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Facelift Disaster Left Me with a Hole in my Neck

I wanted a face lift in order to feel better about...

I wanted a face lift in order to feel better about my appearance but all this experience has left was pain, sleepless nights, and sadness because now after all the money i spent im left with a big twisted scar on side of neck/face.

At first before the surgery he was very polite and attentive. after the surgery i could see the change in him and while he was off on vacation he left me to talk with his secretary. On top of that he had sent me letter from a board of plastic surgeons committee trying to scare me if i decided to take him to court for medical malpractice.

I saw a show in "bad plastic surgery" the other day and a woman was on with a wound just like this. Thermage had caused it.
I'm sorry this happen to you. I agree with Sere said. Stay strong. You are beautiful despite the scar.
This all sounds peculiar, because there really isn't much detail about the surgery or the post-op recovery/procedures and the poster has not answered questions here or posted any follow-ups. It looks like it was an infected hematoma. Why would that not be treated immediately? Why would a board of plastic surgeons try to intimidate a patient?
San Ramon Plastic Surgeon

i would not recommend this doctor, he left a big scar on left side of my neck/face. HE wanted to CHARGED ME AGAIN after paying 20,000$ for him to make a hole in my neck.

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