26 Year Old Male with Ugly Stretch Marks Needing TT - Toronto

At 19 years, I was at my peak weight of 260 lbs....

At 19 years, I was at my peak weight of 260 lbs. Over the course of the next 4 years, I lost 90 lbs to my present weight of 170 lbs. I think this is my ideal weight and where I want to be. What sucks however, is that I have a lot of loose skin and stomach fat, that no matter how many crunches/cardio I do, won't go away. This is my last resort and hoping that a TT procedure will undo all this mess. I'm uploading a few pics to show you guys how my stomach looks like - all beaten up from the massive weight gain/loss. I hope I have a second chance to make things right again. Let me know what you'll think.
you don't look like you need any medical intervention IMHO, there will be a lot of pain and NO Gain with plastic surgery I reckon
hey if you want to message me I could explain my story, my stomach and story is exactly like yours, mine was worse than you as far as loose skin. I had laser lipo and it was 100% worth it, I'm trying to find the best alternative for stretch mark removal currently.
You look absolutely amazing with that amount of weight loss. I understand wanting to tighten it up a bit, but honestly you look good already. Good luck on your TT journey!
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