So, I've been thinking about getting my nose...

So, I've been thinking about getting my nose fixed probably since high school but I was always too scared. I'm a big wimp about pain :)

I finally decided to look into it again after seeing some really unflattering pictures. My nose seems to look worse in pictures than in real life and i do kinda like my nose bump and I can't imagine how I will look without it.

I have broken my nose 2-3 times. It is slightly crooked, to the left, and I have a large dorsal hump and a somewhat boxy tip.

I went to see Dr. Golden two weeks ago for my first consult. It went well and the pictures he showed me of his other patients were beautiful. He is kinda all over the place though. He said that he would have to break my nose, make it straight, file down my hump and de-boxify my tip. I also have a slightly bifid tip (like a cleft) and he said that would be gone too.

I have ordered my vitamin C, probiotics and arnica montana from his list of stuff I need but I am going to try and get out of taking the antibiotics he prescribes his patients because they make me sick and I really dont want to be throwing up and feverish right after someone carves up my face.

He also is doing a closed rhinoplasty and only does closed. I hear this is better for healing.

I am very excited and nervous and don't know how I'm going to concentrate on anything else for the next almost three weeks!!

I will be back and update when more stuff happens.

I'm nervous about if i will have packing, if i will remember anything during twilight sedation and about taking antibiotics. I hate taking them and some doctors say they aren't necessary but Dr. Golden says he prescribes them. Any input would be appreciated :)

I love working out too! I atleast work out 4 or 5 days a week. When did you start going back? And how Long did you work out for? I miss working out. I am thin as well, 110 lbs... But I need to stay toned. I have not worked out in 2 weeks... I was going to run a 5k in October. But I have not been able to train like I should bc of surgery.
Ok I am almost 6 months post op. It has been a looooong 6 months . Maybe I am too vain , but looking so weird for 6 months made me depressed. I am a marathon runner who does yoga and pilates. Running this summer made my nose swell more. Doing downward dog made it swell. I was so self conscience I stayed inside. I stopped working out and lost 10 of my 100 pounds!! Being 90 pounds w a huge nose was horrible for ME. You may be just fine. I am tons better now. But I had to get on lexapro ! Unbelievable for me bc I hardly take advil or any meds! So do not get depressed!!! Realize swelling goes down w time. I taped my nose for 5 months at night. It helped a bit. And during the day when I was home, which helped more. Good luck! Be patient !!!!! Do not freak out at 3 months if you still don't want to have photos taken etc. You will be able to workout so keep doing it. I made lots of mistakes due to fear and lack of communication from my surgeon . !! Take ugly photos now so when you feel ugly you can compare. Can't compare post op photos to pretty pre op ones!!! Ha
rsalad, can you show us picture of your nose ? What was wrong with it ? Thank you

I had my pre-op appointment today. Dr. Golden sat...

I had my pre-op appointment today. Dr. Golden sat with me and talked about my surgery. We went over my photos very carefully and he pointed out some slight differences in the size/shape of my nostrils between the left and right side of my face and even pointed out that my right upper lip is slightly fuller than my left upper lip. or maybe it's my left that's fuller...anyway, it's very subtle but the point was so i don't start hyper-analying my nose after the surgery and freaking out if i see little differences, that i fully understand my starting point. he then showed me what he was going to do, as far as the tip refinement and bump reduction and we talked about the nose break and straightening process. he SWORE to me that i woudln't remember a thing because i am very freaked out about him taking a little hammer and chisel to my nose. THis better be the truth because i DO NOT want that memory floating around in my head for the rest of my life!
I asked him if he was going to scoop it out at all and he said no. i mentioned i ready something about the scoop being better for women but he took his pen and showed me on the picture what it would look like if he did and i agreed it would be a little too much gone for my face.
he showed me a little from a patient who was freaking out about her swelling for a few months and was writing to say how much she loved her nose after 11 months and assured me that i would be very bruised and very swollen for some time and told me not to wig out about it.
i filled my three prescriptions (vicodin, bactrim and nasal ointment) and ive started taking my probiotics and arnica montana a few days ago. i have to start putting the ointment on my nose tonight. I will not have packing in my nose but he still insists i take the antibiotics and told me to call if i have even a mild allergic reaction because then he will have to give me some kind of steroid pack or something.
I am so so so so so nervous; every time i think about it my stomach seriously drops!
but i am excited to have a new look. Dr is very confident i will have a lovely result and be happy with it.

ah! i can't believe it's happening like 30 hours from now!!! how will i ever sleep!

He showed me a LETTER from another patient, not a...

he showed me a LETTER from another patient, not a little. sorry for stupid typos, im nervous!!

Oh yeah, he also said my nostrils wil be a little...

oh yeah, he also said my nostrils wil be a little smaller due to the changes he is making and assured me that i will not have a piggy type nose after this. also that the little box or 'ball' at the end of my nose will be gone and my nose will have more of an almond or rounded type shape. sorry for all the updates but i want to get everything written down so that i don't forget.
Thinking of you !! It will be fine don't worry :) Good luck !
I quit taking my pain meds 8 days after surgery! A few days in between them I did not take them at all...I only had antibiotics during the surgery through an IV...He only gave me Oxycodon and a Nauseau/Vomiting pill, which I only took on the car ride back home. When I cleaned out my nose after he took the stitches out, I did start bleeding, but just a teeny tiny bit! No bruising, just SWELLING:(
Good luck tomorrow boo! It will be over before you know it:)) Keep us updated!

So..i did it!! I am very happy so far. everything...

So..i did it!! I am very happy so far. everything went very well. One slight bad when the IV came out of my arm at some point so I was conscious and aware of them breaking my nose. It sounded like a pounding sound and i could feel the pressure and was saying "no, no, no" but other than slight head pain with each thump, i was still pretty out of it but noticed my arm hurt a TON and was fidgeting to try and alleviate whatever was hurting it, something about the IV, im not sure . My mouth was as dry as it ever has been after and it felt like forever until I could take a drink. I felt no nausea after the sedation and even was able to stand up and move around on my own in the recovery room, even thought they didnt want me to. so, shhhhhh ;) THe nurses still insisted on helping me to the bathroom twice after ( I have mini bladder despite having not had anything to drink in over 12 hours at this point) and they wheeled me out to my parents' car and made me promise no driving today. I want to go somewhere but i look like a freak and would probably frighten people.
I am changing my nose gauze pretty often as i am still bleeding from nostrils. I can't tell how it will look other than what i can see of hte tip which is swollen but definitely different and on it's way to cute-ness , i believe.
So far, I am casted, and gauzed up under my nose. I slept most of the afternoon, but now I'm awake and feeling great! I'm starting to get some bruising around my eyes and cheeks and its driving me nuts when my nose itches and there's nothing i can do about it.
OKay, trying to figure out how I can come up with a cup of coffee..
I will post pics soon, I took a couple today but I dont think anyone's ready to see all this..

Today's your big day! Thinking of you.

thanks angiemcc and luna! i feel great and im so excited to see my new nose!!! i feel great right now and i hope it continues!

Went back to dr. today. no more gauze but cast...

went back to dr. today. no more gauze but cast until tuesday. i still feel pretty good but my activity is very limited. my face blew up big time today but my shower seemed to help. dr said i'd swell even more tomorrow, then it'd start getting better. i can already see how different it is!! it looks really cute!! so far, so good...
Oh my gosh, this cast is driving me crazy!! It itches underneath! Today was a little tougher than yesterday, I'm feeling really tired and congested . I get my cast off Tuesday and dr said I'll prob swell up worse tomorrow :( thr good news is that I know my nose is going to look really good , I've taken a bunch of pics, will post when I feel like dealing with my computer. :)
me toooooooooooooo arrrg !!! So annoying !! It itches so much too :( And so annoyed to sleep in a sitting position :/
Show us pictures ;)
they told me that it had come out , i didnt know what was going on but i knew i didn't like it!! oh god, that was the worst feeling...
but i swelled up a lot more today but i still feel good. i can definitely already see the changes even though im still casted , but no more gauze. i hope it turns out as well as i think it's going to. im really excited!

Here's some pics from the day after. today i will...

here's some pics from the day after. today i will take some, my cheeks are all swollen for some reason now. not attractive!
wow, im feeling a lot better today!! although, i get sooooooooo tired after doing just a couple things, and i've been eating like crazy!!! i think its helping because a lot of my bruising has dissipated and my nose already looks less swollen ! yay! cant wait to get this cast off! hopeflly they will give me a night time one like a retainer so my nose doesnt go back to it's old ways..

Yay! Thanks so much for updating. Looking forward to seeing your "After" photos. I'm glad all went well and that you're starting to heal and be able to see your results.


Cast off today!! i love my nose!!!! it's so...

cast off today!! i love my nose!!!! it's so adorable!!!! my cheeks are still swollen and my nose is swelled up but i can see a remarkable difference!!! i will post the tape pics now and get some more pics this week after i take off the tape, i ran myself a little too hard today and feel hot and exhausted this evening and more swollen so sit tight and i will update. yay!! i can't believe this is how i look now!!
yes! i love it! it looks amazing and even better in person, i will try to get some better pics. i researched on the internet for someone local who specialized in rhinoplasty. dr golden was a ent and nasal surgery specialist and now only does facialplastic surgery.
my 8 day post op appointment, he said my healing was incredible (im very healthy, active so maybe that helped) but he pulled in some dr friend who was in the waiting room to show him my nose and was explaining to him the way he did my tip and how it was the best method to get it perfect and used a bunch of science mumbo jumbo but the other doctor, a plastic surgeon , was impressed and said he needs to teach that .
my bump is totally gone but i feel like if i press i can feel little bumps that might just be healing (i have bumped my nose a couple times already..ek, but he said it looked fine, i was paranoid that i did something...word of advice, stay away from any and all pets, my cat crashed into it, and my parents dog hit it with her giant head) i would definitely recommend him to my friends/family. my parents both met him (they came in to drive me on my surgery) and liked him and his staff and they are both impressed with my nose, and they didnt even think i 'needed' it. you know how parents are, they love your face any old way. i saw a lot of people i know today at a friend's kid's birthday party. people who have known me for years didnt realize until i tol them, but noted i somehow looked different, or were just blown away altogether, so i think he did an excellent job at making my nose seem natural with my face.
i feel almost all better, other than slight bruising left and slight congestion but i still get really tired quickly! the tip gets more swollen i notice when i start doing a whole lot so i am going to relaz for a while and maybe ice.
sorry for the tangent but yes, i am very pleased and would recommend him. he really seems to know his stuff and is very passionate and excited about noses.
Your dr. did a great job! I am sure you are very happy! :) I see you went with dr. golden in did you find out about him? just curious...would you reccomend him to your friends/family..etc?
Your nose looks great!

11 days out and i feel really good! my nose is...

11 days out and i feel really good! my nose is still slightly numb and kinda stuffy and i stil get a little tired when i do to much. i did go to the gym the other day and did 22 min on the elliptical before i started feeling like all hot and sleepy, not like normal work out hot, like doing too much after you've been sick hot. i really want to run again. i run little bits to see, i still have a little pressure in my nose and i don't want to shake anything loose. not sure if that's possible. anyone start running within 2 weeks? when can i run again? i have another follow up next tuesday and i will ask, but i hope i'm running by then. Good thing i have a huge home renovation project going that keeps me pretty busy, or i'd be climbing the walls!!
It's still swollen a little and that especially shows in pictures, the front shots, especially. I should take some pics with my real camera instead of my phone. Ill take some new pics soon as my nose continues to get smaller.
Luna, I feel really good! Preetty much back to normal other than tip still a little numb! How r u feeling? Yes I do feel more confident especially with pictures being taken :) how are you?
I love your new nose...Is the front of your nose I guess a little bit bigger than before the surgery because you are swollen...I guess alittle puffy?or is the same, I cannot tell in the pictures...
Kristy how do you feel ??? So pretty in the last pictures !! Don't you feel like you have more confidence ?

Three weeks out today. I feel great. Ive bumped my...

Three weeks out today. I feel great. Ive bumped my nose a couple times and that makes it a little sore, but otherwise it just feels a little stiff. i've noticed significant reduction in the tip this past week, but it will still seem to swell a little at the end of the day, especially when ive done too much stuff. (im in the middle of a huge remodel at my house, so been doing all the work i can handle)
all of my bruising has been gone for about a week, the stuffiness is almost gone, some little stuffiness persists but i think that's more due to allergies and the amount of dust flying around my house.
so far, i still love my nose and am happy i did it.
Kristy! You have been slackin on your post's lol! :) haha! I wanted to let you know that I have a consultation w/ dr. Golden this tues @ 330. I don't know if you've been keeping up with my blog but I had a really bad experience when i went and saw my dr. last friday to discuss a possible "revision" surgery. Pretty much I have to fork out MORE $$ for him to do the revision surgery! such a SCAM! I updated my experience..when you have time, please read!! Hope all is well! :)
Oh gotcha!! Thank you so much AMW! LOL ounds so strange to be calling you that as well...
AMW..i believe just anesthesia costs somewhere btn 400-600 $'s. I may be getting revision surgery and my doc said if i decide i want to be put to sleep other than being awake, i would have to just pay for the anesthesiologist fee..which would be 500 at my office...

Ok, sorry it has been awhile. I'm still in the...

Ok, sorry it has been awhile. I'm still in the midst of a total house makeover/clean out.
Everything is still going well. Havent seen the doctor in a few weeks; after my last appt he said i was done, as long as i continued to heal so well.
I still love my nose and notice it continuing to get smaller. I too can feel a couple slight bumps underneath the bridge skin but i cant see them in photos. my tip is still a little numb and maybe a little swollen and my nose is still kinda stuffy. This seems to have gotten worse in the past couple weeks again with all this weird weather (it's kicking my allergies in to high gear) plus with all the dust flying around my house.
I have definitely bumped it a couple times and it seems to have held up.
I was scared i was going to get a polybeak deformity because my tip hasnt gone down as much as the rest of my nose, but it seems to be going down more with time.
overall, still happy.
yeah i wonder what those bumps are about? scar tissue? thanks!
Heyyyy Kristy, Im glad you're doing great!!! I DO feel too small little humps but not noticeable...weird :/ Hope it's nothing !! Love the new pic, you look great !!
He did a big change to my tip , too. He is awesome with tip work. He actually had another doctor in for one of my follow up appts And was showing off how mine turned out and was explaining thr procedure to him and he was quite impressed with the technique so it's going to be awesome , domt worry! But of course I'm Sending positive nose beams, thoughts, etc yiur way!

A little over 2 months out and all is well. i...

a little over 2 months out and all is well. i still see my nose getting a little more refined and i still love the way it looks. a few people who have known me for years do not notice anything, even when i tell them, they swear it looks the same as before, so i feel that i have a natural looking result that simply enhances my face rather than changes it, so, for that, i am pleased.
the tip of my nose is still slightly numb, but way better than before. i can wear sunglasses without tape now ( thank god because i was getting all kind of strange looks..) but i dont wear them too long or they bother me a little, esp the bigger ones. if im in the car driving for awhile, i stil may tape them, though.
i have posted another pic (sorry, at an 80s theme party this time, lots of costume events this year , it seems)
i am still around and still doing great, just havent been on a lot due to being so busy doing some home renovations.
THank you so much, AmW. I really love it, too. I still think it is a little bit swollen; sometimes it looks really swelled in pics, still, but I am very happy. The only annoying thing is that I'm still blowing my nose a lot! I think some of that is allergies to cats and dust (both of which i have here at the house :) but my friend who is a doctor said these things can be like a surgically induced cold for about a year. It's weird to look at my old nose pics, now. I don't know why, but they look so strange to me..
i swear i;m obsessed w/ your nose Kristy & how it came out!! it looks better with every picture you upload!! I can;t wait for dr. G to give me the nose that I should have had done when i got my surgery back in July!!!
Hey I read that you had replied to me in AM22's page ;)
My PS said the same thing u wrote about and open roof being left if he did not break the bones :/
I am just scared of him breaking it because the ONLY thing I see that I dislike about my nose is the small hump( small
but very noticible from profile pics). Anyway I don't want my nose to heal weird and or come to have something I did not have b4 the initial surgery .
Did you ever second guess this decision... To have rhinoplasty?
I have lots of crazy thoughts now that my date is approaching ... Thoughts like "Omg what if I dnt come out of anesticia, or what if he messes up lol"
IDK I am just scared :/
I have my blood work on Jan 27th so in like 5 day and my surgery is on the Feb 3rd.
I hope that I have positive results like you and AM22

I've been slacking on my updates! Everything is...

I've been slacking on my updates! Everything is going well, my nose is still getting a little smaller at the tip and it is still a touch numb at the tippy tip and sometimes my big sunglasses are too heavy feeling, if I wear them for awhile, but everything is good. I am still very happy with my nose. Sometimes I get like runny or stuffy nose, but I have some allergies and i think my nose is still a little more sensitive. I can still feel some bumpy-ness when i touch my nose, but it doesnt seem to look bumpy in real life or pictures, I'm thinking its maybe some residual scar tissue or somethin, because it has been less and less.
I will get some more pics, when I'm dressed and look nice (right now i'm in workout clothes)
I am still so glad I did it and I feel a lot more confident, especially when taking pictures, pictures seemed to highlight the worst in my nose before.
I am going on a trip next month and I'm sure I will have lots of pics to post, and I have heard that my nose skin will be very sensitive for the first year or so to the sun , so i'm planning on being very diligent with the sunblock!
I can still see improvements in my tip swelling! what is alar base reduction?
Also my tip took 3 years to be completely unswollen!!
I went to dr golden your right he is all over the place very funny! I don't really like my nostrils and feel my tip hangs a little with slight over projection at angled view. That's my main issue. He wouldn't do an alar base reduction now I am seeking to get that done along with shortening the tip and center which i feel hangs. Yours looks great though!

Well, more than six months out and I still...

Well, more than six months out and I still continue to see changes, especially around the tip of my nose. One of my friends who I had only seen sporadically over hte past couple months said she noticed a really big change recently when I saw her. It's harder for me because I see myself everyday, but i definitely do see decrease in size of the tip, and the feeling/sensation is pretty much back to normal. I really love it, I'm so glad. Someone who I met gave me the compliment of how he loves my nose, that i i have an adorable nose, definitely a new compliment for me! :)
I live in Michigan and I am currently looking for a doctor, I have a few on my list to see for a consultation. Was the consultation with Dr. Golden free?
yeah, he broke the cartilages and resewed them together as i had a slightly bifid (cleft) tip. he was the most proud of that part of the procedure and even bragged about it and showed me off to another doctor who happened to stop in the office when i was there.
kristy did dr. Golden do tip work on you? also, did he have stitches put inside your nose?

Still loving my nose, although i see the slightest...

Still loving my nose, although i see the slightest bump and it's not quite as swoopy as when it was still healing. I'll post pics!
I'm glad you had a good experience with him! I love your new nose :) I am thinking about setting up a consult with him too!
Your new profile looks fantastic!!! Very feminine and cute!
thank yoU!!

Almost 2 years out. Still love my nose

I haven't updated in a while but I wanted to come on here and tell you that everything is going great I have no issues. My nose is still wonderful. I am grateful every time I look in the mirror and It has been almost 2 years! I still get so excited about it. I have bumped it accidentally here and there and have noticed no problems. The tip of my nose is completely back to normal I would say, no more numbness.
he was great! did you ever go see him?
Troy Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Golden and his staff were very helpful and reassuring. Dr Golden has already called to follow up and my surgery was just this morning. His staff took care of me when i was in recovery, got my blanket, got me apple juice, let me rest in a nice recliner chair, etc. So far, so good.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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