20 years "IN" and now 8 months "OUT" - LOVE IT!

Here's my story: My breasts were always a size AA....

Here's my story: My breasts were always a size AA. I was fine with that. They were shapely and looked bitchin' braless with tight tee shirts. Then I breastfeed 3 babies, and by the end my breasts had disappeared. I could not fit into any bra. One seamstress tried to reduce an AA cup and even that could not fit. I was so sad!!!!!!!!! Even worse, my husband was a pain in the a** about it. He accepted my size, but always wanted me to be naked when we made love. Well, I just wasn't comfortable being naked. I wanted to wear a sexy tight camisole and keep it on. He was having none of that.

So, to keep my sanity during a demanding marriage, I got implants. I become a very full B cup. Saline, submuscular. They felt natural pretty quickly, after I recovered from the pain which I thought was HORRIBLE! For 20 years my breasts felt like my breasts - I completely forgot about the implants. I was lucky and did not have any hardening, lumps, whatever. They stayed soft and pretty natural looking. They DID get in the way when I exercised, because they just would not move an inch!

I assumed I'd be buried as an old lady, and someday my skeleton would be lying there with two plastic bags on my ribs!!!!!!!!!

Then I began to hear about how implants are best replaced after about 20 years. And I got divorced. And I DEVELOPED HUGE SHOULDER/NECK/RIB problems. Pain, terrible pain. Tried pain meds, physical therapy, nothing helped. I was the one - remember that we are often the ones who know best! - I was the one who said "Hey, maybe these submuscular implants have messed up all of these chest muscles and maybe if I have them out it will improve." The PT thought it was a decent theory, but could not officially recommend it since it is unproven.


But first let me tell you about my explant process.

I was expecting to spend a ton of money and to undergo a whole lot of pain, just like the implants. At my FIRST SESSION with the plastic surgeon, he said that one possibility was to drain them - right then and there! He said that if he drained them, I could go around like that for a week or two, to see if I would want reconstruction. So he did! It was almost painfree - just a needle - and I was SO RELIEVED to see all clear water draining out. The nurses and I laughed quite a bit at watching my breasts deflate. When I sat up and looked down, I was VERY PLEASANTLY SURPRISED to see that my breasts didn't look terrible. No disaster. And it only cost $350!!!!!!!

So for a week I went about my business... My breasts still seemed okay. I knew that the bags were still in there, so my breasts would end up smaller, but it seemed that a certain amount of body fat had gathered there. And I'm heavier now than I was 20 years ago, which might be part of it.

So I made an appointment for about a week later. This was when he removed the implants. All I needed was a local anesthetic. The dr made about a 3 inch incision underneath each breast. The procedure required a lot of cutting away the tissue that was attached to the implant, but it did not hurt. It felt like he was just "hacking away" at it and I wondered if that was okay. It turned out that it was good.

I walked out of there feeling free! The stitches hurt quite a bit for quite a while - but I'm sensitive that way. And at first my boobs were irregular and hung down in weird ways. But now, 8 months later, I have a lovely full AA cup and am VERY SATISFIED! And over this time, my chest neck and rib pain has slow and surely disappeared! Yay! Every now and then there is a painful twinge near the scars, but it goes away pretty quickly.

I'm 59 years old and dating - and I find I am perfectly comfortable with my new old breasts. Honestly, I wish I'd never had the implants in the first place because it was just to please my husband and he was a jerk.....! But it has all turned out ok.

Hi, I forgot to mention that I have Fibromyalgia. ...

Hi, I forgot to mention that I have Fibromyalgia. Over these past 8 months of being implant-free, my pain and fatigue might have improved a little. Hard to tell. Has anybody else experienced Fibromyalgia improvement post-explant?

I forgot to add: For a few years I had a very...

I forgot to add:

For a few years I had a very highly elevated ANA test. Anybody else had that? Anti-Nuclear Antibody test. It's a sign of an auto immune disorder. Scared me bad. But through more testing, there were no signs of an auto immune disorder - just the mysterious Fibromyalgia. I take 3 meds for the Fibro: Welbutrin, Cymbalta and a pain med (I forget the name). The 3 of them do a great job of helping me live a normal life and perhaps, hopefully, I will get better and better and be able to stop the meds. But if not, oh well.

I was just remembering what kind of bra I wore...

I was just remembering what kind of bra I wore after my explant.

NONE! No bras at first, they irritated my stitches which are below each breast.

Then I switched to sports bras, large size, worn INSIDE OUT to avoid irritating those stitches.

Now, 9 months later, I can wear sports bras inside-in! Woo hoo! Every now and then I wear a regular bra, for dressing up and going out.

Still, so far so good!
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I am planning to get my silicone implants removed and can't decide on local anesthesia only or with added IV sedation. I would just use local anesthesia but I don't know if my implant were ruptured. They're only 4 years old but there is still a chance. Do you think it'll hurt if I don't take anything at all during the surgery? If the silicone has leaked then they'll have to cut away some scar capsule.
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Congratulations, maryinmich! Very cute boobies and a definite yay for that pain disappearing!
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Cute boobies! This site is so funny and fun! Thank you!
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:-) what a lovely story good luck to you and i wish u all the best and maybe youll meet mr right who will not try to change u xxx
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Thank you ♥ I'm not too optimistic about Mr. Right, but I do know that I'm feeling relieved to have those INplants OUT!
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Hi there. I have 220 ccs and always wonder what i would look like with them out 20 yrs down the line. What sie where your implants, if you even remember?Thanks.
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I do not remember. What I know is that I went from FLAT to a very full B cup. Most women here seem to know how many ccs they had. Don't know why I don't remember! I do know that when the dr drained them, it took a really long time and it was A LOT of water! Are you considering explant?
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lol. EVENTUALLY yes. I jut downsized... it was my middle ground until I am ready.
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Ohh, interesting! lol, a downsize, that was pretty smart!
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What a great story! I love your writing style and I'm glad you're out of your "demanding marriage" and are free to be you (I know I sound like a 1970s TV show :) )

I think you look beautiful and I'm sure you'll help so many other ladies going through a procedure like this.

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That's ok, I liked the old 70s TV shows! Mine could've been called "Mother Knows Best After All!" Thank you for your many compliments!
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Hi i just found you and so enjoyed reading your story ...so pleased for you that explant went well. Really do hope that now those toxic bags are out your fibomyalgia will slow down and great to hear you are now in a good relationship xx all the best to you
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Thank you!
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I am certainly hoping your Fibromyalgia goes away with time, that would be the icing on the cake for you! I have had similar symptoms, back and neck pain, headaches, and , for me, a chronic case of Hives (auto immune related) for the last 10 yrs. My neck pain has increased 10 fold over the past 6 months so that I rely heavily on Advil to sleep pain free...I am ready to pay almost anything to get this explant done. I will keep you posted and Thank you again!
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Hi, I really do look forward to hearing back from you! Go girl!!!!
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Hi Peter make the right decision and get them out and be free from pain and worry. Let us hear your story.. God Bless... Angelface
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Thank you for your Story! I am explanting May 1st. We will be checking into Fibromyalgia as well with my symptoms. I am scared about that because I have had many issues that point to an Auto Immune disorder in my Body. I won't know until I remove these bags of poison soon. And let my body heal. I wish you well and your story is just like mine. I am 53 years old. Thank you again! Grapefruits no More!
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Hi! Nice to meet you! They thought I had an auto immune disorder because I felt so crappy and because I had a very high number for the ANA test. ooooo, I'm going to add that to my story. Anyway, despite the high numbers for that test, I do not have an auto immune disorder, just the mysterious Fibromyalgia. GOOD FORTUNE TO YOU ON MAY 1st. You are so funny - no more grapefruits!!!!
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Thank you so MUCH! My Liver has been numbers that show elevation and all kinds of other Health issues.. My health has been going down hill the last few years. I had the OLD implants removed, over 30 year old, and had no clue, or was to scared to look into, just removing them. SO, after all those years of no pain and pretty lucky results, the last 2 since the New implants were put in, Silicone, not Saline. Nothing but Horrible Health issues..SO, Thanks to all you lovely ladies, I am ready! Seven more days...:)
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You are welcome SO MUCH! I've had liver cysts forever, and my sister does too. Maybe your liver is not as worrisome as they're saying??? Doctors always tell us not to worry about our cysts so we just don't. But, I totally believe that you have a host of health issues, it's all so confusing and awful. 7 more days, 7 more days!!!!! So you've had implants for a total of 32 yrs, is that right? Are you nervous about not having them? I would be, a little. It is a change, but it is a good change!
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Gees,, errors! I meant to say, over 20 some years! Although, it feels like more! I had my first implants at age 28 and now I am 53.. A few surgeries later. !! Thanks again for all the support! May 1stst the first day of the rest of my life, hopefully, with way less pain! Best of luck to all of you Wondeful Ladies about to have explants and continued Healing and happiness for those who are on the other side of this nightmare! :)
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Hi !! Just me again! I typed in 30, meant 20 some! Either way, I am nervous! Very! But also, with the pain and Health issues the last two years, I want to be alive to see Grandkids someday! I had implants put in back in 1988.. Mostly, because My Husband, was A boob guy. BLAH BLAH BLAH. Why do some of us Females aim to please? I am over 6 ft tall and had a small Athletic type Chest, I loved it. My Husband, not so much. So, I caved. I had Saline implants, above Muscle. Pretty much, for many years, I could not even feel them inside my body, and I never was sick. As we all find out later, they do not last life long. SO, a few years ago, Mine seemed to have dropped with age, gravity. I had them removed. I had NO idea about explanting, I thought once in, always in. SO, My PS talked me into Silicone, under muscle. WRONG idea. With my Height, he went larger, 500 ? Pretty big. The whole experience was so different having them under muscle. I suffered along with alot of pain for 8 months or so. The left implant, ripped into some Muscle lining and he removed them free. I know, was implanted a year and some ago, with smaller, but still 350 Silicone implants. ANYTHING, felt better then the past several months. SO I figured, once everything settled down, I could carry on with my Life. Like I said, I had hardly an issues with the old ones, well, except the same Husband who wanted me to have a bigger chest, was out of the picture now. Moving on, this last several months, the pain started up again illness, exhaustion all the time, the Liver stuff, High Blood pressure, HC, Just overall, unhealthy. SO, I am guessing, as my Doc is, I am also having allergies to Silicone. Maybe they are leaking, the PS feels they are not? Hope not. SO, that is where I am now. Because of reading all these posts, daily almost, and the outcomes and just looking forward to no Pain. I am READY! I actually, now as sick as it sounds, notice the bowling ball types out there. I feel very sorry for those ladies, I fell into that look myself. I think smaller chested Ladies are so much more Beautiful and Natural is the way to be. I may never have that youthful chest I once had, sure I wont, but I am praying that I will be Happy in my skin again! I have a daughter getting married in the Fall and I want to be alive and healthy. A lady hugged me the other day and honest, the pain of it was written all over my face.. Well, sorry for going on and on. I posted my Story the other day, and it has yet to appear. SO, this more or less, is my Story all over again! Thanks again Ladies!!!
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What an interesting story you have! I look forward to reading it! I just don't know why we try to please our men so much - something in our genes has us programmed, I think. Above muscle must have felt super weird and foreign. And then getting new ones submuscular - OWWWWW! And when my original PS put in the implants, he said they would last me the rest of my life. I had no idea there would be recommendations to have them changed or removed. Like a used car. Need a newer model. I PROMISE you'll be in less pain, after you get over this one last surgery. PROMISE!
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Well my gracious, this fibromyalgia is sure messing up your lives...go get those time bombs out before you have more Extensive pain and illness. God Bless a d get going. Hugest. Angelface
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So much happiness to u for getting them removed. And tons of support from all of us . Girl take care of yourself and I praying that your health improves especially the liver numbers improve d your energy level improves.. God Bless Angelface
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