Looking to go to a full C or small D

WOW!!!  you've done your research.  He sounds like a remarkable surgeon....I wish you the best of luck & a lifetime of boobie bliss. ;))
Kooberry thank you for responding!- My surgery is scheduled for Oct 1st. "Dr. Case is certified to the highest national standards by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, as well as being inducted as a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a member of Alpha Omega Alpha (the National Medical Honor Society). Additionally, he is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the American Society of Bariatric Plastic Surgeons, and the Rocky Mountain Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons" I have discussed my size wants with him but he felt that 400 and 450 would achieve a full C. I think Ill try the rice test mentioned above.

Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf! I agree with Kooberry---discuss this at length with your surgeon so he knows your concerns. You can also try the rice test. It's very unofficial, but some ladies really feel it helps give them a sense of what to expect from different sizes.

Please let us know what you decide to go with!


Went to my pre-op appointment last Friday. After...

Went to my pre-op appointment last Friday. After discussing some remaining questions i had, we decided on doing 400ccR 455ccL in Ultra High Profile. I'm still apprehensive about he sizes I chose but It seems like it'd be a better idea to go bigger and not regret being too small. I just hope they don't look like 2 melons pasted on my chest. I've got my prescriptions filled out and acquired so I'm set for after operation pain and my husband is taking 2 days off of work to stay and take care of me. I've also lost some weight since me initial consultation. Its not much but I weigh 153 now. It sounds dumb but I'm trying to lose the weight I'll gain with the implants. I really don't like the idea of putting on weight because of them but I know its going to happen.

15 days left =)
Samantha89 I am so anxious to see what you end up looking like because I live in Tucson and considering Dr. Case as well. I have not even scheduled a consult with him yet because I dont have anyone to really help take care of me If i get the surgery done. I am a single mom of a 2.5 year old and I am afraid I won't be able to do much for her if I get it done. Either way best of luck! Hurry time Hurry!

Just got back from my birthday vacation in San...

Just got back from my birthday vacation in San Diego! It was amazing! After going to the beach I realized just how upsetting it is to be so small chested around all these women with normal breast sizes. I usually feel OK in my t-shirts when I wear a push up bra but my swimsuit has very limited padding and does not push up. It is really depressing when your bust is only 1 inch bigger than your rib cage (32) accompanied by a 28in waist and 38 in hips and a huge butt. I am so glad I only have 10 more days, I really hope it all pans out how I envisioned it.
And thank you! Im 23 now =)
Doing it 4 me, I'm glad to hear that you're considering Dr. Case. He is very knowledgeable and professional. Not once did he make me feel uncomfortable or pressured to make any choices I didn't want to. It's unfortunate though that you don't have someone to help you out. I am more than happy to give you all the information packets and stuff through email if that'd help at all. The consultation is really just to get the information and to choose sizes and operation time and I've got tons of info if you need it.

I have 10 more days and time is dragging!

OMgosh yea I will totally take all that info from you. My email address is land*******@hotmail.com {Email address edited by RealSelf to protect you from spam bots. Please use PM system to communicate private information} Thanks! I've read a lot of good reviews from Dr.Case so yea even though I'm a little bummed out that I can't even have a set date, I am really going to shoot for the second week of November (fingers crossed). Happy belated Birthday and 10 days will fly by before you know it.


Today has been a terrible day so far and its only...

Today has been a terrible day so far and its only 7am. Sometimes I wonder if other women out there go through the same things Ive gone through. I've been cheated on, lied to, been in a near fatal car accident, been through prescription drug addiction,depression, alcoholism, fought off my 8 year long bulimia all this year. I constantly battle borderline personality disorder, extreme social anxiety and my fibromyalgia and its such a tiring thing to go through all this and still not have one person who truly understands. I feel like getting this BA is the light at the end of my tunnel. I know it won't fix all my past problems but maybe I'll be able to have more confidence in my self. Ugh, 1 week left =)
My goodness, Samantha. That's an awful lot for anyone to have gone through in a lifetime -- much less in one year. You said it yourself -- a BA won't fix the problems you listed, and post-op blues can really do a number on a girl.I sincerely hope you're working with a professional to get through what sounds like a very tough time. But back to the boobies, you have a cute figure and I'm betting you're gonna look great. Best of luck to you. :)
Breastochangeo thank you for kind words! It has been one very trying year but I'm happy to say that I've overcome many of those problems. Even though most of them were because I was hospitalized for almost 2 months, its the only reason I can afford my BA.

I looked at your photos.Im sorry you got the "frankenboob" =( Is "frankenboob" a common condition? How long have you been post op?
Thanks Samantha, I got your email. Can't wait till my little one goes to bed so I can read all the stuff. I can relate to you on so many levels, I also have fibromyalgia from a real bad car accident and I've been lied to and cheated on too hence the single mom life. I also had my struggles with pain medication prescription, seems its what doctors resort to when they cannot explain why you have the pain. And on top of it my mom has stage 4 brain cancer and is battling it right now, that is why I cannot get my surgery any time soon because she cannot watch my daughter for me. On the contrary I have to be there to help her. I just want to tell you to hang in there because faith is the last thing you lose. I really hope the surgery can make you a more wholesome person and give you the boost of confidence you need. If you need anything you have my email and you can email me if you want my number or anything. Best wishes!

Well time seems to be flying by! I have 5 more...

Well time seems to be flying by! I have 5 more days til my surgery and my week is filled with tons of appointments and fun things to do. Ive got a dentist appointment today followed by a Red Hot Chili Pepper concert tonight! I have another dentist appointment tomorrow and I'm making an appointment to color my hair. After that I have another concert on Sunday! Then my surgery! Im getting super excited! I cant wait!

I've also got all my new bras picked out and my special dress for my husbands ALS graduation ceremony.

Wow, I'm so glad that your mom is making a great recovery! Were you in the service or a military wife?
Yes! It's really exciting!I was Air Force for 4 years.

Four more days!

Four more days!
What did you do in the Force

3 more days! Excited as ever!

3 more days! Excited as ever!
Well I'm sorry to hear of your struggles, but I'm glad to hear you're coming through like a champ! My understanding is that frankenboob is common with submuscular placement, but to varying degrees. My case was obviously severe, and so most people don't end up looking quite like I did (good news). It's been just over 6 weeks since my surgery, and things have gotten MUCH better. They still have some settling to do, but I wouldn't even call them frankenboobs anymore. I have a feeling you'll be just fine, though. And your big day is just around the corner -- very exciting!!!
I was a medical Laboratory technician.

Ermahgerd! My surgery is tomorrow morning! =D I'm...

Ermahgerd! My surgery is tomorrow morning! =D I'm so excited!
Good luck girl! :) Im very excited to see ur results! our stats are very similar! Im 5"10 150 pounds im also gonna be 23 in november! The surgeons Ive spoked to suggested i get 450cc cux of my height so dont be afraid!! Ur gonna look tall an hot ;) lol
I have been searching, and searching, and searching for someone with the closest stats to me but no one was ever quite there. I hope my pictures and updates will be able to give you some insight on what you will be going through or look like. I'm getting ultra high profile mentor silicone implants. It has to be ultra high since i have such a short breast width, otherwise I'd most likely get rippling. Im also getting 450cc but 400 in the other since i have a major difference. I'm really scared right now, not sure if Ill be able to sleep.
Thanks girl :) ur nerves all getting the best of u. But im sure after ur sugery u will be sleeping great! good luck again!!

Just got out of surgery. On my way. Crying right...

Just got out of surgery. On my way. Crying right now cuz I'm so happy. No nipple sensation currently and chest is moderately tight, I'm not in much pain right now but they put Demeral in my iv before I woke up. Nurses were fantastic and I'm extremely happy I did it. Pics to come soon.

Alrighty, Im all snug at home with my hubby taking...

Alrighty, Im all snug at home with my hubby taking real good care of me. The surgery was so freaking worth it. I am so happy with my results, even right now while they're swelled and riding high i am so amazed and extremely happy. Thank you Dr. Case for doing a wonderful job and taking care of me. The staff went above and beyond helpful and courteous. I cannot begin to tell you how happy i am for making this choice. It is the best choice ive ever made ( besides marrying my wonderful hubby). Im uploading pics now. And for some reason i weighed my self and i went from 152 this morning to 159 after surgery. I hope most of tht is swelling and the fluids they put in me. This has changed my life.

One more update for today. I know everyone comes...

One more update for today. I know everyone comes out of surgery differently and heals in different ways, but I have not felt tired at all. Ive been able to get up and down by myself ever since getting home. I'm not in much pain, just a lot of tightness. Its not painful, its just uncomfortable.I haven't had any nausea and was able to eat chicken and dumpling soup for lunch and my hubby is cooking dippin chicken for dinner tonight. ( grilled chicken with BBQ sauce, blue cheese and franks hot sauce to dip in)The funny thing is that my hubby is taking a nap right now while I watch TV. And here I was terrified that I'd be a vegetable not able to do anything. Now this may not be the case for everyone else, but it could be a possibility. Its most pleasant to be able to things on my own.

And I wanted to just note here that I've gone from a 31 bust, 28 waist, 38 hips to 37,28,38! Im extremely pleased.

Dear lord, its started to get painful now. Moving...

Dear lord, its started to get painful now. Moving around is hurting even with pain killers. ugh
Haha! I was the same way, no real pain for the first 3 days and not tired in the least. I stopped my pain meds on day 4. Then on day 5, I went back on them. It's day 6 and i still take one in the morning and one at night to sleep. I will hopefully ween myself off them this week.
Heck yeah, you did it! They look AWESOME!
Thank you, I am so extremely happy!

Well fellow community goers, here your 1am day 2...

Well fellow community goers, here your 1am day 2 morning report.....OUCH!! =( They hurt so so bad right now, especially the left side which is the side they put the bigger implant. I've been taking my percocet and Valium but lets face it, I don't wake up every 4 hours then 2 more to stay on top of my pills...my fault i guess. I took my bra off this morning and the right breast had some minor bruising. I noticed some dried blood on the crease of my left breast. They still are swollen but all in all i am completely mesmerized by them. They still look perfect minus the swelling and minor bruising, and the freaking pain right now. It hurts!! It actually woke me in my sleep. I'm also having problems with my pain killers. The side effects Ive been getting don't seem normal. Dizziness, double vision, my heart seems like its having trouble beating and my nose keeps bleeding. Not like a nose bleed but if i blow my nose there's definitely blood. Is that normal? I'm going to call my doctor today to see if he can prescribe me a different painkiller because this one isn't working out for me. The Valium also doesn't seem to be doing much. It makes me tired of course but the tightness is still definitely there. So far no infections, that's a plus. My hubby has been so great taking care of me even tho since the time i got home i was able to get up on my own, go to the bathroom and make my own tea. I've been able to basically eat anything I've wanted. I had chicken soup and then general Tsos chicken for dinner. It was yummy.

I will be posting day 2 pictures and having a side by side comparison of before and day 1.

On a more positive not I have noticed a extreme boost in my own confidence. My hubby and I went to Great China Wall (my General Tsos chicken) and while when I usually order food I never look at the waiter and I never usually ask exactly how I want things. This time I looked right at the waiter and asked how the meal I ordered came and told them to omit the bell peppers and for my salad I asked for just the lettuce since they put tons of tomatoes and crap in it. I felt empowered. I've heads turn and its so nice for a change. I've told most everyone now and they are all so thrilled for me. This has been such a wonderful experience so far. Apart from my current pain and inability to sleep, I would do this 100 times over and more.

I've got my first follow up appointment Oct. 9th. I hope its going well........ I have never ever ever been this happy in my entire life. Thank you Dr. Case and Patrick ( my hubby) for making this the best birthday gift ever.

Sorry for all the pictures but I want to document...

Sorry for all the pictures but I want to document y progress well so that other when can see the healing process step by step.

Omg, I just got a job! Walked into Things...

Omg, I just got a job! Walked into Things Remembered while my hubby was getting his hair cut and saw something I wanted. One thing led to another and she offered me a seasonal part time job! I think it's the confidence I've gained that's made this all possible! I start nov 24! I am the happiest person alive right now!!
They look great! I got mine done on the 29th and totally get the whole feeling fine on the day thing! Then it hits you :( all the best for the remainder of your recovery I personally am enjoying just kicking back relaxing
Man, first day was bliss. No pain, just some tightness. But day 2 has been hell so far! How well is your recovery going? What'd you have done?

Day 3: Another 1 AM post. I still haven't lost any...

Day 3: Another 1 AM post. I still haven't lost any weight. I'm a little worried about my 7lb weight increase from the beginning to end of surgery. My boobies hurt so bad right now. The bruising is about the same as before. I am however extremely pleased with amount of confidence i have gained since the moment i left the hospital. In the past 2 days i have talked to people without feeling embarrassed, Ive actually gotten myself a job!!, and Ive been able to feel pretty and amazing. I am so happy. Pictures are to come for day 3!

Still lots of pressure and its hard to sit up still. Ive got nipple sensation back in my right nipple but not the left. I think that may be because the larger implant was put in the left breast. I tried taking my bra off this morning but it felt way better on than off. Its a little itchy but Im glad they gave me this bra. I cant think of anything else to report on. Im just really happy. If anyone is considering Dr. Case, go for it. He did a FANTASTIC job!

Also wanted to add that they are itchy! So...

Also wanted to add that they are itchy! So freaking itchy at the incision site.

Ok so here's a normal time of day report. I have...

Ok so here's a normal time of day report. I have no more pills, which worries me slightly, but I'm doing good. I woke up at 1am talked to a good friend until 5 am, I then went to bed at 7 and slept til 10. I feel tons better, I'm not sure if its because I slept on the couch when i usually sleep in the bed with my head propped up but i feel refreshed. Not much else to report. Bruising is the same,Bleeding is down to a minimal and i took a shower. It felt SOOO good.
WOW! So nice and perky. You look fabulous. No wonder you have gained self confidence. Your nipple placement is great!
Well it's definitely hit me hard yesterday and today. I don't wanna move or do anything. Lol
congrats on the job!

Day 4, I'm pissed off. Not at the breast, just at...

Day 4, I'm pissed off. Not at the breast, just at the pain. Ran out of pills and im scared the doctor wont give me anymore. There was no refill on the script but im in so much pain right now. I don't even want to walk. I think I'll see my primary provider and ask if he can just give me enough til my next appointment. I'm not sure if he can but its a start.

Day 4 and feeling much better with my pills...

Day 4 and feeling much better with my pills refilled. My PC noted that I have no signs of infection or any other problems. I did have a very interesting encounter with a woman at the clinic. I was waiting for the doctor when a nurse came in a said she heard that i had gotten a BA and wanted to see how it looked. I was kinda shocked but I showed her. She was amazed at them and said i looked amazing! My self esteem is through the roof. I hope my updates and pictures haven't been too annoying. I just want to help other woman and show them all that i can. Anywho, Im all medded out so peace!
Day 4, I'm pissed off. Not at the breast, just at the pain. Ran out of pills and im scared the doctor wont give me anymore. There was no refill on the script but im in so much pain right now. I don't even want to walk. I think I'll see my primary provider and ask if he can just give me enough til my next appointment. I'm not sure if he can but its a start.
You just have to call the doctor's office and tell them you need a refill. They will probably call it in for you xoxo. My doctor refilled my script several times. I ran out about day 4 too. Don't worry!
Really? The plastic surgeon or primary care provider?

Port Op day 5: What to say? Sleep seems to evade...

Port Op day 5: What to say? Sleep seems to evade me even when I'm kept up on pain pills. So here I am eating Pumpkin Pie Ice cream at 3:40 am.

My breast look fantastic! The bruising is about the same, still no nipple sensation in left breast. I've dropped some weight now! I weigh 157 this morning so I think a lot of the swelling and water retention has subsided! I'm very pleased with that. Nothing else really to note.

I put a tank top on over my dressing bra and was amazed at how sexy i looked! I can't wait till they heal and I can wear real bras.

On a different note, if anyone wants ti be Facebook friends, just send me a private message.
Hi:) I want to have implants as well...i was looking at ur pictures, congrats they look amazing! Ur doc did a great job!! What bra size are you now?? Im a 34A and i wantd to go to a full B. Not sure if that would be too small....
The doctor told me not to buy a bra til 3 weeks after the surgery. After that, its a good indication of what your actual breast size will be. I went from a 32 AA to what i believe is a full C. If your frame is like mine or larger, I would contemplate going larger than a B. I was hesitant about going this big but after the surgery I wonder why I didn't go a bit larger. My doctor told me that the most common complaint about the surgery is that women wish they had gone bigger. I was very very scared that 400cc and 450cc would be WAY to large, especially in Ultra High Profile but my doctor did an AMAZING job. They came out perfect, exactly what i wanted!
Hi Samantha89! I just got mine done last Sept. 27, I'm one week and one day PO, I also have an ultra high profile silicone, mine is 400 left and 480 right. I'll be following your post. Glad to find someone who had UHP too, ur frame is not very far from mine, though im a lil pudgier lol. i can't wait to see them babies drop and settle!

Good morning Community! It is now day 6 in...

Good morning Community! It is now day 6 in recovery, Swelling seems to be going down considerably. My breast seem to be evening out pretty well! They are looking amazing now! There is still bruising but its fading slowly. The pain is still definitely there and i had to refill my painkillers. As for proportion, they look almost perfect. I love my new boobs. They're so full, perky and natural looking despite them being UHP and so big.I literally have been walking around the house in nothing but my bra and panties. I've never ever done that before. It was so liberating and i felt so sexy. I can't believe I have boobs.
Hiya sam~ you look great!! glad to hear your breasts are evening out and you feel sexy. I walk around my house in bra&panties too....LOL  Hoooooooray for pretty ta ta's! ;-)
:D they are wonderful!
Glad to hear you're doing well! I've been considering adding my realself friends on Facebook, but I've been worried someone would accidentally make a boob comment and out me to my friends and family who don't know about my surgery! Are you open about your surgery on fb? I'm probably being silly...

Im angry. I have no pills, no doctor will answer,...

Im angry. I have no pills, no doctor will answer, im in pain, my appointment is tomorrow and I know i can make but thats not the point. Aren't they supposed to be there for you when you need them. My nipples are on fire, the incision sites hurt like hell, and my dressing bra keeps rubbing up on the incision. Im really pissed off cu my husband just decided that there really isnt anything for him to do now. So ive over done it again, did dishes laundry, cat litter and everything else. IM MAD. >=

Awesome, fibromyalgia you have such great timing!...

Awesome, fibromyalgia you have such great timing! Now my boob muscle hurts like HELL!!
also, it cheers me up when i try on clothes i can never look good in before because of the lack of boobs..lol..that usually make me feel so good i forget i am just a week out of surgery!
I got a bottle full of oxycodone, i'd send them to u if i can! so sorry to hear that. i dont really have any pain unless at night. when i feel the tightness. and sometimes in between my breasts..my breasts are very close together, like i have no big gap in between at all, so im a lil worried i'll have a uniboob look if i dont heal well. lol.I know you're probably walking around and not just laying down, but for me, it really makes me feel better when im up and about. i know we all have some questions, and fears about our procedure, looking at this website and hearing about other people's experience helps a lot. i feel like we're all sisters going through the same thing! lol. seriously, if i could, i'd send u some oxycodone for ur pain! hope you feel better!
Try to take some extra strength tylenol. It certainly won't be as good as the pain meds, but it will help a bit. And try to relax, your body needs it! I know it's hard; there is a lot going on right now, physically and psychologically. I was a complete mess after my surgery until I went completely off the meds; my fiance and I got in so many fights! Eat something yummy, take some tylenol, watch a good movie, and dream about how wonderful it's going to be when your new boobs are settled in and all of the difficulty of the surgery & healing is in the past!!

I am officially 1 week post op and the pain...

I am officially 1 week post op and the pain continues. It's sad that I've been through a rolling car accident, I've had my nerves torn off without pain killers, I've suffered a broken pelvis but this pain is so much worse!! It's so constant and it feels like fire. It's like when they tore nerves off x 5 but all the time but on my nipples. I can't wait to get more pain meds, hopefully. I've only had 1 refill. I have my app today so I'm hoping that they'll ok it. Other than that not much else happening. It's too much work to take this bra off to take pics now so when I'm good and pain free I might do it again.

Had my 1 week appointment today. Dr. Case said...

Had my 1 week appointment today. Dr. Case said everything looked fantastic! I have a bit of swelling between the breast but almost all my swelling is gone. My bruising is going away and i have sensation in both nipples. All in all I'm good. I have an appointment 2 weeks from now and then I can stop wearing the dressing bra! I certainly had an exciting day today! I got my meds and since the place to get my meds is just by my new workplace I stopped by to say hi. Found out how much Ill be making working part time seasonal at Things Remembered and it blew my mind away! Private message me if you care to know! I called all my family to let them know whats going on and it was nice to get to tell people how happy i am now for a change. There is nothing that could make this year greater! I got my boobies fixed, got a new job, a dear friend is coming to stay with us for the thanksgiving holiday and Im just the happiest can be! I just want to thank everyone on the forum for there support and following of my posts. It means alot to have people who care and have or are going through the same thing I am. Thank you all. I will be posting 1 week post op boobies soon.
Well you look great! I cant wait to get my new clothes and bras!
Thank you, thats so sweet of you. I've got my meds now. Im doing great now and got the house finally cleaned after it being wrecked for a week!

Alrighty, I am at my 2 week mark post op! My boobs...

Alrighty, I am at my 2 week mark post op! My boobs look amazing minus the slight nipple directions. I have a few helpful tips for ladies regaining sensation and off meds but are still feeling pain or burning sensations.

1. OraJel. I have found that if my nips are on fire that orajel numbs it pretty well and doesn't burn when put on.
2. Bengay. Bengay helps with some muscle pain but make sure not to get it on ANY irritated skin. Its good to put on all skin and nipples as long as you can stand the burn then icy feeling.

These two items have helped immensely after being cut off my meds.

I have one more week in this stupid bra, its really starting to irritate my skin.
i wanna see pics! my doc ordered 420cc-480 cc UHP for me. I haven't been able to see many post-op pics of others with UHP. I'm a bit nervous about them.
Hello! I've been interested in going to Dr. Case, but there aren't a lot of BA pics from him on here. I would love if you posted some pics! Thanks :)
Tucson Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Case was one of the best doctors i have gone to period. He was super professional but also very funny and put me at ease. One thing that I liked about his method is that instead of putting you under before you enter the surgery room, he let me go in awake and see the room, talk to the people and let me feel comfortable knowing where I was. He is a great doctor. I'd give him an 11 out 10

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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