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Totally Worth It, but Find the Right Doc!

I had my lower abs done, that little pocket of fat...

I had my lower abs done, that little pocket of fat just below my belly button. I have a 23% body fat, so I wasn't overweight, but it was definitely a localized deposit. After being unhappy/obsessive with that one part of my body for years, I decided to have it fixed. Not to mention, more than one time I'd been asked if I was newly pregnant due to the awkward location of the fat deposit. I couldn't wear fitted dresses or low cut jeans because I literally had this pooch that stuck out.

The clinic I saw was excellent. It wasn't a fancy spa but a real doctors office, which is how I recommend you go about it. I was heavily bruised and looked like I had been beaten up in a bar for a couple days. I took off work the day of it, and work a 5 hour shift the next day. I bought a slimming body garment (like the spanx, but not) that was an all-tummy trimmer for about $17. My nurse said it was better than the medical ones!

The bruising and swelling was bad for about a week (i felt like a stuffed sausage) but it wasn't bad after that. It wasn't like I couldn't drive or go to the restroom or anything. I took pictures and notes every day for 2 weeks to chronicle what I went through to share with a friend who was considering it.

The first day all you do is lay around and sleep on your back. I was drugged a little and bloated from all the lidocaine but it's not searing or unbearable. It's uncomfortable to bend over, say, to tie your shoes. And you get weird numb patches on your stomach for awhile until the nerves grow back. That is still a strange sensation, but after 3 months it went away.

I was able to work out again after 3 weeks. After 5-6 weeks I'd say I hit a point where it felt normal and I didn't get a "pulling" sensation if i twisted too hard (sometimes it felt like i pulled a stitch for a millisecond during a gym class), and after 2 months I had fully recovered. At 3 months I decided I needed a touch-up due to a ridge that had developed--a lot of fat removed from my lower stomach and not enough as the tube tapered up--but it was easily fixed.

It was significantly easier the second time, much less swelling. After one week, felt just fine, no swelling, minor yellow bruising.

Well, I had mine appear about a week and a half later. The doctor said it was pockets of liquid, but it never really went away. It was just the line where they took a bunch of fat away and didn't taper well enough so there was a line. It does go away a little bit, but after I worked out a bunch, I figured it just needed to be smoothed a little. I think it is still there after my touch up though. It'll be 2 weeks tomorrow and it's still there but less prominent. But unless I had my whole stomach done it is probably impossible to get rid of it. Honestly, my friends (and my mom) barely can notice it. It's just me being overly critical. Wait until the swelling goes down. Some days, like when I wasn't bloated, it seemed to disappear so i thinmk it's just contingent on a lot of things. Try to avoid wearing pants that ride in that spot though because otherwise it's more prominent. I would wait to worry about it for another couple of weeks, though. After 5 days, especially the first time, you're so swollen! I know i looked pregnant. I looked a little dimply, but honestly, I don't think anybody could look at me and tell i had some work done. And either way, I'm still significantly happier than i was before! I've had a few other stomach surgeries for other things, so I already have a few scars, I doubt anybody goes "oh it's lipo" right away. I hope that helps, i have some pictures if you want to compare or look at my results. No biggee!
Hi! So tomorrow will be 2 weeks since I had the surgery and I do feel like the ridge is less noticeable, but I can still see it, even through my compression thing. When I went for my week follow up appointment last week, she said I was in the normal range and that the ridge would even out when the swelling went down. She said that ridge might have been caused just by sitting since it's my "bending" point. I guess that makes sense. You're right about avoiding low rise jeans! Now there's something that feels like a rope right about the ridge. I'm hoping this is just the normal healing process?? I'm just ready to have a flat stomach already! Did your doctor recomend a full 3 weeks before working out again? What about walking outside or on the treadmill, or doing the elliptical? I don't want to do more harm than good, but I'm getting antsy! What did you do?
Hi! I found your review hit really close to home, as I just had smart lipo done 5 days ago on my "pocket" of fat just below my belly button. My body fat % is close to yours too, so I wanted to ask you a question about that part where you wrote about the ridge that you had touched up. I have that too already - it's almost like I have a 1 inch belt across my belly. Did you experience this ridge from day 5? Or was it something that developed. I don't like the idea of having another procedure done, but sounds like that might be in my future. Any advice?
Dr. Ricketts at Body Rejuvination

Very professional, a real doctor, no crazy charges due to "fancy" waiting rooms. Dr. Ricketts and his wife Marilynn are very helpful and honest. They do everything possible to make you comfortable. She took me home afterwards and even called to check up on me and provided lots of helpful tips and tricks for the following weeks.

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