Lifestyle Lift and Laser - Be Prepared!!!!

I am 16 days into recovery from having the...

I am 16 days into recovery from having the lifestyle lift and laser. Cant give a final result of surgery but I will say that after reading and seeing some of these reviews I am truly scared!!

The laser results are amazing and truly happy with that, had my whold face done...the recovery time for that was 1 week.

My problem lies so far with the lack of truth regarding the procedure and recovery time. I was told that I would be fine to be back at work in a week. What a bunch of crap!! I took off 11 days from work just to be on the safe side since I do work in the entertainment industry and am in contact face to face with not only the public but coworkers also. I had to go back to work with my face still swollen, distorted looking. Instead of getting the Wow you look great responses I was assured I would get, I am getting OMG what happened to your face!! I took off work the amount of time I was told would be sufficient and then some! I only told a choice few friends I was having this done for a reason..I didn't want anyone to know!! So much for very embarassing!!!

Also when I asked about the shots I would be getting I was told I was getting 7 for the lift and 4 for the lasering, a total of 11 shots...another bunch of crap!!! I received 11 gigantic viles of shots!!! The viles were about an inch thick and 5 inches long!!! There were so many shots I couldn't even keep count at how many there were. I was completely lied to.

Also when I went in to have my stitches taken out the doctor didn't even bother to take the time to even pop his head in to evaluate me! I think that is just crazy. My dentist comes in and checks me after a simple cleaning!!! What does that say!!

I was never prepared for what I was going to look like leaving the day of surgery..I was unrecognizable!! I cant realisticly give an accurate account of pain since I am very tolerable to it...but I just thank God for that because I was not prpared for the pain I did have.

The laser results are great, the lift is still up in the air but seems to be healing..just at a very slow rate, still very swollen!! So if you are thinking of getting this done just be prepared for the pain and be sure to take at least a month or more off ( not even sure of how much time since I am only 2 weeks in).

I will post progress as time passes.

I am only choosing yes under recommendation for my provider/doctor only because I have to to submit my story. That may change...I am praying that it doesn't.

I found out on the initial day I went in for a free estimate that you have to ASK if you want the doctor to see you at a visit. Otherwise, all the little acolytes take care of your needs. I, too, am taking a longer time for the swelling to go down. I am retired as of now, and I didn't go out socially until 2 1/2 weeks later, & I was still swollen. As for pain, I really didn't have much--just a feeling that my ears had been hit, numbness (which still remains 5 weeks later,) & tiredness necessitating an afternoon nap. Because of the bandage gear we are supposed to wear, I took a pain pill to "knock me out" so I could sleep with the bandage-thing putting pressure on my face, which I understand is necessary.Also, a little bit of my wattle remains. The Doc didn't get it all. I have to ask him why. Also, my remaining chromic (sp?) stitches are pullling & irritating me, but after they pulled out the regular ones on my first post-op visit, they said that the chromic ones would be absorbed. Well, they are not absorbing, & they pinch my left earlobe. My hairdresser, who has seen about 30 procedures on her clients says that my right side is an A+, and my left side and A. She ought to know as she saw lots of procedures. The places on my left cheek where I was burned by the laser accidentally are not changing. Will they ever go away? I think not. As I said in a previous e-mail, I think the doctor leaned over my face from the right side in order to do my left side. Another thing I have to ask him about. I am glad I did this in general, but have these disappointments.




What is the difference between Lifestyle Lift and a mini facelift.

Can anyone offer specific information with respect to the Lifestyle Lift facility in San Ramon, California. I think it would be great if patients would state the city and state where they were treated. It would be most helpful. JMHO.

Hi Hayward -- Here's a link to reviews, sorted by location. A few of them specify that they went to San Ramon.

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