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Everyone in the office was so welcoming and nice!...

Everyone in the office was so welcoming and nice! They were very professional while setting up the consultation and throughout the whole meeting. They answered all of my questions, made me feel very safe and secure about the procedure and I like the fact that Dr. Cohen is more interested in what size implants best fits your body instead of just putting in the largest implants available. I was very pleased with the consultation!


HP just means that the implants project outward more than a "regular" style. A lot of times a person w/a smaller chest width will get HP. But my surgeon said "moderate profile plus" for me. Just make sure that you show your surgeon pics of what you want to look like. I didn't do that-I just explained. So that's one suggestion! I'm so happy to have breasts & I love my results. I just wish I knew more about the different styles of implants before hand. And sometimes you just have to be secure enough in your surgeon to know that he/she knows what's best because they are experienced and certified!
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It can make your surgery an entirely different experience if the staff sucks! What are you going to get? (Saline/silicone, profile, cc..) and what size are you now? I'm 5' 6" 125 lb. I had 350cc silicone mod+. Love them, but wish I would've went a little bigger or gotten HP. I don't know how some of you do it-I could NOT wait for my surgery! I had it 6 days after my pre-op!
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What's hp? I'm 5'1.5, 140 pounds , 34A. I want 395-400 ccs.
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Dr. Cohen was very professional, informative, friendly, and answered all of my questions.

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