Hi guys im jake im new here, im 19 years old and...

Hi guys im jake im new here, im 19 years old and just had this partially finished half sleeve tattoo done. Its all black ink I believe, I desperately want It off my skin as I just dont feel im ready to have something this big on my skin. I would really like to keep the dove design on the inside of my bicep but I would love for the rest to be removed! I have a consultation this saturday with a medispa using the picosure laser and I would love to know if anyone out there knows what my chances are of having this removed from my skin!!!

The tattoo is only 1 month old but I desperately dont want it (except the dove)

Im a very sporty person and am always keeping myself fit as I have heard a healthy immune system can help.

If anyone out there can help me id appreciate it so much!!!

the tattoo


Had my consultation today at true skin medispa, the woman spoke me through how the picosure laser worked etc. if im being entirely honest I think because of the extent of research I did before hand I already had an idea of what I was being told. I have been quoted £799 a session with the price decreasing as there becomes less of the tattoo to laser. Im booked in for the 21st of september which is when my tattoo would have had 2 months to heal. Once I have had the treatment I will post some pics to keep you guys updated.
Peace and love

Feeling down today

Been feeling kinda down lately, I keep looking at my tattoo every morning and thinking the lines look so dense :(, Why didn't I get a small tattoo first! Will the size of my tattoo affect my outcome?? I just want to start my laser therapy now. Im 19 years old, with barely a penny to my name because its all going towards this picosure laser......and I understand there are people out there with much bigger problems than me e.g. debt/illnesses but to me personally its affecting me. Im becoming more and more unsociable and I feel as though im wasting my life away all because of this massive tattoo on my arm.....id do anything to go back time and rethink this....

The worried lines

Ok guys so in my last comment I said I was gonna show you the parts of the tattoo I most worried about purely because I think the lines a dense, I also said id show you the line that gets to me the most, so here goes.

The other photos

The other photos part 2

Sorry I keep hitting post update instead of add another photo...


Ok guys so ive got some news, ive moved my laser removal session to this Saturday at 6:15pm (UK time) as my other appointment would have clashed with stuff my dad didnt want me to miss....

I have also decided im not going to keep the dove on the inside, im going to have it all removed, the reason is because even though I said I like the dove I feel as though im trying to force myself to like it. This way the whole thing will be gone and I wont have to worry about whether or not id want removal in the future.

People keep telling me about the pain and how much its gonna hurt, I literally dont care, im not one to ever moan about pain, pain is temporary, the woman told me my session is going to be around 45 minutes long.

Im praying that having the dove off aswell wont hinder the price! The woman who did my consultation I believe should be ok with it, I may have to beg lol.

So guys until this Saturday Il be starting my journey of removing my tattoo, yes it will tear my in half financially, yes not everyone around me (in real life) supports what im doing (except my family and you guys :) ), yes it will be painful, yes it will be time consuming and will test my patience and be a killer mentally....but after it all im praying that my tattoo will be gone and I can be clean skinned once more!

Just another chapter in my life. Peace.

First treatment with the picosure laser

Ok guys just had my first ever laser tattoo treatment, it lasted 45 minutes, I didnt ask for any numbing cream, just had some cold air. Hurt a little bit but as I said before I deserve whatever pain it takes to remove this tattoo. The woman doing my treatment was lovely and spoke to me the whole way through, it made the time go quicker than I thought as well. Im amazed by what the laser has done, most of my shading has gone! whether or not it starts to show through a little bit later im not sure but we will soon find out, anyway here are some pictures that we took literally 30 seconds after the treatment was performed!, The journey has begun...

Treatment 1 : Day 3

Still sore, and swollen a lot! But I expected it to swell anyway and I was told it would. Really am pleased with the amount of shading the laser has gotten rid of already. Eventhough its early days I am a bit worried about my outline, I hope the line break up a bit between now and my next treatment which is November 2nd (7 Weeks). Work was a pain but im not one to complain so i just cracked on and got through it. Anyway here are some pictures for you guys.

week 1 post 1st lasers session

Hi guys just a quick update on my tattoo removal, heres some pictures so you guys can see how its coming along, currently still scabbed at the moment, hoping I see some break-up or fading of this outline!

Treatment 1 - Post 3 weeks

Hi guys just some pictures of my progress, this is really a test to my patience! Tough mentally plus im really starting to think whether or not this outline is gonna be possible to remove, I understand ive only had 1 treatment and maybe its just my patience being impatient lol but I really am hoping it will go! I also hoping this brown staining will go, Im trying to just picture my life after this is all done and hopefully being able to move on.

Prep for tx 2

Sup guys, 2 weeks till my second treatment, this waiting in between treatments is very hard mentally!, found myself feeling really low at times and just wanting time to go quicker. Heres some pictures of my progress so far.

Prep for tx2

2nd picosure treatment tomorrow at 2pm, let's hope we can get rid of some of this outline and the rest of the shading!

Treatment 2 done

Had my 2nd treatment today with the lovely Holly at Trueskin. Il upload some pictures over the coming weeks to see if there are any changes as its just red and sore at the moment. Hopefully see some break up of this outline.

Trueskin Medispa Bluewater

Hi guys just wanted to take some time whilst I'm still swollen and red lol, to say a few things about Trueskin (The place where I have my treatment). I was speaking with a couple of their staff yesterday after my treatment as one of them is undergoing her own tattoo removal via picosure (Who's results are amazing!) and I just wanted to say I couldn't ask for a more welcoming and professional place to have my treatment. I feel as though I am in good hands when I'm there and they was telling me how they have had people come in who have seen my blog and how it has made them feel optimistic! To know that people are feeling better themselves because of this blog gives me more drive and belief to try and stay positive throughout this experience, as hard mentally, emotionally and physically it is. I will continue to post progress pictures over the coming weeks and months until this ink is gone from my skin. As I have said before, I know this is going to be a long road but I have 100% faith in Trueskin and especially my laser tech Holly.
Its just a question of coming back stronger mentally!

1 week post tx2

Here's the pictures guys of my tattoo 1 week post tx2. Still scabbed up all over at the moment. Not too much change, praying I see some fading over the coming weeks. Keep having these 1 hour periods of positivity that my tattoo will go, but then il slip straight back into a negative frame of mind for days. If I could skip a year ahead to see where id stand I would without hesitation.

2 weeks post tx2

solid lines

I know in these pictures a lot of my shading has gone, but parts of my oitline havent budged they are still very solid and very dense!, I see other peoples posts who have black outline and theres seems to be breaking up massively after like 2 sessions! , im starting to think that the ink used on me may contain some sort of element that prevents it from breaking up! Any ideas?


Been wondering lately what the chances of my skin ever being normal again with no ink are. I see people around me and wonder whether the skin on my arm will ever be like that again. Not a day has gone past where I havent stared at my arm. Ive been relentlessly looking at my looking at my calendar counting down the days untill my next treatment. Ive been consdiering having it lasered as much as possible and if anything is left which there most probably will be knowing my luck, having the rest just cut out, like pieces of the outline that are too dense to remove. I look at the parts of my tattoo that still havent budged like the oitline of the wing on the dove and think 'what kind of tattoo artist does an outline that thick!?' Like what the hell the outline is so thick it could almost be considered as thick as some tribal tattoos are...

Ive worked out by the time I go on holiday next year (June 29th) I would have had 8 picosure treatments, I swear if these stupid dense black lines havent moved by then I will just have them cut out. Also ive decided after this next treatment ive decided to have my treatments 5 weeks apart, I mentally cannot cope with spacing them 7 weeks apart, maybe further down the line if any parts of the tattoo are gone I may increase the time between treatments, but I literally cannot cope mentally and physcologically. I look at everyone and everything around me and I see everyone enjoying themselves, then I take a look at myself and think how much happier I would be without this thing on my arm, how much more confident I would feel, how much more sociable I would be etc.

My next treatment is on the 23rd december and I will be asking for the laser to be cranked up...

4 weeks post tx2

Heres a picture so youu can see how stupidly dense this outline of this bird really is....shocking...

Praying this will go eventually.... what do you think?

7 weeks post tx2

Next treatment tomorrow so here is how my 'thing' looks at the moment.

Tx3 Done

Had my 3rd treatment done yesterday, I will post pictures of how it looks in the coming weeks but at the moment I don't want to think about it as I just want to try and enjoy Christmas with my family.

Just a quick note I have recently been prescribed with anti - depressants that I think along with my family are keeping me on track

3 Weeks post Tx3

Heres how it looks 3 weeks after 3rd treatment, I will provide more pictures the day before my next treatment which is 8th February.

Forgot to add this picture as well

3 weeks post tx3

7 weeks post tx3

Treatment 4 tonight at 8pm so here is how my tatt looks 7 weeks post tx3.

4 weeks post tx4

Here's how things are 4 weeks post treatment 4

6 weeks post tx4

Got my 5th treatment today at 2pm so here's how things are at the moment

1 day post tx5

Just in case you were curious of what my arm tends to look like 1 day after treatment here's some photos of it 24 hours after treatment 5, little bit swollen

Treatment 6 done

Hi guys sorry I didn't upload any pictures over the past few weeks I've just been really busy and I ended up catching scarlet fever a few weeks ago which made me really ill.

Anyway just had my 6th treatment so I will upload some pictures half way through until my next treatment which is on the 14th June.

Thanks again guys for the support you've given me!


Hi guys another update on my long journey, here is what my tattoo looks like 3 weeks post tx6.
Still having my down days every now and then but not as bad as before, hopefully I'll have this thing off by the end of the year.

The journey from beginning to present

Heres another photo of my tattoo from left to right, the first picture had no treatments, this middle picture had 3 treatments and the last picture had 6 treatments.

Tx7 Done

Had my 7th treatment done last Saturday, the last one before I go away to Croatia for a week so I will post photos of it once I get back.

It's gonna be hard keeping it covered whilst I'm out there but I'm going to do it, I have booked my next appointment for 8 weeks because it's summer and I do want to try and enjoy myself a little seeing as I haven't had one sense of enjoyment since I got myself into this mess.

So as I said I will post photos of my tattoo when I get back which should be around 14th of July sometime.

Adios for now people

8 weeks post Tx7

Hi guys sorry I haven't been on in so long! Got my 8th treatment tomorrow at 7pm but before I upload pictures I just wanted to say that Croatia was the best week of my life and I honestly feel like it has changed me, I wouldn't have gone if it wasn't for the support I had from everyone here and everyone around me so thank you!, my plan now is to just keep going through treatments until it's gone and plan another holiday next year!
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How are you coming along have you had any more treatments it's looking great..Thanks for sharing!!!
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Hi Jake! Watching your success has really motivated me to start my removal process. Can you share how much you have invested? Are you on some sort of pay as you go, or have you paid one larger amount that covers you until it's gone? It seems that every doctor has a different price, and or procedure for how to pay for picosure removal. Thank you! :)
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aloha jakejd94, Sometimes a vacation, a break away from it all is exactly what we need to recoup. Your fading is amazing! I'm sure you're going to have continued success with the removal. Next vacation you will be ink and regret free. aloha...k
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Welcome back! Happy to hear you had a great trip :) How did you make out with treatment #8?
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Hey man. Thanks for the update. Really glad that you enjoyed Croatia. Best of luck tomorrow!
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Hi, Im just wondering if you know or you have seen how much it cost to get a whole sleeve tattoo in croatia?
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Hi, I have same problem I did a tattoo a year ago and now I cover up because was horrible, I just feel so depress it's on my thigh big and so dark I just hated so much. I can't stop thinking about this I feel so horrible I can't go to work I already been diagnose with depression. I live in U.K. I was wondering how much you spend on this? And if you think is really worth it? Thanks
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Just a helpful hint, the longer you wait between treatments the longer the ink has to dissipate. I go every 12 weeks. It seems like a long time but in the end it will save you money to space out the treatments. I'm currently getting a tattoo removed that is 5/6 years old, black ink and on my foot. I just had my 8th treatment (4th with the picosure) and definitely can see it fading more as I wait 12 weeks in between sessions.
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I will say since it appears you are in Europe that you should consider the new picosecond laser from Cutera, called Enlighten. Its a ND:Yag q-switched picosecond laser (532nm and 1064nm). I guess what boggles my mind is a lot of people with black tattoos are using the Picosure alexandrite laser...but it operates at a wavelength that is not ideal for black tattoos. Now there obviously is the added benefit of short pulses (pico), but it is still the wrong wavelength for black colors (especially deep ones). I have a black tattoo I want removed, but I am going to wait for the picosecond 1064nm laser to be released. That wavelength is absorved the MOST by black inks and that wavelength penetrates the skin the deepest. Add to it that it is also a picosecond pulse duration, then it will be the best choice for black tattoos. Anyways, just thought I'd tell you because I can see amazing fading, but just based purely on understanding laser mechanics and wavelengths, I know that if this tattoo was done with picosecond ND:yag q-switcched 1064nm laser it would have much much much better progress. Food for thought. Best of luck, great progress, and look out for the Cutera Enlighten in Europe to help with the deeper stubborn lines. Should be shipping this year!
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Oh and just incase http://ir.cutera.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=130892&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=1910455&highlight= And no I don't work for them, just trying to spread the word.
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I've been wondering about this since in most if the reviews I've read on here, it looks like the Picosure is more effective on colors than black ink. My technician said it works better on every pigment except red. I just looked up the laser you mentioned, and it looks like it's not available in the US yet, though it is an American company. Do you think the Picosure is more effective on black ink than a Q-switched laser (even just slightly so)? I've had one Picosure treatment so far and I'm wondering if it's worth the extra cost or not. Honestly I'm not blown away by the results.
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It's an interesting question. I think the Picosure is probably more effective on black ink than a nanosecond Q-switched 1064nm laser. Even though the picosure alexandrite laser does not operate at the ideal wavelength for black tattoo ink, its probably better because of the picosecond pulse durations which break up the tattoo ink particles with photomechanical effect in addition to heating them up. From what I've researched, nanosecond pulse durations like those found in Q-switched lasers do not create any photomechanical effect on the particles, rather it just heats them up. So I think, from ALL of the photos and studies I read that the photomechanical benefit that results from picosecond pulse durations is enough to make it better. There is a reason why in some of these tattoo progress pictures that those with purples/greens show the most clearance while their black lines are still present (albeit faded). I really hope the Enlighten picosecond 1064nm laser comes out around the beginning of 2015. I'm sure we will be seeing similar results like the purples/greens with the Picosure, but on our black tattoos. Although I hate my tatt, I'm just trying to be patient for something I know will work better. Patience is tough though :\
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I know it's hard but your results look amazing! This blog really helped me as I am struggling with 2 tattoos I had done on my inner arm 3 weeks ago and it makes me feel better knowing that, if need be something can be done to remove them! Things are never really as bad as we think, and I'm Sorry to hear it has been affecting your health! Enjoy your holiday my friend! Croatia is beautiful and I'm sure some sunshine will help to fade those lines as well ;)
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It has faded really well. Just enjoy your holiday and start again maybe in September - that's what Im planning on doing
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Just came across your review! Amazing results! Very nice fading! I am sure you will be done by the end of the year! Meanwhile, enjoy your summer in Crostia :)
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Croatia :)
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Thanks for the update, have a wonderful time in Croatia!
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Everything is looking really good and really positive - just look how far you've come! The best thing you can do now is give it a break, I know it's hard but it really pays off in the long run.
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Thanks for the update !
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Congrats on TX7 pal. Have a blast in Croatia. Do your very best to block the tattoo out and just enjoy yourself. It's not easy, I know, but can be done. Your mind and body will thank you for it.
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Looks amazing mate. You were in after me at Trueskin a few weeks back, I was tempted to hang back to see it in person. I'm having the same issue as you, the fading comes off easy, it's the bloody outlines that are the hardest to budge! Good luck
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Do they use the same settings for the outline as for the shadows? :-)
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I have no idea mate! I think so though
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amazing fading! It's so awesome to see such fantastic results. Technology truly works and we are so relieved when it does. You must be feeling fantastic, I'm smiling just looking at your awesome fading. aloha...k
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Amazing results mate! Im also 19, and pretty much at the exact same state mentally as you. My tatto is on the lower leg, and also pretty big. In my country, there is no picosure, so i can only acess the revlite laser. Thats one of the reasons im hesitant to begin removal, even though i dont like having a tattoo. But your results are amazing, and i hope that there will one day be a picosure in my country! I look at your blog for encouragement! Good luck with the rest of your process, so far it has been amazing!
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