39 Years Old, Breastfed One Child - Tualatin, OR

I have thought about getting an augmentation for...

I have thought about getting an augmentation for years and possibly a breast lift, but found I would chicken out when the time came to scheduling the appointment. I made one appointment about 7 years ago and canceled the appointment. Finally after 7 years I schedule my appointment with Dr. Aaron Gorin and was very pleased that I did.

I felt very comfortable in their office and Dr. Gorin really made me feel at ease during a very humbling experience of showing my breast to a stranger. He was great with answering questions and I decided that day that I would schedule my surgery. I have my preop appointment scheduled for Monday, May 12th and surgery is scheduled for May 23rd. I am so excited to have the surgery and then get to feel comfortable in clothes, a sports bra and a bathing suit again!

Preop appointment

I had my preop appointment on the 12th. I did not think I was going to be as nervous as I was, but I really was. All I could think about was I was finally going to do this. We went over all the information as far as medications, what to expect and setting up my post op appointments. I went to the store, filled the prescriptions and bought the over the counter medications that I will need. I also went to Victorias Secret and bought a couple of their bralettes for $10. Great price!

So a little information and history for me, I am 5'5" and 167 pounds. Before I breastfed I was a 32A (barely) and by the time I started breastfeeding I was a 36F and then dropped down to a 36DD about 6 months into it. As of today I am a 36 C/34 D of very saggy/bottom heavy breast. I have no fullness on the top of breast, only on the bottom. I am really nervous about choosing the size and right now am thinking of using the 457 cc, but am really nervous that I will be too big. It doesn't seem that way when I try things on and Dr. Gorin says not to go any larger, that this size fits my body. Everyone I have talked with says to error on the size of larger.

I will post my pre boobie pictures when I post my post boobie pictures. This has been a long time coming and I am so excited. I really hope this next 10 days fly by because the nerves and excitement are getting to me.


So I have attached a picture of the bralettes I purchased and I am wondering if anyone else out there has worn these after their BA/BL and if they were comfortable.

2 days post op

I had surgery on Friday and things went great. I ended up with Naturelle 500cc HP on both sides. My pain has been under control, no nausea and just some tingling in the areola/nipple area. I have posted before pictures and after pictures. One of the afters is in a VS bralette, which is way more comfortable than the ace bandage wrapping me up. I am finding it really hard to lay down and take it easy, but I know I must for better healing.

3 days post op

Feeling better today than I did yesterday. It feels like I am engorged and my nipples are sensitive. I am very constipated but have been taking a laxative twice a day. I am hoping for tonight because I have not been Hungary at all. I am posting a couple more pictures.

4 days post op

So I got tired of feeling stoned and being constipated and decided to stop taking my pain medicine today. Bad idea, I finally decided after my shower this afternoon and my boobs feeling like they were on a perpetual train of engorgement, that I was going to have to take one pain pill. So glad I did.

I have posted two new pictures and I feel like they have dropped a little. We will see what the PS says on Thursdays 1 week post op.

Nausea and pain

So I am not normally a wimp when it comes to pain but I just could not stand to take any of the pain medicine any more and then two days later I started getting horribly nauseated and could not eat for two days. Ps calked me in zofran and luckily that took away the nausea. I just cannot believe how tired I am and how sore my back is.

My Ps said I could start taking NSAIDs on Monday and I am so happy because I have a job interview Monday and was a little scared about the pain and swelling. My boobs still can feel rock hard but I have started the massaging and that can make them feel better. I will post pictures in a couple days.

Turning the corner

Today is the first day I have started to feel like my old self and in the nick of time before a busy week. I had heard from someone else that I was just around the corner from being on the downhill side of things. My boobies are still feeling hard at times but the massages are helpful.

I have taken a new picture and feel they are improving every day.


So I just took a picture tonight and it finally looks like they are dropping. The incisions are healing nicely. I am allergic to bacitracin so ps had to use a different antibiotic wash in the pocket and I had to use povidine iodine until last Thursday when I switched to vitamin e oil.

2 week post op

Things having been going better, but my energy level is still not up to par. Today was the first day that I did not want to fall asleep as soon as I got home, so that was great. My boobs have not dropped as much as I hoped but the incisions are healing nicely.

30 days post op

Things are looking better and I have my energy back. Summer is here and it has been great to not have to wear a bra!

Side by side

Top picture is 3 days post op, bottom is 1 month post op.


Here is the most recent picture of my progress.

3 months and loving them!

Before and after comparison

Portland Plastic Surgeon

Overall, I have had an amazing experience. Dr. Gorin's staff was wonderful and treated me with respect. The anesthesiologist dr. Dorfman was amazing.i would highly recommend Dr. Aaron Gorin.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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What kind of pain meds are you taking? Hope you're feeling better!!
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I was taking oxycodone, gabapentin and Tylenol. I just felt so out of it so now for the past couple nights I have taken one 5 mg oxycodone. My appetite is still not back, but I don't think that is a bad thing. :)
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I had my surgery Friday also, I was supposed to get a lollipop lift but ended up with a full anchor lift. My ps has me wearing a surgical bra. I'm glad the surgery is over. Glad to see yours went well also.
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I luckily knew I was getting an anchor lift because that would be quite surprising. I really am not hungry and don't like taking pain medicine so I am having to talk myself into being good. I am glad to hear you are healing well and I cannot wait to see the final results.
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Me too. I had my first surgery scheduled for November of 2008, but had to cancel because both myself and my husband lost our jobs. Now my surgery is scheduled for June 13. That's only 19 days away, I'm excited.
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The recession hit everyone hard. I am glad you finally got to do this.
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Mine is the day before!!! :-)
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I had my surgery for BL/BA on Friday, May 23. I have finally posted some before and after pictures. Good luck on your surgery.
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Funny I also had a surgery scheduled 7 years ago that I cancelled because I was scared. At that time a lift wasn't recommended only the augmentation to give fullness. And I would every so often revisit the idea. Now my girls are grown up and I have a granddaughter, so now it's on!
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My youngest child is turning 13 next week and I just finished nursing school, so it really felt like the right time.
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My BA/BL is also on the 23! I am so nervous, I am concerned about size. I am 5'4" around 160 athletic build. 46 years old. My surgeon recommended a lollipop lift with smooth round 400cc memory gel unders. I just want my loose skin filled and to have upper fullness. Right now I have no upper fullness even with a push up bra...it's sad looking :)
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How exciting!! I am home after BL/BA done today. I wasn't nervous this morning like I thought I would. Surgery went great and my pain is completely under control. I will post pictures tomorrow or Sunday. I hope yours went well!
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I just read another review today from a woman who did the same thing you did...with the exact same timing! It's really not uncommon to take years to find the courage for breast surgery. 

I'm glad you're able to move forward with confidence. Here is a list of helpful recovery supplies you may want to have on hand prior to your surgery. You might also enjoy the added support from other women getting breast aug surgery in May 2014. Let us know how your pre-op appointment went today!
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Thank you BethH! There has been some great information on this site and has eased some of my nervousness, but I suppose it never goes away until the procedure is done and the results are what I had hoped them to be.
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Glad your pre-op appointment went well. Regarding your concern about size, be sure to post some "wish boob" photos in your review. A pre-op photo would be helpful too so the community can give you additional feedback.
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