I went in for a facelift, and first off, the wait...

i went in for a facelift, and first off, the wait was horrible, i went twice. each time i had to wait at least an hour just to see the doctor. my scar around my ears were very embarassing and i felt that then did a poor job, i barely saw a difference in my face. horrible job, worst service, avoid if you can. at least that was from my experience

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Hi -

Can you pleas share who your Dr. was. I'm also in San Diego and I need to have some work done on my 11 year old daughter who was in a a serious accident. I just want the best for he even though it will likely take a while to pay it off. Who cares about that. I just want my little girl back.

Thank you so very much!
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Hello, I know it has been a while but could you just tell me who your doctor was? I appreciate it. Thanks, Fiona
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oh that is terrible! Is your face looking better yet? I live in Sa Diego and am cosnsidering the procedure-who was your DR?
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I am also considering facelift in San Diego. Who was your doctor?
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