Nose Job Number 2 - Nov 4th 2012 - Septorhinoplasty - Manchester, UK

I had my first rhinoplasty in February 2004 when I...

I had my first rhinoplasty in February 2004 when I was 18. It was done for free on NHS and although it is improved and I am very happy I had it done, it was done to fit with my face and not cosmetically how I would like it. There was a bump that was filed down and the tip was revised very slightly. It was lovely whilst it was still swollen lol but when it settled down, there is some bump remaining at each side and I still have a lot of columellar show from the sides and a 'V' shape to the front. This is the first thing I see on photos.

I have left it nearly 9 years and am still unhappy with it, so I and my credit card have taken the plunge!! I am booked in with Transform Abbey Pines hospital in Manchester, England on Sunday 4th November 2012. It's fair to say I'm super excited and the day can't come quick enough - in fact they rang me today to go on 4 hours earlier :-D I'm sure I'll get nervous on the day, but for now I'm keeping everything crossed for a much-more-me nose! Less bump, less collumellar show, being able to breath through my right nostril and hopefully a much cuter tip.

Surgery seemed to go well today. Took ages to wake...

Surgery seemed to go well today. Took ages to wake up and also vomited a fair bit of blood which they said was normal, just a downside to the surgery swallowing your own blood eww! Slept for an hour or two after coming out and was feeling all good really, can see less collumellar and V shape, but I do have a cast on, nose packing and tape holding it up over the stitches. Took first pain killers after 4 hours, oddly my teeth were throbbing? As was my whole nose in fact. Also not stopped dripping blood all day grr. Managed 2.5 hours sleep so far and have fought off 4 sneezes, couldn't stop one though d'oh! Can just feel throbbing nose and teeth and stinging inside my nose so got more pain killers from the nurse. Hopefully get some more sleep and get the nose packs out in the morning and to go home :-)

Sounds like you spent the night at the surgery center? At least you're taken care of, so that's good. And I'm so happy to hear that you can already notice less columella and v-shape. Awesome!
Hope it went well... I know those columella blues all too well... Let's hope this time round you get the perfect nose for you!

I hope your surgery went well today! I can't wait to hear about your results. :)


The nose packs coming out this morning were up to...

The nose packs coming out this morning were up to my eye sockets, OMG so horrible!! Was looking all good when I got home, chilled out all day and looked in the mirror tonight to see a very nice black right eye developing. The whole right side of my nose is more swollen in fact, but that is the side I couldn't breath through, so guessing they've done more work that side? Making the bottom loom lop-sided, but I'm reserving judgement until a month or so has passed.
How's it going? I'm looking forward to see your columella reduction (I've got the same issue...). Keep us posted!
The same happens to me. I had a surgery done in March 2004. I had a big nose like Lea Michele's but with a bump, I coudnt breath well and the doctor performed a septumplasty but I asked to get rid of the bump which I hated so much. As it was my first time, I didn't know anything about the procedure nor the pain, or the risks. As it was a breathing problem and the surgery was performed by an otorrinologist the insurance payed it, well most of it. As time passed by I dislike the result more and more, it was swollen and it didn't look at my original nose at all it was complete different. The dr removed the bump, but instead I got a very big bump at the tip, uneven and big nostrils and ugly tip, it look very crocked and the collumela large. As my doctor died, I couldn't complain to anyone. Also, it looked like it has been operated, didn't seem natural at all. I spent many years regretting about this, I could breath better but I should have not asked the doctor to remove the bump, I thought it was my fault for asking this to an otorrinologist instead of a plastic surgeon. So, I looked so pics and I decided that my nose was so horrible and I needed an impediment NOW. I decided two months ago to do it, and I spent all my money (a lot in fact) cause I choose a very famous doctor, I was so happy and I had big expectations, my surgery was performed to weeks ago. After surgery, the surgeon told me that I had a lot of fibrosis and scars and also a plastic material, I was so disappointed about my previous doctor. Last week, the cast was taken off, today I went for a revision and to change the bandages when I look my nose I was terrible disappointed :( I looks the same as the one that I had had for 8 years, I didn't notice an improvement, it looks the same to me!!!! I felt scammed cause I spent a lot of money and it's the same :/ I really sad and wanna cry. Also, my collumela looks deviated, it was large but at least it was straight…I still have the same ugly unnatural nose from 2004…Moreover I have problems with the scaring and healing, it may have fibrosis again, so to avoid that the doctor told me to pinch, push my nose :/ I think this doesn't work at all. I am very very blue. I don't wanna make you feel bad, just want to share my experience with you and some other people. I really hope you have better luck, and know that everybody is different and everybody reacts different. Please, keep writing your journal. Blessings ;)

I'm glad you were able to get this done for yourself, and how fabulous that you're updating through your recovery. You're going to help so many other people! I'm super excited to see what it looks like when the cast comes off.


Today I get my cast and dressings off and, best of...

Today I get my cast and dressings off and, best of all, get to see my new nose! I've been recovering well, most of the swelling had gone by day 5 and the bruising pretty much around the same time. I've had a constant runny nose up until yesterday when what seemed like a switch just got turned off, was great! Must admit I'm very very nervous about the stitches being removed today, the skin in pink around them and they hurt when they pull if I smile too wide or yawn or something like that. Never had stitches before so just not sure how much it will hurt. Fingers crossed that it's all worth it!
Hii sounds like ur surgery went well :) mine is tomorrow at 12 noon and I'm so nervous especially for getting the needle in my hand to be out to sleep for some reason lol xx

Well, I'm two weeks after my surgery and a week...

Well, I'm two weeks after my surgery and a week since my cast came off. The cast was on so tightly and really hurt when it was removed, it pulled more on the left of my nose which really swelled up and bruised. A week on, one side is much more swollen that the other making my nose look overly curved. I'm hoping that's just the swelling anyhow!!! It seems to be going down, but it's still curved - time will tell, but praying it doesn't stay like this.

As for the 'V' shape and side columellar show - GONE - I love it. The surgeon has evened out my nostrils a little as well, which he wasn't sure could be done, so I'm very pleased with this area. Looks much better. I can also breathe through both nostrils, which is great.

I've only got pictures from the day the cast came off, so will put those up, but update when some more swelling has gone :-)
I'm so happy for you having the columella gone! I have similar issues, so I'm excited to see how good it can look. Did your doctor only lift the columella? Or did he have to add a graft to the alar rims to make them lower? Also, and I'm not sure how to explain this, but when I touch my columella, it feels like a spongy thing, almost like a flap with an extra bit of thickness at the bottom. A few millimeters up, I can feel a bone of some sort that goes from the face, out to the tip of the nose. Did your doc lift that flappy part right up to the boney part? Thanks for your story!!!
Aww good luck, hope everything went well!! I'm really squeamish about the needle too, I had to have the numbing cream lol!! Will keep an eye out for some pics x
Just one pic up so far - uneven swelling at the moment at the front, but I love the collumellar reduction, it looks really good :-)

Well, I was getting concerned over my nose being...

Well, I was getting concerned over my nose being more swollen on one side making it have a curved shape from the front, but I am glad to say this is gradually going away. I went to see my surgeon last week and he re-assured me that the curved shape is just swelling and he was really pleased with the results. He also said that he thought my most swollen area was my collumellar and that, once this subsides fully, another millemetre or so should come off it. music to my ears seeing as I already love this bit, smaller still will be amazing. i naturally have good and bad days - some days I love it, some days I pick faults. I've also been battling a cold, so still not being able to blow my nose has been a bit gross and not helped with the swelling. My nose is still very numb and painful inside if knocked even gently. Even so, it is still liberating being able to breath through two nostrils instead of just one. I am overall very pleased and will post more pictures soon once the front swelling has reduced x

Getting better week by week. Just updating with...

Getting better week by week. Just updating with some more pictures showing the front view - my most hated bit!!
You look beautiful, :).
Hi, sorry late reply, I don't know why I missed your comment... My surgeon just lifted the middle collumellar as it hung down, he wasn't able to do much to correct the size and shape of my nostrils due to the amount of money I could afford, but has made them more symmetrical and they look smaller now, as the show is much less with the mid bit lifted. I didn't need the rims lowering. I have put some new pictures on, I'd be interested to see what you think. My most swollen bit still is the tip and the collumellar - the surgon thinks another millimetre or some should come off when I am fully healed. I recall the harder boney feeling part above the soft collumellar - I am unsure what he did to reduce it in all honesty, but if I touch it now, the harder part feels really close to the skin, so I guess that's what he did? I didn't ask a lot of questions really, I just really got on well with the surgeon and just felt like he was the right one, so went with him :-)

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