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Hi all. I have been reading reviews on this...

Hi all. I have been reading reviews on this website for over a year now. I haven't been able to seriously consider breast implant removal until now. I got my implants 7 years ago. They are saline under the muscle. I was a small A before and looking back, they were perfect. I always thought they were too small and wanted implants as soon as I realized I wasn't getting any bigger. I was embarrassed by them and society lead me to believe that I had to have big breasts. I do have to say though that I don't necessarily regret getting them because honestly they look nice and I have enjoyed them (and so does my husband haha). I think I have just grown up and realized the old me wasn't so bad and it's important to me to not have anything artificial in my body. I also don't want to worry about future surgeries since eventually I would need to get them replaced. I am 31 years old and am now confident in myself and what God has given me. In my 20's I didn't feel that way.

I go back and forth on my final decision because I am worried I will miss them and I worry they will be really saggy, wrinkled or deformed in some way. I worry it will then affect my sex life with my husband if they look really bad. He is very supportive of my decisions and I know he will still love me no matter what but I still want him to find me sexy like he does now. He honestly loves my breasts but told me he would love them if I got them removed too. I had a baby 8 months ago and was able to nurse just fine. I nursed for 2 months. I am worried something will happen during surgery that will affect breastfeeding future children as that is very important to me. I am sure these are all normal legit worries, but they are really holding me back.

It's very encouraging reading your reviews and seeing the before and after pictures. Almost all of you say it was worth it no matter what the outcome was.


I think you will be pleasantly surprised with them removed. Right now the scar tissue has the implants sitting high up on your chest almost forcing your nipples downward. When the implant is out, the tissue will be able to relax into more of a real breast shape. I hope my assessment isn't offensive! If you like your implants now then awesome- they are a great size! But if you are considering removal, I think you will be surprised by how great they look afterwards! Good luck with your decision!
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Of course your assessment isn't offensive. I appreciate the honesty. I should have said I was happy with them before I had a baby, they have definitely changed shape post baby. I was actually worried that getting them removed would make my nipples go more downward, I would love for them to relax into a real breast shape :) I am definitely leaning towards getting them removed. I've already contacted my original plastic surgeon to set up a consultation! I was trying on old bathing suits the other day and I hate how high they are sitting and how noticibaly fake they look. I want small natural breasts :) Thanks so much for your input, I really appreciate it and it's really helped me :)
Im glad i helped! Look at every before and after explant pic you can find and you'll find some similar to yours and see how beautifully natural they look after :) good luck!

I finally decided to get them out. I just got off...

I finally decided to get them out. I just got off the phone with the office of my original plastic surgeon. She told me I needed a lift and it would cost $7,500. WOW. I told her I didn't want a lift and asked what the cost would be without it, she hesitated, acted really shocked that I didn't want a lift and told me I'd be left with a saggy breast, then told me it would cost $6,000 without a lift. WOW again. I think I need to contact another surgeon. I have seen results on here and they are not always saggy. I think it's possible for me to get good results since my implants are not that large.


Hi Myselfagain! First of all, you won't be saggy. You are not saggy now, and that won't change. If you have looked at the pics, you will notice that you basically end up with a smaller, flatter version of what you currently have. I had all the same worries you did, except I knew I would be droopy because I was sagging with the implants. I am okay with it, and am just relieved that they still look like boobs! If you called a surgeon who told you, sight unseen, that you would be saggy, then she probably hasn't done too many explants and I would keep searching. You are fortunate that your implants seem to be small, and I am sure you will look beautiful without them! Good luck!
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Keep calling PS offices and doing consultations until you find someone with experience. I called TONS of places, and didn't even bother having consultations at most of them because just by speaking to the receptionist and asking a few questions about the surgeon's experience with explant I knew they didn't do them often... On to calling the next place. I spoke to about 20 boob PS offices, and scheduled consultations with only 3. One tip, all 3 I found who were experienced/confident explant surgeons are board certified Plastic Surgeons (not just cosmetic surgeons) and also are specialized in other types of non-cosmetic breast surgery (such as mastectomy, lumpectomy, etc). I am no Dr but I can tell you just from your picture you don't have ptosis. How your original Surgeon could tell you by phone that you a lift for sure? Absurd... She probably just doesn't have much experience or confidence in her own skill in doing explant without lift or replacement. Keep researching and calling Drs until you find one who does. Find the right surgeon who makes you feel comfortable, and who has confidence in their own ability to give you a good outcome, and who does explant without replacement regularly! Not every great implant surgeon is a great explant surgeon. There are something like 300,000 implant surgeries each year in the US compared to about 40,000 explant without replacement surgeries. Some surgeons who put a lot of implants into boobs rarely if ever take them out without further fiddling around (putting in replacement implants or doing surgical lift), but there are great explant Drs available all over the country so hold out until you find yours.
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Thank you so much!!! I will definitely take your advice. I can tell already there are many PS that think it's absurd to not get a lift after explant. After being on this site I realize it is totally possible :)

I have contacted a few other surgeons whose names...

I have contacted a few other surgeons whose names I actually got off of this website and feel more confident in them already. I have a couple consultations set up for the end of this month. When I contacted one of them the lady who sets up consults told me I have come to the right place for breast implant removal. That made me feel really good because no other place has told me that or even seemed all that familiar with removal. I have an appt with him on March 26th. It can't come fast enough :)


Keep checking with other doctors. I had my saline implants out under local anesthesia for less than $1000! I was a small A before and had them for 15 years. I explanted exactly two weeks ago and can say that I definitely don't need a lift. They are small and a little saggy but not terrible. I am still hoping the "fluff" fairy will show up but that hasn't happened yet. I don't know what size I am now as I haven't been bra shopping yet but I am guessing I am back to an A cup if not even a little smaller. You look similar to me with implants so I am guessing you will have good results without a lift. Best wishes!
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Thank you. I have to say I have a weak stomach especially when it comes to blood and medical things so I am not sure I can do it under local, it makes me really nervous. But I think $6,000 even under general is way too much. I have a couple consultations set up for the end of the month that I am really looking forward to. :)
Thank you so much, I have a couple consultations set up for the end of this month. I can't wait.

I had two very different but very good...

I had two very different but very good consultations. One was going to remove the capsule and put me under, the other said I can do it awake and do not need the capsule removed as it doesn't feel very thick. I am VERY nervous about being awake through the procedure but I really love the fact that I do not need to get put under. I am getting nervous just typing this and thinking about being awake. He did give me the option to get put under for an additional $600. But I think I am going to tough it out and stay awake with a valium. They had an opening for April 30th so I am going to set it up, YAY :) He also said my implants are sitting very high which makes them look unnatural. He said he could do a better job if I changed my mind but was not pressuring me at all and was very understanding that I wanted them out. He said I was a different case then most though haha. I'm very excited that I have an end in site, or a new beginning I should say :)


Thank you for your updates! I'm sure you'll get some excellent drugs, so even if you're awake you'll be all happy and groggy. Make sure your doctor knows of your concerns in this area.

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Congrats on setting a date!!! I originally wanted to do local but my scar tissue on the right side was too thick. I think if your PS feels you're a good candidate for local- then awesome!!! Keep us posted and good luck, you will look fabulous!
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I did the explant minus lift approach. Now, seeing my smaller size, I don't think a lift would have been an option, but I didn't know until AFTER. The lift procedure involves a lot of areola work + tissue, so would think higher risk for breast feeding issues (but a # of women on this site were able-but some did have difficulty). The capsule removal should be dependent on capsular contracture or silicon leakage-not standard. I'm a week post explant-I'll let everyone know how my real breasts perform in the bedroom :) Good luck!
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Hey all. So tomorrow it will be 2 weeks until my...

Hey all. So tomorrow it will be 2 weeks until my surgery. I am extremely excited. I was looking for advice on bras. I know my Dr will be sending me home with the typical surgical bra but I need to buy compression bras to wear for awhile correct? Do you know how long I should wear them and any suggestions of what kind? Thanks so much :)


The Genie bra is super comfortable and has nice padding (which is removable). It has enough compression which gave me some cleavage. It comes in packages of 2 for $20.00 at stores like Rite-Aid. I preferred Genie to the Handfuls bra that cost a lot more. (p.s. my explant was march19)
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I can't believe I am only 2 days away from surgery...

I can't believe I am only 2 days away from surgery. I am most nervous about having the surgery under local but hopefully I won't feel a thing and the Valium will take the edge off. He said it is a quick, easy surgery so I am sure I will be fine. I just can't wait to see the end result :)


Hey, I'm so excited for you. You're going to do just great. Very best wishes for tomorrow. Will be thinking of you and looking forward to hearing how it goes when you're upto it. Take care x
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Thanks so much, you are so sweet :) I will definitely keep everyone updated as soon as I can!!!
You are going to do beautifully and look wonderful. Don't be nervous, your PS would not be doing it that way if he thought it should be done differently. He or she will take good care of you.
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I am home from my surgery and feel great. I did it...

I am home from my surgery and feel great. I did it under local, it was a piece of cake. I was surprised how easy it was. I'm wrapped tight in an ace bandage and am as flat as a pancake but I already love it. I'm a little nervous to look at them so I'll probably wait until tomorrow when he removes my drains. So far so good. :)

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I also weighed myself before I left and when I got...

I also weighed myself before I left and when I got home I weighed 2 lbs less!!!!! :) I feel free and light and so happy!!!


Hurray! So happy for you, pamper yourself and take it easy. :D
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Congratulations in your successful surgery! Hard to believe those things weighed 2 lbs!
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I am happy to hear that you are feeling great. I too will be having mine out soon and I am sooooo looking forward to it. Thanks for sharing your story. :)
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Felt a little discomfort last night and today but...

Felt a little discomfort last night and today but otherwise feeling great and loving my results :)


Thank you for your review. I'm now at the final decision and am having mine out. You mentioned you did your explant with local. Did you also have IV sedation or just a valium? I would love to have just local, but think PS will not do it unless I am sedated. I just hate those meds. I hope you are doing well.
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Hi there. I just took a valium. Honestly I do not handle anything medical very well. I can't stand the site of blood etc. But this was so easy. I watched tv and it was over before I knew it. I didn't feel a thing except the warmth of the saline when he drained the implants. It saved me a lot of money and time by doing it this way. The recovery was super easy as well. I couldn't be happier that I am implant free :) Good luck with your journey!!!!
Congrats on your journey! You are looking great!
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