Trans-Umbilical Breast Aug - Best Way to Go.

I had trans-umbilical breat augmentation (meaning...

I had trans-umbilical breat augmentation (meaning they went through my belly button, so there are no scars on my breasts anywhere) in 2003.

They've changed me into a more positive, happier, more ambitious person. I exude confidence, and feel feminine. They've made me a better person bc of how I feel. They're gorgeous, and despite them being saline, they're soft. I've never had a problem with them, thank God!

If you've been plagued w/ low self esteem bc of small breasts and feel less than feminine, then DO IT. You'll be happy you did.


I also got my breast done by him. He is awesome!!!!!!
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did you get your implants above or below the muscle?
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Dr. Leonard Grossman, The New York Center for Plastic Surgery

He's professional, smart, and makes patients comfortable. His work is flawless, and he's highly recommended.

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