Torture Crazy Inhuman Pain

I got it done and it HURT LIKE **** about 5 hours...

I got it done and it HURT LIKE **** about 5 hours after the treatment. It totally did not hurt during the treatment at all, it was actually somewhat relaxing. The pain though afterward was so severe that I really think that it made me crazy - but the next day the pain was gone and I had gleeming white teeth.

I think from now on tho I will do monthly gel plate whitening for maintanance instead of going through that horrible inhuman pain again!


OMG..I've never laughed so much. These comments are hilarious! I'll keep my stained teeth!
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I feel your pain, brothers and sisters in ZOOM! I have some Oxycontin stashed after some surgery a few years ago. I may sneak a few when the wife's not looking. Toward the end of the treatment I was beginning to think I was in a Final Destination sequel, horrible death scene.
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I am near tears because of this pain! It moves from tooth to tooth...feels like little elves are yanking the teeth with all their might to watch me suffer!...pain..pain..pain...and not just any pain..its like being pulled from the someone is holding onto the nerve end of your tooth and just pulling hurts so bad..and i dont know what to do...i put that gel they give doesnt do a thing! And took 2 pain killers...which only made me drowsy but the pain is still there..shifting between my bottom teeth!. I wish i read this before doing thr procedure...
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