Getting my Implants Removed After 1 Year of Having Them - Towson, MD

So let me start by telling you my story. My name...

So let me start by telling you my story.
My name is Lauren and I am 21 years old. I decided to get breast implants less than a year ago because I have very small boobies! I was always self-conscious and never happy with myself. I rocked an A cup before surgery and after surgery I turned out to be a DDD!
THE GOOD: I love the look and size of my boobies. I'm 5'8 and the size I got is perfect for my body. I'm athletic but still have thighs and a butt, so it balanced me nicely. They are nice to show off and I look great in shirts and bikinis!
THE BAD: I am still almost completely numb on the left side of my left and right boob. My nipples also barely have any sensation left and hurt all the time. When I lay down, my boobs just don't feel right. I don't feel like myself with these foreign objects in my body. These implants just aren't for me.

I don't regret getting my boobs done, because I didn't know I would have this numbness problem.. so either way I would have gotten implants at some point. I think this is a learning experience for me. Implants just aren't for me. I don't feel like myself anymore. I just want my old boobies back. I don't care about size anymore. Getting these big fake boobs made me realize how much I took my natural body for granted.

My question for ladies who are in the same boat or have already had implants removed: will the feeling return to my boobs? Will the numbness go away? Will I feel like myself again? Will this be the best decision I could have made?

I would really appreciate some feedback and encouragement from you ladies!

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Doc appt. scheduled for Monday and removal surgery date set for Aug. 12th!

So I called my doctors office and they want to see me before the explant surgery. I'm going in Monday for him to see me and make sure everything is well before the surgery.
My doctor is very accommodating and all he wants is for me to be happy, but I can't help but think he might hate me after wanting to get my implants removed after 1 year! He did an amazing job with my implants and they couldn't look better!- they are just not for me sadly. Anyway, thanks for listening to me- I will keep you guys updated!


I have a very similar story!!! I am 5'5 115 pounds with 700cc saline implants. I have also had mine in for one year. I can't wait to get them out. I am a 32 F and before I was a 32C. They are started to sag and they are much bigger than what I wanted originally. Your gorgeous and congrats on making the decision to have them out. Great timing- your skin will bounce back so fast and I am positive you will get feeling back. May take some time but it will come back once those huge things are out ! XO
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wow I am 5'6" 150 pounds and I went with 600cc silicone and I thought mine were huge. I am 34DD. I am approximately three years out. I am noticing that mines are sitting up like they use to, so I wear my bra 24/7. It is great that she decided that the implants are not good for her while she is still youthful. She should bounce back in no time and hopefully she will get all the feeling back.
I can't wait to get mine out I'm glad we are on the same boat here! I hope everything goes as planned and I get the old me back! Thanks for reading my story!

Today's the day!

Today's the day I'm getting my implants out!!! I'm so excited yet so nervous!!!!! My appt is around 11am and it's approaching quickly! Hope it all goes well for me! Wish me luck ladies!


Good luck !!!
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Good luck, so excited for you!
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Good luck sweetie. Prayers for you today. You will be great. Your realself family is rooting for you!!!!
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Implants are out!

So I just got my implants out and what a weird feeling this is! It went well, I was just scared because of the needles and the noises I was hearing lol! Anyway, I looked down at my boobs and almost cried. They look like flattened, saggy pancakes and they are even smaller then what I had before my implants. I'm happy to have them out, but I want the old me back. Will they bounce back at all???


Hi, Isquaster!!! I'm thinking of youuuuuu :D
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I'm happy for you that their out. And, yes, I believe they do bounce back, and it can take up to a year. Mine were doing a lot of bouncing back on their own, after the drainage of the saline, but I opted for fat transfer at time of removal, which made me feel really really good. Do not worry about your appearance right now, just heal. There are options in the future when it comes to aesthetics, so don't even worry right now about your pancakes... Just LOVE them... give them lots of love and when you can touch them, enjoy the soft natural feel... that's what I did, when my implants were drained and I had flat pancakes... I would feel them and enjoy the softness.
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Hi! May I ask what profile you had/ccs and how the implants were originally placed (armpit, belly button... ) Thank you!
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Feeling depressed..

Every day I do feel a very tiny bit better about myself and my boobs, but they are just so different. My boobs right now are smaller, flatter, and sagger then they were before I had implants. I just have no hope. I fear my boobs won't be the same size they were and that I will never fit into a normal bra. I'm so flat right now and I just can't get over it. Will they get better? Will I ever feel better?


Hi Isquaster, how is everything going? You are one of the posts I have been following because your story is similar to mine. I'm thinking of explanting in the beginning of October, I'm just scared. I admire the courage you had to take them out so soon. I'm like you, I just don't feel like these implants are for me.
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Everything is going great I've been too busy to post but my boobs look and feel better each day! They are still soft and a bit floppy but only time will heal that! I'm so happy with the decision I made and I encourage you to do what you feel is right. I was scared too, but mine was local and only took about 30 minutes! Good luck girl!
Hang in there and just keep taking pictures each week so you can see all the changes your body is going through..... that's why this site is so great to see each others progression
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Almost 3 weeks post op- mixed emotions

*I will be posting pictures later today*
Anyways, it's almost 3 weeks post op and I do feel really good and optimistic about the healing process! My boobs are looking fluffier and better each day and I feel like myself again! They are still soft and a bit saggy, but I think only time will heal that. The body is amazing and I'm confident that my boobs will bounce back. The only thing I'm a little depressed about right now is that I still don't have much sensation on parts of my boobs and nipples. Also, I do not fit correctly in regular bras. I don't know how or why, but all I can wear are sport bras right now. I think it may be because they are too soft and all the boob is at the bottom- I guess they haven't fully "fluffed" yet. But other than those few issues, I feel great and look great and am super happy with the decision I made!


forgot to mention... patience is key. I had my ups and downs but I feel it took a full year to see the true results after the explant.
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Well a year is worth waiting if it means been implant free and not having the worry
You look like you lost 20 lbs - very lean, athletic and beautiful without the implants. Life is about learning from our mistakes. Good for you for making the choice to take them out and loving your natural self. Take care.
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Almost a month post op! PICTURES!

Okay so I'm almost a month post op and I want to show you my progress pictures. I'm getting happier each day! There is still very little upper pole fullness, but I just have to be patient and let time do the work. I've learned such a huge lesson on this journey and that's just a part of life. I'm so much happier without big fake implants!!!


you look beautiful before AND after! As long as you're happy that's all that matters! I do have a question, what size and type of implants did you have before and did dr. Basner put them in for you?
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You look great! So glad to be free? I can't wait to join you!
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You look great - as if you never damaged them with those silly toxic bags. You are very fortunate to have youth on your side and that you wised up and did not have them IN for very long. Congrats!
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