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I have considered breast implants for a long time...

I have considered breast implants for a long time but never wanted it more than after my last kiddo. I went back to work at 12 weeks and pretty much pumped for about 11 months exclusively and let’s just say that pumping isn’t quite the best thing for your body. My breasts have last any and all fullness.

Goals: I want my new breasts to look and feel as natural as possible and would like to be a full C or small D. I have looked at Naturelle 371cc and 394cc moderate plus profile silicone gel implants and will go with one of those two sizes.


Hello!! Our surgery is the same day!! Just a few days!! Yay!
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Oops just realized your surgery is a month away... Mine is 25 Sept!

Very exciting! Thanks for starting your story with us on RealSelf! Kids can definitely take all the oomph out of your breasts (not that they're not worth it, but still...) Looking forward to following along on your journey!

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I am being so very indecisive, and have no idea...

I am being so very indecisive, and have no idea what size to go with. I know that there is such a small difference between the 371 and 397 but this also seems like a huge decision to make. What do you guys think? And how do you decide between moderate plus and high profile? I am being completely obsessive over this boobie issue for sure ;)


Ohhh how I wish mine was on the 25th of this month!!! what size are you going with? Are you just soo excited?

Pre-op is scheduled for October 10th at 2:00PM. I...

Pre-op is scheduled for October 10th at 2:00PM. I am so excited and can't even believe that surgery is now only 18 days away! ,


Hi pdx~ Thanks for sharing your story. You have such perky breasts & I am sure the end result will look AMAZING! I went with 304 cc moderate plus silicone implants. (wanted a very "natural" look so I did not go with high profile.) The difference between 371 and 390 is miniscule, but should provide you with a full C or D dup. Ask your doctor to show piks of his patients with different style implants so you will have an easier time making a decision. Good Luck!
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Hey pdx! You will love your results. Check out #13 of 24 of my docs gallery. This poor woman had 10x the deflation from nursing and look at her After pic! http://www.antonaesthetics.com/Gallery/gallery_breast.html Amazing!
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Had my pre-op yesterday and everything went great....

Had my pre-op yesterday and everything went great. The doctor went over any/ all questions, tried on sizers, signed paperwork, got prescriptions that need to be filled, received arnica tablets to help reduce swelling, and paid for the surgery in full. I also get a prescription for a Patch to help reduce the nausea/ vomiting (can’t think of the name now) did any of you get this? You’re supposed to put it behind your ear on your neck the evening before surgery.

I have decided to go with Allergan 371cc moderate plus silicone implants under the muscle. I was really torn (still am) between the 371cc and 397cc but ultimately think I will be happier with the smaller size. My goal is not to have HUGE ta-ta’s but rather look proportional and natural. Any thoughts/ input on size? I don't have much to work with to start so really anything will be an improvement ;)

They will be doing IV sedation rather than general anesthesia (unless requested otherwise by the patient), what is your though on that? What anesthesia were you under for the surgery?

Well its’ only two weeks away now and I am truly feeling every emotion under the sun!


Not to throw more confusion at you so close to your surgery date but my advice would be go with the bigger size. If you are going under the muscle the sizers that you tried on will actually appear quite smaller. I've had three augmentations over the last 6 years for different reasons (change in size, mastopexy, asymmetry) and have quite a few friends with breast implants. Overwhelmingly the only regret is the size they chose. They all wished they would have gone a little larger. As did I after my first surgery. I now have 465 cc's and love the size! I can play them up if need be but for work still wear business casual wear and not look top heavy. Another friend just had surgery a month ago and was trying to decide between the same two implants you are referring to. She chose the 397cc and is thrilled with them. She is quite conservative and didn't want "porn boobs" as she so lovingly referred to them as. I wish you the best of luck with your surgery and know you will be thrilled with your new additions! Oh, I'm also in Portland.
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Derm, thank you soo much for your input, the doctor (dr. gorin in tualatin) also recommended going with the 397. I know that I am being totally silly to be so torn between the two size considering how minimal the difference is. You are such a trooper for going through three separate augmentations over such a short time span. What doctor did your surgeries if you don't mind me asking?
My first two were with Stiles Jewitt who is now retired (thank god!). My 3rd which I am only 3 weeks post-op from was with Yale Popowich. He did a fantastic job given all he had in store for him. One implant had fallen out from under the muscle and other had "lampshaded". Besides that issue I had significant asymmetry that needed to be corrected. I will post updated before and after photos. My friend is about 6 weeks post-op from her augmentation with Dr. Gorin. He did a phenomenal job :) He was the one that referred me to Dr. Popowich. I had strattice affixed as a hammock of sorts to keep the implant in place and Dr. Popowich is one of very few docs that perform that type of surgery. Please don't let me freak you out with any of my issues. Majority of women have little to no issues with their implants. As with most things there is always that small percentage that have complications and it was just my luck I fell into the percentage : ) Are you beyond excited at this point?

Well time is flying and I will be under the knife...

Well time is flying and I will be under the knife in exactly one week. MY prescriptions have been filled, kid’s rooms and closets are organized, yummy meals are in the freezer and this mama is ready to adopt some girls ;)
After a LOT of back and forth I have decided to go with 371cc FOR SURE. So thankful for all your input and stories it’s nice to at least somewhat know what to expect. It’s crazy how many different outcomes I have read about and each and every journey is so very different.
Question about recliners, I don’t have one and can’t quite justify buying one just to put in our bedroom for me to sleep in the first few days. We do have a chaise lounge that I will put in the bedroom with a lot of pillows and hopefully that will be sufficient.
What do you guys think? Is a recliner a ‘necessity’? What was sleeping like after the surgery? I can do A LOT of things but being sleep deprived is ultimate torture... what can I expect?
I am terrified of the implant not dropping and having them up to my neck… what if anything can I do to prevent that from happening?
Also, I am scheduled to get back to work after 10 days. How much time did you take off before returning to work? What was it like?


Pdx, don't bother with a recliner. Graba lot of pillows to prop yourself up and you should be good. The first couple days you will feel high and tightness but nothing you cannot handle after pumping for 11 months. I didn't have pain just pressure like when my milk came in. I went back to work on day 6 and felt ok, just real tired that evening. I hope this last week moves quickly for you!
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Recliner is not necessary. I layed in my bed propped up on lots of pillows
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Question for the working girls: What if anything...

Question for the working girls: What if anything did you tell your boss/ coworkers? Did anybody notice/ make remarks? Also, as far as sleeping goes: how long before you felt comfortable sleeping on your side?


I know you are anxious and excited! I'll be looking for your update. Good luck!
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I told some people at work, but I think mostly no one can tell the difference considering I used to wear padded bras. And after two weeks, sleeping on my side was very comfortable. Good luck!
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Good to know, thank you!

Wow... so so close to the big day that is almost...

Wow... so so close to the big day that is almost feels surreal; let me take that back it DOES feel surreal! Funny enough I am not feeling very nervous but rather ready, I have started taking arnica tablets and washing my body with antibacterial soap. There are a few other things I need to do the evening before surgery, put on the transdermal patch to help with nausea/ vomiting, take Pepcid AC, and cipro antibiotic.
Silly questions; I wanted to go tanning before the surgery… do you think that would be a problem? Any of you ladies use tanning beds regularly? I go about once a week and I guess it’s something that slipped my mind so I haven’t asked my PS about it.


Good luck on Thurs. Ours are the same, looking forward to your surgery and results. I wish you the best.
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THANK YOU ... is your surgery on the 25th as well?
I am looking into this next year after I save some money. Our are the same NOW, so I am very interested in your results. I'm sure you won't be sleeping tonight. I have thought of this on and off for 4 years but I always chicken out. Please post the good and the bad. Tomorrow, you're a different woman! yay!

Surgery went great, waking up from anestheisa was...

surgery went great, waking up from anestheisa was a breeze and I was on my way home in no time. There was zero pain until about 6pm, and then it kicked in. Had to take narcotics to make my self some what comfortable. Sleeping wasn't a huge problem, I just used a lot of pillows to prop my self up as well as elevate the legs.
Today I am feeling alright, still taking narcotics about every 4ish hours. Tomorrow I can take a shower and will hopefully get a better look at the girls once all the drawings and color is washed off.


Hiya pdx, Congrats on the new booobies! I look forward to seeing more progression piks and wish you a speedy recovery:-)
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How did the shower go, hopefully as wonderful as I remember mine was. You're looking good even with the marker :-)
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The girls look awesome. Congrats!
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Where to start. Recovery is not all that easy...

Where to start. Recovery is not all that easy breezy! Last night was the first night I actually slept through the night and I only took pain medication before bed and did not wake up in pain, which was glorious. I still feel quite a bit of pressure and numbness but the pain seems to be subsiding. This morning was also the first time I was able to go to the bathroom; this constipation business is no joke. The first shower felt wonderful, and I was able to take the wrap off. Still wearing the strap around the clock. My follow up appointment with the PS in on the 31st and I am really hoping that I can ditch the strap and maybe wear a supportive sports bra.
So far I am truly happy with the results BUT there is a difference in size, the left boob is bigger. I am not sure if it’s the swelling or anatomy but I do see a size difference.
Hope all you girls are doing well and loving your result!


Your boobies look great! I can't wait to get mine. :)
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You look awesome. Would love results like yours when I go for my surgery next week. AHH! So nervous. Can I ask you what CCs you had put in? I'm all over the place. I thought I had settled on one size, but now I think that I should go with another. Thanks so much. Hope you continue to feel better each day!
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THANK YOU! I totally understand how your feeling between so torn between sizes as I was in the same boat just a few short days ago. Ultimately I decided to go with the smaller sizer (i was torn between 371cc and 397cc) and TRULY feel like I made an excellent decision. So I got 371cc and LOVE my my assets. This afternoon I went to go get fitted for a bra and fit in a 32D or DD depending in size. I wish you the best of luck and let me know if you have any questions.

How time flies when your having fun! Well we are...

How time flies when your having fun! Well we are now 10 days post-op and things are great … for the most part. The left breast is bigger than the right and also feels a little bit harder BUT it gets softer and softer by the day and I can’t really complain because I do think they look pretty darn good.
I had my one week follow up last week on the 31st; got the steri strip removed, started massaging the breast, got rid of the strap AND got the go ahead to wear any bra I like. So what’s a girl to do other then go on a small little shopping spree? I am measuring a 32D/ DD depending on the style and need NO padding to show these girls off, picked up ten super fun bras to start my new under-garment wardrobe ;) Recovery has not been problematic for me at all (knock on wood), the first 2-3 days were a bit of a blur but other than that it really is nothing you can’t handle.
Next appointment with the doctor is at the end of this week. I will bring up the concerns I have with the left breast and hopefully everything will be alright. I mean it has only been ten days and I am sure that I am being more than a little bit anal but I did spend thousands of dollars on this surgery and I just want to make sure that everything turns out the BEST that it can.


You look great. Thinking of the 15's too. Will need to talk to my ps
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No updates for a month......how are things healing for you?
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You look great. I am sure that they are healing at different rates. They will also keep dropping into there places too. The swelling will keep going down. but I agree, you spent alot on your boobies, There is nother wrong with checking. better to check then not at all. I was self concerned too. I went from a 32A to a D. I wasnt used to them looking that big. So I always looked in the mirror. I would say the same thing, that one looks bigger then the other one. My dr. asured me that its the healing prosses and everything was ok. They look great on me and I am so happy I got them. I went with the saline, under the muscle, contoured style. I wanted a fuller natural look. I wanted to beable to fill out my bikini top and bras. Thank god no more padded bras.. You will be happy with yours too, congrats.
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underwent revision on june 7th

It has been a LONG time since I have done any sort of update. Things were going great, healing well, and looking fabulous BUT then the left breast started bottoming out and shortly after that the right one followed. Boobs looked great in clothing but not so great naked. Figured since I payed a pretty penny for boobs I wanted the best outcome possible and therefore decided that a revision was in order.

My doctor has been phenomenal through this entire journey and I truly can't blame him for anything.

The pain this time around has been sever and I am pretty drugged up around the clock but I am hoping that things will look up soon and that all this will be worth it in the end. The bandages have not yet been removed so hopefully tomorrow I will have a better look at things and may be able to give a better update.

Hope everyone is doing well and even with this minor complication I would not change a thing.



your results came out so good! Do you know what was you bmd? I'm going with the 371 cc mod +, under the muscle and I'm hoping my results look similar to yours :)
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Bmd? I went with 354 cc Sientra gummy under muscle.
Ur measurements.
Dr. G

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