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Lip Lift - Very Happy with the Results!

I had a lip lift in 2006 and wanted to share my...

I had a lip lift in 2006 and wanted to share my good experience with the procedure.

I naturally have nice "big" lips...but I felt the distance between my nose and upper lip was alot. Didn't like how I could not see my teeth when I parted my lips. And to be honest, I am quite thin with a narrow face and I figured by lifting my lip, somehow it would not make my face look so long and narrow.

My doctor explained the scars will be minimal and they will be underneath my nose. I made an appointment right away.

The entire procedure was less than an hour and I was awake during the whole time. They stitched me up and sent me home. I did not experience much pain. Although I was VERY swollen. My cheeks, nostrils and lips were HUGE...LOL.

Below are photos before & after. I gotta say, I look different...My face literally changed for the best! I was quite surprised how much my face changed. It doesn't look as narrow...

Now, the scars did remain for a long time. I actually went back to my doctor almost a year after and (nicely) told him how I did not like the scar it left underneath my nose. My doctor was very kind and actually gave me several laser treatments underneath my nose(at no charge).

One other thing to keep in mind, the corners of the mouth aren't necessarily "lifted" just the upper lip.

I am VERY happy I had the lip lift procedure! I was 37 years old at the time(I am now 41).

Today is day 12 and I am *thrilled*. I honesty have to tell you how much you helped me, both in terms of making the decision, and even more - in seeing what to expect. The swelling has gone done considerably, especially after I had the stitches out. Honestly, it's been a piece of cake, and I can easily go outside. It just looks like i had a cold (from the redness under the nostrils which is already going away.) I am wondering if part of the reason I had such an easy time of it is because I did not have any fillers added - just the lip lift, nothing else. No corner lift. My doctor told me 5 months before the "woodenness" goes away and all the swelling gone. Anyway, thanks again for taking the time to post. I am pretty much having the same recovery timeline as you did (so far), so it's been incredibly helpful seeing your pictures. If I hadn't of seen your day after pictures I might've panicked - but I was just as swollen. Surgeons rarely prepare patients for that part.
You do look fantastic! I had the same procedure (the bullhorn lip lift) on Monday and today is Wednesday. I am very swollen, but here's y question - did your swelling appear a little uneven, in terms of your nostrils? I feel like one side is a little bigger. I probably should not even look in a mirror for at least a week, but I can't help myself. I know it's been a while since you did this but I wonder if you remember.
@mrs...Thank you. Congrats on your procedure! Are your stitches off? How do you feel? Look? I do not recall one side of my nostrils being more swollen than the other at all. I just recall my entire face being swollen...I really didn't feel like I looked "normal" until probablt 6 months after. Especially when I look at old photos Well, good luck. I hope you are pleased with the outcome! Try to post your experience :)

It's June 2010...It has now been 4 1/2 years...

It's June 2010...It has now been 4 1/2 years since my lip lift procedure. I still do have some small "red" scars under my nose. I cover them easily with makeup though. Overall I am happy with the results (I am now 41 years old).

thanks surf girl for your feedback on your operation, you have answered so many replies your obviously beautiful in and out ;0) i have been considering the procedure and it is so helpful to talk to people who have actually had it done, thanks for the pics too especially the one done after the surgery very help ful.

God bless

Thank you Insocal for sharing your story. I think I saw your photos on another web site and I'm glad you are still seeing the results. You are somewhat of a patient pioneer (lol) and look terrific btw! I'm shocked you only paid 850 for a surgery?!
@danni2010...I know. The $850 cost was quite surprising...but awesome! I'm pretty sure that price has gone up much more since then. BTW, this is the only website where I've discussed any of my procedures. Thank you.

It has been a year and a half since I posted my...

It has been a year and a half since I posted my lip lift review. I never imagined I'd get so many comments! To be honest, I never thought anyone would even read my post. My procedure was done over 5 years ago. A time when NO ONE even knew what a lip lift was. I find everyone's story interesting and have enjoyed reading all comments. Real Self is such a great forum!
You look Beautiful! It is amazing how something so minimal as for the distance between your upper lift and your nose can make. You looked younger instantly and, again, a gorgeous result. I am so happy for you. I sent you a private message with the hopes of getting the Dr's name. Continue to Enjoy it! Vivita
how did u treat ur white scar ?? is it by leaser ??
Hi, Thank you for posting your photo with updates. It was quite helpful. I asked a surgeon in NY several years ago if he did this (he was highly respected and very well known so I assumed…)but he didn't. I recently called again, and he now does do them. I hate, that long space and of course everyone thinks i'm nuts but that's all I see when I look in the mirror. My fear is I am so fair and scar (white) easily. My nose is straight so you would see it. Do you need to wear make-up? Lasers don't work well on white scars i think.
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