My Life Changing Event - Towson, MD

Hello all! I've been reading a lot of stories on...

Hello all! I've been reading a lot of stories on here and I was inspired to start an account! I first and for most want to thank everyone that posts updates, pictures and advise. You all have helped me with my decision to go through with this.

Im a 20, (will be 21 in 5 weeks) and my boobs have been the biggest issue of my life. Ive always been a big breast girl every since I could remember. I played basketball for 7 years from 6th grade up until my first year of university. It used to kill me that my teammates were running freely without a heavy chest weighing them down or having too look awkward running up and down the court. I always wished of having a reduction, but never really gave it a serious thought; plus I thought my parents wouldn't prove of it and I didn't know that heath insurance would help us with the cost of it. But as I kept getting older and older, I thought about it more and more. Being a 5'3 petite female weighting 173 pounds (heavy bones and muscle :P) I feel like my breast are a punishment. I have very bad shoulder pains, HORRIBLE neck pains, and often back spasms. I happened to talk to a friend of mine on campus and she was telling me that she was having a breast reduction. At that moment, I called my mother and cried to her, because I was tired of neck and shoulder pains and I asked her how she felt about me getting a breast reduction and she told me that she really doesn't know much about it, that I should research it and give her more info. I researched for about 3 weeks, and represented it to her and she told me that it was okay by her because she can't imagine the type of pain I go through. I was ecstatic! My next steps were to find a plastic surgeon and if my insurance would help me out a bit.
I visited the first plastic surgeon on May 7, 2013 and told me that I was a perfect candidate for the procedure and he would recommend me going through with the procedure. I was excited again. They took pictures and all that, then I left. I received a call from their office about 4 days later and they were ready to go over the insurance information. They told me that my insurance didn't give insurance quotes before the surgery and because of that, I had to pay a $1,700 deposit. I was crushed! As a broke college student working part-time, there was no way I could afford that, and it would be like pulling teeth to get it out of my parents considering they are paying for my tuition. So I lost hope again.
My mother suggested I go for another consultation with another surgeon but that I should make sure they are in network with my insurance. I took her advise and called the insurance and got a list of plastic surgeons in my area. So I called a few and I made an appointment. On July 2, 2013, I went to another consultation, just like the first one, they went over the basic info, took pictures and all that; the only thing that was different was that the doctor had his secretary find out right then and there if I was going to be approved through my insurance and I WAS!!!! I was sooo excited again! I left that day and they called me a few days later to set a date for my surgery!!!
Now about 3 weeks before the surgery I'm reading up on everything there is to know about the surgery. I have so many questions still and I just can't wait to get them done and out of the way (literally). I'm sorry I just bombarded you all with this information, I just had to let it out. Ill be back soon with more info and questions :)

I am so happy that you joined us:)  Glad to have you here with us and I am looking forward to seeing you through this journey.



Hello All!!!!

So I'm literally 10 days away!!!!! And I'm so anxious! It's ALL I can think about and I'm just so excited. I have a pre-op appt with my PS on Wednesday so I'm really not sure what to expect for that. It'll be a week right before the surgery so I'm assuming we're going to be going over size and stuff. Does anyone have an idea? Also, what to I need to have at home before the day of surgery? Like a list of things I may need to buy, food I can and can't have, and just setting up camp for when I return after the operation. Ill have my mom with me the whole time and during the week to help me with stuff. If anyone could answer these for me, it'll be great! Thanks in advance!!!

Also, I've added some pics of me now, at DDD/G! Hopefully they can get me down to a large B, small to full C
Congrats Honey, i share your pain ! I'm in Maryland also, i have my surgery on Wednesday so i am literally counting the minutes lol. My pre-op was very uneventful, it wasn't with anyone who will even be involved with the surgery. I don't think that is the norm as far as pre-ops go but that's how kaiser does it I guess. At this point im enjoying my last few nights of sleeping wild lol, and doing things around the house before the restrictions start.
Awww! I wish you good luck!!! You have 1 more day lol
Hi there, Kimmers has put together a list to help with things to get etc, do a search on Kimmers list, and it should pop up. Please also feel free to have a look at my review. I had the surgery done 6 months ago, and perhaps it could be of help :)

Pre-op Appt

Hello Everyone!!!
Today was my pre-operation appointment with my plastic surgeon. It was a very quick meeting! all he had me do was sign a few documents pretty such saying I know what I'm getting myself into, info about after the surgery and the schedule of the surgery day. Then we went over size again and he gave me my prescription & sent me on my way!
One thing, I was concerned about was drains, bras, and stitches. And he had all good news for me! There would be no drains, they would be giving me a surgical bra the day of the surgery (even though Im still going to purchase an extra one to swap out when the one they gives me needs to be cleaned) and he's going to be doing internal dissolvable stitches which I was happy about too!
We set my post operation appt for Aug 14 and he gave a # to call if I had any questions and/or concerns before/after the surgery!
Im soooooooooo excited! Its all i can think and talk about! Now I'm just getting things like laundry, cleaning, and shopping for the things Im going to need out of the way. Hopefully, I can calm down lol I still have a whole week -_-


Hello Ladies!

I've been soooo busy and I won't be free til Tuesday:( I work all day today, laundry and cleaning tomorrow, school on Monday & Tuesday's my only free day which would be the day before the operation. So I decided yesterday to fill my prescription and grab somethings I'm going to need while I'm recovering while I had a little free time! Kimmer's (I hope I spelled that right lol) list helped me soooo much! I grabbed a lot of things from the list. The only thing I wasn't sure about was food. How long did it take you all to eat? What could you eat? And what type of foods should I buy at least for that first week?

Apart from that, I'm extremely excited!!! It's all I can think and talk about! My Boyfriend is almost tired of hearing me talk about it everyday! I also didn't tell my work that I'm having a reduction; I told then I was having another kind of medical procedure. Reason being, I work with 90% men and it would be a little weird for me to have several dicussions about my breast with guys. Some guys are insensitive and some might just out rightly judge, which is none of their beeswax. I took a leave from work for 3 weeks starting Monday and I'm planning on getting a haircut to disguise my new body! What do you ladies think?
Girl, you need to hurry up n have ur surgery! So I can see ur progress. We are shaped just alike except Im 4'11 and 135 pounds. I cant wait for u to show more pics. Good luck twin!
Awwww! Thanks Twin! Girl, I cant wait to get it DONE! lol But I will definitely post more pictures as time progresses.
I didn't feel up to cooking for at least a week after the surgery, so if you don't have anyone to cook for you I'd recommend you to get healthy things you can pop in the oven, such as frozen chicken fillets as well as prepare veggies etc for the week, and keep them in an airtight container. This will keep them fresh. You probably won't want to go shopping the first week either, so get enough sliced bread to keep you through the week, and put it in the freezer in day portions, so you can defrost what you'll need over night. Some people say that pineapple will decrease bruising. I don't know if this is true, but eating it won't hurt, so why not :)

Hospital Letter

Hello everyone!

I received a letter from the hospital that I'll be getting my surgery done, that I had to pay a $497 deductible the day of my surgery. Which is less than two days away!!! I was so sad when I read the letter because I'm a broke college student that doesn't have $497 just sitting around:( so ill have to talk to my parents and maybe my boyfriend about it. Hopefully they can bail me out :'(
How is it going now that you are on the other side? I prayed for u last night.
Hey Twin! I feel great! I'm about to write a quick update before I doze back off! Thank you sooo much for praying for me. God bless you abundantly! I wish you know how much I appreciate you for doing that for me :-*
Good luck tomorrow. Hope everything goes great. im ten days away and excited

Done and done!!!

Hello Girls!!!

So today was the big day!!!
I was supposed to report to the hospital at 6:30 am for my 7:30 surgery but because I have my mommy with me (who isn't time conscious like myself) we ran super late and got there at 7:15 -___-
Anyhoo, when we got there, WR checked in with two people got some paper work & they immediately took me to the back where they got my bp, stuck my iv, etc. I met with like 4 different ppl about stuff and before I knew it, the PS was there ready to go over more stuff & make his drawings! After that, I was taken back to the operating room & all I remember from that was them joking with me about my personality & they said they were going to give me a oxygen mask or something and that's all. I was lights out!
I woke up in recovery and a random nurse was there not anyone's that I knew before (she wasn't very nice). She asked me if I was in pain from 1-10 and I told her 7, so then told me they just gave me pain medication and I should just wait it out a little. I asked her to go get me my mommy because she wasn't making me feel good Lmao-I'm a bit of a brat sometimes- she got my mommy for me and mommy of course took better care of me. About 20 minutes later, they got me to an other room with a chair for me to sit up for a bit so I could get ready to go. 10 minutes after that, mommy helped me get dressed & we were outta there!
Surgery lasted about 3 hours. I'm sure we started after 8ish, and I woke up in recovery around 12ish. But the nurse said I was sleeping for about an hour. I finally left the hospital around 1:15ish. I didn't see the doctor afterwards so I didn't get any information about how many grams he took out, what my current size is or close too, or anything like that. So ill ask him at our next appointment.

Now ladies, I was SO SLEEPY! I felt like a drunkard lol speech slurred, stumbling a lit, dozing off to sleep in the middle of a sentence. Lol I was funny my mom said. I was not nausea at all! I even came home and daddy had pizza for us lol I only had one slice because I didn't want to aggravate anything but I was as hungry as heck! The pain level was a little tricky. When I first opened my eyes in recovery, I felt like my torso was literally sliced off. It was burning and hurting. But about 20 minutes after that, it was okay. It was initially a 7 out of 10 pain, within 10-15 minutes, it went down to a 3/4 out of 10. Now that I'm home, it's been the same pattern. When the pain medications wear off, I'm up to about a 6/10 with medication I'm like 2/10. Looks like ill be drugged up for a while lol. My throat still hurts pretty bad so mommy bought me Rita's Italian ice to help it and its been working!
I'm still bandaged up pretty tight so I can't really tell what they look like, all I know is that they're SMALL!!! I'm typing this on my phone and when I'm typing alot, I used to rest my wrists on my boobs and type but I just tried it subconsciously and there was nothing there! I had to rest it on my chubby pizza belly lol. I'm SO happy so far. In the mirror I look so slim and I can't wait to see them in a few days. I'm still a little too weak to take pictures but maybe tomorrow ill post some of my current situation lol
So far so good! I'm back in bed now, so I might doze off again any minute from now. When I take pictures tomorrow, ill make another update if necessary. Please if you have any questions or concerns, please comment them below:)
Congratulations and welcome to the flip side :) Rest well, and happy recovery!
Thank you! It feels great to be on the flip side!
Awee congrats, and hope the next couple days go well

Day 2! Still in bandages & bra :(

Hello all!
Day 2 is here & I feel great! I haven't had much pain at all. Just a little sore & have a little irritation under my breast. Maybe it's because the bandages are so tight on the incision underneath. I really don't use the pain killers unless I need to sleep. I really can't tell if there's swelling or not; I can't see much because of the wrapping. Ill be taking them off on Saturday to shower, so I'm looking forward to that :)
Wow you look amazing happy healing
Thank you!
How wonderful that you're not in too much pain!!! I can't take pain meds, so I'll be in the same boat as you. Make sure to keep us updated as to how you're doing! :)

Itchy :(

Okay, I've been sooooooooooo extremely itchy since yesterday... I looked up why and I read that it was due to the pain medication, which I think is a little weird. I mean I'm itchy all over my body. Sometimes when it subsides, my skin under the bandages itch very bad and Im scared to dig in and scratch. Is this normal?
And as far as sleeping, I've been sleeping with like 7 pillows because I was told that I had to sleep in an upright position on my back; which is starting to kill me already. Any tips on that too?
Thanks in advance!!!

(other than that, everything is great! Pain still to a minimum 2/10 -just under my breast hurt a little, I think the bandages are too tight on the incision- went downstairs twice today and lots of sleeping)
Even bandaged up it looks great so far, continue to get rest
In addition to the pillows under your back try rolling up a duvet and place it under your knees. Adjust it so it supports your bum and keeps it from sliding down. It will keep your knees at an angle which is better for your back and keep you from sliding down from your mountain of pillows. Also make sure you stack one pillow each side of you, so you don't roll over. You don't necessarily need to sleep upright though. It might be that you'll be fine with a 30 degree angle. The idea is to make sure there is no pulling on the anchor scar. I used to place 2 pillows slightly stacked to make an even 30 degrees angle, place another rather flat pillow on top, and a fluffy pillow on either side of the stack. I would rest my arms on the fluffy pillows which would keep me from turning. And the duvet kept my back from hurting and kept me in place.
Thank you so much! This is very good advise! I'm going to try it tonight. Hopefully my back feels better!

In LOVE <3

Hey Girls!!!
Okay, so I couldn't take the bandages anymore!!! They were itching me sooo bad and I had them on for 48 hours like my doc suggested, soooo I took them off!!!
My new boobies are soooooo cute! OMG I'm in LOVE! I'm just so overjoyed! I'm going to shower in the morning, but I just wanted to post these pictures for you all! Still a little swollen, itchy, & bloated, but I'm sure all that will subside as time goes on. I'm just so happy and I can't wait to start shopping!
The are really cute, i know the feeling!!! Enjoy this girls and all the cute clothes you will buy!!!
Thank you! That's all I'm waiting on! Finish healing then shopping spree lol
Did I hear SHOPPING SPREE?? im getting rid of all my big tops when I have mine. Then ima buy the whole dang store.

Random Updates!

Hi Girls!

I've been sleeping like a LOG! Lol I haven't done much of anything these few days but sleep & watch tv. I went out yesterday for the first time since Wednesday and I went to church. Sooo many people kept checking me out and asking me if I did something different to myself lol. It was nice, but I think I did a little too much because after church I was in SO much pain! I felt so sore! I guess still need to take it easy and not overdo stuff.
I took off my steri-tape on Sunday evening because some of them were sticking up after my shower on Saturday and I didn't want sweat and stuff to get trapped under them. Also, after taking off the tape, there was a spot that had a yellowish fluid coming out of it. There was no odor, fever, or pain, I just thought it was weird. My mom helped me treat it. She cleaned it, put antibacterial ointment on the incisions, and put new tape on them. My post op appt is on the 14th so I won't be seeing him for a while, so I hope this technique works.
Other than this, I'm EXTREMELY happy! I can't stay out of the mirror and I can't stop talking about how normal I look.
If you have a leaking spot it's best to put a compress on it. You can get sterile ones at the chemist, and then fasten it with tape. If you use just tape it will trap the fluid behind the tape. I had a leaking spot and treated it with silver bandages as I was paranoid about infections.

2 Weeks :)

Hello all!!!!
Sorry I've been MIA, I've been a little busy! I had my post-op appt today and it went sooo well! All he did was check to make sure all my incisions are in tact and that everything was the way it was supposed to be. He told me that I was healing well and that I should come back in a month. He also told me that I was cleared to go back to work, cleared to do any physical activity (including working out) just as long as I have good support meaning a good bra. He also told me I can wear any kind of bra I want (including underwire) as long as it was comfortable and that I should be careful of the wire poking incisions on the sides; lastly he told me that I should wear bras for support, so if I was home or going to bed and I don't want to wear a bra, I don't have to anymore. So I was pretty good to hear this news and I can't wait to go bra shopping!!!

Physically, Im still a little sore when I do too much activity. But it's just a mild soreness and rest just takes care of it. Plus, my nipples really hurt. I have sensation (that's actually really strong) but when I get cold, they hurt to stick out. Other than those, I'm better than ever! I'm going back to work next week, so we should see how that goes.
I'm VERY happy! This is probably the best decision I've made in my life. I'm so comfortable, so happy and so confident in my skin.
I'm in bed now, so I may post pictures later tonight or in the morning after I shower!


Btw, he told me they removed 1,655 grams total
Thanks so much for posting your look awesome! My surgery is on 11/22 and you have helped me not be as nervous!
Ive been missing you! Let's update twin!! And wen u get this pm me for my pics. It won't let me review on here.
You look great! The scarring is almost invisible, that's amazing!!! :) I'm so happy you're thrilled with everything, you definitely should be!!!
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