Zerona Not for Men

I am a male, and I did the zerona laser procedure...

I am a male, and I did the zerona laser procedure in Toronto. I am not writing this review to say zerona does not work, but I would like to point out that zerona does not work on male as compared to females.

While I was doing my research for the zerona laser, I noticed that all the news reports on youtube about zerona had women as test patients. So before I did the procedure I made sure to ask if this will work on male, and I was reassured it will. I had approximatly 15 sessions, and I was only able to lose around two inches overall.

So from my experience, if your a male and you want to do this procedure its a fifty fifty chance that you will be happy with the results.

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The clinic is very good and easy to deal with, but end of the day if the results is not what you expect, then whats the point.

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Man, I am furious! This is the worst I have ever been ripped off in my life! 9 treatments, $3000 later and no perceivable inches lost! No one sees a difference in me! Their whole method of measuring you is a complete con. By measuring in several different places, and pulling the tape tighter on the final measurement/session and then adding up all the figures they make it look as if I lost 5 inches and yet my weight is the same and the circumference around my waist is also the same as before I started treatment! Nuts! Surely there has to be a class action lawsuit against this company? I went to premier Fitness in Milton, Onatrio in Canada for my treatment and just had my last session last week. They were indignant and rude to me when I informed them that I don’t believe that their treatment worked. What should I do? I cannot afford a lawyer
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Have a good cry. That's what we ladies have done.

Really sorry, dude.
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RK1234, got a question - how did your provider handle your situation? Did they anticipate that you might not respond? Did they offer you a special price on more treatments, or a partial refund, or a credit towards another type of service?
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Human nature is that saying something does not work is HARD. You are correct the Zerona is a very unpredictable treatment. Sorry for your waste of time and $. From MIAMI
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