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Hi Guys OK I was 14 at the time and very...

Hi Guys

OK I was 14 at the time and very patriotic/idiotic, with me being 23 and looking back I cannot understand of recognise the person I was then, as I am sure allot of you people reading feel the same way, once this inc is removed I will feel a great weigh lifted from one's shoulder.

Ok down to business, Before the Picosure I had 3x Q-switched treatments with limited success, once I started the Picosure the results I found to be fantastic after the (1x). then on the (2x) I noticed 1/4th as good results as with the (1x), I have just had my (3x) of which I can conclude the results work out to be 1/4th as good as your last session.

This I believe being down to lesser inc being available to the pulsating laser light to smash into as the tattoo fades, To analogise this think of the lasers pulsating beam being that of your hand hitting against a dusty rug (dust being your tattoo inc) with each hit of the rug you would notice with each hit less dust departs from the rug, but if you hit it with far greater force you could get the last bit of dust out but you could risk damaging the rug, this is the same problem with lasers, the skin would only allow so much heat sink from the inch before it burns the skin, this is why the Picosure is so good, its loads of smaller hits on the rug.

Do not look at the Tattoo 1 week later and be like 'OMG nothing' the results take 4 weeks to show, thus as time goes by the results you would not notice as you memory of what the tattoo was is screwed up and rewritten with each glance, that is why before and after pictures are essential.

Also guys and girls, cost cost cost cost, the treatment was quoted for £500 (15cm x 15cm Tattoo), After stating I am only going to pay you £300 as that is the equivalent old laser Vs new laser result to cost ratio (old laser being £150). Think about it guys don't be a blind consumer, lets look at the facts hear, this new laser in twice and only twice as good as pervious, forget the mumbo jumbo spiel they will sell you, 'well it could take 5-10 x to remove' NO you are looking at 10 to have that inc blasted from you skin. They are salesmen who are trained to tell you what you want to hear. Get quotes on the old laser and only be will to pay double that.

I am pleased with the results so far, however if you have red inc and the technician says we will rid of it they are telling you porkpies, the picosure does not even touch red inc.

If any of you people want advice or a shoulder to cry on please do get in touch.

True Skin


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I have a lot of red ink in my tattoo and the Picosure has done a lot after one treatment. I had my second treatment today!
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I'm glad to hear that! The majority of my tattoo is red. Can't wait to try the picosure
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damm I just looked at your first pico session..................Fantastic results I think, on the first session I was not best pleased but I have just had my 4th and I am quite happy. my red does not respond at all but I'm not to bothered about the red.
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Hi, I am going to Trueskin in Esher for a consultation/first session with the picosure laser next month (i've already had 9 q switched laser sessions). I was wondering did you manage to haggle down the price to £300 in the end? I didn't know that was possible. When I ask them about price they measure the tattoo and have a strict cost guide so mine is about 6cm x 6cm and i have to pay £300, but I only pay £50 per session for the old laser. Good luck with your treatments!
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pay full price for the first treatment, and then just like me on the second I just felt the laser comparatively to the old was not worth 500, I would like to pay 300 or I am just going to leave it. and hey presto xxx
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Alright mate, your tattoos looking very faded in the distant photo after the 3rd treatment! I'm getting treated at Bluewater aswel, I didnt know the price was negotiable though so might have to do some bartering next time! My next treatment is on the 12th Jan, mine is also 15 X 15 and I'm paying £500 per session! Good luck anyway, I'm hoping this wont be a summer where I need to cover up...
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Hey dude Yes they did, only because i did not think it would be removed within the 7 they said, but please dont mention me because they might find me to be rocking the boat. all the best
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I also feel you on the summer without the shirt thing, the removal is still a killer on the wallet, i think it well get cheaper in time to come.
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Just wanted to say: I had no luck with negotiating at Bluewater, so I switched my business to Wayne at The Reset Room in Soho; he has a Picosure laser and really knows his stuff.
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Hi Chris , good to see another review up, looks like you've got some good fading going on there. You're well on your way, although it looks like the little Red Cross isn't budging. I think you'll start seeing huge results from your next couple of treatments, I keep on hearing that the picosure really starts smashing that ink after 3/4 treatments. Gd luck
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Thanks Andrew - Thats uplifted my spirits a little.
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Hey, thanks for getting a review up - really encouraging progress. Was the majority of the tattoo done in green ink?
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Yes and green is harder to remove than your black
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Nevertheless, it's looking great so far for only a few treatments. Like you, I'm hoping mine will be mostly gone by the summer, so I can go topless and not feel I need to cover up!
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Did they agree to the £300? Where did you get treated?
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Trueskin - Bluewater, they are fantastic there, if you go ask for Holly xXx
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Sorry and yes they did agree the price......................Trueskin - Bluewater, they are fantastic there, if you go ask for Holly xXx
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