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Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift on 4/8! BMI = 34 - Troy, MI

3/30/10 I am a 42 year old mother of two (ages 11...

3/30/10 I am a 42 year old mother of two (ages 11 and 13). I have never been "thin". Even at 140 pounds, I still wore a size 12 jeans. I have always carried my weight in my abdomen. I hardly have a fanny and hips are not a problem. I've always had an issue with jeans not fitting in the rear when I get them to fit the waist.

ANYWAY, after having two children and gaining weight to 222 pounds the already "problem area" became a bigger problem. I am currently at 200 pounds. I have been wanting this procedure for 10 years. I keep telling myself "when I lose more weight". Well, even after the 22 pound weight loss, all that happened is the "flap" began to hang even lower. I want everyone to know that I am NOT doing this for weight loss. I'm doing it because I can not longer live with my little "extra" thing hanging in the front! Maybe I'm kidding myself but I really think that once it's done (and I've endured the recovery), that I will feel better about the way I look which will in turn result in more workouts, more socializing again (who wants to go out in sweatpants), more SEX! (because let me tell you there is nothing LESS sexy than a "fat flap"), and just plain taking better care of me. I am using this as a first step toward taking better care of myself.

I would love some input if there is ANYONE out there who has been overweight and had the surgery. I am VERY nervous. I have read that recovery can be harder if you're obese. I may post pictures after the procedure. To me, my stomach area is hideous. I am praying tonight that all goes well at the pre-op visit with the PS tomorrow.

8 DAYS POST OP:  I never...

8 DAYS POST OP:  I never would've thought I would feel this good at one week post op.  I was horrible at posting each day post op because the first few days were a blurr.  PS said that surgery went awesome (which is always good to hear).  They removed TEN POUNDS of fat and skin "just" from my "apron" area!!!  Seriously, he took a picture post op of what he removed and it was amazing!  I'm telling you, when I get around to posting pics, you will not believe what I was carrying around in just ONE spot!  When he was in there, he realized I had a hernia (below belly button) that he needed to repair.  He did some lipo of my middle back area (so it would look symmetrical).  The breast lift went well.  He removed a little bit from the left breast because they were uneven.  He transformed my areolas from saucer size to a normal size.... :)   And a little lipo under each armpit to rid the little bit of a roll there.

I stayed overnight in the hospital which I was glad for since this was pretty much "major" surgery for me.  I was up three times and walked perimeter of the unit during the night to prevent blood clots.  It was gruelling, but I was glad I did it!  I was home by 10a.m. the next morning.  Ride home was FINE.  I actually dozed off a little bit (only a 20 minute drive).  That whole day was a blur because I stayed on my drugs and pretty much just sat in the recliner.  Didn't eat much this day.  Ice chips and maybe one cracker.  I think I had a spoonful of cottage cheese. 

The 2nd day post op I showered and it was VERY slow.  My sister stayed with me the whole time.  Didn't wash my hair this day.  This was the first time I took off my binders (belly and bra).  I was just about to get in shower when everything was spinning and my lips and face went totally white!  We got me over to the bed and once I laid down (sort of upright position) and had few sips of Gatorade and a Valium, I was much more relaxed and ready to go.  The first day of showering took total time took about 2 hours from start to finish!!  I think the syncope (feeling faint) was also from going upstairs for the first time and it was probably the most I had moved, other than walking around the house 5-6 times per day.

3rd day post op was a much easier shower and even washed my hair!  My sister helped me with blow dry though, as I was completely out of energy!.  Don't get me wrong, at this point I was still moving slow and my stomach felt like it was in a vice!

4-8th day (today) have just gotten better and better each day!!  I live in Michigan and it was almost 80 degrees yesterday!!  It made me so happy that after shower my mom drove me to grocery store and picked up a few things.  Starting on day 5, I have been getting out each night for a 'little" walk for about 10 to 15 minutes.  Doctor said little bits at a time.  Yesterday was the first day I didn't even nap at all!!  I might today just because it's overcast and I feel a little more tired.  Body still needs to heal!!

Food wise, I make concious choices about what goes in my mouth!  I did not go through all of this for nothing!!  Strawberries, blueberries, apple slices.  Vegetables.  Have had some homeade navy bean soup from my mom (who eats only organic).  Avocadoes, almonds, tuna, fish, chicken.   I haven't had a soda in over two months, so even though the carbonation sounds good, I refuse to have ANY!  Lots and lots and lots of water!!  They say this will help with the swelling.  Plus, I like water.  I do have one vice and that is the crystal lite packets.  I have about one per day.

MY BODY:  Wow.  That sums it up.  I could be really hard on myself because we're our own worst critics.  When (and if) I post my before and after pics, you'll understand.  For the first time in 11 years I can see my girlie parts from a front view in the mirror!!  The PS also took off some of my fatty upper pubic area and I got a nice lift in the front too!!  Which ALSO helped lift some of what was "hanging" in the nether regions!  When I sit down, there is nothing laying on my upper thighs!!!  As the days pass and the swelling goes down, the area around my middle continues to go down.  The day of surgery I weighed in that morning at 198 pounds.  This morning when I got on scale for the first time, I weighed 177!!!  My goal is to continue to lose.  I don't even care if I end up with the mushy extra skin the in the middle that I know a LOT (most) of the other posters actually got rid of.  This is a big start for me in my weight loss efforts!  I hope that my posts will encourage other women with my similar issues to consider this.  I know I did it backwards.  But it was VERY hard to work out with what I had in the middle.   It would hurt when I would try and jog/run, I would get yeast infections under the fold, and there was no way in heck I could even try to do yoga with my friends.   My self esteem is already encouraged.  I put a shirt on yesterday that I love but could never wear because of the length, the apron hung lower than the bottom of the shirt and it looked horrible.  NOw I can wear it!!  Yeah!  As was the case with MANY of my clothes.  I had to buy a 1X size just for the length and to go around the apron, but my shoulders and upper body only need a Large or XL.  So everything always looked like sh-t on me :(

So at this point, my only concern is that my stomach is still lopsided.  I have a nice shape on the left but my right side kinda buldges out some.  Again, no complains, healthy eating and gym time (when I can get back) will hopefully get it all into shape.  The PS explained that everyone is lopsided in some way.  Before the surgery, the right side of my apron hung lower and that side of my tummy stuck out more to begin with.

Pain pump came out on day 4, ends of stitches and some steri strips changed on breast on day 6.  I go back next Monday, day 11 to get the drain removed.  Oh yeah, I only ended up with ONE drain!!!  Yippie!!  I was so worried I would walk out with one on each breast and three down low. 

MEDS:  My PS started me out on Keflex (antiobiotic), Skelaxin (muscle relaxer) and Vicodin (for pain).  As well as Vitamin C and stool softener.  I've only got one Keflex left to finish.  Haven't had a Vicodin since day 3 (made me way to blahhh, looopy, tired).  The Skelaxin didn't seem to work so he prescribed Valium because it also works as a muscle relaxer (as well as takes the edge off).  Yesterday I only took only one Valium in the evening before bed because I think after the busy day, my stomach muscles were contracting so much it kinda hurt just a smidge (mostly tight!).  So hopefully no more narcotics :)  Never had any problems with bowels either.  Just ended up with two hemeroids but that was probably from sitting and sleeping in recliner.  Oh yeah, slept in my bed for the first time last night with two pillows under head/shoulders and two pillows under my knees!  Slept like a baby!!

Will post again soon.  Hopefully these things will be helpful to others.  Feel free to write me questions.  I sure hope that some more of what's in the middle is swelling!  My PS says it can take up to 6 months for swelling to completely be gone.  Plus the weight I plan to continue to lose, just keep watching me shrink ;) 


Well, it's been almost a year! I am still very...

Well, it's been almost a year! I am still very happy with results of the TT. Looking back I probably could have done without the breast lift. I'm not "unhappy", it's just that at my age, and without implants, they are "just boobs"...LOL... I forgot about this website and just looked and saw my old photos. I will have to upload some new one year post op pictures asap! I am getting ready for my first 5K so I will probably wait until my exact one year post op date in April and then post the "after" pictures! What a difference.

Detroit Plastic Surgeon

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would love to see new pics!
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I see it's been awhile since the last post, but I would love to see your one year post op pictures or any after pictures you have available. I am considering the same doctor for my tt.

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I too am going in for a ftt with lipo and weigh 200 pounds. I am so worried about the out come also. Thaks for sharing your story. It really helps knowing there are others that have the same issues as I do. I carry all my weight in my belly too and it has made me a completely different person. Ive only been this way since my 3rd child was born 4 years ago and I no longer am the out going happy girl I use to be. Im always depressed, nothing fits right and I have terrible anxiety. Its all mostly due to my hiddious figure. I dont wanna be skinny by no means but I hope this will help my self esteem. I go in Monday 3-28-11 and Im scared!
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I'd love to see the "After Pictures" The stories on this site are truly inspirational! I love reading all the different stories.
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I'm so happy for you. I'm 37yrs old, 5'0 and at an all time low of 155 lbs. My body is shaped like the Tazmanian Devil, and I too have always had that unbearable hideous apron belly, it's one of the major reasons I stay so utterly depressed. Same problem with pants. I don't know if I've EVER worn real jeans. I've concidered TT & Lipo, but have yet to "jump in". I really wanted to see the outcome on somebody with my shape. Please please keep posting pics of your progress. I need a pic-me-up :)
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That is encouraging. I met with the surgeon and the price is great and he's been doing it for 35 years. My main concern is the swelling. The only reason I'm getting this done at this time is for the summer. If I'm going to be a swollen mess after 3 months post op it's not worth it right now. Conflicted!!! Some people said all swelling went away in 2 months, others said 6 months!!!
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Yeah, well you are right to be concerned about the swelling. I am 4 1/2 weeks post op and am still swollen. I'm also a little swollen and lumpy where they did the lipo. I am not worried about it because it's too late now, but yes, it seems to be taking a while for it to go down. Remember my comment about being ready to go back to work. Well, I did it, but let me tell you, I only worked partial days the first week back and each day I came home and slept! I walk and stand a lot and it was only 2 1/2 weeks post op. Last week I worked my full three FULL days and was still whipped at the end of each day. Healing takes time! I am learning that. I still rest when my body says I need it. I walked 2 miles three times last week and hope to do the same, if not more this week. It's a start. My PS told me to hold off on strength training until he sees me again at the end of this month. Have it done in January (LOL) then you'll look awesome by next summer :) Good luck with your decision.
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I'm so thankful to have found this! I recently have lost 70 lbs and still need to lose about 50. I have major skin hanging in the ab area and it will not go away, I know! I am at a point where I want the tummy tuck now. The only thing that is stopping me is the cost. I also need a breast lift, but I can only afford one thing that is more important right now. I have a trip planned for mid August. Do you know if I were to get this done in the next month or so if I would be recovered and looking good? Also, if there is a recommendation on a dr. Was your cost the tummy tuck and breast lift and do you know what the tummy tuck cost was just alone? Thank you for any help!!!
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Hey Kathy, Congrats on your weight loss! My honest opinion is that if you're still doing well with your weight loss efforts, just keep it going and wait until you get to where you want to be before having it done. Post surgery I currently weigh what I weighed from the time I got married until I got pregnant with my first born. I was NEVER thin. I am completely motivated now to keep going on with my weight loss efforts. My PS even told me that if I have the surgery and then lose more weight, I will end up with saggy skin, etc. But I did it for the reasons I stated (skin infections, inability to work out well, self esteem). I never see myself in a bikini, so if all goes as planned and I lose 40 more pounds, I am honestly not going to be concerned about some mushy lose skin in my abdomen! It was the big overhang. It probably wasn't even as obvious in the pic, but I literally couldn't see my privates from a front view without lifting up the "apron" of fat. I just happen to be going on a cruise (not the reason for TT) with some girlfriends at the end of June and think I'll be good to go by then. I would talk with you PS about recovery time. I took a full two weeks off (actually a total of about 18 full days) from work. I'm only about 11 days post op now and I'm ready to get back to work. That was the total cost for TT and lift. Plus he did some lipo too. His fee was $7700 and the hospital fee was $4400. I cannot remember breakdown of what it was for just the TT? If you live in MI, I would highly recommend my doctor. He's in Troy. If not, just search this sight for referrals, and/or even ask your regular internist for any recommendations. I do ultrasounds and had seen a lot of TT's over the years and just kept asking personal referrals from my patients. I never even went for a second opinion. I liked this doctor that much. People come from across the state to see him. Just google his name listed above. Good luck in your decision. I have no regrets. Sounds like you just have to decide about waiting till you're done with weight loss and finding a good doctor :) Let me know what you decide and keep me informed.
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Just wrote a really long update at 8 days post op. Should be posted soon. Along with pictures. Forgot to put in my update that I couldn't have lived without my zip-up granny gown for the first week. So easy to move in and I just pinned my drain to the inside of the gown! Also, arnica montana pills (whole foods) are for swelling and bruising. Not sure if they work, but I've been using them faithfully from about day 3.
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Congrats on your tummy tuck! I have never been "thin" either. I'm 5'4" and was 185 after having kids. I got down to 160 and like you I had this flap! It really does effect life in the bedroom. I'm only 24 hours post op but I can already feel a difference. I'd love to see your before and after pics! Good luck and hope your recovery goes well. Keep us posted!!
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Thanks to you both. Preop visit on the 31st went very well. I really trust my doctor.

How are you feeling bryantmom? I think I'm feeling less anxious about actual surgery and more anxious about what to expect after. I have nothing to relate it to because I have never had more than 2 stitches for a mole removal :) Two kids, no c-sections.

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We'll be thinking of you on the 8th and sending you good thoughts. Please keep us posted on how it all goes. Here's a Q & A about performing Tummy Tucks on overweight people. Hope this helps.

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I completely understand where you are coming from. I too carry a lot of weight (currently 190 lbs). When I was 21 I had liposuction, because I weighed 186 lbs. It did not make me lose weight, but the transformation in the look of my body inspired me to lose 45 lbs. I gained all my weight back after having my two kids. I just had a tummy tuck on March 24th and I plan to keep trimming down afterward. You will be amazed at how little you can eat afterwards. You'll be a knock-out before you know it!!
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