Sounded Like Great Way to Get Rid of Turkey Neck and Lines Around my Mouth but Don't Do It! - Troy, MI

I had seen the infomercial and thought that...

I had seen the infomercial and thought that sounded like a great way to get rid of my turkey neck and deepening lines around my mouth. They tell you that it only takes a week to see the results and that's a bunch of crap! My Granddaughter won't even look at me and my daughter cried.

I have scabs and a spot on the side of my face near the incision line by my ear that looks like it was burned and even had blisters that popped and I remember hearing the doctor say "oops" when he was doing that side but the tech said that it was because I smoke that that happened! I believe he burned me and didn't say anything about it!

The shots that they give you are extremely painful and I was shaking like crazy when they were done with them only to have them start again. I was not in the least "sleepy" and was awake to smell my flesh burning and to hear the cutting of the tendons. Even though I had to endure their shots to numb me I could still feel the pain of the procedure. Especially when he was stuffing wads of gauze in the skin under my chin!

My sister in law was waiting in for me and was told by the receptionist that he was doing 21 lifts that day!

I can not open my mouth wide enough to eat a burger and my ears, jaw and under my chin are all numb. The tech asked if I had sharp pains in them as this is the sign of the nerves healing and I have not had any of that and don't expect to.

I have had other surgeries and have permanent numbness from then and think this will be the same. My neck is so painful that I can hardly stand to touch it. I had to have rotator cuff repair done on my shoulder and that was less painful!!! The lasering wasn't bad except that he went too deep in several areas around my eyes and now I have scars. That was numbed with several shots too but still felt like being snapped by rubber bands over and over again.

That's terrible you had such a bad experience. However, you look so much better from the pre-op pics to the three month out pics. I was looking for reasons not to try this, but this is very encouraging looking at the final result. Did you do something with your upper eye-lids as well? Thanks for sharing, and although you do not recommend this, the before/after is quite encouraging and I might be giving this a try.
i had my procedure done on april 2 2010. bad mistake. still in pain they won't give you anything for the pain after the first week. it is unbearable. i hope we can all get together and do a class action law suit. please will someone get in touch with me they need to be put out of business
When I saw your day 1 picture, I was looking at myself. I could not even move for 5 days afterward. I am not a pansy, and have a high threshold for pain, but I was crippled by this.I looked just like you did. I have a huge red mark on the side of my neck that was not there before the procedure. My neck still hurts to the touch, I cannot wear scarves or turtlenecks comfortably any more. I have a huge scar behind one ear that looks like skin was gathered up in a bunch and sewn together. These scars itch constantly and horribly. I could scratch my self bloody, if I did give in to the itching.

Do not do this!! Big mistake, I still have the...

Do not do this!! Big mistake, I still have the puckers after 9 months and I am going to have to see a REAL doctor to get it fixed.

OMG you poor thing!!
how horrific!
They did you no favors!
God bless you.
I think you have a malpractice suit.
Thanks, but apparently lawyers don't agree. I have tried to find one that will take my case but have been turned down by 4 already and I think I am just going to try to file a small claim suit to get my money back. Its the best I can hope for at this point. I went to a real plastic surgeon and it will cost me 5800.00 to fix what they did! Please be warned people if you do this you will be stuck with it!!!!!!
Hi thanks for sharing your experience. I live near Troy and am considering getting some work done. Can you tell me where you went so I don't go there?

I so far have been unable to get an attorney to...

I so far have been unable to get an attorney to take this case so I am going to take it to small claims court to at least get my money back. I have seen a real surgeon and it will cost around 5800 to fix this. So I will be living with it for a long time!!! Please be warned!!!!!!!!!



My problem is that you think that going to a real plastic surgery would have been better but the ugly truth is they are just as likely to do the exact same thing, and you will be forever stuck with what they call revisions and this is where the plastic surgeons make most of the money. If you are going to have any surgery, nose , lift, eyes please understand that you will be getting several revisions to get a pleasant look and if you are looking for perfection , I can tell you after 5 different procedures, and 3 top surgeons, you will not get it and they know it, Im sorry for you. 8 out of every 10 rhinolplasties will leave your nose a little crocked, and the nostrils asymmetrical , they have not even perfected that ability. They also do not have the ability to keep any surgery asymmetrical as this is the tell tale sign that someone has had surgery, just just do not have any sure way to make it happen. They should state this in the consult and have you sign a statement telling you this as most people would in fact never have anything done.. But instead they blitz you with what could go wrong with infection and never talk about the most misleading of all the side effects. The only surgery they really have some kind of handle on are the boobs, so bless the stars they have that going on but everything else is a crap shoot, Thank you for sharing , it is not easy. One last piece of advice do not go to any surgeon in the greater Ohio area for anything to be done on the face, as you will be so sorry you did it.
Thanks for sharing this, but your are so pretty in the first picture, I dont know why you even wanted to do this!
I am grateful that you shared this. I'm sorry you had to go through this but you have probably saved many people from making the same mistake. Me included. Thank you.
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