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I had surgery April 4, 2013 and decided to share...

I had surgery April 4, 2013 and decided to share my story. I felt reassured after reading other stories from Dr. Golden's patients and to also know what to expect throughout surgery. 

I really started disliking my nose since I was 14. I hated taking pictures because I always felt that my nose was in the way of my face and dreaded people seeing my profile. I decided that I finally wanted to go through with it this year after a couple years of researching a surgeon that would specialize in rhinoplasty. I really didn't want a small change because there was nothing that I liked about my nose. I wanted to see a significant difference. Then, I came across Dr. Golden's website and knew that he could help me achieve my dream of having a smaller nose.

At my consultation, Dr. Golden reviewed with me the problems that I had with my nose and automatically saw that I had a deviated septum. He told me that he could definitely change the appearance of my nose, but I was to expect realistic results. He compared pictures of similar noses and gave me a general idea what to expect. He asked a patient, as I was leaving, if I could see her beautiful new profile, and she agreed! That was amazing... I was really exited to go through with it after that... :) 

Dr. Golden and his staff were very accommodating to scheduling my appointments, suggested where I could stay, and I received my prescriptions ahead of time since i lived out of town.

My pre-op appointment was about a month later, the 3rd of April. Dr. Golden did my blood-work, I signed paperwork, and they went over what the instructions before surgery. That night, I stayed in a hotel and did not eat anything after midnight. The morning of surgery I took a shower and went to my appointment. I was really nervous and exited..It was kind of a blur.. I had to wear a gown, one of the staff members put in an IV, and I was out. After surgery, it took me a little while to wake up, they wheeled me out to my ride, went back to the hotel and slept. 

The next morning was my post op. Dr. Golden cleaned the inside of my nose and sent me home. 

I came back to have my cast taken off 5 days later. Dr. Golden cleaned the inside of nose again and I got to see how significantly my profile had changed from my previous pictures. It is amazing!! He also took pictures.

I had a small issue that I wasn't feeling very well and informed Dr. Golden. He called me back immediately and we both agreed that I was probably coming down with the flu or some other virus. He called to check on me later that night and made sure that was what I was experiencing and asked me to call the office or his cell phone if I was having any further issues. 

My last appointment was two weeks after that. He explained that it would get smaller over time and that I had to be patient. Not one of my strong suits but I am still happier with my new nose than my old one any day. He looked inside my nose, took pictures, and sent me on my way. 

Feel free to ask any questions...

So, It will be five weeks tomorrow. I can breathe...

So, It will be five weeks tomorrow. I can breathe out of my nose somewhat but it's been a little difficult dealing with allergies. Sometimes, I will get a tingling in the tip of my nose and it feels itchy but it's in the inside and I just have to endure it for a few minutes until it goes away. I believe it is the nerves healing. My nose, in general, is still slightly sensitive and feels fragile. I have a had a few incidences where my daughter accidentally bumped it but I talked to my surgeon and he said that it happens and reassured me that everything should be fine.

Another thing, the swelling in my nose seems to...

Another thing, the swelling in my nose seems to differ from day to day. Some days it seems more swollen than others but each week I notice a change.
I already feel comfortable with people viewing me from the side. I always used to feel that, in order to feel comfortable, I had to face someone when talking to them as much as possible because I was so insecure about it. I am so grateful for that alone. I think it's looking great so far and I'm really exited to keep seeing improvement. I am incredibly happy with it :) I will also post more pictures tomorrow, which will be 5 weeks! Feel free to ask any questions!

One year :)

One year

This should be my final result! I absolutely love it and couldn't be happier!
Troy Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Golden and his staff are amazing!! Dr. Golden is straight forward, has a great sense of humor, and is a very gifted surgeon. His staff is very accommodating and helpful. I'm very pleased with my results so far and I'm exited to see my nose fully healed.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your story!
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Really love your new nose !! It's amazing how much a difference does a year make!
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Love your results! I am one day post op... excited for the aplint to come off! Xo
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I've been super nervous that my nose will come out horrible. Your nose looks perfect! Congratulations! Enjoy life with your beautiful look:)
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Awesome rhinoplasty!!
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Looks great, you should be happy!
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You look great!!
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Awesome. it already looks good, but it will look even better once all the swelling subsides!
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Thanks and yes it should :)
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Wow your new nose looks amazing so happy for you !!
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Thank you!
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You are welcome. I know everyone reacts differently....but your swelling was i think on the extreme side. I know folks who looked the day after,like nothing every happened. Anyways...it looks awesome tho. Im sure you'll be happy. I just had my surgery done 10 days ago...Im from Toledo,OH and I flew to California, for my chin augmentation.
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I agree, It was definitely extreme swelling! And I hope everything works out with your surgery :)
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I have the same nose problem that you had before the surgery and have been thinking about getting mine done as well. Thank you for posting all the pictures, it's nice to see a similar before so I can get a better idea of the possible end result. And you look amazing by the way! lol
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Thank you and ill post more soon :)
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Thank you so much for sharing your experience on RealSelf. I'm sure you're helping countless others embarking on a rhinoplasty journey!

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I hope so :)
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Hey its looking great! I just had my surgery done yesterday with Dr. Golden (well technically today since its not quite midnight haha) and I can already see an improvement lol. Whoa you were pretty puffed up there for a few days! I wonder how swollen I'll get...anyways I hope your new nose continues to please you! It really does look great so far.
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Thank you They say the 3rd day is probably going to be the worse and everyone's different. Congrats on your new nose! I hope everything turns out the way you expected :)
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you are beautiful
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Thank you
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Hey there, when I first saw your after picture I was like " Holy F.... " lol, i have never seen someone get that that swollen after nose surgery. That looked brutal. I mean, did the physician explain why you got bruised up that bad? Im sure he wont admit he was rough doing the nose job.... but wowzer.... but having said that, i love the end result. You look great. Is the nose the way u wanted and expected it to be?
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I think that people don't post pictures of themselves if they swell or bruise that badly. Also, When I have had black eyes before they were pretty bad, not in comparison of course...I knw not everyone swells that much but it does happen. I love my nose so far.. It's not the final result yet because its still swollen. Im hoping the final result will be what I expected and wanted, but it's close for sure.
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