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I have fantasized about getting a BA since I was...

I have fantasized about getting a BA since I was young, and have almost always felt like I was lacking in the boob department. I'm not fond of going bra shopping, and feel like my breasts aren't very proportional to my bottom half. I don't hate my breasts, but I would love to fill out my clothes naturally, without all the extra VS padding. I am a dancer and I also am currently training for a bikini competition in late April. I had my consultation sometime last April, and set my Surgery date for September 17th, which is creeping up. My doctor and I decided to go for Mentor textured shaped oval moderate projection 355cc. He told me that post op I'd be about a 32dd, and I am currently a 32b. I will post some pre-op pictures, but I am a little worried about scarring. Because of the type of implant, I have to go for a crease incision and it will be bigger than the alternative. I scar easily as it is, because I am of darker complexion. I know there are silicone strips to help with this, but it will be something I will have to further discuss with my doctor. People see me naked everyday for work, and I don't want everyone to be staring at some huge scar. Has anyone had any luck with the strips ?

Before pics

I am 12 days from my pre-op appointment, & 24 days from my BA (:

Before pics

Uploaded the wrong picture for this side.. oops

I changed my date and got my implants sooner !

I got my breast implants a couple days ago, on the 11th. Everything went well and my doctor and I decided on 355 cc. They are moderate profile, and look pretty good so far. My pain level is starting to lower every day, thank god. I'm also really bloated, but I've read that that is normal.
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Good luck!!! I just had mine a few days ago. As far as the scarring goes, cutting down on tanning or only spray tanning will help, massaging the scar to help break down scar tissue will help, and silicone and vitamin e should help.
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Good luck and congratulations. Going to look great
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You'll do great :) what are your stats?
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I don't scar well either, and my dr. still recommended the areola for me. He said that is the best place for an incision to heal, and the majority of his patients who are prone to keloids don't get keloids on their areolas. Check out some of the ladies here, after looking around I still decided on areola because most of their incisions were invisible after only a month. Good luck!
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