Sounded Like Great Way to Get Rid of Turkey Neck and Lines Around my Mouth but Don't Do It! - Troy, MI

I had seen the infomercial and thought that...

I had seen the infomercial and thought that sounded like a great way to get rid of my turkey neck and deepening lines around my mouth. They tell you that it only takes a week to see the results and that's a bunch of crap! My Granddaughter won't even look at me and my daughter cried.

I have scabs and a spot on the side of my face near the incision line by my ear that looks like it was burned and even had blisters that popped and I remember hearing the doctor say "oops" when he was doing that side but the tech said that it was because I smoke that that happened! I believe he burned me and didn't say anything about it!

The shots that they give you are extremely painful and I was shaking like crazy when they were done with them only to have them start again. I was not in the least "sleepy" and was awake to smell my flesh burning and to hear the cutting of the tendons. Even though I had to endure their shots to numb me I could still feel the pain of the procedure. Especially when he was stuffing wads of gauze in the skin under my chin!

My sister in law was waiting in for me and was told by the receptionist that he was doing 21 lifts that day!

I can not open my mouth wide enough to eat a burger and my ears, jaw and under my chin are all numb. The tech asked if I had sharp pains in them as this is the sign of the nerves healing and I have not had any of that and don't expect to.

I have had other surgeries and have permanent numbness from then and think this will be the same. My neck is so painful that I can hardly stand to touch it. I had to have rotator cuff repair done on my shoulder and that was less painful!!! The lasering wasn't bad except that he went too deep in several areas around my eyes and now I have scars. That was numbed with several shots too but still felt like being snapped by rubber bands over and over again.

Do not do this!! Big mistake, I still have the...

Do not do this!! Big mistake, I still have the puckers after 9 months and I am going to have to see a REAL doctor to get it fixed.

I so far have been unable to get an attorney to...

I so far have been unable to get an attorney to take this case so I am going to take it to small claims court to at least get my money back. I have seen a real surgeon and it will cost around 5800 to fix this. So I will be living with it for a long time!!! Please be warned!!!!!!!!!



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My problem is that you think that going to a real plastic surgery would have been better but the ugly truth is they are just as likely to do the exact same thing, and you will be forever stuck with what they call revisions and this is where the plastic surgeons make most of the money. If you are going to have any surgery, nose , lift, eyes please understand that you will be getting several revisions to get a pleasant look and if you are looking for perfection , I can tell you after 5 different procedures, and 3 top surgeons, you will not get it and they know it, Im sorry for you. 8 out of every 10 rhinolplasties will leave your nose a little crocked, and the nostrils asymmetrical , they have not even perfected that ability. They also do not have the ability to keep any surgery asymmetrical as this is the tell tale sign that someone has had surgery, just just do not have any sure way to make it happen. They should state this in the consult and have you sign a statement telling you this as most people would in fact never have anything done.. But instead they blitz you with what could go wrong with infection and never talk about the most misleading of all the side effects. The only surgery they really have some kind of handle on are the boobs, so bless the stars they have that going on but everything else is a crap shoot, Thank you for sharing , it is not easy. One last piece of advice do not go to any surgeon in the greater Ohio area for anything to be done on the face, as you will be so sorry you did it.
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Thanks for sharing this, but your are so pretty in the first picture, I dont know why you even wanted to do this!
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I am grateful that you shared this. I'm sorry you had to go through this but you have probably saved many people from making the same mistake. Me included. Thank you.
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Thank you. I wish I could find this earlier to tell you that you are beautifull. You just need to have a modern bob haircut , blond, fancy glasses and chick smile. I'm really sorry for what happened but i wish you will have the power to change your angry, dissapointment and frustation into hope and forgiveness. I hope by now you got you full amount back. Your story changed many women life. Please stay strong and beautiful.
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Does it bother anyone that they advertise a (comparatively speaking) low price for the 'Lifestyle Lift', but then almost every single person is sold lots of 'Extras', like eye procedures, lipo, laser, etc. DOUBLING THE ORIGINAL PRICE.

This is basically a bait and switch, you go in for an advertised 'lower priced' item that is advertised, but end up spending so much more in the end to get 'results'.

Look up News reports posted on YOUTUBE. Watch Dr. Kent walk out on a news interview.
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Because it was a class action suit and patients were from various states and had different complaints against them, it couldn't be established in one court.They are a corporation, protected bt trademarks, no known accreditations and basically self governed. That's my opinion. No matter what plastic surgeon or Dr. you see, check them out w/ their state medical licensing departments and verify their specialties. Also talk to or ask for satisfied clients and other doctors who all have heard their share of stories from either word of mouth or the repairs they had to do. Be happy w/ your jowls. It's the only face you have. I'm sure there are less invasive procedures for your problem.There are many doctors (members of the website)that would be willing to see you at a small charge or no charge . They also are willing to answer your questions , if you post a question to a new thread.
Good Luck
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I got intrigued by the LSL tv ads because I'm an older woman who developed jowls I hate. The tv ads sounded great, especially because they clearly claim it's a "non-invasive" procedure. That made me envision a tiny laparoscopic cut cleverly hid behind my ears, from which excess fat would get liposuctioned out, and muscles tightened with internal sutures.

But it's clear from this and other blogs I read in my online research today, that the procedure is actually very invasive, as it is a long external cut that removes actual skin, then, stitches on the outside to sew shut that same delicate face skin.

OMG how is it possible LSL can get away with such intentionally misleading tv ads? How can it be that past lawsuits against them haven't ended such outrageous deception?

Bottom line is, I would never do business with any company that tells such egregious lies, not even if they paid me instead of vice versa.
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When doing homework, still don't believe everything you hear. The LSL people will knowingly give false information in order to gain patients for this awful procedure. Your best bet is to get a bonafide BCPS in facial surgery.
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After such disappointment I have to thank you,I wish nobody have to go trough my bad experience and waist of money that I work so hard for...I hope more people talk about this awful procedure !
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Please, as with any cosmetic procedure, do your homework. Get a facial plastic surgeon. Board certified & check your state's medical licensing Dept. and the board of plastic surgery. There ara many P.S here on Realself that will give free consults or minimal fees by mentioning this site. Read the Doctors blogs here ,too.
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My BFF and I were just talking about having this procedure done together. I decided to read blogs on it simply to find out how much it cost. I am so glad I found your story, thank you!!! I sent my friend the link with your pictures and we have both decided that there's no way on earth we will do this. Maybe, one day, MAYBE we will get face lifts, but IF we do, it will be from a reputable plastic surgeon. Thank you all for sharing your stories and photos. You saved 2 more unsuspecting gals from these horrors!
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Smart decision !
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She looked jsut fine before, she had/has a nicely defined jawline. Whatever made you think you needed this surgery is beyond me, but thanks for sharing your story.
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Yea, I thought your one ear looked kinda like mine,altho the top of my ear sticks out more. (the one that was sewn shut) That's the worst ear as far as pain for me, especially around the lobe., and under it.That side of the neck is very tight & sometimes I feel like I am choking. The other ear was sewn shut too, just not all the way.That side of the earlobe and neck hurts too& combined give me a chol
choking feeling. Most gals talk about the intense itching they get. I've had it off& on, never consistently.
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Did he sew your earlobes to your face? I can't tell from these. They did that to me& is why I am asking. I had free hanging earlobes pre'LSL, now they are a part of my face& always hurt. The scars behind my ears look as jagged as your ,if not worse.
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One of them is sewn to my face but the other is still free as it was before the surgery.
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Dear LSL,

Girl, I'd just have to kick his A$$ for that. Straight up. I hope things are going better for you now. You got a raw deal.
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I agree with you & you made a good decision. I feel the LSL is a traumatic surgery& we weren't told that. I'd have gladly risked anesthesia(UNDER) for the LSL. For me it wasn't the money, it was the small incision promised w/ an easy go back to work the next day procedure.
No way in hell could that happen...
Over four yrs& still feeling pain, tightness& numbness, I wish I never hear of that company. Not once did my DR call me, follow up on me& I called many times.
It just sux they lead you to believe it's such an easy procedure & they screwed up my face with their uneven incisions, sewn earlobes nad in pain, probably forever.
Furthermore, having bad problems like mine, they offer no explanation, solution or hope.
I hope the saying,
"what goes around, comes around" applies to them.
They could care less about the patient in my opinion and every single day , I hear more horror stories.
What happened to the ' Hippocratic Oath'????
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They don't care about hippocratic oath. Anybody who can jump on this illigitmate bandwagon apparently has low morals. As a friend used to say "Somebody had to be at the bottom of the medical school class." It just may be the LSL employees.
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I considered the LSL. But as an RN, I just couldn't go through with it. After a lot of research and thought, I decided it was worth the under $100 consultation fee, to see a local plastic surgeon who has been in business, in my local community for decades. Traveling to Mnpls once, to Lifestyle wasted more than that. Their "consultation" is with a cute little, young, sales person, not a Dr. And while they were not high pressure at all, I felt it was worthwhile to give a local Dr. an opportunity to show me what he could do for me. All things considered, I am glad I went with my local Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Rucker in Eau Claire, WI. I am one week post surgery. Things were explained well, monitored well, and yes I had anesthesia there. Yes I am still swollen and bruised I know it could have been done with just a Valium and local injections, but some things we shouldn't remember.I can only imagine what my heart rate, (and mental state) would have been if I had not been put under for it!!
Anyway, I just think folks should get an estimate from a local plastic surgeon, even if they check out lifestyle lift. In my area that is less than $100, which goes towards the procedure if you use that doctor.If you feel you are worth getting work done; Aren't you worth an estimate from a plastic surgeon with a good reputation? Your face is what you show the world, every single day, for the rest of your life. That is worth going with the "better", instead of the "cheaper".
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Of course women think they are worth it. That is why they pay lots of money to get what LSL promises, yet does not deliver.
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How is she now? Any pain or numbness? Was she satisfied once she healed/
I know very well the way LSL runs, told to me by other people here. My Dr. never called me. Not for a well check, not when I called crying when I saw stitches that looked (and were) way too long. I was told it would be a small/tiny incision hidden in the fold of the ear.
When I went in, I told him he sewed my earlobes to my face. He rolled his eyes!!!!!
He said I needed a revision. Upon asking what that entailed (because it was horribly painful) he said he'd just sew my right earlobe to my face to make it look like the left one he swed to my fave. Four& 1/2 yrs later, the pain never stops& a few Plastic surgeons said he cut too far into my face for any type of revision to work. I called& emailed a number of time & they only offered revision when I was told I can't have one.
This place is unreal. Never in my life did I think they'd tell me they were doing one thing& did another. Not to mention, never wanting to talk to me& never resolving this problem. Sad when you lose trust in your DR. I never even got a 'I'm sorry'......
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My sister had the lifestyle lift in September 2010. She had the everything except her eyes done as well as a laser procedure done on her face. The surgery took about 4 hours and she was still very much out of it when it seemed like they were rushing her out of there because it was closing time. My sister paid cash up front, about $8000. She actually came down from California so she could be with me and thank goodness she did because there would have been no way that she could have gotten out of there to the hotel by herself. Anyway, we did have a checkup the next morning and she was swollen and very distorted something awful. The nurses cleaned and changed her bandage and sent us on our way. My sister developed a hematoma behind one ear. We called the doctor and they said the swelling was normal and that continue with the ice packs and it would go down. Be the end of the week when we went for the final checkup the nurses were shocked that it looked the way it did and told us "common sense" should have told us to return to the clinic. We were just going by what the doctor on the phone said. Anyway, they had to reopen the drain hole behind the ear and squeeze that mess out of there. She had to fly back to California that day, also they could not remove her stitches either. She went to the doctor several more times at the Lifestyle in Ontario, California and never received not one phone call for followup from her doctor that performed the surgery. She also went through 3 bottles of pain pills.
My point is, is that the commercials on TV are very deceiving and they certainly take your money with a smile but that seems to be the end of it. Once you have your surgery, that will be the end of your communication with them. If they had have told us that these things could happen, then we might have prepared a bit but I think that you are so excited about thinking about the outcome that you don't realize all the things that could go wrong. I believe that they need to extremely revise their commercials because this is not an easy procedure to go through. My sister said she would never, ever do it again.
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I just made an appointment with Life Style Lift. and now I will cancel because they have lied to me so badly up front! Glad I did some research... I asked about down time and they said I would be back at work in 3 days... Wow! The way you look and others that are complaining about LSL look, in three months I would not be able to go back to work! And what about the dead women in Boston, that LSL is being sued for! I think everyone needs to go to the DA of their County and report LSL. This is obviously false advertising. I wonder if they are using real plastic surgeons or just 4 week trainee physician assistants... or receptionists?
THANK YOU FOR THE HEADS UP and sorry for your trauma and pain... JM
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Hey Kent,
What world do you live in? You say LSL doesn't do surgerys???You have to be kidding. They basically hack your ears off wherever they wan to, in MY opinion. When I went in for a consult, I thought it was something to make the skin look smooth and younger.I didn't know it was a surgery, til I asked what they do. I was told a Small incision in the fold or in the ear, where they pull the muscle up that gravity has affected& place a couple sutures.
What I got was an incision from the top front part of my ear to the bottom under the lobe, back up the rear of the ear and off into the head. There was no talent to hide the incision. He was way behind that day& had more patients. I had a 2 PM procedure that wasn't started til 4 PM. I am so sorry I didn't walk out like I was considering doing, but I was medicated and kept thinking it would be anytime now.
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