20 y/o patient, 425cc saline under the muscle BA- Towson, MD

Hey! I am super excited about my BA scheduled for...

Hey! I am super excited about my BA scheduled for just about 2 months away! :) I am currently a 36B, w/ a lot of padding. I have just never felt comfortable about my breasts (all the women in my family have large, full breasts except me). I'm 20 and fully funding my own surgery & my mom has been really supportive but I am trying to find the best way to tell my dad. we have a great relationship but I just need advice on how I should tell him? I am really scared he will be disappointed and not approve, but if he finds out and we didn't tell him, he will feel upset and left out like I felt like I couldn't talk to him. I am completely sure that this surgery is something I need to do for myself, I feel like telling him that is important, but how do I bring it up? Any advice would be helpful! Thanks everyone!!! :)

Yesterday was the day! they are here!!

Yesterday was surgery so today is my first day in recovery. I think my plan to do it right after I got back from two weeks of being away for work was a good idea because it kept my mind off of being completely nervous.

Run down of what I remember from yesterday:
Got to the surgical center, was escorted to my pre-op room where I changed into my gown and special leg dressings to keep blood circulating & hospital socks to keep my toes warm :), took before photos with a nurse who made me feel very comfortable, the anesthesiologist came in and did her pre-op assessment and gave me a little pep talk, then doctor Basner came in and gave me a run down of what I could expect for the day and after I get home. He did some drawings on my skin and told me that I wasn't going to look great... I was going to look FABULOUS. Doctor Basner's staff did a wonderful job of keeping me comfortable the entire time and even after I entered the surgery room, talking to me about college and my major during my least favorite part, the insertion of the IV in my hand.
The only thing I remember after that was being in recovery and asking my nurses over and over, "did he say everything went well?" lol and of course trying to lift my head and get a peak. I was so tired and kept going back to sleep; I was in recovery for 2 hours! My parents eventually came back and were given the run down on what we had to do for the next couple days until Monday when I go in and visit him again.

My experience so far: in recovery, I remember telling the nurse when she asked if I was okay several times, the most painful part was the IV in my hand. Since being home I'm not really in any pain, just sore and the numbness of my chest kind of freaks me out. You feel like its difficult to breathe, but really its just cause your chest is tight. Keeping up on your pain meds is important, as well as antibiotics and I started taking a stool softener to be proactive about that before it becomes an issue. Just make sure someone else opens the bottles because its really difficult to open them, water bottles, and even the refrigerator since you're using those muscles. The ice packs (20 minutes on, 20 off) and the automatic recliner in my living room have been my best healing helpers (other than my parents)! I can't wait until tomorrow when I can take my surgery bra off and take a shower and finally see them for the first time! I have a big bruise from what I can see and I'm afraid to really touch them (we didn't discuss massaging yet), but I did poke them and its gonna be so strange to get used to! lol

I got a phone call last night around 9 when I was all settled in from Doctor Basner, he was just calling to make sure I was feeling okay and if I had any questions or concerns; I thought that was really nice and thoughtful.

I'll try to keep you updated now that I figured out how to update this... :)
Good luck to everyone recovering and getting surgery today!

Oh I guess I never really told everyone what I was getting!

I didn't realize I never said what I was doing! Oops :) I am 5'4", 140 lbs, 16% BF, broad shoulders and hips, pre surgery size 36b and went with 425cc's saline implants under the muscle, incision in the crease. I didn't really have an end bra size in mind, more that I wanted to balance with my hips and figure and the 425 sizers gave me the best feeling and result. Of course my dad, who I was nervous about telling in the first place asked me "so what size are those things gonna be?" when I told him I wasn't sure until they settle and probably D's, he was shocked. Thats what I don't really like, after reading/learning/seeing so much about breast sizes, D/DD sounds a lot bigger than it looks to me, so I think I may avoid telling people what cup size I will be until I am more sure. Another thing is that I feel like a lot of people are going to notice, and I'm not uncomfortable telling people, but I am uncomfortable of the stereotype that I may get. I guess I shouldn't be so concerned about that though. I just forget that other people can be really judgmental because I know I'm not, so I find it hard to conceptualize that other people would say mean things and I get upset and take it personally when they do and turn defensive. So far though everyone has been supportive, just really surprised.
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Yay! So exciting. I'm so glad everything went great and your support team at home seems fabulous. Happy healing :)
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Just wanted to let everyone know how the conversation with my dad went; Tuesday morning I wasn't home so my mom talked to my dad about everything over their cups of morning tea. She told him that I was having a plastic surgery done and he guessed what it was right off the bat stating "I can't imagine what else a doctor would agree to fixing on her unless he was crazy or blind..." His attempt at saying something sweet and encouraging. or at least that's how I took it, that IS how he met it, and I thought it was really nice. Last night at dinner he also decided to talk to me about it asking when my procedure is, if it was really what I wanted, and not to get drastic & dramatic results. his specific word choice? "Please don't get triple D porn star type..." Lol thanks dad, didn't have to tell me that. I just told him the main reason is to fill out a full bra size (because at this point I feel like I accidentally flash people without realizing it when I hardly lean forward or even just move my shoulders, turn, etc.) I'm getting more and more excited as the days go by, and now that I have my fathers support, it's easier to get excited about it. I wonder how many other people that get BA's and tell close friends and family about their decision get the response, "you're fine how you are" or "I don't think you need it" followed by, "but you have to do what makes you happy". Because in the few people I have told, that's the resounding reaction. I guess it's a good reflection of the fact that you amplify your own flaws because you know them best. I don't think it's anyone's place to put anyone down who is looking to do this for themselves because it's fixing my biggest insecurity and going to help me feel better through the rest of my life. A few more questions for the group: 1) anyone else have problems with loss of sensitivity? I've heard people who do and do not experience the sensitivity lost and I'm honestly really worried about it. I'm going to share that concern with my doctor definitely but wanted to take a little poll here to see how common it really is. 2) I work often in the motorsports industry, often with, you guessed it, a bunch of men. attentive men at that. I'm really nervous that they will notice and start talking disrespectfully about me, what's everyone else's experience/advice to dealing with other people's chauvinistic reactions to surgery? Do you deny it if someone asks? tell them to politely "buzz off" or is it more likely that people won't really care about it? ( the last option is the one I'm going for, this isn't for them anyways). 54 days!!! :) Can't wait to here what everyone else has to say about my questions! :) have a great day & rock on! Thanks again!
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Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf! You may want to show your dad some of the research you have done. I'm sure he is most concerned about you having a surgery. Here is a helpful list of questions to ask during a doctor consult. These are the type of questions that parents want answers to!  ;) Along with your honesty and sincerity, I think you'll do well with your dad. When do you plan to tell him?

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Thank you so much! I knew I was going to tell him something like this: "Hey dad, I've decided that I am going to pursue a cosmetic procedure. I've done a lot of research, talked to a lot of people who have had the same surgery and love their results, and this is something I really feel like I need to do for myself cause I've thought about it for a long time. I know that with any surgery their are risks, but I've educated myself a lot on it and I really trust my doctor, he is very professional and I am really comfortable with him and his staff. (Because I doubt he's the detail person type on this) I know you may not really want to know all the details, but mom knows whats going on and I have her support to do this for myself. I'm not asking for your permission but just your understanding, too. I didn't want to hide it from you so I'm just telling you so you're aware." surgery is officially 58 days away and we spend a ton of time together so I'd like to tell him as soon as possible, even though the thought of it scares me to death! Have to get to mentally preparing myself I guess...
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Sounds good! Good luck. Itll be a breeze.. let us know how it goes!
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Sounds like you've got it figured out!No father wants to hear about their daughter buying boobs,but the way your presenting it to him he should be understanding.It sounds like you know exactly what you want.Good luck to you!I can't wait to see pictures
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Good for you! I think it will pay off in the long run! Let us know how it goes!

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maybe you can have ur mom talk to him first, so if he gets mad u wont know.. and then give it a few days to tell him, i just recently told my step dad (my parents have been married 12 yrs) and he wasnt too happy about it, but my mom got hers done when they first got together so how could he get upset?? I know its different with your real dad, ur his litle girl, lol but he will eventually accept it. just like any big step in a daughters life, her dad doesnt want her to grow up! let him know you have been thinking a lot and doing a LOT of research because lord knows we ALL have, and if you dont get it done now you will eventually do it in the future. I am 26 and have been wanting a BA since 15 when I knew I wasnt going to grow anymore! now i have the money and still want to do it 11 yrs later! good luck :) stay positive!
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Thanks so much for the advice! I think it would be a little easier for mom to say something about it to him first but we are all really unsure of how he's going to take it. I think she almost finds it entertaining for me to tell him because we have no idea what to expect... lol thanks mom! But thats exactly how I feel about it. I don't think I should have to live my life uncomfortable about my body if I have the means and time to fix it now and enjoy it for even longer. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who would agree with me on that! thank you so much though! :) really appreciate it!
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