Hello! My name is Taylor, I'm 18 years old and...

Hello! My name is Taylor, I'm 18 years old and just graduated High School. Before I go to college I wanted to give myself a boost of confidence and fix something that has bothered me for as long as I can remember; My NOSE! I hate it. It's to large for my face and doesn't "fit" me. I learned to cope with it someways, being photographed at a certain angle were my nose looked somewhat nice to me was the biggest issue. I hate taking photos! I went to consultations and finally decided on Dr. Golden. He is a Rhinoplasty specialist here in Michigan and I felt comfortable with him operating on my nose. I just had surgery this morning at 11. I'm home now and feel absolutely great. It is bleeding some but I just change the gauze when needed. One thing that is annoying is that my nose is stuffy. I have the constant urge to blow my nose haha. I will keep updating as my new nose begins to take shape:)

Today is day 2. Last night wasn't so bad....

Today is day 2. Last night wasn't so bad. Breathing out of my mouth is what wakes me up, I would constantly have to get water, my mouth is so dry and sleeping propped up on pillows is hard! i usually sleep on my stomach so that was new for me! I also still have a stuffy nose and dried blood around my nostrils. I am taking Arnica, it was recommended by my doctor and so far my bruising is minimal and mainly around my eyes so I don't look AS bad as I thought I would. The gauze is still needed though, I feel like I'm bleeding a lot. Has anyone else thought this? I haven't been able to eat much but smoothies, my mom picked up a bunch of NAKED smoothies for me to sip through straws:) I will post pictures later once I get them off my phone.

Day 3- Today was good. So far I haven't had to...

Day 3- Today was good. So far I haven't had to take any of the Vicodin the doctor prescribed me, I don't feel any pain! I do feel like I have a serious cold and I can see all this dried crusty blood in my nose :/ ew. I sleep good through the night but when I wake up, WHOA! Dry mouth:( I have to keep drinking water when I wake up but so far I can see a great improvement in my nose. I love the profile, so much smaller and doesn't stick out from my face:) I get my cast off Tuesday, I'm a little nervous to see the rest. My bruising has increased over one eye but lessened over the other also.
Glad to here everything is going well for you so far! You're lucky you haven't needed to use the pain meds. I haven't had any issues with dry mouth but my nose hurts so bad. You get your cast off two days before me- can't wait to see how good it looks!
Aw, I hope the pain goes away soon. Have you had a stuffy nose? mine is so bad, I can't even breath through it or taste anything i eat/drink. I want to blow my nose so much but i know i cant haha
Im going back on the 19th with my best friend. I know he's quirky but I liked it! He was honest and the right amount of ego! He was very kind and generous with his time. The cost is up there though. As long as I'm satisfied with the 'tip' discussion on the 19th, he's my choice! I am concerned that a closed rhinoplasty won't allow for the tip refinement I'm looking for. Kudos to you for having this done now, at a young age. I'm 44 wishing I had this done at your age!! Any updated pics? :)

Day 4- Last night I didn't use the drip pad and I...

Day 4- Last night I didn't use the drip pad and I haven't had to use it today either:) Yay, that thing was annoying. So, today has been the same for me, I am getting bored of just sitting and watching TV all day though. My bruising has started to turn yellow but my cheeks are still a little puffy and the tip of my nose is noticeably bruised and swollen. I've also noticed that my face is SO oily! I don't usually have oily skin. I just use face wipes and clean my face frequently. I haven't let my friends see me yet. I'm gonna get out of the house when the cast comes off and hang with them. I'm excited to show them! I've only told my two closet friends and my family. They were very supportive but I worry about what others will think when they see me....
Thanks! I feel a lot better today. It's stuffy for sure but I can at least breath through it a little. I can only taste things a little so I feel your pain! And yah, I keep watching to reach for a Kleenex before I realize blowing my nose would be a really bad idea....

I GOT MY CAST OFF TODAY! Yay! I sat down and first...

I GOT MY CAST OFF TODAY! Yay! I sat down and first he shoved these cotton swabs soaked in medicine to numb my nose (that tasted disgusting!) next he started to clean out all the nasty dried blood in my nose. He asked me if I wanted a souvenir, hahaha I said I'll pass. He took out the stitches at the bridge of my nose and the inside of my nostrils. That didn't hurt at all. Now he took off my cast! It looks awesome, swollen but awesome! He said it turned out perfect and I was doing well for just 5 days in. My bridge is really swollen where he shaved down the bump and I also have one nostril that is slightly more swollen than the other so it looks a tad uneven but he said you couldn't really tell and it will go down fast. He taped my nose up, which honesty has been the most pain i've felt since getting the surgery, he pressed down really hard:/ I go back on Friday for a check-up and another clean out. My mom and dad said they cant see a difference but after I went and hung out with friends and they said they could tell and it looked better:) Now, I just have to be patient and wait for the swelling to slowly go down.
Your new nose looks fantastic!! You can definitely tell how much he brought it in. You already look amazing and I'm sure you will love it even more as the swelling goes down! =) Congrats!!
WOW!!! I think it's a big difference! It looks amazing. That was the nose that was meant to be on your face. You look so pretty.
Aw thank you! I do feel prettier already:) It's exciting waking up and not having to look at a nose i hated! Good luck with your surgery, I'm sure everything will turn out exactly as you hope.

Today is exactly one week since surgery and I feel...

Today is exactly one week since surgery and I feel fantastic about my decision to get this procedure so far. I've had my cast off for two days and can already see a huge change in my nose, even with all the swelling. My bruising has started to fade and turn yellow. I have a small amount of darker purple on one eyelid but that's really it. I'm just about out of my Arnica pills and I don't think I'll buy anymore. Also, my breathing has somewhat returned, in both nostrils but I still feel stuffy. I have tape on my nose until Friday, I have to go see Dr. Golden again. Hopefully he doesn't put anymore tape on. I wanna go out in public! lol I will post pictures after my appointment tomorrow to update:)

Okay so I took a shower today and the tape that...

Okay so I took a shower today and the tape that was on my nose fell off! I called the doctor and he said it was perfectly fine to have it off, it just was helping with swelling but, that means I'm going out with friends tonight and out in public! yay! I also took pictures without the tape. I put cover-up on what bruising I do have and I am in love with my nose!
Your nose looks BEAUTIFUL! I'm having rhino July 6th. I'm so scared and excited! eeeeeeeee
i love it you look so good - it seems like yours eyes are brought out so much better too
Im going on Tues too!! I thought it was Monday but I was wrong!! Private MSG me as to what time your going! It would be great to meet!

It's been 13 days since my surgery. I went and saw...

It's been 13 days since my surgery. I went and saw Dr. Golden yesterday, he said I am healing amazing! He said, "For 12 days it doesn't get better than this!" haha. He also had one of his potential patients (around my age) come in and they looked at my nose and she asked me questions. I was glad I could help someone through this process. I told her about this website:) I'll just post new pictures. My bridge seems to be the most swollen right now, my tip not so much or that i just don't notice it as much as my bridge at the moment lol. I wear tape at night to help with swelling. I go back in around 6 weeks to see the doctor again.

You're a beautiful girl, I hope you're happy with your results!
Did Dr. Golden reduce your nostrils? (alar base reduction) he refused to do this on me now they look wide...
You look beautiful! Congratulations!

It's hard to believe it's been over two months...

It's hard to believe it's been over two months since my surgery! It was the greatest decision of my life. I've been super busy these past months, I went to Mexico and and am preparing to move off to college in just one week. Ahh, its all so crazy. I just wanted to do an update and put new pictures up. Here are Pros and Cons I've been having. Pros: I love the shape and size of my new nose, couldn't have been better. I have most of the feeling back in my nose tip. For about a month it was numb and had no sensation in it. That was annoying Cons: My nose is stuffy, in the mornings and nights are the worse. During the day when I'm doing activities I'm fine. I do wear glasses towards the end of the days and when I do there is still some discomfort with it resting on my nose( esp. the bone part.) The bone/bridge is the most sensitive still if or when it is touched. . I do find (and the doctor told me this) That my nose is the most puffy looking in the mornings and it is. After I get ready and take a shower it looks like its normal new self:) I have been hit in the nose quite a few times, it's scary and painful. Just be super careful and watch out. I never realized how much it could get hit! I Think that's about it...if you would like to know something more I didn't talk about or something in more detail leave a comment. Thanks!
LOVE LOVE LOVE your new nose oh my goodness!!!! It is absolutely perfect.
how much do you love itttt...!!!!
it looks great
I'm glad you're happy with your decision because you look wonderful! :) your nose fits the rest of your features perfectly. I hope I'm that lucky. I'm 18 too =]

Thank you everyone for your amazing support and...

Thank you everyone for your amazing support and kind words. I just wanted to add one picture of me from before to now. I probably won't have time to update in awhile, I'll be starting college with my new nose and a new confidence. :)

You look SO good girl!  I love how you showed your nose changing in that "fanned" out picture.  Really cool!  I give your nose a 10++ now. :)

Thank You! I saw some others do the "fanned out" picture and thought it was clever. Really shows progress. :)
Absolutely fab!! So happy that you're happy!!

Wow. It's hard to believe that my procedure was 8...

Wow. It's hard to believe that my procedure was 8 months ago. I've been off at college enjoying my life the way I always wanted to. I have confidence now that I never had before this surgery. My doctor wasn't kidding when he said every month I would see a change in the appearance of my new nose. I had a lot of tip work done and that took by far the longest to reduce swelling. I still have some tenderness at the bridge (on the bone) and the tip of my nose feels somewhat harder than it was before the surgery. When I first got the surgery I was worried people would notice but at college nobody notices and I never think "I had a nose job" or "my nose if huge" all thanks to this surgery. I can't wait until I hit the one year mark to finally see what it will look like. I love my nose, I will update some photos for comparison.
Thanks for posting on here! I'm considering Dr. Golden myself and I love your results :)
Your new nose looks great. I don't think there was much wrong with your old nose, but now it is changed, your new nose looks perfect and very natural. I had my first nose job when I was 18 too... unfortunately I needed another, but it is still one of the best things I have ever done x

Almost a Year...

I can't believe it. I'm almost at the one year mark. I have no complaints and am 100% in love with my nose now. The confidence I have gained from this procedure is priceless and something I've longed for. Taking pictures isn't something I cringe at anymore. The only thing to say is that Dr. Golden hasn't called to check up on me since my one month post op. I didn't need him to, it just would have been nice to have him check up in case something had been bothering me or just out of common courtesy. But nevermind that, I love my nose and thank him and every second moment since I had the procedure. Here are some updated photos. 11 months post op.
perfectly natural looking improvement
You look so great! Congratulations!! :)
Thank you so much!

1 year and 1 Month

Just adding a few pictures. I don't really see anymore change, I'm very happy with the outcome and decision to have this procedure.
You are very beautiful with that new nose. I love successful stories. Congrats
I have also been looking in having my procedure done by Dr. Golden, I'm so glad all of the reviews I'm finding about him are good. (:
Congratulations! Your nose looks to natural and beautiful! I can't wait to have mine done.

Thank you

Just going to add one photo, i have stopped noticing any changes and since i has been over a year i really dont expect any. Everything has been going well besides that! I wish everyone good luck with their procedures and hope the best for them:) thanks for all the wonderful comments also, this site has been an essential throughout this process.
your transformation is so natural! very cute. btw your eyes are gorgeous
I love it, you look so cute, would love results like this
Taylor you look fantastic, congrats on your nose. I bet your are beyond happy!!! You are a gorgeous girl...keep smiling. Greetings from Toledo :)

Life goes on.

Hello all! I still frequently check back here just because this site was so helpful to me during my process, I like to check up on others progress. It will have been over two years since my surgery (in June) and I've had no problems still and no regrets with anything. I'll be moving out to the west side of the state, two and a half hours away from my current livings and look forward to making a life out there. Here are some pictures...hope all is well:)
Thank you for the update. Its give me hope for my day 26 nose job.
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Dr. Golden was great! He tells you what he can and cannot do on your nose. He doesn't sell false expectations. His staff is awesome, so friendly. He is quirky but the man knows what he is doing!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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