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After having two children I was left with sagging...

After having two children I was left with sagging skin and stretch marks. At first I believed that a tummy tuck was the only answer even though I didn't have a lot of extra loose skin but I had a lot of stretch marks a frowny belly button. I knew that liposuction or any other suction would be a waste of time because I would still be left with stretch marks.

I've been to two doctors for consultation for a traditional tummy tuck in the past 6 years, but I changed my mind both times because I couldn't get a quote that was reasonable plus the fact that I would have drains and be put under was not that exciting to me either.

After doing more research I found out about Dr. S who is known for creating a procedure called CombiTuck. A Combituck requires NO general anesthetic, just mild sedation. LESS surgical risk of blood clots, infection, skin ulceration. NO drains. MINIMAL discomfort. Back to work in one weekend ( average is 4 days ). Tight skin. Rarely any permanent numbness. Cute belly button. Removal of an average of 5 pounds of fat and skin. (Sometimes up to 12 pounds.) Cost is less than the standard abdominoplasty by $500 to $2500.

I thought wow this is too good to be true plus I haven't heard a lot about this procedure. After doing more research I decided to schedule an consultation with Dr. S. I had my first consultation on 7/11/11. Dr. S was very nice and he answered all of my questions. I decide to go ahead and have the surgery in February 2012. I chose February because that will give me sometime to get to my target goal weight of 176 lbs right now I weight 195 lbs.

The cost of the procedure if I were to have it done next week would be a total of 7,100 if I pay in cash I could receive a discount and it would be 6,900 for a full Combituck. Once you get a Combituck it is very imperative that your diet be changed to a more healthy diet and exercise often, if not the fat can come back ,but it would be distributed to another part of the body.

I decided that I want to do a whole transformation I want to eat, healthy and exercise for the remainder of my life in order to stay fit and healthy so Dr. S and I came up with a target weight goal of 176 lbs which will bring my BMI down from a 29 to a 25 and the best part DR. S is very supportive of the approach he even takes $100 of the procedure for every 6lbs that is lost.

Dr. S likes to says that this procedure is more than cosmetic surgery it is more like a transformation. Which is exactly what I was looking to do transform body to a more shapely healthy body. If I loose the weight with the help of diet and exercise I should not need a full combituck which consist of the abdomen, waist and back I can just get the front done which will make the price of the procedure $5,400 instead!

What a dream come true. I will post updates very often so I can share my weight lost story with everyone as well as the before and after PICS of the procedure. Wish me luck :)


I am super excited!!! I made the appointment for january 16, had my pre-op the other day, and it went fabulous!!! I am having Dr. Kotlus, thats who I ended up having my consultation with, he really was great!!! How do I join the forum???
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Hope you will join un on the forum site under Feb tt check in here. I look forward to hearing about your journey. :)
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I have a consultation with Dr. Mok (MI) on wednesday for a combituck! I am so excited!!!! I had a baby, and my body still...shes a year and a half, has NOT recovered well!!!! good luck and I look forward to hearing of your progress!
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I will be having the surgery on June 5th!!!!

I know its been awhile since I have updated you guys but I was in limbo when it came to making a decision on what I wanted to do. Back in November I decided that I would go ahead and have the procedure. Well when I e-mailed Troy Cosmetic I was told that Dr. Schloemer had retired from doing surgery. He recommend that I try Dr. Tuesday because she does a similar procedure. I contacted Dr. Tuesday and schedule a consolation apt for February 17. Her office is located in Scottsboro, AL which is three hours away for me. The staff was warm and friendly and Dr. Tuesday was understanding , she also seemed very detailed oriented,somewhat of a perfectionist which is always good. She explained to me how the procedure would be done and what I should expect the results to look like. Most of the information I already knew. After she left the room I met with the with finance Lady Susan and she showed me what my cost would be..... $7,800!! Way more than what Dr. Schloemer charged. When I expressed my concerns Susan began to express to me how Dr. Tuesday was the best and it would be well worth my money. The whole way home I debated with myself whether I should have the surgery or not I had only saved 6,000 now I would have to come up with the rest. Is it worth it?? I asked over and over. When I told my husband he absolutely did not agree with the procedure he stated that it was a waste of money and I should just go work out. I reminded him that I've been wanting this procedure for along time now and I finally have most of the money, plus with working out I would still have the stretch marks. On March 3,2014 I made the decision to call Dr. Tuesday's office and schedule the appointment for the procedure. I decided that just because I am having the procedure does not mean that I don't love myself in fact having this procedure is a form of self love because I am taking action to get my body back. I also decided that I would work out and send some quality to myself before the procedure. My procedure will be done on June 5th at 8:00 am. I will update you guys often. I have a YouTube channel and I will began to upload blogs of my progress often my YouTube channel is Queensheena101!


Has anyone experience the Combituck?
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Great! how did it go??

Procedure got pushed back again

So I had to push the procedure back until September. An Unexpected situation came up so I was not able to have the surgery when I wanted. I'm trying not to become discouraged and say forget it all together but I can't for one I already paid my deposit and two I've been wanting to have this done for many years my post op is on Sept 2 so I will be posting again after that. Please send positive energy and prayers my way I don't need anything to stop me this time. I have to move forward.


September is right around the corner!! How are you doing?!
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Had the Combituck. love it!
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The Doctors are wrong that posted negative comments. Combi Tuck was the best decision I ever made. Dr Laurence in Germantown Tn did my surgery. I WAS CRAZY FOR WAITING SO LONG! I am very short and had 5 children, all over 8 pounds. The massive excess skin sags were not going away even if I lost weight. I researched for over a year the safest way and this was it! I had a lot of lipo with the surgery. NO WAY is down time a few days though! More like two weeks for me. And it was painful, no picnic. But not as bad as traditional TT according to some that told me of their pain! Have help when you get home. It was all worth it! cost 7500
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Dr. Schlomer MD

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