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28 Yr. old Mother of 2 in the process for the Gastric Sleeve & Type II Diabetic" Mommy Makeover in the Future!!!!! - Tucson, AZ

I'm new to this site and have fallen in love with...

I'm new to this site and have fallen in love with it! I've become addicted, I'm on here almost everyday doing my research and preparing myself for my mommy makeover in the future. I have a looong ways to go. At the moment I'm in the process for the spider sleeve. I have Type II Diabetes. Wasn't Diabetic till I became pregnant & after my pregnancies it came back. I was HUGE both pregnancies!!! After I had my kids I gained a total of 103lbs. My heaviest has been pregnant with my son at 268lbs. My daughter is my oldest she's 3 yrs. old and my son is 1yrs. old she weighed 10lbs. and my son 9.5lbs very big. Both born via C-section. I had a tubal done after my son because of my diabetes so I won't be having anymore kids. They were extremely difficult pregnancies high risk and painful. I'm ready to start working on me again and getting my health back like it used to be before have kids. My husband supports me 100% it means a lot, I have a very loving mother and an amazing best friend they are super supportive. I'm EXCITED and very anxious and impatient to get this all going.....I want to say thanks for everyone who post pics and shares there stories it mean a lot and keeps me motivated and its comforting knowing I'm not alone in all of this...I plan to post pics and keep everyone updated on my progress throughout this journey and transformation.

In the process of getting the spider sleeve!!!!

I'm currently in the process of getting the spider sleeve in a few months. I'm 5'7'' currently weight 230lbs. and my goal weight is 140 I miss doing karate, kick boxing and playing softball. I love weight lifting too! I can't' wait to get back to doing the sports i love and grew up doing....my body change sooo much, both kids were c-section, ive had a tubal so no more kids for us! I'm SOOOO EXCITED and motivated i just get super impatient but reading and seeing everyone's results keep me going. I'm enjoying everyone's stories and tips they have been soo helpful! Thanks for that :) I will keep a journal through here and post pics and I progress :) Happy Healing to all!!!!

Ready for my Nutritionist appt. Tomorrow Feb. 20th!!!

I'm very excited and wonder what I will be learning. I know we will be talking about eating habits, how much I currently eat & what I eat. My husband will be taking me it's a 2 hr. drive from where we live, My mom will be watching my kids we have a 3yr. old daughter and 1 yr. old son. They are quiet the handful! My doc hasn't scheduled surgery yet. I need to complete my insurance requirements which include, 3 months of dieting with my pcp, a visit with a RD (registered dietitian) an EGD which is scheduled March 4th..

I'm feeling very depressed, can't seem to get anything done around the house whatsoever, Cant wait to get this show on the road!

I'd like to hear what any of you have gone through playing the waiting game like I am....Thanks again for taking time to read my story and follow me I really need all the support I can get! Or if you have been through anyone of these weight loss surgeries I'd love to hear from u and your story :) HAPPY HEALING EVERYONE!

Nutritionist went perfect! & having my EDG done next week on Tues. March 4th!

The nutritionist was awesome! we talked everything that has to do with food & vitamins b4 and after surgery & about all my eating habits, & mainly how Im supposed to eat after surgery. Protein first!!! She gave me tons of info...I must take a multi- vitamin and calcium for life. When we got home I looked online with my hubby who is being super supportive & is just as excited as I am for this lifestyle change that is coming up! :) I felt so special with My nutritionist Stephanie Jones out of Tucson Az . All visits are covered by my insurance I have BCBS of AZ , She weighed me on a very neat scale that printed out all my numbers and broke down in % of muscle, fat , water etc. and explained my numbers thoroughly, I was not embarrassed when she measured my belly I didnt care becuz its not where i am it where I'm goin :).... I was happy to see my muscle mass is way above average! woohoo! Reason being a lot of weight loss surgery patients lose weight so fast you they lose muscle too and muscles defines ur body shape soo with that said, I wont have that much lose skin around my arms and legs..except in my stomach and breast bcuz of my pregnancies but only time will tell till after surgery. I will post pics once I have my surgery to be able to compare before & after pictures.... :) :) so far so good! Happy Healing everyone! Thanks to all who are being sooo supportive sorry my stuff is super boring right now! lol just a waiting game for right now

I have my EDG appt. next week! yay! one more procedure to get out of the way b4 my initial surgery for the gastric sleeve!

its 630am! Gettin up and ready for my EDG! eeeekk one step closer to surgery!

Today is my EDG! They do put me to sleep ughhh i do hate that, im sensitive to all that crap im a little nervous prob. very normal....my daughter slept at my parents so only have to get my 1yr old son ready to drop off at my parents. Im so grateful for them watching my babies.. well time to get ready and head out at 8 taking my BFF, my hubby has to wrk! :/ ok tootles my RS friends thank u for those of u keep in touch with me! means tons!!!!

All done....I've had the worst headache after my procedure all day!! :(

Well everything went smooth and as planned, I was soooo nervous I felt stupid! The procedure took about an hour, it was fast and i didnt feel a thing ...Got my IV in and i was out ....next thing i know im waking up in the recovery room feeling like a baaad hangover! lol My Bff took me today my hubby had to wrk. When I got home with the kids, i got the WORST headache everrrrrr! i never get them! my day has sucked because of it!
Sooo I have gastritis which is swelling of the stomach & I have a hiatal hernia! who woulda thunk it! im gonna google what they mean tonight..... I currently have no symptoms of either....I have a follow up appt. next week to findout what all this means and if its gona delay my process ...hopefully it doesnt! im soooo ready to start my weight loss program!!!!!!!!!! eeeekkkk!!!
im boring I know.. happy healing all u beauties out there! xoxox tootlesss!!!!

PSYC. EVALUATION on Wed. March 12th !!!

Boring I know, I have my psychology evaluation set ....its in a couple of days looking forward to just getting everything done! It's annoying waiting sooo long to have a healthy life changing surgery. I lost 2lbs. sine my last doc appt. a month ago so thats a plus but i still weight 230lbs...FAT.....its depressing being overweight but i know my situation is going to get better real soon! :) HAPPY HEALING LADIES!!!!!

Morning my Friends!!!! Had my psyc evaluation done yesterday!

It went very well and i enjoyed it! I was asked couple questions then did a 150 assessment test about myself then a 91 question assessment test :) They were pretty easy and it was fun! :) so far everything is looking good. I have my follow up with my surgeon this morning at 11 am hopefully i get a surgery date today :))))))))))))) well see, i hope my gastritis and hetial hernia doesnt interfere with my process :/ guess ill findout today....ive been doing good with my eating habit making healthy choices and protein protein protein!! :) My nutritionist noticed my confidence and that felt really good! :) I'm still weighing 230lbs....

The only appt i have left to do is my #3 with my pcp weight management visit.....:) :) :) yay!!!!
well i will post my update later today see what Dr. Chaisson says!! wish me luck!

Oooh and im looking forward to tomorrow were celebrating our 2 yr. anniversary at a casino and im gettin a spa treatment yaayyyy for meee!!!! message, facial & a pedi.....never had them done in a spa! l0VE MY HUBBY!
Happy Healing to everyone! xoxo

Just adding a few pics

I'd like to share who I am and be real like a lot of the women on here do I think putting pics helps other visualize and show that were real ppl and have lots of the same struggles, were moms and wives and ppl after pretty much the same goal at the end....:) i hope to inspire ppl to not be afraid of this surgery and know that its a positive thing and takes a lot of work and is not an easy way out, its just a tool and the rest is up to you :) ok enough of me chit chatting lol later dollssss toooooootless!!!!!!! xoxoxo

Me Ready to hit the gym! I'm trying so hard

grosss! meee..in all my glory! lol im ashamed of these pics but we need some to compare to for after! woohoooo!!!! I'm a big momma!

No surgery date yet!

My follow up with Dr. Patrick Chaisson went well, so far everything looks good except he will not be able to do the spider sleeve it will be the the regular gastric sleeve with all the little holes because he needs to repair my hiatal hernia! at this point it doesn't matter as long as i have my surgery done! :) & he wont set a surgery date till my insurance approves me! makes sense.....so still playing the waiting game, meanwhiles i'm feeling pretty good and confident and excited to take this change head on! :) :) :) I'm starting to feel myself again and super motivated thanks to all the support everyone gives on here and reading everyones stories love love!!!!! Thanks for those of u following and keep a close eye on me! means alot ladies!!! xoxoxo to you allll! happy healing my dears gotta watch my littles! :)

just a few of my thoughts....

Just finished reading a few up dates of some mommy makeovers that I follow....Gosh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait for the day I go shopping for some cute jean shorts and try them on with no effort & FIT! lol I love my legs and I love my body and its potential! I plan to work on them and build back all the muscle I once had......(sigh)

I'm sooo happy for all the women who decide to get their wish granted and go all the way to accomplish the look they want, It's so inspiring and motivating to me, knowing im not alone in this...so grateful for this website it provides so much positive feedback from everyone Thanks ladies for keeping real Happy Healing to you all :) :) :) keep the support coming too ;) My last and final pcp visit is April 4th! it will be the 3rd one and let me tell you it cant come soon enough!!!!!! After that then all my paper wrk get submitted to my insurance, keeping my fingers crossed it all get accepted! :))))))))))))) ok toooootles ma ladys! love ya!

April 8th! 2014

Jessica from Dr. Chaisson's office FINALLY CALLED today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is submitting all my paper work to my insurance TODAY!!!!! I'm sooooo Excited and can't stop thinking about my surgery and how looooong my insurance will take to approve meee!!!!! I have BCBS of Arizona, does any1 else have them or an idea how long it will be before I hear from them??!!! Please comment or message me! :) :) :) would really appreciate it!

I've had very stressful couple of days...my mom had surgery yesterday for peritineal dialysis. It was done in Tucson Az, I had my kids with me OMG was it efin TIRING!!!! I was driving to the mall and the hospital taking the double stroller in and out of the vehicle ....I feel like a truck ran me over, my back is killing meeeee! My huge pansa (belly-fat) really did a number on my back and feet....it suck being so fat I hate it, it gets in the way....if i were thinner and not diabetic I know I would have so much more energy and my kids wouldn't tire me out and my blood sugar wouldn't be such a pain in the ass and drop cuz im so busy and dont have time to eat every couple hours.... I hate being diabetic it sucks and seeing my mom go through all these surgeries and losing her eye sight and taking insulin ...I dont want that for me and my family and dont want to be a burden to my husband of my kids as I get older...This surgery means the world to me I'm so ready to do what it takes to be healthy. Thanks goodness for these AMAZING Doctors that do this and discovered this procedure! :) I will be posting pics of my fat self later, I'm doing laundry so gotta run....Thanks for listening to my vent :) and my story and being a part of my journey, I will repost as soon as I hear back from my docs or insurance because next will be my surgery date! and my 2 week liquid diet!!!! :)))))))))))))) i will keep posting ladies thanks tooootles loves! xoxxoxoxoxo love all my RS friends! ;)

April 10, 2014

omg I totally just called my insurance BCBS and I'm APPROVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I'm having the toughest time getting in touch with Jessica my Doc. assistant who schedules all surgeries!! She told me to call her asap when I got any info!!!! and I have been calling her non-stop! I need to come up to Tucson to see some lady who educates me on my 2 week diet b4 surgery! omg I'm getting really annoyed with Jessica, she NEVER answers her phone always goes straight to voicemail! Well soon as I get to talking to her and schedule my date I will update on here again :))))))))))))))) Tootle RS ladies, and all my friends on here! omg im sooo happy! :) oh yea and I'm impressed with my insurance too, paperwork was submitted on Tuesday the 8th! super duper fast!

April 10th 2014 Pre Op Appoinment/Orientation Scheduled!

Soooo Turns out my surgeons assistant Jessica has a partner name Dallas! lol and She is the one handling all BCBS patients! She called me earlier today to tell me I was approved which I already knew bcuz I called them 1st! :)))))) Sooo Im Scheduled for pre op on April 29th at 1pm where I & my hubby will be shown around the hospital filling out paper work and paying my surgery Co-pay of $200-250 not sure the exact amount, oh and my EDG I already had done was another $200 copay for Dr. Chaisson....apart from the $100 Facility charge...and April 30th they will be scheduling me for blood work and an EKG...and I will be given more info. on what to eat , how to eat and I will be starting my 2 week liquid diet May 1st, 2014 ....im a bit nervous about that and surgery ...& HAPPY & EXCITED a little bit of every single emotion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm very grateful to all of you have been supporting me through all of this...lots of ppl dont understand what an amazing decision this surgery is and what it will be doing....They think its a mind frame, just stop eating dont eat that much so on and so forth, I say is basically fear of the unknown.....I refuse to argue with these ppl...do your research before making assumptions anyone else go through this??

Also how long do you gals recommend my hubby take off of work 1 week 2 weeks? I have a 1yr. old and he weighs 26lbs. my 3 yr. old daughter is easier to take care of she walks and doesnt ask to be picked up like my little baby...awww lol :)))))
My hubby wrks graves so we were thinking 1 week off?? he can watch mijo during the day and play mommy & daddy till my stomach heals.....Once I get all the details of surgery I will def.do another review. & I will be putting fat ass picks of meee!!!!! are you girls ready!!??? lol uhgggg I've been dreading this day!!!!!!! so baaadddddd GROSS & just plain embarrassing! but I gotta keep it real for gals :)))))

oops forgot to write my actually surgery date!!!! lol

MAY 14TH, 2014 on my dads 58th Birthday! :) awww cute! hehe I was too excited about this post! to remember my surgery date!

HAPPY EASTER!!! April 2014

Nothing has changed, just playing the waiting game...I wanted to upload some pics from Easter! I had a great time lots of fun, with very good company :)
Dr. Chiasson

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Good luck on your weight loss journey. You look pretty on easter. Don't beat yourself up too bad. My husband is PR and all the women in his family fight the fight on weight. Its tough..
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Omg really! :) awww and thank u... Those jeans were hurting my pansa...I made tostones today love them.. Does ur hubby make them?
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Your Easter pictures are precious!
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Awww thank you xoxo
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Your daughter is your "mini-me"! Lol! Adorable kids!
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hehe! Thank u! Everyone says she looks like my sister! lol I love hearing that she looks like me!!! ;))))) yay!!! ;) My little munchkinss!
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Congratulations on your decision to take your life back. You're very beautiful and I know how frustrating it is to have come from being slim and having gained a lot of weight. It's especially important for your diabetes. I'm an RN and so many patients with diabetes are non-compliant. Sure they take the meds but they don't make the necessary life style changes and this disease is really devastating on the body and organs. Kudos to you. I will be watching your progress and cheering you on!
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awww thank u very much, feels good to hear from someone who deals with patients with this disease/epidemic ....It almost feels like all odds are against me with this disease, i truly hate it and am scared of it....thanks for ur support much needed!
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Congratulations!! I know that you are going to do fabulous and look fabulous after you get your sleeve and lose the weight. Can't wait to see your transformation. Good luck!!
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aww thanks so much!!! omg I cant wait to see my transformation either!!!!! xoxo
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Would like to meet you someday to, LatinaCurves. I always your encouraging words and contagious happy spirit.
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aww me too miss deb!!! xoxo!! :))))))))
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How is the excitement level? You day is coming up soon.
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aww my dear well im really starting to get everything ready , im gona start ordering all my vitamins and shakes I have nothing....so ill be wrking on that!
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All the best on your procedure
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thanks! :)
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Yay!!! We're having our surgeries the same day!! We'll have to keep an eye on each other! :-)
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omg no way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im super duper estatic right now!!!!!!!!!! thanks sooo much for sharing this with meeee we soo def. have to stay in tough gurlll!!!!!! whats ur current weight????? im 235
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oops but ur getting ur tt? right:) and im getting sleeved!
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Yes, haha! Two different surgeries, but the same day. 31 days to go!!!
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Congratulations! I know just how you feel I am one appointment away from having my paperwork sent in for approval for bypass! I'm excited for you and for me! good luck! ;)
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Good luck ladies on your journey. I'm sure your sx will be a positive outcome. Pls continue to share your journeys. Safe and healthy healing:-)
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awww of course I will for sure and lots of pics too! It sucks wen theres no pics! hehe ;)
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awww mija really!!!! ekkkkk omg were soo doing it at the same time!!! ahhhhh totally awesome!!! :))))))
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CONGRATULATIONS! I am absolutely thrilled for you!
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