42 Years Old 600cc Silicone Implants over the Muscle in 2006 ...ruptured !! -had them removed via nhs uk GB

Only found this website recently and would like to...

Only found this website recently and would like to thank all the lovely women for sharing their stories and pictures....it has helped me come to my decision.
Basically after 2 children and years of weigh gain and loss and boobs size going up and down from a B cup-DD I researched for months and decided after a friend had implants with transform that I would approach them I saw Mr chantarasak and he was great.....said my breasts were where they should be ( I thought they were sagging ) but would benefit from implants to fill them out more...so to cut a long story short I had 600cc implants placed over the muscle....op went very well no pain no brushing etc..all future check ups were fine.
Over the years I have noticed them lowering but it's only natural...gravity..age etc....I then found a lump...I had a lump investigated back in 1998 and it turned out to be a fibroadenoma ...so I thought it may be this again....had a scan and a mammogram and the following is the findings...on imaging there was evidence of a ruptured,collapsed implant lying in a complex fluid collection inferolaterally in the right breast and a lump was noticed as well as a smaller lump beside it.on ultrasound the appearance was that of a benign fibroadenoma .mamogramm showed irregularity in the right breast implant otherwise there was normal breast tissue!
Wow...shock is an understatement....I got straight onto transform the next day who wanted to see me that afternoon....was told
Mr chantarasak was retiring but dr khan would do it...god he was abrupt and extremely rude...wouldn't listen to what I had to say and kept interrupting me...said my breasts were a bit low ( nothing like kicking ya when ya done eh ) he couldn't feel a lump but could replace with different size £5000!!!
Double wow...so luckily found this site and started doing some research...I then received the letter from the hospital surgeon last week...with his findings which came as a shock...so thought it through and came to my decision after a few weeks mulling it over.....I can't go through further surgery...nor wish to put myself at any further future risk....and health complications so removal is my best option.
My local nhs hospital have said they need to be removed ASAP and they can do this...so finally rang them Monday and got a letter today saying I am on a waiting list for breast surgery . So will update as and when...nervous and dreading the end result but health comes first xx

Pre op oppointment

Got a letter saying I have a pre op assessment at the end of March...finally the ball is rolling :0) xx

Before implants

Few more before & after pics

You have been through so much. I truly feel that you are heading in the best direction. It's natural to be afraid of the "end result", but it's just fear of the unknown. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Good luck to you!!!
Thank you so much xxx
OMG your going to feel so much better & lighter. You will also look a million times better! Congrats on your decision.

Pre op

Well today is my pre op appointment at my local hospital .. Am feeling very anxious but know I am doing the right thing... Just hope they don't leave me waiting to long... Want it over & done with now ;0( xxx
I hope things went well yesterday and they can remove your implants soon. Good luck and keep us posted. xoxo
Thanks you...just gotta wait for a date now x
Hi. The focus of transform on trying to get more money out of you was terrible. I for one am glad youve gone down the nhs route. Im now 2 weeks post op via nhs and they have been brilliant,no money motivator with them. Im so pleased with my results and the aftercare has been first class. I gotnquite anxious waiting for the actual surgery date folowing my pre op. But I called the appointments dept a couple of times and let them know I was up for short notice cancellations and had my date within a week of my second phoine call. Good luck. X

Still waiting

Hope everyone is keeping ok....just a quick update...went for pre op last week and was told upto 6 weeks...so I left it 2 days and telephoned the surgeons secretary ....she said due to a few emergency cases she couldn't give me a date but I would hear from her at the beginning of April and if I haven't heard by mid April to call her again....a little disappointed to say the least...but just have to wait....hopefully not to much longer ;0( xxx
Hang in there! ..I guess ruptured isn't an emergency also??
Thanks Hun...well the original doctor at my hospital said they need to come out ASAP.....but still waiting :0( xx
It sounds like you're making the best decision for your body! My surgery is on April 11th, so let the countdown begin! I hope you don't have to wait very much longer for your surgery date, but we'll be here for you! This site is really awesome for moral support from our other "sisters"! I was so scared at first, worrying about what my breasts will look like after surgery, but after seeing so many post-op photos that look so great, I'm not so worried anymore. Besides, our health is more important than anything, not to mention the stress our fake boobies have caused us!

Yay...I got a surgery date!

Hi all you lovely ladies...hope everyone is doing ok...well I missed a call from my surgeons secretary last night and was so gutted ( just incase my date was given to someone else etc ) so got up early this morning to call her back and my surgery is now scheduled for Monday at 11.45.... Was told I should be out between 5-6pm that evening...so all stations go....gonna be a busy weekend...getting ready...so excited xxxxx
...good luck for Monday. x
Thank you :0) xxxx

Today's the day !!!!

Hi all hope all you lovely ladies are doing ok....well just a quick update....my last day before surgery...and I have spent it running around like a loon....blitzed my house top to bottom....everything that stood still has been cleaned..,bleached ....hoovered...mopped or dusted...lmao...anyway off to bed to try and get a few hours sleep....night night xxxx
I know you will do great! Update when your feeling up to it! Cheers to being lighter! I go tomorrow for my 2nd consult!! Excited!
Thanks Hun and hope so...good luck xxxx

Few more pics

hope you're feeling well. x
Am surprisingly well thank you x
Hope it all went well Hun ! Thinking of you and hope you are recovering well :) xxxxx

Yay they are out

Hi ladies just a Quicky...! Will write a proper update Tommorrow ... But all went well... No drains no stitches... Got glue....no bandages and am wearing a soft bra let at the moment but will out a soft sports bra on tonight before bed... And my girls look a bit sad but much better than I imagined... Am over the moon... I can breath better and feel so much lighter .. A few tinges but no real pain ... So happy I am on the other side xxxx all my love to you all xxxx
You look really good! Hope you are healing well xxx
Thanks guys....xxxx
Congrats! Wishing you quick healing!

First day of no implants

Hi all hope everyone is doing ok today....finally got round to updating this properly so here goes.
After not sleeping very well (Sunday night) I was up at 6 am to get my last cuppa and some toast down be ready for op later....glass of water at 11 am then off to hospital at 11.30.
Arrived at the daycare centre at 11.45 and was called within 5 minutes of arriving...said good bye to hubby and off I went.
Was showed to a recliner chair and told doctors,surgeons,anesthetist would be round in due course....forward wind a few hours...seen by all the above and told no need for drains...,very simple op and I am 3rd on the list to go to theatre.
Felt like I was waiting forever...finally at 4 a nurse came round asked me to put gown on and surgical stockings and hop on the bed .....nerves kicked in....it's finally happening ....anesthetist was lovely and made me feel relaxed the nurse was brilliant and had a giggle....saw my surgeon seconds before and the next minute I know I am waking up in recovery....at 5 o/c the first thing I did was feel my boobs...wow they feel flat.....was a bit teary but it's something I always do under anastetic ;0(.... I was in recovery till about 6pm then was taken back to the ward....they told me straight away I didn't need stitches but have glue instead....no dressings or bandages on...just hanging free..;0)
Once I had some water they sat me up a bit and I kept peeping at my girls....they looked tired and flat but surprisingly good...all things considered.
Had a long awaited coffee and then a bit of a sandwich....then a nurse asked if I wanted to get dressed and go to the toilet so I was straight up got to have a good look at them in the toilet mirror....not bad....much better than I had expected...,I had brought a soft bra let with me as well as a few sports bras but felt the bra let was ok for now...hence the pics I posted last night.
Finally got home about 8 pm last night...got into my zipped up sports bra which although is quite compressing it feels more secure....felt surprisingly good...a little sore but no real pain...just taking ibrofen and co coda mol... ( wasn't sent home with any as I have them already for a bad back).
Felt so relieved it was over...implant free....feel so much lighter....can breathe better.
Didn't sleep very well as I slept propped up by pillows and I normally sleep on my side so was up early today.
As the day has gone on I must admit I have stiffened up a bit ....can't say I have been in bad pain but very achey and have been getting a bit uncomfortable on the right side ( the insicion is must longer that side...I guess due to the rupture).
Anyway had a bath earlier which was nice...was told I can wash but not to get the incisions soggy so patted them dry after to make sure...all a but of a struggle but hey ho!I am quite stiff tonight on my right side and my muscles ache...but I guess it's all in the healing process...had a little bit of swishing on my right side...which I have read on here that other women have experienced so will be keeping an eye on it..but for now just trying to take it easy...will post some pics here from today and yest xxxxxx sending you all soft hugs xxxxxxxx

Few more pics

Right side day of surgery

Hi- how big were you prior to explant? I am scheduled for my explant Friday. I am so nervous about the aesthetics but they have got to go. I'm soooo ready but sooo scared
Hi Hun I was measured as a gg but wore a g....I know it's scary but you will be fine ...I felt the same...it is scary but once done you will be so relieved sending soft hugs xxx
I'm not going to miss the boobs. I try to hide them as it is. I'm just scared they are going to hang to my knees. I am just ready to get them out. I can't believe it's only two days away! Excited and nervous at the same time. I'm sure there are bras out there that will keep them from swinging to my knees.

Day 2

Been very sore and stiff today so really have chilled out...just had a quick bath and patted my girls dry...gently...my actual boobs aren't sore but the incisions are quite tender...but looking better each day...still getting a sloshing sound and feel in the right boob but not any worse just if I jig about when getting dressed etc....still keeping the sports bra on as it makes me feel nice and secure....when undressed to bathe I hold them like they are gonna fall off...lol....I remember feeling the same way when I first had them in...anyway hope everyone's doing ok here's a few more pics x
Did you have drains?
No drains or stitches they have glued the wounds x

Wow 7 days already

Hi all...I hope everyone is doing ok....hugs and prayers to everyone who is waiting or recovering ;0)
Anyway it's now day 7 and I must admit....today is the first day since explant that my boobies have felt normal...ish...lol
Have cut pain meds down by half and only a few times a day ( morning....during the day and bedtime) only taking ibrofen..which I take for a bad back anyway....still wearing my extra high impact sports bra...have tried a few different ones the last few days and they haven't felt comfortable...1 was not enough support and left me feeling achey and the other hocked them up to much ...so back to the sports bra ;0)
Have started giving the girls a soft massage after bath ...being very careful that I don't go near the incisions...as mine are glued...which is why they look a funny colour...I thought it was bruising at first and you will see from my pics that parts looks abit dark n almost like a hole...but today the excess glue started flaking off and nice skin underneath ...so that was a relief .
My right incision is the worst one as this was the ruptured one it's longer and deeper than the left and I still get a few shooting pains every now and then...and still a little sloshy noise but not as bad as before.
I don't think I have any swelling as they have stayed the same shape etc since explant last tues ....they seem to have settled a bit more in terms of feeling better and they seem to be filling out or fluffing a wee bit ;0)
My sports bra is from marks and Spencer's and is a 38c but I have bought another in a 38 and 36 c and they have come up small so bit unsure on the size front but as you can see I do have quite a lot of breast tissue...but time will tell if this changes I guess.
My left one sometimes drops a little lower than the right but again this may be due to scar tissue etc in the right side.
Anyway rambling on now...hope everyone is doing ok...will post some more pics so you can see my progress...love to all xxxxx
I am one week post op today and my breasts are very flat on the top and I was wondering if you have the same thing? I think they will get a little better in time. I'm loving having them out!!!
Hi kfs424.... Congrats on your 1 week ....yes from day 1 mine were very flat on top....but I am nearly 2 weeks now and have noticed them slightly filling out a little....it all takes time for the muscles and skin tissue to repair....I am sure yours will fluff nicely...happy healing Hun xxx
Thanks so much

Worth a read

Hi all stumbled across this...makes interesting reading xxx
Natural definitely looks beautiful on you! :)
Ahh :0) thank you...the girls have been through so much and still looking abit sad....but early days and I am so pleased I did this...jus wish I had done it sooner ...take care and thank you for your kind words xxx
Thank you for sharing the article ! I will definitely have a read at it ! Xxxxx :)

16 days post

Hi all you lovely ladies hope everyone is healing nicely...thought I would update a bit to show you how I am getting on.
Well I am getting there....started doing more now...but know when I have over done it as I get tired and achey...still good days and bad days.
Not taking any different pain meds now ( take ibrofen for back...although this got better since explant) occasionally have an extra one if I feel a bit achey.
I massage every night with palmers stretch mark cream...aloe v cream and apply some arnica gel to the top of my chest to ease achey muscles.
They seem to be healing nicely....haven't applied anything to the incisions as I have glue on them and feel abit anxious about getting them soggy so after a bath I pad them dry and just massage my breasts staying away from the incisions....my glue is starting to come away now and incisions don't look as bad.
It does seem that my right breast is lifting quicker than my left but my right was the one that had the rupture so maybe some matter has been removed...I have a follow up appointment with my surgeon on 8th may so I will find out then.
I am not overly concerned but I do feel abit lop sided ;0(
I drove for the first time on Sunday...felt ok but ached alittle that evening....and brought my self a little bra for later on when I am all healed....a nice pink one ;0)
I am still wearing my extra high impact bras...have 2 now...!
I did go bra less for a while after my bath last night but felt a bit unsafe so back in the sports bra....which is really comfortable and am sure it has aided my recovery.
I will continue to wear these until I see my surgeon next week...I have softer sports bras and bra lets but they don't seem as supportive.
Anyway hope everyone is keeping ok....will post some pics I took tonight....see what you think...xxx
Hi hun ! You look fantastic ! You certainly don't have to worry about breast tissue ! You have plenty , you look so beautiful natural ! Can't believe you are over 2weeks post op ! Time is flying in ! Don't worry about the lop sidedness hun , you really can't notice it but in guess you are aware yourself.. My both are also different shape my right seems larger and more in place , while my left seems slightly less fluffed , smaller and the nipple tends to invert and skin pucker , I'm just being patient and keep massaging , I'm just so happy to have soft boobs , feels great ! Especially when sleeping ! No hard rocks in bed with me lol getting in the way! You look truly amazing , stay happy and enjoy the new natural soft you !! Xxxxx
Hi su23.....thank you so much for your kind comments.....it means a lot ;0) Mine feel like the right side is contracting quicker...sits slightly higher but the left sits lower and has more volume....but I have my post op oppointment next thurs with my surgeon so I will find out if she took anything out of the right...this may explain it...as this was the ruptured one....and yes it's still early days...I too am massaging each night after me bath and they are lovely and soft...still in sports bra...although every now and then I go bra less or where a soft bra for a while just to give them a rest...but feel more secure when in high impact one :0).... Anyway how are you feeling and healing now Hun? Are you gonna update soon ? Sending soft hugs xxxxxx
You are most welcome hun! Yeah it seems like that your right one perhaps with the rupture had more to clean out , but new tissue does grow through time , I think you are doing all the right things to keep them healing and fluffing nicely ! Good luck with your appointment , I bet you are really excited , hopefully you will get the answers xxxx yeah like you I feel more secure with my sports bra 's , I go between the high impact and medium support 's bra , I prefer the medium support for night , though I'm at a stage now that I feel comfortable bra less for short periods , gives the chance for my breasts to breath , I now get the very odd twinge , feel I'm able to do a lot more now regards lifting more bags of shopping etc ,my post op appointment with my surgeon is on the 29th can't wait ! My only concern is really my left breast where the nipple and the area around if retracts , but I'm persevering with the massage and aloe Vera cream to tighten this skin , still can't believe I had implants in for a decade and a half ! Do you feel your symptoms with implants away now ? Or subsiding ? I find that my joint pain is away and not so tired , though I do have days when I'm shattered and just want to sleep ,but I guess that's with me still healing xxxx Can't wait to be able to lie on my front , though being extra careful and previous about my breasts just now , it's amazing how much I appreciate my breasts now , I bet you felt the same , and at least we can hold our head up high with confidence that we are all natural ! I will post some pics and update tomorrow , will be 4 weeks this Friday ! Xxxx :))

3 weeks out..!!

Hi ladies hope everyone is doing ok....just thought I would do a quick update...seeing as it's 3 weeks today since I had the toxic bags removed...;0)
Well....no real pain just a few aches and twinges here and there...I can lift a little more and stretch up a bit more...there's still things I go to get and I feel a tug and think oops no but all in all feeing better .
I do still get tired...seem to have 1 day where I feel great so get on and do stuff...then the next day I feel shattered so still one day at a time for me .
I am still wearing my high impact sports bras day and night....sometimes I put a softer sports bra or bralet on for a while after my bath just to give them a rest.
The only real concern I have is in the last few days my right breast...which had seemed to be lifting looks like it has dropped a bit at the top...as if there's a little void there...not sure about this but have been massaging twice a day...so maybe have dislodged something?? I have an appointment with ysurgeon on thurs so will mention it to her then.
My left seems a wee bit bigger and was slightly lower than the right but seems to be fixing itself either that or the right has dropped....who knows....I think I am maybe worrying to much at this stage.
My glue has come off almost entirely on the left incision and is lifting away on the right...looks ok and fairly neat considering what I had done (right side was the ruptured one )
I have been shopping and trying on bras which is a mine field...in a sports bra I am 38c in a wire or wire free normal bra I am a 38d it seems...although things will change in time no doubt .

Anyway will post a few pics and update again once I have seen surgeon on thurs....hugs and prayers to you all xxxx

Another update (3 weeks out)

Found and ordered this bra from George at asda....it's a soft no wired bra front fastening ....they do it in black and white and they are £8 each ( and if you are quick they are offering 20% off lingerie at the moment ( I paid £12.80 for 2 ) seems comfy and fairly supportive...brought for a few weeks time or In between bra changes lol....and front fastening which is an added bonus ...xxxx

Another boob shot 3 weeks out

Sorry hit post before adding this one :0( x
Hi Sibaxter , you look fantastic ! I keep thinking looking like that why would you need implants . You are naturally beautiful and have boobs ! Don't you ever think of implants again ! Lol Seriously your natural breasts far exceed any implants The white bra'a you posted from asda , did you get them online ? Just wondering what size I would fit if o got them....as I'm wearing the 34b in that black pink sports bra that I posted , but I'm thinking the white one you posted may be bigger in cup size as not sports bra ...xxxx
Hi su23.... Bless you thanks for your kind words....am awaiting before pics from my original ps....so I can see and everyone else what my girls were like pre implant...I am defo bigger and have more breast tissue than before...although they are shrinking abit more in the last week or so. And I would never even consider implants again...never never never....even if I ended up with nothing ;0) With regards to the asda bra....I would go smaller as it's not a sports bra nor is it padded or underwired...I ordered it in 38c same as my sports bra and there's a little bit of room so maybe I needed a 36c...but it's ok...nice n comfy...sits nice but have to scoop the girls in...like any normal bra at the moment...lol...I am finding if it's a padded or normal bra as such I need a 38d if it's a normal non wired or sports bra then it's 38c . Maybe order both sizes Hun and see which fits better can always return? The pink n black asda sports bra I have is a 36c and is a bit tight...it's a mind field isn't it xxxxx hope your well honey xxxx
And yes Hun online and delivered to store for free with 20% off at the moment xxxxx

3 1/2 weeks

Hi all ...just a quick update as I thought that in some of my pics my boobs look bigger than they are so took a pic from my ipad into a mirror.... The other pics are from my phone pointing at me..lol
And my glue has finally come off which I am relived about as it was aggravating me.... And I have my follow up appointment with my surgeon tomorrow so she can now see the incisions properly and make sure alls well ;0)
Anyway hope everyone is doing ok....love to all xxxx
Hi Sibaxter ! You look perfect even at 3 and 1/2 weeks xxx :) I'm really finding it hard to find bra size , as some 34A or 34B (small ) depending in brand etc I guess I'll just have to take a day out and go bra trying on day and see which brand and size fits right lol but I think going to end up 34A .. Which is small but I love it ! Just love the way clothes fit etc .. Going to have to change my whole wardrobe , with implants I was a 36C/D but was too big for my frame and fit the past few years I wore baggy tops etc .. But with my small breasts now I'm going to have to get rid if all those baggy clothes and buy more fitting tops as they accentuate apparently a more smaller chest ! And I'm loving the way I look :) xxxx Keep me posted ! Love your updates , and again you look amazingly beautiful ! Xxxx :) All the best with your appointment with your surgeon ! Your incisions seem to be healing nicely too ! :)) xxxxx soft hugs xxx I'm going to go online and buy the 34A in that white one you posted ! :) xxxxx I have an evening out tomorrow and need to wear a black dress , I just went and bought a black sports like bra , hope it will do the trick as can't wear the sports bra under the black dress lol it would look ridiculous ! Xxxxx :)
OMG you look fabulous! Seriously, I am sitting here in awe! I cannot get mine done soon enough. I think possibly my result may be very similar to yours. Mine are 500cc over the muscle and I was a small C to begin with and now well, who knows! They keep growing! I feel so frumpy. I have bras that are a 36DDD and those can be tight and leave marks on my chest. (I hate the upper pole fullness) if only adds bulk and nothing fits me! If mine look anything like yours after then I will be jumping for pure joy! Congratulations, you look wonderful.
Hi su23.... The bra thing is a nightmare....I think they all fit differently....I know I had the same problem before but am gonna wait to get measured as I feel they are still changing so bit early ....have just stuck to sports type bras...& soft bras....but have been told today I can now wear underwired as well as it dosent rub on incisions ...again I have brought a few but gonna go out n try some on tomorrow hopefully. Went into debenhams last week and tried on a few different sizes and brands...all different ;0/ ....I know what you mean about clothes....I too in recent times have worn baggy clothes which now hang of me so need some tighter fitting tops....and can now buy shirts yay.....used to bust out of them :0( Anyway thanks again for your lovely words Hun and I hope you get the bras right...they are nice...quite pretty and good price.....and good luck on your night out Hun...hope you have a fab time...I am sure you will look a million dollars....soft hugs xxxxxxxx

Just over 4 weeks out

Hi all...hope everyone is keeping ok...just a quick update to let you all know how I am doing.
Well went to see my surgeon last week and she was happy with how I am healing...said I can go about my business as normal now...can wear underwire bra if I want to as well as it doesn't rub on the incisions and any probs see my gp...short and sweet lol.
So went back to work yesterday....did ok struggled with a few bits but all in all ok....feeling it today though...shattered .
I do tire easily but I think that's all part of the healing process.
Will post up a few pics and I have a pic of my removed implants....my surgeon took it for me....it's in black and white so unfortunately you can't really see the details but trust me it was a mess....I discovered that she got what she could capsule wise out of the ruptured side but the left was all intact so no need to remove the capsule ...which explains why the right side is a bit smaller....she said everything should heal up nicely...:0)
I hope everyone is doing ok....sending hugs to all xxxx

6 weeks out ....happy

Hi all hope everyone is keeping ok just a quick update ... Am 6 weeks out tonight and healing nicely ... Incisions are looking good and my boobs are starting to fluff a little my right side is a bit behind but that's the one that has the rupture and was a mess in there ;9(
I am still wearing a sports bra to bed... I massage the while breasts and the insicions every night after a bath and during the day wear a soft bra or sports bra depending on what I am doing that day.
I have bought underwired bras for when I am ready so will be in them soon.... I was told at 3 1/2 weeks that I could wear wired but have held of as my sports bras are so comfy .
I still get the odd twinge and ache but not enough to worry about really.
I now have my photos from my original ps which I will post here so you can see before and after etc
Anyway take care all happy healing hugs xxxx

Just to add another pic

This is what my implants ended up looking like after nearly 8 years
I just saw your posts after you commented and you look amazing love. Thank you for sharing your story and all your updates!
Ah bless you thank you for your kind words....this site is great and gave me the strength and knowledge to explant and so glad I did so I have documented my story to share with others xxxxx

9 weeks out

Hi ladies hope everyone is doing ok...just a quick update....9 weeks today since explant and I am pretty much back to normal....have still been wearing sports bras because they are so comfy...have tried a normal bra a couple of times but have ached a little after.
I slept for the first time last night with no bra...felt weird but all ok.
I will still wear a sports bra to bed a few times a week I think just to support my girls a bit and may start to wear some normal bras inbetween sports bra days...lol.
I still massage my breasts each evening after my bath and have just started using palmers breast firming cream to see if it helps a little...all in all happy with my results....my right side is still a little but smaller than my left but hey I can live with that....have included a few pics of my progress xxxxxx hugs to all xxxxxx
Thanks for posting all the pics..it gives me hope I will fluff back up..im hoping to...the chest pressure I felt from day one after implants..goes away..and I hope my shoulder and neck fatique subsides also..your..looking good girl!
Hi ya Hun....have faith you will fluff....and trust me I have suffered with my back and shoulders etc for years...been so much better since explant....xxxx take care
And thank you xxx

Almost 5 months

Hi all...hope everyone is keeping ok...sorry I haven't been on here in a whole but been so busy with life etc....well I am almost 5 months out now and think my girls are finally settled I seem to have shrunk down a bit from before...I still struggle with bra sizes but can be anything from 38c to a 36dd/e depending where and what type of bra.
I don't mind being a smaller size as I can now get into nice pretty thin straps and much cheaper bras so all in all doing good ;0)
I had a total abdominal hysterectomy leaving my ovaries in And am now nearly 8 weeks post op...so have been preoccupied with recovering from that...but so glad I had my boobs sorted before this ...so basically I have been recovering from operations for best part of the summer...but hey ho....it all had to be sorted so hopefully I am on the road to recovery.
The only downside with my girls is my right side is still a little smaller...say half a cup size maybe....but after looking up online I got a good tip....adjust your bra straps to compensate for any differences and yes it works so alittle padding and a tighter strap and they look great....no regrets what's so ever...so glad to be natural....love to all xxxx
Sorry to hear you have had to endure another op!! lets hope you can enjoy next summer better! Still looking good though, I cant really see much of a difference in the breast from the pics. Thanks for the update and best wishes. Got my explant scheduled on 6th October though haven't updated yet, will do nearer the time x
Hi lilmissgb...and thank you for your kind words...yes hopefully I am all fixed up now ;0) good luck with your future explant....you won't regret it...will be thinking of you and look forward to your updates....anything ya need to know just gimme a shout....sending hugs xxx
Ah thank you xx
Dr chantrarak

My original ps was great...very supportive etc... Now awaiting an nhs appointment with mr chin or associates for removal ! My explant was performed by ms taylor- breast surgeon at Milton Keynes general hospital .

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