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I am 9 days post-op and can honestly say this...

I am 9 days post-op and can honestly say this whole experience has been fairly easy. I had a BA and BL on June 15th, was off pain meds in 48 hours, no bruising, was driving in five days and back to work in six. Now, I will say that it takes a lot of energy to do something very simple, but the pain hasn't been bad. Work is definitely more exhausting ( I use my arms a good bit), but I make sure to stay hydrated, eat well and take some Tylenol to avoid any discomfort. My doctor had me on VitaMedical two weeks prior and two weeks post, and think that has made a tremendous difference in my recovery -- especially the swelling and bruising. My breast have dropped (rt one more than left) significally since the first day, and tomorrow I get the steri strips off and learn a new exercise. I will admit that the exercises make my breast sore, but I either ice them or take some Tylenol to help with the soreness.

I am definitely excited to see the end results! Prior to surgery I was a 36B and was starting to sag because of genes and losing/gaining weight. I went with 300cc Mentor Memory Gel Silicone Implants under the muscle. I am 33 years old, 5'9 150lbs and have no children

Day Ten: I had my second post-op appointment this...

Day Ten: I had my second post-op appointment this morning. I had the tape and three stitches removed. I misspoke earlier about not having any bruising. I have a small/average yellow bruise that was hidden underneath the tape on both breast. Not bad though! I learned another exercise....squeezing below and pushing the implant up -- talk about a little bit of pain! I think the exercises are the worst part of this whole experience ( pain wise). I go back in two weeks to follow-up with my Dr. I also start using the bioCorneum scar supervision cream tomorrow. My scars aren't as bad as I thought they would be ( considering I had a lift, too), It definitely puts me in a somber mood because I want them to look perfect now. But my Dr. assures me that they will heal beautifully in 6 mos.

One Month Review: Just had my one month post-op...

One Month Review: Just had my one month post-op appointment with my dr. today. He was very pleased with the results! He actually told me that if my breast don't drop anymore that he would be OK with it. From the side view I am starting to see the slope and would prefer them to drop just a tad bit more.... but I trust my doctor's opinion. They are getting softer each day and no longer cause any pain when doing my exercises.They acutally feel re-adjusted afterwards : ) I can start working out but can not do any chest exercises. I am going to take it slow and ease my way back into it though.... I am in no rush to hit the gym hard until I am fully recovered. I am still wearing and sleeping in my support bra. I could of gone bra-less at night two weeks ago but decided against it. I like the support and wearing one in the evenings will help maintain my breast lift.

But other than that things have been great. I am no longer tired at work and can lift pretty much anything that isn't over 20lbs. I started vacuuming after 14 days and had no issues. My first time made me tired, but haven't experienced any problems since. I do not see my doctor again until October.... which seems so far away. I will continue to update and post photos each month so you guys can see how I am making out. I hope everyone is doing well!

This coming Friday ( Sept.7th) will be 12 weeks...

This coming Friday ( Sept.7th) will be 12 weeks since my surgery. Overall I am pleased, but wish for a little more fullness because they have dropped quite a bit since my last visit to my PS. I enjoy how natural they are and haven't had any problems with them. But apart of me wants to have a revision for an additional 50cc's. From what I've read and gather from doctors on this site, the risk of surgery is greater than the end result. I see my PS next month and will discuss with him my concern and see what his opinion is.
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I know what you mean. Massaged Mederma on my scars and for the first 2 months it felt very strange. But now it's a piece of cake and they have faded considerably!
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Thanks, Kooberry! I will say that the scars were sore yesterday, but feel pretty good this morning. It feels weird rubbing the scar cream on them. Just can't wait to get through this phase.
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Hi MD ~ you look great! We are a similar size, I got 304 cc's and am 5"10. You will look amazing after the scars have faded.... Mine are pretty light at 5 months post op, but my PS said they can take up to a year to fully fade/heal. Thanks for sharing your story:-)
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Thanks for sharing your experience here on RealSelf! Glad all is going well so far.

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Thanks, Guys! Kandie - yes, I was swollen and felt heavy in the mornings. But it wasn't bad. For the first few evenings I would keep the ice next to me and ice my breast so I wouldn't feel so heavy and tight in the morning. But now I just ice as I am drinking my coffee before I get ready for work.
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FitLuv, it wasn't pain-free, but not as bad as I thought. There are some parts that annoy the hell out of me -- nipples hurting, not using full range of motion with my arms, not cleaning and working out, and feeling tired all the time. I would like to post pictures but I am just too nervous to do so...
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MD, congrats on your surgery!! I'm soo jealous of your easy recovery! Please keep us posted on your journey.
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Congrats on your surgery and that you've had a pretty easy recovery!! I am 5 days post-op, and am still in a lot of pain. I too, went with the Mentor Silicone, 400cc high profile, under the muscle. I am extremely swollen and bruised on one side, hoping it will go down soon. What is VitaMedical? Unfortunately, I wasn't given anything like that. :(
Were you more swollen in the morning, by chance? When I wake up, I feel like I'm 2 times bigger because of the swelling and tightness that I'm expriencing. Just wondering if that's normal....
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Kandie, most of us call it "morning boob" and yes it's normal! I had it for weeks! It's different for everyone but does go away:)
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LOL! Thank you so much! I was worried. ;)
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