18 Y.o Girl in TORONTO Looking to Get a Nice Big Butt Asap !! :) LOOKING FOR A DOCTOR #BBL

Hey lovekys , so this is my second attempt at...

Hey lovekys , so this is my second attempt at posting this ... i wrote out LONG ass intro about my self along with all these pics and posted it up but it didnt go through , and i dont have time to sit here and write all that out again so ill keep it short and simple lol
So , basically ....

I WANT A HUGE BUTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol not just any ordinary looking booty , but a nice big juicy one lol

my measurments as of right now are [32DD , 29in waist , 38in hips]

my dream body would be [27in waist & 44in the hips ]!

my CURRENT weight is 146 lbs , im also 5'9

.. would i need to loose or gain weight for this surgery ?

ive been stalking this site for months and have came across some awsome pics as to what i would like my body to look like so i want a doctor that would put maybe :
* 1000 cc's in each cheek and then another 200cc's in my hips*


Salama can give you what you need he hooked me up
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hey !!! I was like u before surgery..I mean 5 9" and 145.. I gained 30 pounds cuz dr Salama said so..and even so I was only able to get 1100 per side...but he's amazing good luck !!!
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hey girl my numbers in your inbox i lost urs. iim going to dominican republic. i got good prices with two most reputable doctors. i think we should partner up
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