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I received my LSL 3-17-2010 from Dr. C in Troy. ...

I received my LSL 3-17-2010 from Dr. C in Troy. It was very painful to say the least, but my problem is he pulled my skin VERY tightly. This is my second facelift in 20 years, so I know what is normal and what isn't. My skin is pulled so tightly that lumps are clearly visible under my cheeks. God, I just want to scream.

I called his office several times and told this was "normal" and the lumps would eventually smooth out. Yeah, maybe in about 3 or 4 years.

DON'T GO TO LIFESTYLE LIFT IF YOU WANT TO PRESERVE YOUR FACE. Go see a board certified surgeon and be sure you check his/her credentials thoroughly.

Spent $1900 to have revisions done on my face. ...

Spent $1900 to have revisions done on my face. Board certified surgeon said he'd never seen worse surgical procedures as used by LSL butcher. I had incisions across BOTH temples in addition to deep scars behind my ears and noticeable puckering. STAY AWAY FROM DR. C AT LIFESTYLE IN TROY, MI.

No pros, just cons.

No pros, just cons.
Dr. Cavaliere

Not enough experience, he was previously working with a group of ENT's. He is NOT board certified in cosmetic surgery.

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This photo was just 2 weeks post op. My face was still red from the laser and I still had the lumps by ears, etc. but school was about to close and I "just had to" tell stories in my grandsons's first grade. Kids are not critical and it was pure joy for me. It was my first time wearing "any" make-up. I dabbed pure white (pearl powder) powder in areas and used lipstick. I felt I didn't dare use anything more. I'd also had the lower face lift, chin and neck. It was a bit tight, but, still is, after 3 mo. 9 days. My Dr. was Michael Rodriguez-great bedside manner and certified as PS.
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-I had people asking me if I'd had a stroke.-One side of my mouth is drooping.-So humiliating.It probably would've been less painful.
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I don't understand why they allow this place to even stay open, there has to be some kind of law that can stop these so called Dr.s
I had the same Dr. your husband had I understand how he feels, plus what the whole thing does to your self ego is something else, I always feel like people are starring at me, expecially when I am standing close to someone, I feel as though they are looking right at my scars, I have had so many people ask what I did to my eye (Right) because it has a big scar under it, the other one does to but I can cover that with makeup pretty good, I will never be able to wear my hair very short again cause of the scars under my ears they look like loops, and I also have the huge scars oin my temples that Dr. C. said was not noticiable but they are very much.
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My husband went to this butcher shop for an eye and neck lift. I am not kidding when I say that "They Butcherd HIM!" His neck has a zig zag scar that is so huge and dark red. I thought it was weird that a scar would be so visible for a neck lift, afterall....aren't you hiding flaws with plastic surgery and not creating them? They told him it would go away in a few months. Well, after two years it did not go away. I told him to sue the crappy place but he was too insecure to do that. He allowed them to carve on him again...(of course, the original surgeon was no longer working there...right!)..So, he still has a scar. It is not as bad as the first, however, still there. DO NOT GO TO THESE QUACKS! THEY SUCK AND I TOLD HIM THAT I BET THEY WOULD NOT USE HIS FACE FOR A BEFORE AND AFTER ADD ON T.V. MY gosh people..can't you tell air brushing when you see it? STAY AWAY if you are at all smart.
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My comostic phyican told he had to repair so many of these bad procedures you cannot imagine. Please dont make the mistake of thinking of this. Go to a certified doctor, it will cost you less on the long run. Your face if forever. BEWARE....
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Hey 5710, glad to hear that you were able to get your revision surgery done. Thanks for sharing your story with us and keep us informed as to how your revision is healing. I would like to point out to any woman considering this surgery to please take the time and get a 2nd and 3rd opinion from a ABCFPS. Also be sure to compare apples to apples. A LSL only addresses the lower face and neck area. It is not a full facelift. Best, Chrystal
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Troy, where I went and also had Dr. C. He did mine 2 times and at those times he didn't even pull it tight at all, I ask him to do it the second time and he said OK but you couldn't even tell he ever did anything, And yes the whole procedure was very painful, I have a scar under my right eye from the injections to numb it and when I showed him he said Quote~it looks OK it's kind of in the crease. but when I am outside you can really see it, I would not recommend this place to know one, it just a butcher shop, they do not know what they are doing there.Even my Family Dr. said that it was unacceptable, and that it was not done at all right.
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Wish there were pictures. Just the few pictures I have seen of the horror stories make me hesitate to even go for a FREE consultation.
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Yep I agree that you should actually check credentials before allowing someone to cut into you. Good news though-seems even when the LSL turns out positive it only last for about 6 months so maybe your face will relax.
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