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Incognito Lingual Braces - Torrance, CA

27th February 2013 Wanted to write a review...

27th February 2013

Wanted to write a review on my experience so far as reading reviews helped me to make my decision to go for linguals.
I had both top and bottom fitted 4th February 2013, it was pretty straightforward, the rest of the day was fine, eating was strange. Day 2 my tongue was sore and I had a terrible lisp (I feel this is because your subconsciously avoiding the brackets with your tongue while talking), I had to return to the ortho office as a wire was bugging me and irritated my touge, she fixed it and right away felt do much better.
The tounge soreness lasted around 3/4 days, my lithp was noticeable for around a week, weeks 2,3 & 4 I really haven't noticed it unless I say the word 'lisp' lol
My teeth were achey on day 2, much to my delight my front two teeth had already straightened out a little, by day 4 I'd already been told my teeth looked straighter and now at almost 5 weeks I feel like my teeth have shifted and my smile appears wider ( I have a narrow arch).
My teeth have actually been a little achey the past 2 days but I know it's because they are shifting.
Overall 4.5 weeks in I'm really happy with my experience so far.
Cons: they are more expensive than regular braces but for me it is worth every penny, but talk to your ortho office about a payment plan.
It's difficult to floss, haven't been very successful at it but invest in a good electric toothbrush and carry around toothpaste, toothbrush and mouthwash everywhere.
Can't think of anything else to write but would be glad to answer any questions if you leave your email addy in a comment.
But seriously if your considering it DO IT, seriously, I wish I'd done it sooner and I'm 30 years old!
Ps, I had my wisdom teeth extracted for this, my ortho recommended I also extract my per-molars to which I refused, I researched it quite extensively and decided to go ahead with treatment WITH my pre molars.

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For me, the experience is very similar. I am only on second day of treatment and had only the bottom part of these braces. I had to extract left down premolar, but it is was easily comprehensible why... I had been extracted three other premolars extracted as a child and so my bite wouldnot be possible correct properly if there is no extraction. if not there was the same pain as I have had with normal, not fixe braces which I had as a child and for several last months..Lisp, a little bite when I spoke fast but for a long time and not pay attention about the pronanciation. If this could be stay the same with the upper part of braces I am completely satisfated and woul reccomend to everybody. I am so glad nobody can noticed about my braces that this "small" inconveninece about tongue sore and not to be able swallow hard foods really I dont mind. Mb it will become worse but for the moment I love Incognito braces.
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where did you get them done? i am in my 20's and one of my two front teeth up top is a little crooked & i am considering getting lingual braces just on top. i am just curious where in the LA area to go & about how much it might be to just get the top done. also, do you have to wear a retainer after? thanks so much in advance!
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Hi, I'm 39 and have had 4 teeth extracted and all the brackets in place for lingual braces. The orthodontist still needs to wire them. I'm in a lot of pain with the extractions and popping painkillers. Hoping the lisp goes away soon and the process is over. But miles to go, i guess ....

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How expensive were they?
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So what made you decide to get the Lingual Brances over invisilign? Im debating between those two

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I'm so glad you started your review early on in treatment! It will be great to hear how things go at different stages for you. How exciting to already start to see some changes!

So it sounds like the brackets aren't causing too much of an issue discomfort wise, other than what would probably happen with traditional braces. Are there any parts of them that feel pokey or sharp, or is it pretty smooth, and just bumpy?

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