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I am planning on going through lipo in the next...

I am planning on going through lipo in the next two months. After an amazing consultation with a local surgeon i haven't been able to get it off my mind. My doctor suggested for me to have my love handles, outer thigh, upper and lower stomach, and the buttocks treated. Being so young and i was really worried about the cost ( his price was 8500 including med and what not). I was thinking about only doing my love handles, outer thighs, and lower stomach done to cut the cost for now. I would like anybodys opinion really, whether or not to do multiple sessions or what areas i should be focusing on. Thanks for the time of reading and hopefully commenting!
I would definitely agree that you don't need it. You're very young. Do you not know that you can make a successful job out of jiggling thighs?! Go to a strip club. Have you seen the bodies of famous paintings and sculptures especially of the Greek and Roman traditions? They all have a little belly, and it's absolutely feminine and gorgeous. My opinion is that you're very young and society conditions young women to believe that an unrealistic stick figure is sexy. I think if you used a trainer, went to the gym, ran, and ate clean consistently for a year you would have your desired results for a fraction of the cost. With any surgery there's a fair amount of risk. Have you considered having children in the future? That will dramatically change your body. Do you really want to pay that fee once and end up feeling like you need to do it again in a few years? I hate to be a Debbie downer on this subject. I definitely struggled with body image issues through my teens and 20s. I'm 26 now, and I just had a breast augmentation with Dr. Gorin. He is fantastic, he knows what he is doing, and he sincerely cares about his clients. I'm sure he discussed possible complications with you. However, I have known for many years that I wanted this procedure. I also spent several years learning to love my body. I was a stripper for a while ( I don't necessarily recommend that path, but it helped me appreciate my own body and sexuality more than I ever had before.) and I did that with a body that was very different from the bodies you see on TV or in print. Even when it might have been "profitable" for me to get surgery, I waited and waited and waited, I did a lot of soul searching. Then I started saving and went in for my consultation. Maybe you have gone through that process already, but I really urge you to wait a few years, visit some clubs, and become a gym rat for a year. At least then you can say "yes, I really exhausted all of my options, I love my body 100% and it's healthy. Now I'm doing this for me, because I think it is something nice I can do for my self image." Thanks for reading my opinion. Good luck on whichever path you choose to follow, lady.
I would tell you to do some more research and visit a few more certified plastic surgeons and see what they think. Here's some things to consider. How long they've been in practice Any sanctions on their license Look up their name in google and see what kind of feedback they've gotten All this will help along with the price. Every surgeon is different, don't just make a decision based on price.
i Am 21 years my self and im also looking foward in gettin a lipo. Many people tell me that i dont need it, But reality is THAT I DO! i want to be confident about myself.. Im not doing this to please anyone. Im doing it for me! I worked out so much That i was able to see some changes but never on my back rolls nor in my belly! And its very sad to know that im this young and have this type of body. Listen, i think you do look nice and theres not much work to do! only thing i see is that little gut and your love handles! The rest can be work out and trust me youll be fine! :)
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