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27th February 2013 Wanted to write a review...

27th February 2013

Wanted to write a review on my experience so far as reading reviews helped me to make my decision to go for linguals.
I had both top and bottom fitted 4th February 2013, it was pretty straightforward, the rest of the day was fine, eating was strange. Day 2 my tongue was sore and I had a terrible lisp (I feel this is because your subconsciously avoiding the brackets with your tongue while talking), I had to return to the ortho office as a wire was bugging me and irritated my touge, she fixed it and right away felt do much better.
The tounge soreness lasted around 3/4 days, my lithp was noticeable for around a week, weeks 2,3 & 4 I really haven't noticed it unless I say the word 'lisp' lol
My teeth were achey on day 2, much to my delight my front two teeth had already straightened out a little, by day 4 I'd already been told my teeth looked straighter and now at almost 5 weeks I feel like my teeth have shifted and my smile appears wider ( I have a narrow arch).
My teeth have actually been a little achey the past 2 days but I know it's because they are shifting.
Overall 4.5 weeks in I'm really happy with my experience so far.
Cons: they are more expensive than regular braces but for me it is worth every penny, but talk to your ortho office about a payment plan.
It's difficult to floss, haven't been very successful at it but invest in a good electric toothbrush and carry around toothpaste, toothbrush and mouthwash everywhere.
Can't think of anything else to write but would be glad to answer any questions if you leave your email addy in a comment.
But seriously if your considering it DO IT, seriously, I wish I'd done it sooner and I'm 30 years old!
Ps, I had my wisdom teeth extracted for this, my ortho recommended I also extract my per-molars to which I refused, I researched it quite extensively and decided to go ahead with treatment WITH my pre molars.

I have had the lingual braces for 1 month and the first week I used a lot of wax until my tongue got used to the braces. Since then the only bad thing about them is that food is constantly getting stuck in them when I eat so I leave the table to brush my teeth right after I am done because I can't stand the feeling in my mouth with loose pieces stuck in small spaces. Also, I definitely lisp. I lisp more so when I have to combine the "S" sound with a "T" sound, such as "Stay" "Boston" or "Trustees". The other annoying thing is that in order not to sound like an 8 year old with an obvious lisp, I tend to talk more quietly than I have in the past. People have trouble hearing me and if I speak up and annunciate, then I end up spitting on the person I am speaking with. With all that said, I have learned to manage these things and I am really glad I got the lingual braces. They really are completely incognito. No one ever sees them and I can kiss with them on too and they cannot be felt my me or my husband. Another surprise to me. Also, you can watch your smile progress much more easily than you can with traditional brackets which obstruct your view. I would recommend them to anyone who is self conscious about getting traditional braces and for whom Invisalign will not work (such as those with open bites or cross bites). Lingual braces work much faster than Invisalign which my friends tell me always takes much longer than they initially say it will. I ordered Invisalign and paid for the entire treatment and then abandoned the idea when the orthodontist went to put 12 cement bumpers on my teeth which he never discussed with me prior. I swiftly left that practice. 8 more months to go in Incognito. Maybe fewer months as we will be using Propel to speed up the process starting at my next treatment and Acceledent as well. Good luck to all! Thanks for sharing your experiences. I read and re read a lot of these comments before making my decisions.
Some people here on RealSelf have complained that because their teeth are different thicknesses (this is very normal), the teeth don't end up being straight on the fronts, but on the thicker teeth stick out.  Has this issue come up in conversation with your doctor at all?  Thank you :)
That's very interesting. I hadn't realized that is a potential problem and it does make sense to me. The subject did not come up with my orthodontist perhaps because it is not an issue for my teeth. He did a lot of 3-D modeling and studying the mockup a for about 1 month before agreeing to it with the people at incognito. So I know he gave it a lot of thought. Perhaps he took that into consideration and didn't need to mention it to me. I imagine he took that Into consideration and made the appropriate adaptations. I can't see why it would matter whether you have braces on the inside or outside, the thickness issue remains the same. 
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