Traveling Abroad for a Facelift

I traveled abroad to have my facelift and eyelift...

I traveled abroad to have my facelift and eyelift done and have been post-op for three months now. I am very happy with the whole process and especially liked the live-in atmosphere at the clinic and the camaraderie with the other patients.

The surgery itself went smoothly and I was out of it for much of that day. I awoke to the pain from hell and when I felt my face it was all puffed up. I could hardly feel a person under there! When I looked in the mirror for the first time I was also bruised everywhere (and I mean EVERYWHERE); I didn’t look in the mirror much after that!

Saying all that, I am very confident in the clinic and was treated like royalty. Coming from a first world country I think I was surprised at how I was treated, but then my money was really valued there too I suppose. I lived in the clinic for a few weeks and was given everything I needed, including ice packs, baths and little luxury things I requested. They also had beauty days that were wonderful, and it was great to see all of the other girls living there healing alongside me and getting better day-by-day.

You have to be confident to have surgery abroad. I don’t personally think it’s any worse than paying for a private surgeon in your home country but some people will tell you differently. The price difference will surprise you every time though, I guarantee! I never would have gotten all of this work done at home for what I paid to take a luxury, pampered vacation.


Can you also send me the information for where you went I so want to get this done in the beginning of next year Jamie.
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Hi there, I am new to this forum and I'm a bit nervous because I have booked with Dr. Rushapol for a facelift and eyelid lift for a couple months from now. I am very interested to hear about your experience!! I wish you well on your journey and hope to hear an update soon!
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I am new to the site too. Only found it a week or so ago and am almost addicted! 6 weeks today to my surgery. Very nervous but have read good things about Dr Rushapol...hoping it all goes as I hope. Have had long surgery before(9 hours) and more worried about side effects of being under anaesthetist for so long. I am from Australia and we go to Phuket often. I have seen the clinic and it looks very nice.
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