Can't Wait to Have the Date Set with Dra Almonte - Dominican Republic, DO

Well I told only one friend who is my partner in...

Well I told only one friend who is my partner in crime of the sx and she is also planning ongoing with me to have work done as well. Her fears are my fears but I convinced her that I trust the Dra and I have done a lot research so hoping all goes well for both of us. Please keep us in your prayers.

This site is addicting, I'm logged in quite a few times a day just to see the status and progress of the beautiful ladies, who share their journeys. Thank you:-)

As a single mom, my fears are as many may share, is how will I manage post op, I'm spending all this money, that I really don't have extra, on me just to do me. I'm risking a lot in hopes that I can bring sexy back, though I am content with the body I have. I appreciate your ladies feedback and see how happy you are with your results that I too want to be part of this experience.

I'm a BBW and I def need a makeover but I've been ok in the skin that I have and feel beautiful so why change it? My mixed emotions have overwhelmed me for the past months but today is the day that I have decided that's it time for Mami to explore the possibility of having a sexy body. I want a round bootie, no rolls on my back and breast lifted, I def have to lipo all of my mid section and get an S shape. It is definitely time that I finally do something for me, who would've of thought that in my 40s, this yearning will actually become a reality.

I give a lot to my daughter, my family and others and now it's time that I do something for me. So my flight is booked and my journey begins. Just waiting to send my deposit and confirm the avail date. Yes I know, I did it backwards but it is for me to focus that this is a must and I can't go back:-) Thank you ladies for showing support and following me in this journey.

If anyone want to share their experiences of the Tropical RH, Clinic, aftercare with the Dra and refer a masseuse in DR and in NJ or NY, it will be appreciate it.

Wish pic and Me

This is the projection and waist I'm shooting for...


Hi Beautiful Dolls,

I haven't been updating my profile in awhile been a little busy with the plumbing expense:-(. I will be sending my deposit $350 by Mon... Whoo Whooo, started my vitamins on Tues and next week will be reviewing my hemo level.

I don't think I have lost weight but that too will be checked. Goal is to lose 20lbs by sx date which is about 2 months.

Thank you ladies for being so supportive and inspirational. It truly helps since this journey is a def emotional roller coaster ride.

Deposit Made... No Looking Back!!!

It's official, I made my deposit payment.... No going back or 2nd guessing... Dr Almonte it is.

RS sis.... I'm scared, happy, confused, guilty and everything in between.

Keeping it 100 with all of YOU, fab ladies....

Mind games...

Sorry ladies, I haven't logged in awhile... Was going thru a "moment" but I'm finally confident that Dra is the right fit for me.

After reading and seeing so many reviews and pics my mind truly was all twisted but I'm back and convinced that I have made my right choice.

Please ladies make sure you do your thorough research and ask as many questions as you have to so that you can fully let go of your concerns. Not only is this helpful but from your communication it can tell you how the post op will be. Your heart will guide you. Trust in God that He will be guiding the doctor's hands. Know that you are in great hands and once you know, you know that the results will be exactly what you want them to be.

Don't just follow trends and unrealistic expectations, you know your body and accept your flaws. This is elective sx so this a risk. It's truly a personal choice if you want to go through this or not but it all depends on YOU. I have always been confident in my skin and love me for me but I want to look better and the best advise to share with you is that. Love you and have realistic expectations. Not all bodies are shaped the same and not all sx will work on you so keep it simple and to the point. The doctor should point out how to make your body better but that doesn't mean that all doctors are honest. Don't be a fool, do your thorough research. This is not a race but your life.

As I woman, I know we are our own worst enemy but at the end if you don't love YOU, who will. Take this journey with a clear mind cause this trip will have you flipping.

Best of luck to all you Beautiful Dolls..

2 Updated Reviews

Just a lil note, For those who are following my journey, I realized that I have to active reviews on my profile so if I don't get to you, feel free to inbox me. I will be reading both blogs and posting on the other page. Only because it's easier to keep track.

At first, I couldn't add a profile or pictures and now I have to going On..

Hola Sorry For the Late Responses

Hi Beautiful Ladies,

Truly appreciate all your comments... Time is definitely flying and soon I will be on the flat side:-) God willing and guidance so that Dra will create a new DOLL...

I'm def going to post more often on this site, please bear with me another week... I know that many of you are excited for me... Ty for being my cheerleaders...

I haven't had a chance to truly digest it all in because been too busy cleaning the yard, removing fence and looking at materials. Its a lot going on around the house but it helps keep my mind busy....hopefully soon I will be opening the pool for my lil one:-). My contract will end on Sun so it's bitter sweet moment but I will have more time to get things done. My next task will be attacking the inside of the home by painting my room and changing out curtains.
After that, concentrate on lifting my hemo levels so that most of my "wants" can be done... Please pray for me that all goes well and my numbers are right.. I'm a firm believer in prayer esp when in a group... Prayers can move mountains and I need these numbers to be moved...

As you all know, I also post on FB but it's not that this site isn't as important but there's post dolls that are willing to share the do's and dont's, post pain and transformation as weeks go by. And RH experiences...

Withina week I promise to share with you as well:-) because this journey can play tricks on your mind, physically and emotionally...

If I can answer questions, feel free to send it to my mail or post it on here. I love sharing knowledge...

Bueno chicas it's 4am and I haven't slept a wink, I'm going to try to take a cat nap before the kids are up for school....

Food for Thought

Throughout this journey stay positive and focused... Please do thorough research on your dr and RH. Surround yourself with positive people... Follow your instincts...

Saved pic before adding name..

Need to give credit where credit is due...

Believe ladies...
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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How did your surgery go? Did she do a good job on your breast lift with aug. I'm thinking about getting the same procedure
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Hey doll what date are you going with?
  • Reply
July 18.... Asking everyone who is willing to come that date to please let me know. Ty
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Gd luck on ur journey, I cant wait to see ur results! You pic a good doctor, 2 more months before u become a Almonte doll. I wish u good luck and happy healing!!
  • Reply
Yes I agree she is the best:-) I trust that she can give me the results that I need. Ty so much:-) soon I will be on the flat side...
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Ty Doll truly appreciate your comment:-)
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I'm following your journey!! I'm going with almonte next year.. What does your quote include brings you to a total of $7000 ?
  • Reply
Thank you 12th.. Truly appreciate it. I incl sx $5200 plus airfare, massages and extra money just in case...
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What procedures are you getting?
  • Reply
Lipo of the back n tummy, flanks, BL w aug
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And bbl...
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You're gonna look amazing girl!!
  • Reply
Hoping I do.. Def will update.. Ty doll
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Good luck on your journey!!
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Ty so much! Truly appreciate it:-)
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Just seen your wish pic!! I would love that projection as well!! Can't wait!
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Soon my journey will be here:-)
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Looking forward to seeing more of your story!!!
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Truly appreciate it! Let me tell you it isn't as easy as I thought it will be. All these feelings and mixed emotions does tricks on me... I'm drained debating back and forth... But I'm going fwd and there's def no looking back:-) good luck with yours as well:-)
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2mos is right around the corner....OMG...let me know if you are interested in a fitness program! I know we all are trying to budget for our surgery...the Slim in 6 what I just completed is only $39.90 (its 50% from the reg price) will surely lose the 20lbs by surgery!
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Yes gf I know... It's nerve wrecking as well.. I don't know how to feel or act esp since no one knows what I am going through except my baby and my friend.
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Please share, I need all the loss possible:-)
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I just sent you a private message and you can text me if you have any questions or concerns...
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Sorry doll been a lil busy and a lil stressed out about leaving bills current prior to my leave. Still have a lot of meds and creams to buy for this journey. I will let you know once all is settled. Thank you:-)
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Welcome to RS there is much to learn here wish you luck on your journey.
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