FINALLY, Getting Some Boobies! And a Better Looking Butt...and Neck...- Tucson, AZ

Hi ya’ll my name is Asch. I’ll be going in on...

Hi ya’ll my name is Asch. I’ll be going in on October 4th to get a breast augmentation (b to full d- if you’re going to go bigger, why not BIGGER haha), liposuction of the neck and an area I call the butt doubt chin- I’ve also seen it called a banana roll.
Ever since I was little I always wanted to have a nice womanly figure. While I stayed flat chested, my friend reached a C cup in middle school. Haha, you can only imagine my envy. So finally, at 24, I decided to take the leap and get myself some womanhood! Haha. I’ve also had an issue with my double butt for years now, no amount of diet or exorcise would kill it. So I’m getting that sucked away. And then there is the chin fat that has been bugging me. It looks fine in the pictures but when I look down to read a book or something, it looks pretty bad. So I decided, what the heck, I’m getting everything else done, why not this too?

I’m excited but at the same time nervous. I’m sure some of you watched Nip/Tuck and have seen the episode where the woman appeared to be put under, but she could still hear and feel everything. Yeeeeaaahhh. That’s a fear of mine. I have been under anesthesia before, but it was for a quick 20 minute thing at the urologist. There were no scalpels involved.
I’m also afraid of dying on the operating table and having people ask ‘How’d she die?’ ‘Well. She wanted boobs. She got em but couldn’t live to enjoy them’.
But the worst fear is coming out and having EVEYTHING look horrible. Lopsided, uneven breasts, lumpiness in the areas that were lipo’d. I’m a very self-conscious person and so that would just drive me over the edge.
So, here I am, 2 days away from b-day (haha). The only people who I’ve told are my closest friends and mother. I’m not out in the open about it since I am doing it just for myself, no one else. Plus I don’t want to get slack from people yelling at me not to do it, why am I doing it, spend your money on something else, yadeyada. I’ve had this planned for months now and didn’t tell my own mother till two months ago, then my bff (the one who I grew up with while she gained boobs and I gained nothing, haha) I didn’t tell her until two weeks ago.
So! I’ll update when I’m not totally out of it on drugs!
I wish everyone else on here luck with their surgeries and I wish them a fast and as painless as possible recovery. As for me, sitting on the toilet will suck for a while… haha.

I'll be sending the same review under all the different surgeries im getting, people looking for neck lipo wont be looking under breast augmentation for reviews lol.
-Asch Rose


I wish my pre-BA boobs were your size. I got nothing now-after BFing for 3 years.
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Yeah, I've seen girls that are much smaller than me. Everyone is different though. People keep saying my size is great for my body type (5' 7") but ehh.... I've also seen girls my build and they had d cup boobs and look killer. And what's BFing?
And our boobs look the same! Urs is jus bigger. :)
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1 hour and 20 minutes till I can't eat or drink!

It still hasn't hit me yet!! You'd think I'd be scared or excited but I feel so indifferent right now. Anyone else go through the same thing? I know I'll have to take something to help me sleep tonight because I know my nerves will keep me up- even though I don't even feel nervous. I'm hoping I'll be asleep most the ride up too. I wouldn't want to spend an hour and half on the road feelings super nervous when I already have car sickness, haha. I just want this to be done and over with....but at the same time I'm scared of the pain that's to come! I'll update after my surgery when I'm not doped up, lord knows I will be after all I'm getting done... haha.
Wish me luck!


I almost went with Dr. Maloney because a friend in SV recommended him but I had a consult with Dr. Kay in Tucson and really clicked well with him. Good luck, I've heard great things about both Dr. Maloney and Lindsay. Can't wait to see your results.
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Hahaha, I'm glad I'm not the only one! It's the only way to get a good idea one what yours will look. I'll def be posting the afters. Hopefully they don't end up lopsided or weird looking, haha. Thanks! Also, I'm getting silicon gel. I was worried the 425 would be too big but as Lindsay (Dr. Maloney's assistant) pointed out, the muscle will be pushing down on it so it wont be as big as it looks outside of the body. And if yours are smaller than me then that sounds like a good size to go with. Good luck whenever you get yours done!
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The only thing im worried about is bottoming out and Capsular Contracture. Iv had surgery on one of my breast so the surgery is the least scariest for me. Thats exactly whats my ps told me. Thanks. Im getting them done the 24th of this month. :)

Lot of pain but beauty is pain after all!

Surprisingly i was mot nervous at all through the whole thing. Homestly i just wanted to sleep haha. The staff was super nice and the last thing i remember was breathing through an oxygen mask
then woke with the nurse telling me to breath. Guess i was just that our of it. I felt pretty good aftee getting home-granted they gave me morphine pills which conked me out. But now on the third say im in tons of paIn. All the bruises are starting to show. When i wake in the morning and the meds are all out of my system that is probably the worse pain. Even sitting on the toilet is hell. But it was worth it! Haha. Since i just got them, they havemt settled into their pocket so my boobs look obviously fake lol. Ill probably get that wrap thatll go around the top of my breast to help push it down into place. They are pretty stiff right now too. But itll go away with time. I.cant wait to be able to grope myself amd bounce them around. Hahaha.

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Cant post pics till im.back home due to my phone being lame

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11 days post op

Okay, so my last review was written when I was extremely loopy. Yeah, bad idea. Haha.
It's been 11 days since my surgery, the girls are doing a lot better. At first they were extremely stiff and firm but they've soffened up. Some days they get stiff some days they get softer, it's kind of weird. They only ranomly hurt and I still have to be careful how I sleep. I sleep with a panda stuffed animal and it's shape seems to be perfect to my girls needs, haha. I gave up on the pain pills (10 mg percocet) after I think the 4th day. They just didn't work. I know pain pills pretty much DON'T work, but they usually make me sleepy. At least when I had my car accident I was given vicodine and morphine and such and those didn't take away the pain but at least they made me sleep it away. I asked twice if I could be switched to something else but for some reason they refused to understand that the pills weren't doing squat for me and said to just take IB prophen. Yeeeaahhh. :/ Needless to say it's been a very painful recovery because of that- that's the one huge complain I have as well as the fast that I was told taking only a week off from work would be fine. Yeah no. I can't stand for more than ten minutes without going into pain (because of the lipo of my legs) and so I had to take off more time from work and I go back in the 17th and I know I'll be dying then. I'm kind of upset because I'd rather be told an honest time frame of when I would feel good enough for work and not have to keep calling out and inconveniencing my employer.
Anywho. My next post op is the 27th, that I guess when I'll start to wrap my breast to help push em into place and also start the massage process. I'll hopefully get my stitches out by then as well.
Here are the pictures that my phone refused to post.

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Numb breast.....Anyone else have this issue??? right breast is 90% numb. And when I mean 90% numb I mean if I look away from my breast and have someone touch it I don't know they are touching it in certain areas. I was hoping this was just part of the healing process but I got off the phone with an assistant and it most certainly is not......... So I'm scared. Thankfully my other breast is fine, though it does get odd sensations from time to time like it's about to go numb. I'll be seeing the Doc Tuesday. All I can say is I pray there is not additional surgery and if there is that they don't make me pay for in since it isn't anything I did wrong. Obviously not all surgeries will go perfectly, so I'm not mad (yet, haha) about this. Things happen, things do go wrong- but it wasn't me who placed the implants so I def )hopefully) should not have to pay for any extra surgeries. Right? (This is all just in hypothetical thoughts of if I have to go back for surgery to see what is going on). Really worried.... I mean, the assistant I talked to almost sounded 100% perplexed. She had to keep asking 'numb?? as, when you put your hand on it you can't feel it??' she kept asking so obviously it isn't something they've (or at least she) had heard of happening. Bleh....
Any one else have this issue at all??


About the numb boob. Mine are both numb from the nipple down to the incision. It is a weird numbness, because I almost can feel something, but not. On Monday I saw my surgeon. He told me that when an implant is placed under the muscle it stretches out the nerves. This can cause areas of numbness. It is normal, at least in my case. I only mention that part because only the doctor who operated on you has the say of what is to be expected. I hope you feel better soon :)
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Aw, I'm sorry. It is such a weird feeling to have no feeling, haha. I hope your feeling comes back soon! Did your surgeon say anything about if the feeling will at least eventually come back? I'd like to be able to feel mine at some point. I can't tell when they are coming out of my top for god's sake, haha. I actually asked his assistant if I would look any feeling and she said if I do, then it would only be temporary... Hopefully it's just like what happened to you and it's nothing serious where my boob will fall off, haha. Thanks for letting me know about your case. I'll be seeing my doc tomorrow so, I'm hoping for good news.
Tucson Plastic Surgeon

I’m going to Dr. Maloney of Tuscon Arizona. I chose him because they were nice enough to drive down to Sierra Vista for consults and pre op exams- better than me having to do the 3 hour total trip. He was very nice and upfront about the pros and cons of implants. His assistant Lindsay has been amazing as well. I email her the most random questions and concerns and she replies quickly.

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