New Boobies :) In Cali

I am sooooo excited to be moving forward with this...

I am sooooo excited to be moving forward with this part of my life. I am a 29 year old Wifey and a mother of 2. I have always been small chested and have been happy with myself in the past and just acceppted it.. atleast they were cute lol. After my second child,( breastfed) I can honestly say, I feel like my breasts are deformed. After both kids I was a DD. Now I am a very small A.( I was a B before kids ) My nipples are sunk in and I feel like my womanhood is gone.

So.. with much deliberation between my hubby and I, we have decided to restore my boobs and add sum excitement & Spice to our relashionship. I have also discussed my decision with my 11year old daughter. I was concerned about her views and her impressionable age. To my surprise she is very supportive and understands its not because I am unhappy with "small" boobs but at the fact that they have been depleted and its something that I am fixing because they are "broken" so to speak. Her response was very important to me. She said " Mom you deserve to do it because they really do look bad and not how they used to." I truly love my lil' honest baby lol My surgery was supposed to be at the end of May but I have decided to move forward with it sooner. So now the date is set for May 4, with Pre-op on Monday the 30th to choose the size.

I am freakkkkkiiinnnn out with excitement and a little nervousness in there too. I am confidant my doctor is Amazing and I feel totally confidant in his expertise. He is a Stanford tranied Sugeon, in reconstructive and cosmetic Surgery. He is also the Doctor who trains Surgeons in how to perform surgery. He has 30+ years experience and makes you aware and comfortable with everything. I have a close girlfriend who went to him and her results are stunningly beautiful and natural looking. She has had 3 of her friends go to him and they are all Super Happy. I am soooo excited and cant wait to go for the preopp and pick the size. I am pretty postive I want a very Full C or small D. I am def. leaning toward a D but the Doc goes on CC not bra size.

The results I want are " Dammm those look so good they have to be fake" not " Dam those are fake as hell" The doctor said that that is def attaniable being how much skin I have and that I dont need a lift :) Woooo hoooo!! This is the beginning of my journey....

Yesterday I joined this community to share my...

Yesterday I joined this community to share my story and to read other womens journeys that have made the same choice as myself. The more I read.. the more I see sooo many women with the same story as mine. It is very comforting to hav this site. I am very thankful :)

Yesterday I started doing the rice test. I actually like this method of getting an idea of the size and weight. I had my sister-in-law come over to give me her honest opinion on size. I was playing around with two sizes. One bigger and the other smaller. To my surprise my sis said she thinks I could go a little bigger than what I was playing with! That was not the reaction I thought I would get. Being, that most ppl. seem to say dont get bigger than a C. She said because my frame is bigger on the bottom bigger would match nicely on top :) Wooohoo I thought it was just my hubby being a guy lol I am 5'7 inbetween 135-140 Size 7 jeans. 34 A I would consider myself to be athletic build. I will post pics asap to gain some opinions of the wonderful ladies on this site :) Hope everyone has a blessed day

Last night my hubby and I were talking about size...

Last night my hubby and I were talking about size and the incision I should choose. I had thought of going throught the nipple... there was really no other option I was considering. Now I am rethinking that. I am unsure of this part of the surgery now. I dont want the scar under my boob but I dunno if I want to risk having hypersensitive nipples or numb either??? DOes anyone know if you are still at risk for hpersenstive/numb nipples if your have the insicion at the fold. I dont really have much boob to hide the scar... but I may after they are in??? If any of you ladies can give me some insight that would be great. Thank you :) OMG!! This time next week I will be 2 days away. I am totally going though so many emotions and considering all the bad outcomes and axious/nervousness getting EXTREME!! I cant seem to get the "what ifs" outta my head.

So today I just posted pics of my before boobies....

So today I just posted pics of my before boobies. I have gained alittle weight since Dec. ( quit smoking :) woohoo) and my nipples do not look as sunk in as before... but it is also cold in here lol. When they are relaxed they look like they are 60 years old. As each day creaps closer. I am getting really scared. I keep reading horror stories.I keep reading happy stories too though. It seems maority of the horror stories are from women who have went to shiesty docs or went to large. I keep praying the Doctor I choose will have a lot to do with a negative or positive outcome and have to keep reminding myself I am in good hands. It eases the anxiety a little but I am still very nervous. I hope this decison I am making is the correct one. My thoughts are " If something goes wrong and the end result is taking them out.... I will be left with what I have now. Saggy deflated effed up looking boobs" I am willing to take the risk I guess. It seems as if I am obsessed with my boobs as the day inches near. My friend called me last night to tell me congrats and she cant wait to come visit and help take care of me the following week. She is sooo comical.. shes likes goooo BIG!!!! E for Excellent lol Joking of course. She reassured me I will love them and not to worry. She has hers done ( not same doc as me ) Her only regret is not going bigger. My hubby and I were looking at pics of before and after.. Whenever I made the comment " o dang those look bad" He said " babe they are just done.. you gotta give them time" Those type of comments were reassuring to me he will be a great support to any crazy thoughts I have. Heres to one more day closer!!!!!

So today marks exactly one week until I become the...

So today marks exactly one week until I become the new me. This time next week.. I will be Post-op with new Boobies. I AM SOO EXCITED today ;) Last night not so much. I was very emotional and consumed with fear. I guess that is normal and a good thing too. I am defiantly doing this with my eyes open and am totally aware of everything. Thankfully those feelings are out of the way. Time to be Stoked and happy. Positive thinking is good for the mind and soul. Negative will kill ya :) I went to Target today with my 2 year old son. I decided to see how it felt to go in public with my rice boobs lol I loved it. I didnt feel as if anything was different except I loved how I looked as I walked by mirrors ;) There was no extra attention or anything out of the norm.. which was comforting and reafirmed the size I want will fit my body :) YAY!!!! The only thing that sucked... I couldnt find PJ's that buttoned up... I went to a few stores.. all they had were granny style.. Ill be dammed if I have sexy boobs covered in Granny Gear lol :) I may be borrowing one of my hubbys button ups :) Again I just want to THANK this site!! If it wernt for this awesome society of women and the stories I would probobly lose my mind. Today is a good day :) Much Love to all the Beautys on " Real Self "

Today I had my pre-op ;) It went very well!! I...

Today I had my pre-op ;) It went very well!! I love my Doc. He is so awesome. I decided on 400 cc (filled to 430) High profile, under the muscle and through the nipple. My nerves have subsidded for the most part. The anxiety over the "what ifs" are barley there.What will be wil be :) Now I am just soooo anxious for Friday to be here. I have waited for this day for so very long and although it is right around the corner it feels so far away. I filled my scripts today. He gave me percoset(pain), Keflex (antibiotic) and 2 Adavan(anxiety) for wed and thurs night. I have my Jammies with button up front which by the way are horrible but atleast they have Betty Boop on them lol My daughter went with me to find them. She is so funny. she says as we are looking at all the selections " MOM!! These are all so ugly. You have to get Betty Boop because those are the least Granny... AND hurry up dont let anyone see you buy those" She is def. a little fashionista :) I love her!! I guess I have to wait until mid week to start my crazy nesting and getting last min. stuff prepared, which I am hoping gets here fast and doesnt drag. I just want to have the surgery and be on recovery row. All good things come to those who wait... So here I wait. I will post some before pics with a few of my favorite shirts this week, because I want to see the after ... or if I fit in them. Kinda keepin it a secret from the ol' man I may need a new wardrobe lmao ( he Im sure knows this but likes to play dumb) ;) Hope everyone has a great Monday

It is Tuesday evening. I dont really have much to...

It is Tuesday evening. I dont really have much to update with except I am suuupppppeeerrrr stoked!!!!! I will prob do a lot of cleaning and grocery shopping tomorrow to get as much done as I can because I know thursday is going to prob be nerve racked lol So I guess that is it for now. Waiiit know why I am so chill. The anxiety meds must be kickin in :) Thankfully :) Hope everyone has a great night

Wed night is finally here :) Less than 48 hours to...

Wed night is finally here :) Less than 48 hours to go :) I couldnt be more ready. Today I didnt get as much done as I would have liked but I think I am ready for the most part :) My homework is done and I have done all the reasearch possible and am familiar with as much as I possibly can be. I have made myself stop looking at pictures and reading stories. There is no use looking at great boob jobs and horrible ones, reading great stories and reading horror stories. Now its just time to relax and be excited. My life and confidance are going to change for the better and I am so excited. I CANT wait for Friday. Its seems like it is taking forever. By this time tomorrow I will have lived my last day as a small chested woman. I have waited for this for most of my life and even more so after I had my babies. I just hope I can get to sleep tonight and tomorrow. Excitment is a crazy drug lol Thats it for now :) Hope all the Beautiful Ladies on "Real Self" have a lovely Night

Tonight is the night I have waitied for all week....

Tonight is the night I have waitied for all week. Was able to get everything done I needed to today. It has been nice to have the support of most of my friends throughout the day shoot me a text or a call to say they love me and good luck. My family has been there for me aswell. I am so thankfu for the support I have recived. I also met a girl on RealSElf and we have been corresponding through texts and that has helped enormously. I can honestly call her my friend. We go in tomorrow at almost the same times on different coasts, it has been such a blessing to have had her to go on this journey with :) I cant wait until 6AM when I wake up take a shower and be on my way to the new me!!!! It feels Surreal and like a dream... but I am more than ready for it to begin. Im feeling kida loopy hahaha so Im gonna end this last little excerpt. Hope everyone has a blessed night xoxoxoxoxoxox Will post update as soon as I can!! Love to all the Beautys on Real Self :)

Today Is day 1 post op. I am in a ot of pain but...

Today Is day 1 post op. I am in a ot of pain but thankfully I have awonderful Doctor who gave me percoset, norco and Valium. So I feel very blessed. My boobs look amazing. They are still kinda swollen and hard but they look great. Last night kind of sucked pretty bad. Could only sleep fofr 2 hours at a time. I threw up once but ook some motion sickness meds and that helped a lot. Just wanted to give a quick update. Going to go lay back down. Post pics in a few

Day 3 has the been a huge relief compared to day...

Day 3 has the been a huge relief compared to day one and two. The pain was imense yesterday. We had our friends and fam over for the holiday on sat. which was nice to have the company, they were al wonderful and very sweet and helpful. and distracted me from the pain. Sunday hubby took kids to bday party and one ofmy bestfriends came and helped while they were gone. I feel ok enouhg to take care of my self minimally today... so its def. nice to relax quietly today. My cousin took my baby to day care for me and my daughter is at school. I have decided my couch is where I am going to sleep .. my bed was torture. Im feeling loopy and the pain is so much less laying down with ice... thats all for now. Hope the laies of real self have a lovely day

So I guess today is day 5 post op... but for me...

So I guess today is day 5 post op... but for me its technically day 4 since the first day was the surgery and I was kind of out of it to be able to write anyting. This morning was tough trying to get my baby ready for school. He did not want to cooperate with me getting dressed and stuff. But we did it. I was crying toward the end pleading with him to just be nice to mama and get dressed. It is soo hard to do anything. My boobs and back hurt...My tummy is also really bloated which is driving me nuts cause it looks like I am preggo :( I make myself move around in between naps and get up and stretch as best I can without it hurting too much and walk around for 5 to 10 min. I really want to take a shower sooooo bad. But the doc said I cant get insicions wet until I take bandages off on thursday. UUggghhhhhh. Thankfully I am not a stinky person lol But I am used to taking a shower in the morning and at night. I am thinking about running a bath and just sitting in it waist deep just so i can sponge bathe myself. Ive been babywiping myself thus far lol. My hair is icky tho. But through all this crazyness I am still so happy with the decision I have made. I cant wait till thursday and have the bandages removed and wear a normal bra!! Thats it for now... going to barracade myself in pillows and an ice pack. Hope u all have a blessed day xxoxox

Feeling the best I have so far since surgery :) I...

Feeling the best I have so far since surgery :) I love how my boobs look. My self esteem has never been so high. I went to target today just to get outta the house and grab some starbucks :) It was a nice little outting. I am going to go lay down now and ice my girls. They feel great and are softening up as each day passes. Tomorrow is post op appt. to get the bandages removed. Sooo excited yay :) Hope everyone has a wonderful day xoxoox

May 10th marks 6 days post op :) I am feeling...

May 10th marks 6 days post op :) I am feeling sooo much better. I went to Post opp doc visit today bandages removed and he said everything is healing nicely. They look great and gave me the go-ahead to massage them... n OMG does it hurt lol but he said the pain is def worth it when they are settled and heal beautifuly. He says " they are meant to move around in there so dont be afraid when you massage them (we want them to move) and it hurts... that means you are doing it correctly" I love my doctor he is so cool and honest :) My daughter has been a great help this week and I am thankful for her patience and being an angel. My cousin has helped me immensly in taking my son to daycare and picking him up. My poor little guy has had a hard time being at daycare though. Hes only used to 2 days so going the whole week for entire days has been rough. My cousin said he cried when she left today :( It is also hard because I am very affectionate with my kids and I cant hug him or hold him or pick him up. So I am thinking when he gets home today we take a walk to the park and spend some quality time with both of them other than me being on the couch. Through out this whole experience I wouldnt change a thing ( except being able to hold my babies :) It has been a dream come true to finally have boobies

Today marks 7 days since my surgery. I had to go...

Today marks 7 days since my surgery. I had to go get a bra today :) It was the best feeling in the world to have the sweet ladies of Victorias Secret genuinly share in my booby happiness. I have never purchased any garmet from Victorias Secret (my see through shirt Im wearing in pic below) because I was embarrassed to be measured n it seemed insane for 50 $ for a bra. Today that is all history ;) I measured a 36 D. I needed a bra without underwire per doc. They only had 2.. Kinda crazy lol But out of the 2 I was able to choose from 1st one was not sexy at all and covered most of my boob. Def NO! lol 2nd choice was absolutly gorgeous, comfy,lovely material, no underwire, pushup but not too much and the right amount of my boob is exposed to my comfort. It is a New style they just recieved this week :) My lucky day lol The style is "Knockout Pushup" wireless. If any ladies need a no underwire bra... I fully recommend this one.

Today is the last day of my son being in day care. I have been so blssed to have had him be able to go all week. Chasing a 2 year old would NOT have been possible. Def. aided in my healing. Daddy is home today early and all weekend and its Mamas day so I think I still have a good 2 days to relax at will :) haha

Pain level has decresed signifigantly.. Still taking pain meds becasue I dont want to suffer at all if I dont have to and doing the massaging HURTS!! its more like compressing and shifting lol But my doc says it is the key to the best looking boobies :)
What my doc says goes :) Beauty is pain :) Wel aware of that forsure now lol

Thats it for now :) Yay for Boobies :) Much Love to all the Ladies out there

Day 12 Post op :) Boobs are looking great. Pain is...

Day 12 Post op :) Boobs are looking great. Pain is mostly in the morning when I wake up... I guess they are stiff from not moving all night. Still on couch sleeping in upward postion. ( i do wear my victorias scret bra cause its so comfy) Wish I had 2 weeks off from being a mama to a 2 year old though. Its so hard at times. Since I cant lift him n he is about 37 pounds I put a box next to tub so he can climb on box into tub and I wheel his stroller into his room and he climbs on the stroller into the crib LOL. Swear he knows I cant lift him because he likes to really test me when I tell him to come on or to do something. Today he kinda fought me getting into my SUV after I took him to the park. It hurt pretty bad trying to get him in carseat ( normally he climbs right in ) ... then he slapped me. ARRRGGHHHH!!!! lol good thing I have A LOT of patience. Anyway.. I am still doing lightlight duty as far as wifey chores go. NO laundry, dishes or vaccumming. I am cooking a little, sweeping and picking up but thats about it. I am really tired still and all my energy is going into chasing the little guy. Everyday seems to get a little easier and seems as if adjusting to a nice Rack is WONDERFUL!!!! My hubby cant wait till they are healed and feeling better... its killin him they are still off limits lol Thanks for the compliments that all of the sweet ladies have left. Have a lovely day

Tomorrow will be 14 days post opp :) I am feeling...

Tomorrow will be 14 days post opp :) I am feeling great compared to this time last week. Saw PS today and he removed surgical tape. Incscions look good and he says brusing is minimal and scarring looks like it will heal well. Im massagging 2-5 times a day and it seems to help with stiffness and making them softer, Now that I have been doing it reguarly it feels really good :) He gave me the go ahead for light mommy duty, no vaccumming still or hardcore stuff. :) Yaay I get to be kinda lazy till next week. No lifting over 5-10 pounds still. Thats it for now :) Have a great day RealSElf

18 Days in and I am doing great. Still a little...

18 Days in and I am doing great. Still a little sore esp in AM, but nothing a little norco doesnt fix right away. I finally slept back in bed too which was sooo nice. I have been propped up on the couch to do everything I can so these babies heal nicley on the front of my chest n not in my arm pit ( lol doubt thats possible... but just to be sure ) I have been taking Zinc, Vit C and VitE on a daily basis to aid in my body healing the best and fastest way possible since mommy and wifey duty dont end or slow down lol. I am so happy I had the BA. I feel like a whole new woman, I feel happier inside and I kno it shows on the outside.My clothes look so nice and it feels great to be able to look in the section of low cut tops :) Clothes I could never even think of look greeat now!!! Last night was the first time I was intimate with my hubby since BA. I have never felt soooooo comfortable and sexy ( we have been married 10 years in AUG and been together for 15 in OCT) So for me to have that feeling was just exilierating to say the least. . I always would move a certain way to make my boobs not so small or wear a bra if I was on top off him. That is all the past now. It was such an amazing feeling to not have to worry my lil raisins would be hanging down barly touching him when I kissed him. Sorry if that is tooooo much TMI but it is truly half of my happiness about my boobs is to be intimite without being sidetracked on all negative things about my boobs cuz if im thinking it he had to be LOL!!! Anyway thats all for now. Good luck and love to all the ladies that are having an upcoming surgery. More pics soon :)

Today is day 20 ;) I still love my boobs :) The...

Today is day 20 ;) I still love my boobs :) The only thing that sucks is they still hurt in the AM.And of course I cant pick up my son who is 2 and he is getting a little irritated by that. Super mom is on disability for a min lil man :( Its weird during the day one min they will be firm n have the feeling like engorged from breastfeeding then other times they are soft. Right side stil has numbness. But I am ok with that even if it never comes back. I knew the risk and the benifit... and feel the benefit out weighs the risk that may potentially be permanent. I am still adjusting to the public eye that is for sure. I posted pics today of myself in a pink tank top. Which is the shirt I wore to take a walk in. And WOW!!! I know if I had my small A boobs things would be the same.People look but I have always been very flattered. I was an ugly duckling and very over weight at one point. I really could feel the fire coming from some women (inside starbucks) I heard a girl say " ya those have to be fake" I kindly smiled at her on my way out.Another one gave me the look of death and the same to her man.. he woulda been killed if he looked lo lOne nice man got up half way across the room to open the door for me :) I am truly humble about the decsion I have made and in no way conceited. I knew I would get some of this negative response more than a positive response and I am ok with that. It is just going to take some time to get used to!!!. Now instead of only being judged for being a tatted down chic/mom... I am also the chic/mom with fake boobs. hahha and that is JUST FINE!! Cause They are a dam good boob job and I am sooooo happy I have them. I am thankful I picked the size I did forsure though. Any bigger and I dunno if I could deal with society any smaller and I woulda wasted my money :) Thank you PS for your perfect recomendation ;) Thats it for now :) Hope everyone has a blessed day xoxoxox

Today is 22 Days ;) My original surgery date :) I...

Today is 22 Days ;) My original surgery date :) I am so happy that the surgery is done and over with I couldnt even imagined waiting that long. My PS said I could go braless as of yesterday, if that is more comfy. ;) I tried sleeping on my side (my usual sleeping postion) ugghh I dont wanna wear anything so I tried pillows but still woke up tired and sore. The right one has seemed to calm down as of this AM. Lets just say my hubby tried to wake it up lol (Which btw has been awesome the whole time) Maybe its like parylyzation, and if your lucky enough stimulation, as much of an annoyance it may be, maybe the key?? I am hoping so. If not its fun trying :) Everyday they get a little softer now!! It feels like they are apart of me more as each day passes. I am so blessed. It really sunk in yesterday that I have boobs. Everything seems to be going in the correct direction and I get to keep them??!! really?? LOL I dunno if that sounds weird. I am def optimistic but I dont walk into things blind or consider my risk for complications any better than anyone elses. My family, positive thinking and spirituality are what has helped me adapt to BA. Every day is differernt!!!! My daughter has been an Angel through out this entire process. She has been a sweetheart and so helpful. I am very thankful

Day 24 Wow what a ride it has been already. I...

Day 24

Wow what a ride it has been already. I know it will continue to be this way the first year for sure. It feels like my emotions change everyday and so do my boobs. My right one is still numb and feels different from the left. They look the same as far as dropping goes and feel close to the same. The right seems to be a little more firm and tight. Its hard to telll because of the numb sensationation and it used to be my smaller side and now it feels bigger but I know its not because I have same CC in both. I am still happy about my decision I am just nervous at this point. I feel like you never know what is going to happpen after you get BA. The unknown is very scary and I dont think I could do this without the support of my family and friends and of course this site. Last night sucked pretty bad. I dont want to wear a bra at all and esp at night. It feels like they are binded and it is uncomfortable. Def. most comfortable NO bra. It feels like they can sit in natural position and is better all around, even though i love my VS Knockout bra ;) When I layed down they felt engorged and akward, on my side was wayy to uncomfortable. I tossed n turned for so long sat up, cried for a few min. Put my pillow infront of me and just tried to breathe. Then I said forget it and moved to the couch. Kissed my hubby and told him. He hugged me and gave his sleepy support ;) I Built my pillow barracade, got my ice pack and tried to get comfortable for another night of sleeping while sitting. Which I may add takes sum skills in pillow building to get it just right lol I have no clue what time I passed out but I know it was close to 3. Nights like last night sucked. I am sore and tired and just wanna be healed already.... but I am doing my best to be patient. I am sure nights like the last will be in my future again. I hope to sleep on my side comfortably again, but how things feel now I dont know if that will ever be possible again. All I can do is take this journey day by day. Continue to think positive, masssage, enjoy having D boobies and wish for the best. Today will be a good day. I am going to do my best and not think about them lol as difficult as I know that will be. Heres to another day in the life of my BA journey :) Heres to a good one to all the ladies here and to myself. :) xoxooxoxoxox

31 DAYS!!!! I am feeling pretty great today....

31 DAYS!!!!

I am feeling pretty great today. Still have a little bit of morning boob. Every day they seem to get softer and look more natural. I have even been told if I hadnt said they were done .. they look real ;)(if you didnt know how small they were lol) Which is awesome because I thought for sure going from an A to D they would look fake even after they healed. Last week I saw my PS he said everything is healing beautifully. ;) Right boobie still has numbness but that seems to be subsiding too. Wooohoo! I am so happy with my decision but as they are healing I am gettin a little boob greed which is easily taken care of with my VS Knockout padded bra lol I love the size with the bra and love the size without. Definatley a perfect size for me. Posting a few new pics ;) Hope everyone has a great day !!!!

Day 42 What a day!!! Woke up sore today and...

Day 42

What a day!!! Woke up sore today and very exhausted.I think its mainly cuz of PMS. Mother Natures way of sayin FU!! Also It is still so very uncomfortable to sleep. I am a side sleeper and I have now come to the conclusion those days are prob gone. I hate sleeping on my back but it is the only way my boobs dont hurt. Needless to say I was cranky today. Still having up and downs. One day everything is great and I feel amazing and beautiful and other days I am kicking myself in the ass for doing this ;/ I am still ahppy with my decison, but I am still healing so adjusting is still taking place. My hubby jokes and says " They are just for looks now" Since everything is still settling down and my nipples are sensitive I really dont want him touching them. Uggghh. I hope this is temporary. BA is such a crazy ride of the unknown. It is def for the strong and tough chiks out there :) Well I am beat. I am gonna try to get some rest. Posting new pics too :) Love to all the ladies out there

Day 50 Today I had my 2nd post opp appt. It...

Day 50

Today I had my 2nd post opp appt. It went well :) Pockets are soft and boobies move around nicely. Inscions are still a little raised but are getting better each day. I figured out why my boobs hurt so bad all the time. It was the VS knockout Bra. It has thick padding and pushup feature (without underwire) My boobies were so angry in that thing. I dont know why it took me so long to figure it out lol OMG I am soooo thankful I did though. ( My granny actually told me to stop wearing the VS bra) I was seriously considering having the implants out. I figured if having boobs sucked that bad constantly I would rather be flat. Since I have not worn that bra ( or anyother besides sports bra or bathing suit top) Life has been great and sleeping is even happenning now :) I am able to sleep on my side again 2 :):):):) OOOOO how I missed the simple things like no pain or sleeping LOL its been about 2 weeks of booby bliss and banning of the bra :) I am so happy and relieved to b back to normal! Numbness is even getting better and nipple is reacting to cold and touch. Doc said it could take 6 months to gain back all feeling and by the signs I am having it is looking good. YAY!! Have a great day Beautiful ladies :) Posting New pics too... Lots of love to you all :) New, old and thinking about it :) xoxoxoxoxox

Day 57 Coming up on the 2 month mark in a few...

Day 57

Coming up on the 2 month mark in a few days!! I am in my best friends wedding this weekend and have never been more excited because I will be able to hold a strap less dress up!!! Before I would have had to rig up a padded bra with falsies and be so stressed the dress would fall down and my plastic boob would be showin or worse fall out lol.Or kill the party when it was time to get undressed.. feeling like false advertisment once naked hahah. Now it feels like Bliss

57 days ( CONTINUED.. glad I copied my update it...

57 days
( CONTINUED.. glad I copied my update it always cutts if off!!)

Cutt of again lol

Cutt of again lol

Cutt of again lol

Cutt of again lol

Cutt of again lol

Cutt of again lol

No worries !! Having boobs is still sooo unreal...

No worries !! Having boobs is still sooo unreal sometimes. Since I figured out the issue that was causing me so much grief (bra) It almost feels like I have had them my whole life. They feel natural inside my body. I love how they feel on the outside as well. Soft and only a little firm with good movement. Its funny I catch myself feeling them all the time. I am so happy with how clothes fit now. I feel empowered as a woman. I feel confidant but I am humble because I know I am so blessed. Im very thankful everyday I was able to have BA. Even with all the ups and downs it has been worth all of it... I am not scared to have to do it again in ten years. My hubby is the greatest for this gift of a new me. He is def as happy as i am ;) and we joke by saying "they were for him and not me" lol Thats all I got for now. Thanks to all the ladies who have followed my story and sent me love and support. I am thankful for you all and happy my journey has helped anyone 2 :) Love to all the amazing women out there

Day 64 Just a little update for now. Will post...

Day 64

Just a little update for now. Will post more when I get some free time ;) Things have been getting progressivly better everyday. As of now my right boob has feeling in the very center of nipple and random spots around and on it :) The skin is sensitive again and has the sunburny feeling to it. Which means the nerves are healing. I am so excited about gaining feeling back.. i didnt thinkit would. They are dropping nicely and feel great. People are always complimenting them. My fav part about the size is I can make them look big, huge, or concealed depending on my bra and shirt. :) Soooo awesme :) Posting a pic of me in bridesmaid dress from past weedkend. WIsh I had a better one but none the less it felt great filling out/holding up a strapless dress :) Congrats to all the ladies that are joining the boobie train :) Much love to you all. Thanks to anyone following my journey and taking the time to comment. I really appriciate it and am soo glad if any thing I say is helpful

91 Days today :) 3 months flew by very quickly...

91 Days today :) 3 months flew by very quickly after the first 6-7 weeks. I have been soooo elated to have boobies during summer. Went rafting and felt so confidant and beautiful ;) Going again thi s weekend... hubby tells me to flash everyone lol but its not really my style although I awlays said if they were big n nice i would hahha uuuhhooohh wishes come tru lol I couldnt be happier with them. I do have a little boob greed sometimes but nothin a bra doesnt fix. I have never felt for more confidant in my life I am actully loooking forwrd to turning 30 in Oct. This is the best I have looked in years. The intimicy has increased ten fold plus some! Things have been going lovely in that direction esp. We hav always had great sex but it just seems so much more passionate and involved. I kno its the booobs but it is also how I feel now. I feel empowered as a woman and sexy. I dont hold back or worry about if hes unhappy his wife had hanging rasins lol This has been the greatest gift I could have given myself and my hubby. Yaaaayyyyyy!!! for boobies :)

6 Months ;) I havent been on RealSelf in sooo...

6 Months ;)

I havent been on RealSelf in sooo long. Seems I never really get a moment to myself latley lol Kids n Hubby are demanding :) Well any way. A quick update for those ladies I miss hearing from and to the new ladies joining the beatiful boobie club :) I love my boobs more than ever as time goes on. Boob greed is def there ... then I look at my before pics or try on old clothes and I am quickly over having bigger boobs haha I feel like the size I picked was perfect for my shape. I have said this before... I can make them look huge, big, or concealed.. That is the true meaning of a deadly weapon :) As far as the right boob. I still have a few random numb spots, the nipple is almost all the way back and not as hyper sensitive.. so that has been a great improvement. I have put on a few pounds cause I think I finally am comfortable with my body and dont have to worrry about my tummy stickin out more than my inverted boobs lol But I recently joined a gym and feel great working out.. although chest excercises are soooo AKWARD. I hate the flexing of the implant .. I feel like a body builder or something. So I am trying to find upper body workouts that dont use chest muscles. My sleep issues are completly resovled :):):)I can comfortably sleep without a sports bra now :) It is lovely!! One Con that has developed that I totally didnt expect though.. My hubby is a lil jelous and possesive now. We have been together 16 years and he was always the easygoing .. no worries kinda guy now hes on my ass about going out without him. I hope this subsides because it is annoying lol But at the same time I get it. Other than that I cannot complain. I am so thankful I was able to gain my womanhood back and they are better than I could have ever hoped for. ;) I gotta run for now.. but I am posting a couple new pix real quick :) Love Life Ladies

Forgot to add they are super squishy. They feel...

Forgot to add they are super squishy. They feel amazing and dont feel foreign at all anymore:) They move when I walk :) :):) Which I love :):) and They are only hard when its cold :) Thats all for now. Have a blessed day everyone! xoxoxoox
Dr. Ramano

Everything experienced so far has been 5 stars... Bedside manner and after care to be determined, but I am absolutly sure those will be 5 stars as well and will rate when the time comes :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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U look awesome !!
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Thanks sissy!! !how are you girl!
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I going in Nov 15 for revision my right boob bottomed out .
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You are looking great Starry! I am so glad you came back and updated! You are looking as great as ever!
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thanks for the update! it is nice to hear some positive feedback. your boobs look amazing! i cant wait for mine to get that far along. a few months seems like forever from now but i know it will come either way lol. take the hubbys jealousy as a compliment. im sure he will tone it down after a little while. :)
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Thanks so Much f nomenome :) Just have patience even though that is one of toughest parts. You look amazing already! Congrats on the boobies and losing so much weight! That is amazing!!!.Its not eazy at all!!! I went from 125 to 200 with my daughter and again to 200 with my son. Size 18. Your gonna look great when you are all healed up! Take care.. xoxoxo
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I wanted to say it was great reading your post. That is awesome that your husband stands by you. I think its admirable that you talked it over with your daughter too. I am 19yrs. old. I just got my new boobs not to long ago. I am very excited that I got them. They feel great, and yes are hard when its cold. I got the contoured style, Saline and under the muscle. I was a 32A before, now I am a D. I feel so much better about myself and my body. I had very low esteme before. I dont have any kids of course. But growing up I always thought that I had very small breasts and how come every one else had bigger breasts. I wanted to have bigger and more fuller breasts too. when I turned 18 I started looking and doing my research on implants. it wasnt until after my 19th BD I decided to go get them. It made me feel so much better about myself. Its great to read about people that have different reasons why they get implants. I am excited that I dont have to wear padded bras anymore, nor do I have to feel flat chested in my bikini. I love the fact I can go buy a D cup bra at VS and feel so sexy in it, or the fact I have cleavage now. I cant wait till this summer 2013 to wear my bikini to the beach. You look great too. Congrats.
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Can you give me ur sr information Im from Modesto and Im looking for a plastic surgeon for breast implants? Thnk u
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@ Motown girl He is in fremont. His name is Dr. Ramano :) good luck :)
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Is it John Romano thats all Im pulling up do you have his number?
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Thanks so much for your review! I've been following it for a while. Your experience has given me hope :) You look fabulous! My surgery is in 5 days, so I'm getting nervous and anxious too.. Thanks again :))
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@ firefly ~ Thanks girl :) So happy I can help you in any way !!! YAYYYY for surgey day :) Congrats. Wishing you well and best of luck to you :) xoxoxoxo
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:) Thank You! You are so sweet! Xoxo
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Hi, Ms. Star. I've been following your story and you look amazing! Your afters are totally inspiring. My surgery was yesterday so I still have alien-boob, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll end up with a killer bod like yours! :D
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@ breasttochange~ Thanks so much girl!! Congrats on your surgery :) Patience definatly pays off :) Make sure you take it easy and rest as much as possible. If you can make sure you take Zinc and vit. e. I still take it and believe it helps greatly with healing. So happy and excited for your new begginning with Fabulous boobies xoxoxoox
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Hi, I loved reading your story!! I am looking for a PS. I am in Modesto. Are you able to share the name of yours? Your pics look fan-freakin-tastic!! I want them too!!!
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waitingfortheday ~ So glad you enjoyed my journey thus far. Thx for the compliment. My PS is out of fremont his name is Dr. romano. good luck!!
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You look great. Enjoyed your review -- from a new member of the 400 ccs club! : D
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Eileen ! Welcome to the 400 cc club :) Enjoy your boobies :)
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Im about to cry.. Im sooo happy for you! Can not wait till i get mine. (:
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tabirai ~ Thanks so much :)
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you look so good star! im so nervous in my BA on july 19.. im the scardiest cat ever and i dont know if i can do this.. ur pics and profile helps me.. thank u so much.. really..
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Littlethings ~ Thx so much girl!!! you will do great! Cant wait to hear your jouney :)
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Thank you so much for your review! I had my BA done 6 days ago and I felt my breast was soi crazy looking! A friend keeps on telling me I need to be more patient, but since he's a guy...what does he know about that? LOL! Your posts did help though. I'm sure mine will also get better with time...they already have a bit! :)
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@ Jeme cheked out ur pics and left u a comment on ur page!!! Congrats!!!
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