Going from a B Cup to Full C - California

I am a mother of 2 and breastfed both children....

I am a mother of 2 and breastfed both children. Before I had kids I was a full 34B and had nice perky breast. When I was pregnant I got up to a large C and after I stopped breastfeeding I lost all the volume in my breast and more in 1 then the other. One breast is lower, fuller and bigger than the other one. The smaller one my nipple inverts because I don't have any fullness to pop it out. I'm very self-conscious and won't wear a bathing suit or take my shirt off. I researched a lot and I know more about implants right now that I feel I can do the surgery. LOL! I came across this website that was very helpful in making all the right decisions. This is not my doctor because it's in a different state but found the information very informative. http://www.mpsmn.com/html/breast-augmentation.html

I went to 3 consultations and researched each Dr before I went for my consults. I decided to go with the 3rd doctor.

I am scheduled for surgery on July 22, 2011, in 1 week. I'm so excited but nervous about going under anesthesia and the pain afterwords.

I am 4'11", 102 lbs. I decided to go with Round Moderate Profile, Saline implants under the muscle. I gave my Dr. pictures of the size I want to be, that is what he recommends instead of telling him a size or cc's. I did say I wanted to be a full C though.

I will try and post before and after pics and keep this updated. If anyone has any questions please ask.

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I have 3 more days until my surgery and I am...

I have 3 more days until my surgery and I am getting so nervous now. I keep running it through my head on how it will go. I am worried about taking the pain medication afterwords because I've never taken anything before but Advil. My Dr. said I can not take Advil two weeks prior and 2 weeks after my surgery because it can cause bleeding. He prescribed me Vicodin and Tylenol with Coedine to see which one works best.

Has anyone taken Tylenol with coedine after their breast augmentation surgery? Did it help? Or should I just take the vicodin. Any suggestions on girls who have had this done would be helpful.
Thank you!


Pls keep me posted on how it went...i have consulted with my doctor yesterday and opting to do it in august 2011...i also have 2 kids and have breastfed both..helmspence@webmail.co.za..tx chantal
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I will keep you posted. I'm getting so nervous now! Only 3 more days. I'm sure I won't be able to sleep the night before.

Good luck on Friday! I hope your surgery goes well.

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Well tomorrow is the big day. It's late at night...

Well tomorrow is the big day. It's late at night and I can't sleep I keep thinking about it. So excited and nervous. I will post on here as soon as I can after my surgery.


Good luck with your surgery on friday !! u will be so happy after....i had my surgery on 04-22-11 ..and i'm super happy..!
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Thanks Kansas city2906. I am nervous now that its so close. What pain medication did you take during your recovery? Did it help? I'm worried about the pain.

I'm home from surgery now and just resting. Very...

I'm home from surgery now and just resting. Very sore and tight but manageable. Everyone was so nice and comforting. It was so worth it. I can't wait to see them.


I cannot wait to see your results. Sounds like everything went well...I am sure your pain is very normal as you JUST had the surgery!
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I have a similar breast size to you but more deflated looking and I'm slightly taller then you. I'm also fitting into a 34B bras. I'm going with a 380cc implant which will take me to a full D. I was wondering if you are a full C or larger. As the implant size you chose is larger then mine. I can't wait to see your pictures. I hope your recovering well. :)
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I can't wait to see your results, what size implant did you choose?
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Day 1 and 2 were probably the worst. Just trying...

Day 1 and 2 were probably the worst. Just trying to get comfortable and sleeping. It feels like a really bad pulled muscle and tightness, almost like engorgement when your milk comes in. I never got sick or nauseous from the anesthesia thank god. My Dr did give me a antinausea medication in my IV though which helped.

Day 2 - The day after my surgery I went for my follow up appointment and the Dr removed the ace bandage and said my breast look great. He then put me in a sports bra and wrapped me again but not as tight. He said I could take a shower the next day and permanently remove the ace wrap and just wear the bra.

Day 3 - Feeling better, left breast not sore anymore just my right. Took a shower today and I feel so much better. Breast are still high but they look great. My husband thinks I might be a small D. It's hard to tell because I'm still swollen.

Day 4 - I feel pretty great today. I can move my left arm pretty well with no discomfort. My right side is still pretty swollen and I can't lift my right arm yet. This experience hasn't been bad at all. I stressed for nothing. I've been taking 1 Tylenol with coedine for pain every 5 hours but last night was the last pain pill I took. I don't feel like I need it today. I honestly think the worst pain I've felt is my back. Since the night of surgery my back was really sore and swollen in between my shoulder blades. Today my back feels sensitive and almost bruised but not hurting anymore. I asked my dr and he said it's because I'm small framed and all the muscles in the front are being pulled and I'm tensing up from the pain. I posted some updated pictures. My next check up is this Friday 7/29.


I have finally booked my surgery in for December and I think I have chosen a really good surgeon. He has loads of reviews and really good before and after pics. I've had 3 consults all up and I feel the last consult was the best. The surgeon has recommended those furry Brazilians but I'm not so sure yet as I know there not used in the US?? I'm think trials are still being carried out, anyway they have been approved over here in Australia. I think I may go with Mentor range or Nagor, they have been around a lot longer. What type of implants are yours. Keep me posted with the pics. Yes I can't wait to go shopping too!.
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Thanks milly04! I am very please with my results. I know it takes a while for them to drop and usually one drops before the other one. I already feel so much better about myself and sexy for once. The only discomfort I've had the past two days is my bra is rubbing on my incisions (under the breast). So I put some gauze over my incision that way the bra is not against it. Also, while you are healing you sometimes will feel shooting pains in your breast which is from your nerves coming back. My leet half of my breast are still numb which is common also but my nipple are not numb they are sensitive.

I can't wait to go shopping for bras and new clothes. Let me know if you have anymore questions. You are going to be so happy! Try to stay away from all the negative/dissatisfied reviews on here cause that freaked me out and made me more stressed. Just make sure you have a excellent surgeon who makes you feel comfortable and has great before/after pictures and has good reviews and no complaints. Do your research on the Dr.
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Your pics look really good considering you only just had the surgery. I think the size looks really good on you too!. It must feel so different wearing clothes now. Have you had to get rid of any tops?. Yeah one of your breast looks a little high but I think in a couple of weeks they will look just right. (You will have to post some more pics) Are you happy with the results so far. How is the pain now? You look really good :)
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Day 8 - yesterday I had my 2nd PS follow up...

Day 8 - yesterday I had my 2nd PS follow up appointment. Dr removed the strips over my incision and cleaned my incisions, that was a little uncomfortable. He said my right breast is still very swollen. He said it will probably tale another 3 weeks to drop and for the swelling to go down. He said I'm doing to much and since I'm right handed it will take longer to go down. He told me to try and not use my right arm at all until the swelling goes down. Other than that the only discomfort I have is when I wake up in the morning from laying down all night. And for those of you who are getting the inframmory incision expect tone sore from the bra rubbing on it. I just put some gauze on my incision to protect it. I am still so happy I did this!

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Day 13 - I feel great. I'm back to work and no...

Day 13 - I feel great. I'm back to work and no more pain. My right breast still hasn't dropped yet and still a little swollen. Had my checkup last Friday and Dr. said my right breast is very swollen but that's completely normal. He also said for me to try and not use my right hand that much. He said since that is my stronger side (I'm right handed) that it will take longer for the muscle to relax. Plus I work out a lot with cardio and weight training so it will take longer for my muscles to stretch. Dr. said in about 3 weeks I should notice a improvement. He removed the strips off my incision, cleaned it and then put new tape strips back on. That was a little uncomfortable cause my incision site is sore. I have my next follow up appointment tomorrow 8/4 so I will update then.


Milly04 - my implants are by Natrelle and they are saline.

Day 15 - Yesterday I had my third follow up...

Day 15 - Yesterday I had my third follow up appointment with my PS. I have to go in once a week. He is such a nice caring man. Anyways he removed the tape off my incisions and told me to massage my incisions 4x per day with lotion or vitamin E. He said it's not what you put on it that reduces the scar, its the massage that helps the scar fade.

He also advised since my right side is still swollen and hasn't dropped yet that I still need to take it easy and no exercising, lifting and try not to use my right arm. I go back next Friday for another followup.

I'm not sure if I listed all the details so here they are:

I'm 102 lbs, 4'11
Before I was a 34B
I wanted to be a full C
I got Natrelle Saline Implants under the muscle. Moderate Profile, 400 cc's on right and 420 cc's on left. I haven't gone bra shopping yet, just wearing the surgical sports bra so I'm not sure what size I am.

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Had my 3 week post op appointment today. Dr. gave...

Had my 3 week post op appointment today. Dr. gave me the okay to start massaging my breast and to keep massaging my scars 4x per day. My right side is still swollen and hasn't dropped yet. My left side is perfect! In 1-1/2 weeks I can finally stop sleeping with this surgical bra and can buy a new bra with no underwire. I can't wait! I'm not sure what my final size is.

I posted a updated picture below.

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4 Week Post Op - Today I had my 4 week check up. ...

4 Week Post Op - Today I had my 4 week check up. My PS said everything looks great. I still can't exercise or go swimming or lift anything because my right side is still a little swollen. It's getting better each week and dropping slowly. I have no pain at all and they feel like a part of me now. I can't feel the implant and they actually feel more real than I thought they would considering I got saline.

I went and got measured and I am a 34D.

I asked for a full C but am so glad I'm a D. I did show him pictures of the size I wanted to be before the surgery and wasn't sure what size the picture was and I look the exact same size as the picture. I think I'm the perfect size for my body frame. I'm sooo thrilled I got this done and wished I would of done it sooner.

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Last week I had my 6 week checkup and my PS is...

Last week I had my 6 week checkup and my PS is very pleased with my results. My right side finally dropped and looks great. I love my new breast. I now can exercise and go back to my normal routine. I have another follow up appointment next month. I am also so glad I went with Saline, they feel so natural and I can't even feel the implant at all. It feels like my own breast. I had a lot of breast tissue and had my implants placed under the muscle,my skin was already stretched out so that could be why I can't feel the implant. At least with the Saline I will know if it ruptures and not have to worry about getting an MRI done every 2 years like with Silicone. Plus it was cheaper too.
I will post a updated picture soon.


I wish I has your list of questions before my surgery!!! Not that my PS didn't do a good job but I do wish I went bigger so I wish I asked him to bring bigger implants into the OR. Still .. I'm a firm believer that whatever happens happens for a reason so I am good with what I have (still going through boob greed, not gonna lie) and thankful that I had an easy recovery and very little pain. I will tell you I was not productive at work until 1 week post op. (I was fortunate enough to work from home for 3-4 weeks after my surgery.)
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Thank you very much for your story it was wonderful campinggirl we have almost the same Body frame i am only 3 pounds heavier than you are i am 4'11 too, and thinking about BA since i was 18 now i am 23 an ready iam thinking about going with 450cc to accomplish a Small D (32D) you said you went with 420cc and accomplish a 34D,so so you think 450cc will be too huge for my small frame?? it will depend on my chest measurements right?? i hoe you can help me out a little if you can!! i dont want to be too big(:
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Hi there! I've had my implants for 1-1/2 years now and still love them. I would do if all over again. The only thing I would change is to go a little bigger. So I would say find a picture online of the size you want and give the picture to your dr. That's what I did. I think 450ccs would be perfect! Good luck and let me know if you have any more questions.
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