First anniversary :)

Hi ladies, I'm 24, 105lbs, 5'3, just thinking...

Hi ladies, I'm 24, 105lbs, 5'3, just thinking about getting boobies like 5 months ago, and I'm getting them :)..Just got my consultation with dr Landon yesterday, and made appointment for the pre-opp on Mar 4th, so excited, and I have to study too so timing is pretty tight, it's also because I need to take vacation before May or I have to wait for a loooong time lol..

I posted the before picture, I am now 32A and look good in VS miraculous bra but like everybody else I want to fit those non padded bras lol :-P I also posted pic of the goal i am looking for, I asked PS for a big C, and about between 375 to 400cc saline, but he thinks they're too big on me..but on pre-opp they will put me to the 3D hopefully I'll be able to convince him haha..

btw this is the first time I post sthg like this on website so excuse my bathing suit, i'm still shy :-s

I wonder where my post is..I couldn't locate it

I wonder where my post is..I couldn't locate it

Soooo, less than 2 more weeks till my pre-op,...

Soooo, less than 2 more weeks till my pre-op, excited!! They have the 3D imagine for sizers too hopefully he is willing to go at least 375cc for me! I am trying to balance betweek working 4 days a week, studying, and actively doing research online, but most of time I still got distracted and sneak on this website first of all to say hello to the ladies!! then update their photos, most of you ladies are recovering so fast and the result turn out amazing!

I am also worrying a little bit about the work at my job...My ps said you don't have to take 2 weeks off, you can go back to work whenever you feel good, but he doesn't know in the end of the night, we servers have to move tables and chairs around to clean up the floor too! maybe I should stay at home for 2 weeks then pay somebody to move tables for me =) =) well that is actually one of my concerns...

Next thing is the complications of course.. well i guess since we agree to make a change means we have to accept it right? however anybody have any tips to prevent? I looked up online they say smoking is 1 of reasons could cause capsular contracture ( everybody worries about this right?), but i don't smoke...but I drink cocktails and white wine pretty much every weekend going out with that real bad or do I need to stop before or after surgery or anything? Looking forward for your answer my dear friends

Alright, time has went pretty fast to me since I'm...

Alright, time has went pretty fast to me since I'm so busy with homework and work! but one more week is my pre-op! and 4 weeks after that is big day! yay! Dear ladies, I have concern about the recliner, I don't have it right now at my apartment, but do I really NEED it? any of you ladies didn't sleep on recliner did you guys have a harder time to recover or drop?? please let me know so I can buy one! and usually how long do you need it??

Also, what kind of stretch mark cream do you put on before the surgery? let me know the one that really helps on your skin plzz!! Thank you so much lovers!!

PS: I marked today is the day I stop drinking any kind of alcohol and completely stop smoking the green maryjane!

Sooooo, pre op went good and everything, bf was in...

Sooooo, pre op went good and everything, bf was in the room with me too for another set of ear, and questions! Everything was excited until they did the 3D imagine for me and by the weight 103 and height 5'3 the computer suggested 275cc Moderate, I was like whattt, nooo, lets try bigger in Mod Plus please, we did it and they suggested ab 325cc I think, and these pictures are 325cc Mod plus, and I think they still look small! I mean come on, you know they look small right?!

So I just emailed the patient coordinator and ask her to make another appointment to see the ps and tell him I want bigger, and ask him if I could handle 375cc on me, do you ladies think so?

Anybody tells me how to edit the previous post...

Anybody tells me how to edit the previous post plz, I can't do that, is it because I'm using iPad mini or its just generally can't edit like that.

So I caught a cold for almost a week, and I'm...

So I caught a cold for almost a week, and I'm still coughing! Hopefully it's over soon because 2 more weeks till my BA, if I keep coughing like this I couldn't have them done right? It's gonna be awful when you have BA and coughing at same time? Sad face...

I also have been on so many cold meds and my head is a little everywhere so I couldn't drive very well and have to take off from work today for recovering..and now my bf got a cold from me too, I'll be so mad if my BA get delay my ladies...

Six more days ladies!! I'm still coughing here and...

Six more days ladies!! I'm still coughing here and there during the day :-(

My only concern right now is, any lady that overworking or overdoing everything with your arms and chest muscle after 2 weeks, please let me know how bad the result is after that day, or tell me if is it really bad for your breast if you have to walk and work too much? ANYBODY HAS EXPERIENCED THAT FEELING, plzzz let me know, it's really important to me. thanks. :-)

Yay 3 more days, just went see doctor again today...

Yay 3 more days, just went see doctor again today just wanna ask ab the size and inform them that i got sick last week :( I'm doing good now almost like normal. So I'm going to get between 350 to 375 saline, he will try them on and decide which one look more natural on me.

Then I got a call from them saying that come in at 7:30 am on Monday, wear comfy clothes, no food no drink after midnight, take off all piercings( boys this gonna be a lot lol)

So i might update one more time before the big day. Happy healing ladies!!

Hi ladies, today is going to be my last day I need...

Hi ladies, today is going to be my last day I need to buy everything I need, and say goodbye to my boobs :)

Have to stop eating drinking after midnight tonight, and wake up at 6:15 get ready and have to be there at 7:30 omg it's getting real, I couldn't believe it, like I just went to work for the whole weekend and today I have to clean up the house, and get ready for the early morning! Just wish I could sleep good tonight at least!

Further more I am going to stack up pillows together to sleep in the bed instead of recliner, anybody has problem sleeping like that or any tip? Thanks ladies plz pray for me :) :)

I'm at home doing good happy I'm on the...

I'm at home doing good happy I'm on the other side...I have No Stretch Mark! How awesome is that! I posted pics 2 hours after surgery..I couldn't look inside yet but the cleavage, curve are awesome, no pain at all just tightness..

So I went to the center at 7:30, the nurse went over some info and my beloved bf decided to wait for me to get out at 10am..they walked me in the room, get change, socks on, then they put warm blanket over me. Then I got IV in, surgeon came in marked on me and said he will tell my bf information ab my implants since I won't remember, I Got 340cc saline I think both sides I'm happy with the size cuz I'm tiny 5'3 and 95lbs now after being sick.

Then we walked me to operation room and I get nervous, anesthesia nurse inject the drug into my IV then I feel high haha I still remember she said " you have the restaurant and I have this awesome drug" then I said "bring ur drug to my restaurant and we'll throw a party" all of them laughed and Bam I was gone.

Waking up, I already have my shirt on but not sweat pants, I tried to wear it but I can't so they helped me..They wheeled me out and my bf was already pull up the car to the back so it's pretty privacy!

Going home was so sleepy I couldn't keep my eyes open, but I can't sleep either so pretty much close my eyes but know everything happening around...I am right now watching tv, gosh I made so many mistake spelling but I have auto correct! I will update later..,

My first post op is next Monday..but I will take off my bra out tonight or tmr so I can have a better said he will call me tonight to check on me.

Thank you ladies for all the support .. Happy healing!!

Oh I forgot today is also our 20 month anniversary my bf left me for 15' to go bought me flowers I'm so happy :-)

POD 1- feeling much better than yesterday after...

POD 1- feeling much better than yesterday after surgery...not watching and falling asleep at the same anymore lol...

I take 1 and a half Percocet in every 3.5 hours still to keep my muscle loosing and I can raise my hand today a little bit, but lest hand is harder to raise than right hand, however, the area below my nipples are numb, especially right boob more numb than left, anybody tell me if that's normal?? Or should I call the office again?

Other than that, my healing process seams easy to me, just the tightness that I expect. Anybody knows where can I buy the surgical white bra in the pictures? They just give me one and I need some more... Thanks ladies, you guys been awesome!

Gosh, last night was the worst, I kept taking...

Gosh, last night was the worst, I kept taking Percocet without eating anything, I even double it,,and boy I threw up 6 times in a row everytime I woke up from a quick nap :( :(

So we can my ps at 1am and he said stop taking it if I feel sick in my stomach and couldn't eat anything, cuz it's also the reason why I puked. Then he allowed me to switched to Tylenol and I feel better now... The pain scale is 2/10 I just called them again and they said I should be over the worst 2 days, phew...

Massage is not fun left boob under armpit is more hurt than right one, massage it is more difficult to me, anybody experience it? But they tell me I have to massage anyway grr...

Anyways I'm feeling hungry again...c ya!

Pod4- today feel better, I get to study for...

Pod4- today feel better, I get to study for school, eat better, but breasts feel like explode today, they feel so big, tight and ready to explode anybody has this feeling, tell me how long this last?
Last night I tried to push 2 boobs together which I wasn't supposed to on day 4 post op, and after that my right sternum hurts so bad, it's like sharp pain and sting when I bend down or cough. I called the nurse( I call them almost everyday!) and she said I don't need all those massage right now and I think I must rip the muscle further than I suppose to and she said it will subside after couple days...omg can't wait for that to happen!

Other than that, everything else is fine, I can write essay now, change to the non front zip bra hope they don't mind. Anybody wears ur own bra after couple days post op that is not the surgical bra ur doctor gave you? Is it okay to you? I added more pics today to show you the bra I'm talking about.

PoD11, everything is going great, boobs getting...

PoD11, everything is going great, boobs getting softer n perkier instead of square lol, incisions are so itchy it's killing me.. Other than that no complain lol.. Oh and I start sleeping on the sides now, feel so good, not just sleep on the back! PS me if you have any question ok :) :)

It's been 8 months!!

It's been 8 months and I have nothing to complain about. Go for it ladies!

It's been 1 year ladies!!

It's been 1 year since last April, and my result is still flawless :"> :">
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5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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I really love your results! I'm getting my BA in July and I'm so excited. I'm thinking 350-375cc but seeing your results at 340cc is making my decision even harder. I'm still stuck on cc sizes and not sure. My stats are 4'9, 110lbs currently a small B bra size. Any suggestions??
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Yes! If ur doctor lets you go 350-375 go for it! 375 is my dream size but since my breasts were A size before, I didn't have enough skin to cover so the doctor didn't let me go that far! I always wanted 375 but now I get used to my "natural" 340 it won't bother me either! So go bigger girl! And good luck to you!! Let me know if you have any question! :)
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Do you feel top heavy? Or is it just perfect on you? I am looking at different pics and some 375 cc looks fine, but some looks so big and some 350cc looks fine, but also too big....I don't know...I'm just stuck.
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No actually I feel like I could go a bit bigger at the first timer, probably 350 or 360, don't get too big now in my opinion because when you renew them, you usually could get bigger than the first time, so you don't want to do too big at the first time! Also my twins look small in a t shirt without bra and big but proportion with bra in any shirt.
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Yes I know what what you mean. I also don't want to look too big. But bc I'm a bit wider and a little heavier than you, I think I might have to go a bit bigger. Have you gone bra-less in dresses? How did they hold up? And did they give a full size look? I've seen girls that goes bra less in sexy dresses and it looks really nice and it keeps their shape. I would like to do that and not have to worry about wearing a push up all the time.
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Oh yeah I went braless sometimes if the dress I wear has light padding, because I don't like to show my nips lol but yeah the shape definitely stay the same and even more natural with no bra, like I said, mine are a bit too small in shirts and dress without bra so I always support it with no padding bras at Victoria secret :) but of course I wear no padding swimming suits :)
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Congrats and thank you so much for posting your 1 year anniversary. They really do look amazing. Any life changes you've noticed with your 1 year hindsight?
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Of course! Lol I constantly make my clothes and bathing suit happy :) more silly and random guys came around haha. And thank you Alicia ;)
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Hahaha random guys!? What! That's hilarious! I see girls saying on here how men stare so much after their boob job and it's just funny but weird! Haha They look great!! I'm bringing you pics to my consultation!! Xoxo!!!
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Omg you bet! All age of men would stare, and you know the obvious reason which is sad LOL! A thanks alot gurl I wish you get what you want! Please keep me up to date with your process and any question you might have :)
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oh gosh!! typical men! ickkk! ill definitely keep my stuff updated! I love the support an opinion from all the ladies here! its wonderful!! and thank you! ill be coming to you for q's since your down the recovery line!! Im sure you've been through it all!!! xoxo!!
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Omgggg amazing!
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Thanks :)
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How do you like the saline I want silicone for more of a natural feel but you said your saline was super soft!??? Wahhh!! That's awesome!! I just feel more comfortable getting saline and also because I'm not 22 so the FDA doesn't approve them for me which also worries me! A lot of the pics I see and end up really liking also turn out to be saline! Yours look so natural and good too so that makes me a little less confused. It's just hard to choose saline with the whole rippling and hard feeling rumors! But yours are gorgeous! Xoxo!!!
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Thank you so much itsforhappiness!! And yes they are very soft, I think because I never forget to massage them at least twice a day still! And my friend who has silicone also felt mine and said " are you sure that the doctor didn't put silicone in yours instead of saline!!" Lol well I bet not because they are soft however I can feel rippling when I reach my fingers far down inside ( they are not invisible)!! I am very very happy with my result as saline :)
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The rippling isn't visible??? I'm so happy you like your saline! I would just feel safer if I knew I had saline in there instead of silicone. My only concern was the feeling of saline but you just totally helped me make up my mind! And yours look great! Thank you so much!! Xoxox!!!
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Anytime itsforhappiness! Xoxo
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Wow you look amazing!! Congrats and thanks for sharing! Do you notice them much? What I mean is do they feel natural
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Yeah they feel soft, left one is softer tho because I'm right handed so I think the right one is more tense, and I still massage them every day..they feel like a part of my body, not like wearing implants anymore..and some friends think they are too soft, they doubt that the doctor put silicone by mistake instead of saline but it's just a joke :)
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What was ur plate width?
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What were you before and what are you now? And what cc's
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They look perfect.. wow ! Getting mine on december 17th, so nervous. I'm only 20, so your post has helped me feel much better about it.
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Awe that's exciting! You'll love it! The hard part is massage and wait until they get soft and fluff and drop! It took me months to really show them off gf! But summer won't come in 8 months lol Good luck!
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Thanks so much! :)
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they look great! :D Congrats!
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