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I am totally disguested with lifestyle,i am 52...

I am totally disguested with lifestyle,i am 52 years old and did not have any issues with sagging skin except my neck under my chin i had the turkey neck, i put 1/2 the money down and was taken in a room to watch a viedo. when the viedo was done a consultant came into the room and we talked about my concerns, she turned me to a mirror and with her finger tips pulled back my skin and said that is what i will look like, that my downtime would be a max of 2 weeks, but i would be able to go back to work after 1 week. i was excited and made my appointment for January 29th.

the day of the surgery i was taken into a room and fed 2 valium and 2 vicoden. i woke some during the surgery and the tech told me i was 1/2 way done. it was verypainful!! My girlfriend drove me home and told me not to look in the mirror. when i got home i was fed pain meds around the clock, 2 days later i took the bandages off and could not belive the bruising on my face, i did not return to work for 2 weeks even then people knew i could not hide all the bruising.

within a month the bruisws faided, with in 2 months i thought it was beautiful i loved it butttt the swelling was still there by the 3rd month i made a appointment to go back to my doctor i was totally unhappy. i was told to use this wash and this cream on my face which cost another $225.00 i want to do whatever it took, i was told to come back in 3 month that I would be totally healed and if i was unhappy they would make it right.

today i went to my appointment, met with the doctor and manager they both ganged up on me and told me i should be happy with the procuder that i have signifcant results, i could not belive my eyes were they looking at the same pictures?? my neck was horrible and i still have sagging, they continued to tell me the results were fine, i left asking for a totally copy of my medical records which is another $10.00 i told them i am seeking legal counsel that what there doing is lying to clients and making promise that they refuse to make right.

i was told by the manger that posting this is childish, but i want the world to know dont do it read these reviews we dont have anything to gain by posting this !


i have a lawyer who is looking into suing them it is such a false advertising
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first of all i did have the eye lasering of corse that did not work also, i still have the goose neck !! i have no feelings on either sides of my face and what feeling i do have is tingley !! all i am saying is for that amount of money i just wanted what they promised me
It's true everyone here has paid a lot of money 6,000+ to change their appearance. The dr/clinics/advertisements make promises or led you to believe the results are great (life changing event). They spend time focusing on how much better you are going to look, but spend very little time on "the not so good out comes". Like Cindy, 2trusting w/ facial nerve damage & coolrick (among others). I'm sure they would've considered something other than a LL, if they were not led to believe the results would be worth the money.
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11-18-11 some of you have asked that i post a...

11-18-11 some of you have asked that i post a profile picture tell me would you pay $6000.00 for this??? we can not post doctors names.


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I do have current photo's of my scarring ---my procedure was done in 2005 so this is never going to go away or get better not sure how to post them here? anyone know?
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I am not sure but I am sure one of us will get back to you...Maybe Sharon from Real Self will send you directions.

I had lsl a year snd 2 months can see my...

I had lsl a year snd 2 months can see my before and after pics and these is no differance except I am out 6100.oo and I have nerve damage to my face. This company needs to be put out of buiss. They take peoples hard earned money, hack up there face rehang there ears and call it a day, once the swelling goes away there is nothing the same jowels and sagging neck you had when you went there in the first place. Take my advise run away quickly and use your money for a real plastic surgeon.


Same here I didn't have sagging skin except my neck under my chin .And I also woke up during surgery in so much pain he was still cutting at the time. I just couldn't take it. 6 weeks later everything went back the way it was I'm sick over it and out . $ 8000
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this is the worst outfit ever---I would not recommend it for a enemy -- not only is it a rip off--it is an outdated approach to combating sagging skin--look to lasers Life style life scarred me for life....and they could have cared less..... it was a horribly painful surgery with ZERO results. I use derma blend scar reducing make up every day to hide the incisions and permanent brown marks left on my neck due to in proper drainage look at my pictures --they do not lie LSL lift told me I could go back to work the "next day" I was in horrific pain for 10 days.... they lie. period.
They are a rip off but guess what ? They are legal as the powers to be is on their side ! Just hope that people check up on before they go to them.....maybe they might read all the bad reviews that is the only thing that will save them.
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This is a buissness and into the money part of it, they could careless what you think

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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