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Bumpy Spots on Scalp After Modified Browlift, Upper/lower Blephorplasty, Mini Face Lift with Submental Repair

Modified brow lift, upper/lower blephorplasty,...

Modified brow lift, upper/lower blephorplasty, mini face lift with submental repair. My eyes have always been deep-set and as years have passed (51 years old) had excess eyelid skin coupled with my brow pressing down on my lids. Within the last year or so, my jowls had become droopy as well as the area just under my chin.

It worked out that I was able to have not only my eyes done but the other work as well. My doctor discounts his fees when done as a package,plus save on surgical room fee and anesthesiologist fee.

I am very pleased. The con for me was I had a sinus infection coming on and it made recovery more miserable (headaches).

My advice is to go in the the mindset of being "patient" with recovery! I wanted and expected to "look good" quicker than two weeks! It's been 2 1/2 weeks for me now and I can say that at the two week mark, things really started to settle down. Still long way to go with "nerve" recovery and some staple areas.

Modified brow lift done 2 1/2 weeks ago. I have very tender "spots" on my scalp including the areas where the sutures/staples were in my scalp area but my concern is the "bumpy" spots I feel in a couple of these tender staple areas. Should I be concerned?


2 1/2 weeks is too soon to evaluate the outcome of your surgery. All of the "bumpy" areas and tender spots will indeed settle down over time. Between 6 months and a year everything should resolve itself. The tenderness should be pretty much gone and the bumpy areas smoothed out. Healing is usually complete by 1 year.
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I hope so. Incision across forehead instead of on the scalp after 2+1/2 months is still red, itchy and indented a bit. Very disappointed. But I will comment again at the 6 month mark.
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