Nervous. ..excited. ..still Undecided Size! - Tualatin, OR

Research, Research, Research! Starting at 34a...

Research, Research, Research! Starting at 34a...want 34c....silicone 304cc or 339cc? Recovery different with the size difference?
Nervous about everything as we are into hourly countdown now!
Any postop advice?
Great to find this site and read others experiences and know I'm not alone in these thoughts and worries!


That's only a difference of like a difference in recovery....
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When is your surgery? I'm getting 425 ccs behind the muscle silicone. I want a D . I'm 24 years old , 5'1.5, 135 pounds .. My surgery is 12/13
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Surger was at 8 this morning! I am 5'7", 135 lbs. Before 34a...hope to be 34 c. I went with 339cc under.

Off pain meds, feeling pretty good.

I am anxious for them to drop...hope to get ok to massage on Wed at post op appt!!


Looking great! Just saw you got a profile :)
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You and I have similar stats - 5'4, 140, 34a, hope to be 34c, 325cc unders and I got mine on the 20th. =) So far I'm feeling pretty good, I just get sore at the end of the day. How are you doing? Are you happy with the size you chose so far?
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So far I like them...they are a tad big...but I think I'm just adjusting. But I think going with a smaller size may have been too small! They are still super high....that's the hardest part for me because I feel great...waiting for the desired look. I am on my first outing since pain medication and all is good!

Day 6

Not much change with front on, but a side view actually shows a little less pronounced bump at the top!


Looking good, very natural. :)
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Can't wait to see em drop..what profile did you go with?
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Natrelle 15 moderate

10 Days post op pics

Looking and feeling a little better...


How are you doing lately? I'm curious to see how yours are settling so far.
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I'm doing great. Thank you for asking. Back to normal..sometimes forget I had syrgery! Except I dodon't have to wear a 2x padded bra! I'm coming in at around 34c, but bought a 36c for a little added room so I don't rub the incision site too much. Scars fading...using vit e oil daily. Husband took my 1 month photos today...I'll try and get those up tomorrow! Glad to see your recovery is going well!

A little late...but 1 month post op pics and update...

I am almost 5 weeks post op but took these photos at 1 month. The have dropped quite a bit and are getting soft. I forget they are there sometimes and although the feeling of my milk coming in (only thing I could compare to) was annoying it is finally going away!! I was worried I would be stuck with that forever!

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Great so far!

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