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Tramatic Experience with No Results

This experience was so painful, especially in...

This experience was so painful, especially in certain areas of my face that I had to constantly dry my tears with a tissue. I would have stopped after a few passes but was told I had to pay for the whole procedure regardless because I was paying for the tip that could not be reused. I was told this amount of pain was unusual, that most people experience only mild pain. I thought at first maybe I plugged into some abuse issues I had from childhood and that it was just me. After reading other reviews I realize it is not uncommon and she must have known. Still I thought well at least it will be worth it. I did not notice one bit of difference! She told me that about 20% of people don't notice any difference. If I would have been told that I never would have done it in the first place. I assumed the results would vary in people, but never that that many didn't notice any results at all!
I had same experience. no improvement, and pain that was like being tortured. i got swelling that left loose skin on my neck that is still there 2 months on.
I am so sorry you went through such pain. Thank you for being so candid and leaving your story here for others to read before they make their final decision. I truly appreciate it. I am going to research all my options before deciding what to do.
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